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 > Where have all the members gone on this forum?

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Posted: 06/21/22 11:20am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I joined both here and on IRV2 at the same time; used to be active on both. Then a few years ago, there was a poster on IRV2 that was insisting on installing a portable generator in the onboard gen compartment in her old RV, along with multiple other mods that were, IMO, mickey-mouse and potentially dangerous. Won't go into details, but the way she wanted to do things was not a good idea, and I told her so. She got mad at me, reported me, and got me banned for a few weeks. Sadly, when I got a notification of the temporary ban, it was through my phone app, and it wasn't clear if the ban was temp, or for how long, and since I was banned, I couldn't login to see the actual notification. After awhile, not knowing how long/why I was banned, I signed up with a new account. The mods realized it (same IP address, I guess), and banned me for life because of my "transgression" of trying to re-join.

Ironically, the original person that I was trying to help posted about 6 months later that her RV caught fire (in the generator compartment) while driving down the road, and she not only lost the entire RV, but lost 2 of her 3 dogs in the fire as well.

Yet I am still banned [emoticon]. So while I still go there to read the posts, I cannot participate. You guys are stuck with me here instead!

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We don't stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing!

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larry barnhart

wenatchee. wa usa

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Posted: 06/21/22 11:26am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

chevman still reading every day but because we are done rving I don't feel my thinking is necessary now. chevman. DON'T FROWN BECAUSE IT IS OVER BUT SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED. this was told by a lady on years ago. chevman

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Posted: 06/21/22 02:30pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I still on, been here since 2002, over 20 years. [emoticon]

During that time, have owned 4 different RVs, and learned soooo much from this forum and all the life experiences I've gone through.

Have seen and been through a lot during that time, too - been divorced once, widowed once, now, third times the charm, happily married to the right one should've married all along. Have moved 4 times during all of that chaos.

Through all of it, though, have always owned an RV of some kind - first two were trailers, last two (including present) are Class A motorhomes. Have always enjoyed camping/RVing no matter how crazy rest of life got. There were many times that owning an RV proved very useful (a lifesaver!) in getting through some of the tough times.

Yes, a lot of members have disappeared, for various reasons. I think that just goes with the territory, with online forums like this.

Will and Cheryl
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Nantucket Island, MA

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Posted: 06/21/22 04:33pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Another member since 2002. On my third RV with a liveaboard boat in between, widowed once and remarried. I’m one of those who doesn’t Facebook or other social media, but still learn stuff from this board.


Current: 2018 Winnebago Era A
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Carlos & Ranae

Orlando, FL

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Posted: 06/21/22 04:56pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We are still here. We don’t comment on most post since we feel there are a bunch of people that can offer expert advice.

The wife has a You Tube account. It used to be living the rv loca life. She just changed it to Yellowstone homestead. No we did not moved to Wyoming. We purchased a 10 acre lot in Dunnellon, Florida.

Carlos & Ranae
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Regina, SK, Canada

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Posted: 06/21/22 05:13pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I try to be helpful. On one of my earliest posts, I wished the OP "good luck". He took GREAT offence.

Facebook is full of iffy advice.

As of today 36,952 posts.

Regards, Don
My ride is a 28 foot Class C, 256 watts solar, 556 amp-hours of Telcom jars, 3000 watt Magnum hybrid inverter, Sola Basic Autoformer, Microair Easy Start.



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Posted: 06/21/22 06:25pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

It might have something to do with having moderators that simply delete posts without having the courtesy to inform the member why the post was deleted. Perhaps because it's moderation by personal opinion of the moderator and not moderation by the forum rules? I bet this will soon magically disappear.

I have a burn barrel in my yard.


oklahoma city

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Posted: 06/21/22 07:03pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Member here since January 2004, and 1291 posts.

I have watched this website every single day, without fail, since then. Not one single day has gone by where I didn't see what was happening.
Why? I don't know, I guess just curiosity and not wanting to quit something I had going.

I was looking at the tab where I had subscribed or clicked on to watch certain members. Most are now gone, very few left. I assume most of those passed on.

Yes, I've seen a lot of changes here. This website used to be a blast, very informative, good camaraderie. Things have changed, for sure, as everything does with the passing of time.

John S.

Valley of Virginia

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Posted: 06/21/22 07:50pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I stop in every so often and remember the days of 20 plus pages in the class a group. Now I find I really just look and see nothing much posted. I see the same things over and over on FB. I am the moderator of the Foretravel forum and that is still going strong but sadly this place is dying off.

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South Dakota

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Good Sam RV Club Member

Posted: 06/21/22 07:50pm Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I will stick around, after 44 years of rving, 5 years full time, 4 of them through winters in ????. then 19 years a GS camp, owner with now 20 years snowbirding-- NEVER in the same place. I think I ve been around the block.
I read here nearly everyday, I still post occasionally when a hot button post catches my attention that Ive had experience with. I get challenged to
Members that are no longer active? Yes I miss Francesca Knowles her humor the lighter side, Randy Shanks that got me new graphics for our Carriage 5er, even
( appropriately? ) banned westernrvpark owner. His ascerbic approach to educating rvers ro the reality of camp ownership and operation was not popular amongst the gov. cheap camp crowd. He did deserve a lesson in clean language,
I thoroughly enjoy comments from wapitycountry as another camp owner who steps in with educational comments about the challenges faced in travel and business.
I have met with Ann Emerson, editor and publisher of the GS travel guide, Bob Chamness, manager of the GS travel teams and so many more movers and shakers in the outdoor hospitality industry. Yup even camping world owner Marcus.
I am another who does not fb insta, tweet,

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 > Where have all the members gone on this forum?
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