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Posted: 08/06/20 07:49am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

down home wrote:

The Winegard has been doing well for 15 years but...hand cranking it up and down and then experimenting to find the msot or best signals is old.One of the winegard that is omnidirectional and enclosed in a housing and is cited for more range is nearly $400.00 sound fine except for the price. We are in Kingman and getting Phoenix etc right now but I want a self steering no cranking up or down model.
Anything less than $400.00????

Keep (or replace) you existing Batwing. If you don't have the Wineman, add it to your existing setup or your replacement Batwing will already have it. Now, ADD the Winegard Sensar Pro. It takes the guess work out of pointing the antenna and adds a booster. Best choice out there, still.

What I post is my 2 cents and nothing more. Please don't read anything into my post that's not there. If you disagree, that's OK.
Can't we all just get along?




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Posted: 08/06/20 03:53pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

That $400 Dome is not omni directional
It seeks finds and records which stations are coming from what direction
And then you choose what you want to watch

When you change locations you do a New antenna search before doing a channel search on the TV

Radiate The Happy

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Posted: 08/06/20 04:10pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Oh.. I will say this. I've read many folks brag how well this or that antenna works... And depending on where you are parked they are all right believe it or not.
The Winegard Sensar IV (Built in Wingman) I have is the best LONG RANGE RV antenna from what I can find out.. Now a amplified Home type antenna on a tall mast may well be better (more on that later) but in terms of an RV antenna. None better made that I've found.

An electronics type here in the forum compared it to the JACK antennas and it was the hands down winner (I think he used a Sensar III with wingman)

Jack however does better of you are closer to the towers as it has a wider field of vision.

Think about sitting in the nosebleed seats at Detroit's Masonic Temple looking at the ant size actors on stage (Phantom of the Opera) (Been there done that)
Well you grab a pair of "Opera Glasses" (Low power binoculars) and you are visually somewhat closer Say 1st Balcony. (Nosebleet seets are 2nnd or 3rd forget which. also known as "The Gods" cause you are way nearer my got to thee)

You grab a good pair of FIELD Glasses (Higher power Binoculars) you are now sititng on the main floor visuall but.. YOU CAN NO LONGER SEE THE ENTIRE STATE.

Same with TV antennas. The farther they see. the narrower the field.

As for putting an antenna higher up

Once was using my new hand held 1 watt into a little "Rubber duck
flexible antenna radio to talk to some other ham radio operators via a repeater many miles away.. That antenna has "Negative gain" I"m guessing my effective power was in the quarter watt range.

Another ham not far from me. attempted to join in running 10 watts with 6DB gain (effective 40 watts) at 30 feet.. He did not make it.
He had 160 times the effective power and he did not make it
I was close enough to see him
I was also about 250 feet above ground on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Home is where I park it.
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Posted: 08/06/20 04:43pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

wa8yxm wrote:

Winegard has a "Dome" type antenna that is directional. not sure how it works and not sure how well it works but there are 2 or 3 ways it might work. It is also "Self pointing" (Automatic) Please do not ask me more about it.

I use a Sensar IV with Sensar Pro indoor module Works well but due to hills and trees kind of starange
I'm east of Flint MI
Way N.E. of Lansing and I get Lansing better than flint.

I looked at one of those for my use, but there were way too many comments about the lack of durability. The Air 360 was about 80 bucks and a VERY easy install, but it is an omni directional, so that means it works equally bad in all directions. It's just better than what I had.

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