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Harrisburg, PA

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Posted: 08/08/19 10:58am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Hinall wrote:

Bought a friend's 07 6.7 Cummins, with 215K on it.

Not the millage of my 5.9 Cummins. I am told the answer is the DPF Delete, and it can add 6 miles a gallon.

Has anyone done one, what is the price I am looking at, and does it make a difference???

My 03 get 10 L to 100K. This 07 is getting 14 L / 100k. At $1.22 a liter, that could be $5.00 difference IFFFFF the millage improves to 10 L / 100K, or I expect payback in 20,000 kilometers (if I can get it done for $1,000).

Any Diesel gurus that can give me their opinions??

I have the same truck. Before you go to do the delete you might try something else. Clean the EGR valve, the EGR cooler and replace the DPF filter. Look it up on YouTube. It's not that hard to do if you know how to operate a wrench. Where they say to buy the MOPAR brand of cleaner, ignore them. $30 plus for a liter. Go to a local auto parts store and buy a gallon of purple power for $6.99.
See this link EGR Cleaning kit with filter Under $130
Whe nyou go to the site click the tab "Install and Tech Information" Very good instructions for the job.

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Posted: 08/08/19 01:29pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Deleting for milage is like buying stock in Purple Unicorns R Us...

Johnny G1

Clearwater, British Columbia ,Canada

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Posted: 08/08/19 06:05pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Just buy a good tuner or edge chip and you will definately improve your mileage and no black smoke, gross weight 17000 lbs and getting 14.4 us or 16 ltr's per 100 and driving it with 355 gears in the mountains of BC towing my fw.and that is @ 65 -70 mph.

* This post was edited 08/08/19 06:30pm by Johnny G1 *

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Posted: 08/09/19 06:24am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Had the same 07.5 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Dually (Sport Edition). Bought new off the lot. Vehicle was #200 something off the build line. I owned this vehicle up until April of this year.

First things first- The EVIC showing mpg on my truck was always optimistically exaggerated. (Off by 5mpg unloaded and 4 mpg towing anything).

With emissions fully functional, maintenance followed nearly to the T, and every single recall done unloaded mixed mpg was 14 and with any trailer hitched 11.

DPF filter cracked in 2013. Went to order replacement- (6 month lead time).
Ordered DPF and to be able to continue going to work (I travel for work- follow construction projects) did the DPF delete. Left EGR in and let the Tuner turn it off and ran straight pipe for the exhaust. Tested the "Tunes" in each setting- "Stock, Tow, Street,did not use the "Wild" setting. MFG of Tuner warned not to use "Wild" setting unless transmission was modified for racing.

Found that Street setting gave the best fuel economy and did not blow coal out the tailpipe. (per mfg this added 55 hp)
Found that Tow setting when hitched was good in city traffic, out on Interstates the Street setting worked best.

My experience with this set up is this- EVIC claimed my mix unloaded driving in the Street setting was 22-23 mpg. (Real numbers where 18.6 on average).

Hitched my REAL mpg was on average in the upper 15's.

All of this was on #2 Diesel. When #1 Diesel was run in the Winter/Cold areas my fuel economy was around 2 mpg less.

Sounds nice, huh?

Now for the bad news-
1. Tuner and straight pipe cost me $1,300 USD. I installed
2. I am glad I left EGR in and only disabled, All of the emissions probes for the cats and dpf I bagged and tied up under the truck for future reuse.
3. I ended up driving the truck modified like this for 4 years. I had to worry about getting caught. (I do not know as a fact, but there is a possible fine of up to 25K)
4. The OEM DPF for the 07 is $1,800 USD and the 6 month back order ended up being 40 months. I reinstalled my emissions system the first chance I got back home. There are after market DPF's which claim to be easy to clean and improve performance but are very expensive.

While I did see a gain in fuel economy I would not do this again. I was stuck between a rock and financial hard spot and needed to keep working while waiting for my parts.

Keep the EGR clean, keep the CCV filter clean and fresh, and keep an eye on the tail pipe. If you see soot on the inside of the tail pipe it could mean that your screens in the DPF have cracked. If your REGENs become fewer to non-existent you may have cracked filter screens. (hence soot in tail pipe)

Yes the REGENS and EGR hurt your mileage but a functional emissions system does help the environment and you will not get black soot all over you when brushing up against your rear bumper, back of truck, or working under the truck.

Cost of Tuner, different exhaust, labor, and then reinstalling a new compliant system in my opinion is not worth the additional fuel economy gained.

Yes, my was fully compliant when sold. Went to auction since the vehicle had over 400K mileage and was needing a rebuild of motor and transmission. It was well in recommended ranges for this.

My towing needs have changed and I have moved down to a 3/4 T gasser.

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 > DPF Delete Recommendations for Dodge Cummins
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