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Topic: Good and bad about Cougar Fifth Wheels

Posted By: Margaritaville on 10/13/14 12:37pm

We are considering a 2015 Cougar 338PAT with the patio on the back. Anyone here have one ? We are wondering if we would actually use the deck or not. Also, it comes with Trailer King tires. Are those China tires? Would like to hear good or bad about this Keystone product. Thanks!

Posted By: chuggs on 10/13/14 01:31pm

That appears to be a nice unit...

You're starting out with a 15k btu a/c and 16" can put a set of Goodyears on there to replace the Tow Kings (I blew two within 50 miles of one another at about 12,000 miles).

If your wired for a second a/c, have 50 amp service...fridge can handle what you need...shower is big enough. Looks like a ,very comfortable unit.

The patio ...I don't know. The Mosquitos are a problem part of the year...we probably would prefer the option of setting up away from the RV...near a campfire. And honestly, we don't sit outside and watch TV...with the rare exception of a UF/UGA football game with friends. I think only time will tell.

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Posted By: VegasBT on 10/13/14 01:41pm

I just picked up my 2015 Keystone Cougar from the dealer in Phoenix over the weekend. My wife and I did a lot of shopping before deciding on the Cougar 29SGS, and we are looking forward to taking it out for the first time this weekend!

Posted By: Gsport on 10/13/14 01:44pm

I'm on my 3rd 5th wheel. The first two were Cougars. I feel cougars are a good entry level unit. It took us two 5th wheels to finally realize what we wanted or needed in our 3rd, and hopefully last 5 th wheel. We now have a 2014 Grand Design Solitude 369RL

Posted By: Campinfan on 10/13/14 01:46pm

We have a 2014 Cougar but a different floor plan. Only problem I had was water got into he fridge compartment during a HUGE rain. Here is why. When you open the two covers on the outside of the trailer, there should be a lip behind the frame on the bottom. It should be caulked so that if water gets in, it hits the lip and it directs it back out....sort of like a backstop. Our lower access area had it, the top did least it wasn't tall enough. I added a strip of quarter round molding, and caulked it up. Now if water gets in there it hits the lip/backstop and flows back out.

And one other thing, make sure the drain tube from the fridge is routed through the access panel so that any condensation from inside the fridge will drain out. Our was not and I did not notice it at first. Otherwise water will flow into the fridge compartment.

Overall, very happy with the rig.

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Posted By: byrdr1 on 10/13/14 02:07pm

second Cougar first was TT, now a 327RES 5th wheel. I saw that floor plan this weekend online. Unless you have really long campsite you are going find it hard to set that patio door out. very little out of doors protection. If thats the floor plan you like go look at a 327RES. its basically the same except for the patio door thing. I dont see that patio door porch being around along time. IF its a garage(toyhauler) then yes i can see it but you have all that space with nothing in it when its closed. JMHO..
As far as Cougar goes some say its a entry level 5er. I found it to be more mid range. The new 2015's have a lot more going for them than my 2011. You will find issues with all campers and in the end you have to find what makes you and your spouse happy. OVer all I would buy another cougar as a matter of fact I really like the 2015 327res so much I want to go and look at one this weekend and I would consider trading if the numbers were to work out.

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Posted By: Paul Clancy on 10/13/14 02:34pm

Owned a 2007 cougar. Not poor quality but not great plus keystone offered so so customer support. If buying now I'd be looking hard at grand design reflection.

Posted By: TakingThe5th on 10/13/14 02:57pm

We have had two Cougars - a 2008 318SAB and now a 2013 333MKS. Cougar has been good to us and yes, I think the quality between 2008 and 2013 has improved enough to make it a midrange 5er. The shower is huge. The Morryde suspension is a very nice enhancement which also makes life easier for the tires. No tire problems. Our floor plan is much like yours - we love it and all the storage space too. I too wonder about that deck tho, for all the reasons already given. You would need the right kind of campsite to make that deck useful-my preference would be to look at ramps and garages on toy haulers - they might also have a bathroom in that rear space along with the frig - but they probably wouldn't look as nice as your unit.

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Posted By: TXiceman on 10/13/14 06:33pm

Cougar is a typical entry level trailer. On that size trailer, I'd have 50 amp and two A/C units. If changing or adding an A/C unit, get one or two heat pumps. The Trailer Kings are Chinese junk I believe and I would not take them very far. have them upgrade to Maxxis or Goodyear tires.


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Posted By: JIMNLIN on 10/13/14 06:53pm

Try the forums for more input.

Looking at Keystones Cougar web shows the 331 series Cougars have a 12xxx GVWR and come with ST235/80-160 E.
The unit may come with 5.2k or 6k axles. If thats the case then any of the LT235/85-16 E or LT245/75-16 E would be the best tire upgrade for that size trailer. Going with the LT will get you away from ST tires and their issues regardless of brand.

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Posted By: avvidclif1 on 10/13/14 07:34pm

I don't like watching TV with my head at a 90 deg angle. That's a deal breaker for me. Nice shower. Kinda like a toy hauler they forgot to leave the inside space. ????

2 cents worth

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Posted By: Margaritaville on 10/14/14 01:06am

Thanks for the input everyone !! We have decided to pass on it. Just don't know that we would use the deck much. Appreciate all your thoughts.

Posted By: Pholman90 on 10/14/14 03:05am

We just bought our 338PAT three weeks ago. Love it!!! We love the patio. Nice for my dogs to sit out there. Nice place to enjoy coffee in the morning. My husband big football fan. Loves sitting out there watching the games. We actually use the side door as a main entrance to kick off the shoes and we feed out dogs out there.

"This is how we roll"

Posted By: TomHaycraft on 10/14/14 05:44am

TXiceman wrote:

Cougar is a typical entry level trailer.

Someone else may have made that statement earlier in the thread and I have to disagree. My Springdale is entry level! It has been money well spent though and it is serving my DW and I well. We camp 12 months out of the year, have used it at least once a month since purchasing just over 2 years ago, holding up well.

Don't know what we'll buy next but the Cougar line is on our short list. A definite step up from entry level.

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Posted By: bmet2000 on 10/14/14 06:20am

When we looked at them and my wife saw the bed was on a slide and had "Cougar" carved into the wood right over the bed... She said No Way!

Posted By: Margaritaville on 10/14/14 08:12am

Pholman, thanks for responding. I was starting to wonder if anyone bought one of these 338Pat.
Glad to hear you love it. No big issues with it? I have to say the interior is great!

Posted By: Pholman90 on 10/14/14 10:21am

Like I said... so far we love it.. Can't wait for next summer. We have had so many people stop and ask if the could check it out while we were camping.

Posted By: GPG52! on 10/14/14 10:27am

We purchased a 2014 Cougar 327 RES this spring. DW calls it her apartment on wheels. All is good as we have an excellent dealer standing behind the product. Much has been said about the front nose cap fading which is what happed to our... out dealer agreed to put a full new nose cap, decals and lights under warranty. We also had the electronic remote/push button board go and the dealer immediately replaced under warranty. Tow's great. Love it so far. GPG

GPG ">
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2014 Cougar (by Keystone) 327 RES

Posted By: pbar34 on 10/15/14 09:16am

Anyone who calls this an entry level trailer has never had an entry level trailer... LOL Depends who you talk to but the Cougars are generally mid level in my experience. That looks like a great model. We've been happy with ours for 10 years now.

Nice tour of the trailer here:


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Posted By: SH on 10/15/14 11:05am

Just in case you missed THIS recent post by a Cougar owner.

Best Wishes!

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Posted By: caberto on 10/15/14 04:12pm

Our 2010 Cougar has been pretty trouble free since we bought it new... A blown front leg fuse caused by service dept raising the legs too high, and a blown fuse in the converter found on first trip that prevented batteries charging when using plugin power; service dept also replaced, and we've had no issues since then (knock on wood). Overall, we've been very happy with our unit.

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Posted By: Kampfirekid on 10/21/14 07:54pm

Id really like sell our trailer and get a fifth wheel. I have looked over fir something that fits the bill, and finally found it... a Cougar 334RDB. The storage is phenominal and the big bunks are perfect for my extremely tall son. I see no indication of "entry level" in the stanard Cougars... nsybe the hslf ton series. Now im concerned that by the time we move to a fiver, this model will be gone. Should we be concerned with quslity?

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Posted By: bpounds on 10/22/14 07:42am

Kampfirekid wrote:

Id really like sell our trailer and get a fifth wheel. I have looked over fir something that fits the bill, and finally found it... a Cougar 334RDB. The storage is phenominal and the big bunks are perfect for my extremely tall son. I see no indication of "entry level" in the stanard Cougars... nsybe the hslf ton series. Now im concerned that by the time we move to a fiver, this model will be gone. Should we be concerned with quslity?

We've got a 2011, which we bought in 2010, so we've got a few years with the unit. I would call the Cougar entry level, or maybe mid-level would be a better term. There are less expensive models out there. I think the thing to know is that you wouldn't want to live in a Cougar full time. Construction is not residential grade. It is an excellent value in a vacation level trailer.

We've got 15k miles, and 83 nights of camping on ours. Just got home from a week in the Sierra mountains. A few little things are showing up. I fixed a hinge on a cabinet door that had worked loose. Our water pump high pressure shut-off is getting flaky, and I'm going to have to dig into that. These are the kind of things that can show up on any quality level of RV, so I don't say any of that to disrespect the brand. I would buy this again.

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Posted By: MrVan on 10/22/14 07:51am

The primary reason to worry about quality in a Cougar is that the company is owned by Keystone!

Posted By: Kampfirekid on 10/22/14 02:43pm

That's the thing... Every brand, level, or model is susceptible to issues sometime. I always say, what can you really expect of a unit bouncing across the highway for miles and miles. Things happen. That said, I am not interested in paying for full-time quality to use it 12x a year, and mostly weekends to five days in a row at most. I just don't relish dragging a 36 foot bumper pull across the Midwest when a fiver could be more enjoyable.

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