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RE: How long can you go on a 50 amp extension cord?

I'm trying to plug into a house with 50 amp plug. ThanksHave someone measure the distance. Every 25 feet makes a big difference. Even if someone was to count steps that would be just fine for an estimate. After you post that distance number people can tell you what size wire you need.
wopachop 09/30/20 11:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How long can you go on a 50 amp extension cord?

Do you fly the real supercub?? I learned to fly RC on the fake supercub.
wopachop 09/30/20 10:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How long can you go on a 50 amp extension cord?

How long can you go on a store bought 50 extension cord? Do you have several home depots and lowes around? Go early morning to the electrical section. You might get lucky and find cable that was returned and on sale. You would pretty much build your own somewhat budget extension cord. I got an Uglys book in my truck somewhere. Couldnt tell ya off hand what size wire to do 100 feet at 50amps.
wopachop 09/30/20 10:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to spot a good disconnect switch?

Here is how it looks. I normally dont have batteries installed. With the recent fires i put an old junky battery in there just to work the jack if needed. Thats why my solar is normally disconnected. What do you think about cutting a small hole into the display itself? In the pics you can see the right side of the display does have a bit of room for a hole.
wopachop 09/30/20 10:03pm Tech Issues
RE: How to spot a good disconnect switch?

Would you guys do something a little smaller and better looking for a solar panel disconnect?
wopachop 09/30/20 09:39pm Tech Issues
How to spot a good disconnect switch?

Some of the switches claim they are made of fine copper, instead of brass like the competitors. Im looking at this switch and like its low profile. The pictures claim its made of copper, but it doesnt look like copper. Is it plated? Is a sign of a good switch when its not plated and you can see its copper lugs?
wopachop 09/30/20 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

more the travel weight and if the tank can handle the weight bumping along the road.What type of RV? For peace of mind you can crawl underneath and visually inspect the tank supports. Look for bending, loose nuts. I hold 200 gallons of fresh and fill that sucker to the brim before camping trips. No joke i was just under the trailer 30 mins ago inspecting my tank braces. Im sanitizing the tanks is why im under there. Pulling the drain to get the bleach water out.
wopachop 09/30/20 02:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

I would really rather not travel with contents in the black and grey tanks (beyond the couple gallons of water and treatment). I do have a black tank flush, so I was thinking I could use that after I dump to get everything out.So the problem is that you dont want gross black tank contents sloshing around and getting the top of the tank dirty? Which could lead to excessive smells? Cant blame ya. At the same time dont let it drive you nuts. That's a lot of work to empty the black tank before you move the RV each time. Just know there are thousands of people with nasty stuff sloshing around the black tank as they drive down the road. Keep your toilet bowl seal clean and you shouldnt have any problem with odors. You have a black tank flush and I'm guessing those things shoot every direction and would clean the top of the tank? My dump station has lost its abilities to take on volume. So I dump smaller amounts more often. With a clear adapter and a black tank flush you can see when the water is running clean. You dont need to have 10 gallons of pre water. Also dont want it dry. Black tank flush allows you to use less pre water if the situation requires it.
wopachop 09/30/20 01:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: Soundbar, speakers, or large portable for trailer?

Sonos Beam - $400How good are you with them? Would love to rock sonos....bauff. In fact one holiday it was 9 hundred and 99 dollars...cough cough shrimp and chocolate. If that didnt make sense its ok, i dont blame ya. Can the Sonos Beam match up nicely with a different brand wireless sub? Their gen 3 sub is 700 bucks.
wopachop 09/29/20 09:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Are My Tanks Really Empty?

or is the problem that we are wasting more water and we need to reduce our water usage? Are you on pressurized city water? My first guess was you have a leak. But after thinking more what you describe is not all that crazy. You normally dump every 2 days, but now its everyday. That could be the difference of taking a 2 minute shower or a 7 minute shower. Gonna take something pretty big to plug up the grey or black tank to the point it cant even drip slowly and empty completely.
wopachop 09/29/20 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 6 Volt Interstate batteries

Even the least tech savvy person can now leave a horrid review in seconds. I weighed the Costco interstates and they are lighter, which is not good. Concur, lighter is not good but what are you comparing them to ?Wish this site allowed for easier searching of old threads. Maybe someone else can find it. Fairly certain we compared the old Costco battery to the new Costco battery. Or possibly it was to the Trojan equivalent.
wopachop 09/29/20 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Soundbar, speakers, or large portable for trailer?

You get what you pay for. Seems like the soundbars all land into price brackets. Under $200: Visio, yamaha, polk, amazon stuff $250: options like the Sony HT-S350, Samsung HW lineup $500: JBL 5.1, Other Saumsung and Sony options $750: Nakamichi and Sonos $1000+: Many top brands have the high end $1500 kits.
wopachop 09/29/20 02:38pm Technology Corner
RE: 6 Volt Interstate batteries

Even the least tech savvy person can now leave a horrid review in seconds. I weighed the Costco interstates and they are lighter, which is not good. If you have a costco nearby and often go there it could be a good choice still. Especially if you practice battery maintenance. Warranty is only 1 year fixed so keep an eye on them. If you get unlucky make sure to handle it within the year.
wopachop 09/29/20 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dry Camping - Heat with Propane, or electrically w/Inverter?

Its all of the above. Some dry campers have kids and adults who watch movies and play games. Which normally requires the genny running. Anytime the generator is running crank your electric heaters. At night if youre watching a movie and dont want to hear the loud furnace use the catalytic heater. In the middle of the night set your thermostat and use the furnace. Should be just fine with all that battery power you have. edit: to be clear sometimes at night you can watch movies using battery power and the inverter. or a laptop. so obviously the generator would be off and ideally you would have quiet heat.
wopachop 09/29/20 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Stud Finders

Donut shaped neodymium magnet on a string. It finds the fasteners. Home depot has them in the hardware section.
wopachop 09/29/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
Soundbar, speakers, or large portable for trailer?

Looking for advice on what type of speakers to buy for a toyhauler to mostly listen to music and sometimes watch movies. The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom looks awesome. Has an optical outlet to hook to the TV. Can take it outside while camping. But the best part is people say the sound quality is great. Negative is its 400 bucks. I dont really need the portability. So i started looking at soundbars with subwoofer. While watching videos of soundbars a lot of people said its not the best choice for listening to music. But then i wonder if the shape of a trailer being such an exact box could benefit from the sideways and upward facing speakers of a soundbar? If you throw on some floyd maybe the helicopters fly over your head!!! Speaking of that i was given a tv with a 2018 sticker. I doubt it has the ability to benefit from the 5 ch or 9 ch soundbars with the 3d sound. Also streaming music from my phone so isnt the quality only so good to begin with? I dont think there will be any helicopters overhead. To fine tune the advice this trailer doesnt move much. Consider it more of a long term parked trailer. Heres the Hyperboom. Thanks
wopachop 09/28/20 06:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Germs while traveling

I like the little device and hope it catches on. We got a couple of them at a casino a few months back. Didnt pay much attention. Then saw a picture of one in use and realized what they had given us. I got no problem with the gross people strolling the casino using one of them to push the elevator button instead of their finger. I think it absolutely reduces the amount of germs someone is going to leave hanging around. We are talking about the type of people who rub their nose without thinking. Germs dont last forever so yes they probably have put germs onto the tip of the device. But there is a high chance those germs have already died and the new germs from the dude just rubbing his nose wont reach the elevator button if he can grab his little device and push the button without getting his snot on the tip of it.
wopachop 09/27/20 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is there a decent brand of RV shower faucet?

The Dura Faucet single handle in white looks to be a good value at 20 bucks. DF-SA150-WT Darn thing is sold out everywhere. Chrome version is 30 and Brushed nickel 40. Maybe i can epoxy the crack on my current faucet. Not sure what type of plastic is made from. Will post results on how well glue sticks to the tube in the back that is leaking.
wopachop 09/27/20 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a decent brand of RV shower faucet?

I installed one I bought at Home Depot.Is the valve outlet behind the wall?
wopachop 09/27/20 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there a decent brand of RV shower faucet?

I hear ya but saying i dont want to run PEX behind the shower enclosure to mount the shower head. So the idea of a residential shower faucet is not good to begin with.
wopachop 09/27/20 03:49pm Tech Issues
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