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RE: External hard drive info??????

I have a seagate been using for a few years. Works great.
way2roll 09/27/22 08:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Rotten egg smell, again???

Could be a lot of sulfur or iron oxide in the water. Some bacteria live in iron rich water.
way2roll 09/27/22 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time for new tires already?

My Firestone Transforce ATs on 2015 RAM 3500 SRW did the same, gone at 29-30K. I installed Michelin Defender LTX m/s and was happy with those. my local shop recommended Michelin defenders. DW has them on her CRV.
way2roll 09/26/22 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Time for new tires already?

30k miles does seem a bit low. How are they being used? - Only heavily loaded? - Bad roads? - Aggressive acceleration/braking? Have you had the alignment checked? That can eat a set of tires in a few hundred miles or less. Always bought off brand. Current tires (Corsa - same size) on our F250 have 40k miles and tread is barely broken in. Rarely heavily loaded, roads here are fine, and alignment is good, psi always spot on (60 front, 80 rear). They are wearing all very evenly. But they are at the wear indicators on every tire. Doing some research it's as others have said and a common problem with tweaked OEM tires.
way2roll 09/26/22 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grey Tank Filling

Thank you for the reply. I figured as much when we returned. As for the gauge, we went off the LED light tank gauge inside and when dumped, did not quite look as though it was 2/3 full. Our water heater is electric at this time and we have not used the gas heater yet. In your eyes do you believe that the 42psi is too much for this model? The PSI is fine. Just don't leave the water hooked up/on when leaving. Don't leave the water heater on either. Aside from building pressure, it wastes electricity and and can burn up the element if the water drains off for some reason while un-hooked. RV fixtures are cheap and can spring a leak and RV's also aren't famous for being put together well. Lots of people have plumbing issues on new RV's (among other things). Don't take any chances. Good idea to shut the propane off too. I would say in this case you got lucky.
way2roll 09/26/22 09:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grey Tank Filling

Did you dump it to ensure it's actually 2/3 full instead of a faulty reading? They are notorious for inaccuracy. Either that or you have something dripping. Many RV shower heads will drip under pressure. It's usually a good practice to turn off the water when leaving your RV, even for a few hours. Lots of folks have come back to flooded RV's.
way2roll 09/26/22 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
Time for new tires already?

Apparently the OEM Goodyear wranglers on my F350 are not the best tires. A little over 30k miles and they are worn out already. For some reason I recall getting 50-60k miles on tires on my previous F150. Are larger trucks that much harder on tires or are these just cheap? Any suggestions on a decent new tire that won't break the bank? 275/70/18 E rated for hauling the FW. I've seen guys on CL selling pretty new take-offs. I wouldn't mind going with a little taller tire and rim if the price were right but seems like most guys aren't selling E rated ones. What's with all the low profile tires on trucks. Doesn't that render your truck pretty useless?
way2roll 09/26/22 08:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best ride for the buck

Continued conversations with the DW I think are leading us to the path of a DP. We might go a little older and gut it to make the interior how we want it. As long as the mechanics, chassis etc are good we can do what we want to the interior. She's always been doe-y eyed about skoolies and bus conversions. And the're great, but I try and tell her if ride and comfort are what you are after, a school bus isn't it. So it seems the logical compromise is a DP we can customize. A full on bus conversion is a huge undertaking. But a well cared for DP with all the electrical, mechanical and plumbing in place becomes a much more manageable project to update the interior- for me anyway. Flooring, cabinets and furniture are something I am pretty good at and enjoy doing. Plus it would be something we can use while we update.
way2roll 09/25/22 06:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

The reason this is such a passionate subject is that we aren't being given a choice. Democracy and free market have been stuffed back in the drawer and this push for EV's is done under the agenda of saving the planet. And it's a lie. EV's aren't green and they aren't going to save the planet. But that rhetoric gets votes and generates revenue - for some. So yeah, it's political. The facts do not support that the EV life cycle will have a positive impact on the planet. In some ways production of EV's is worse than ICE's. They don't perform better than ICE's so what's the upside? Raw materials are finite, continued dependency on foreign nations, ecological impact, continued dependency on fossil fuels, end of lifecycle impacts, etc etc. It's the same problems in a different package. It's a rhetorical question because it doesn't matter. It's been decided for us. If you really want to save the planet, ditch your vehicles and ride a bike. And not that it matters but I am pretty liberal in my thinking. I believe in freedom of choice and fair market which used to be closely held democratic concepts. I find this governmental push of EV's down our throats rather hypocritical given recent outrage to the loss of particular freedoms.
way2roll 09/24/22 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best ride for the buck

We were in a somewhat similar boat as you, just over a year ago. Had a 36' Georgetown Class A built on a 2012 F53 V10 chassis. It had served us well over the years, but we were ready to down-size a little, and wanted something that rode better, and (mostly) wanted a better quality coach. We were tired of constantly finding and fixing shoddy construction issues on the Georgetown, and wanted something with better road manners. And, we wanted nothing to do with diesel, for various reasons (mostly the obscene cost). One look and test drive of a Newmar built on the newer F53 chassis, and we were pretty well sold (see signature). Ford made significant improvements on their F53 chassis in 2020, giving it the newer big block 7.3 V8 engine, stiffer roll bars, better springs, etc. End result is a coach that handles and drives waaaay better than our old Georgetown did. And, as I'm sure you know, Newmar's quality on all their units is amazing, and very hard to beat without spending a lot more $$$. There is no denying, that a DP chassis will ride better. However, that better ride comes at a very high cost. And, Ford really closed the gap on the DPs with the chassis improvements they made in 2020 on their F53 chassis. You should definitely find one built on the newer F53 chassis and take it for a test drive. It just might restore your faith somewhat, in gas Motorhomes. I agree with everything you said. The issue is budget. At $60-80k there's no way I am getting my hands on a new Ford Chassis even at an entry level.
way2roll 09/23/22 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best ride for the buck

Newer pick up and a travel trailer. Our new truck and FW rides just fine. What we miss are the advantages of a Class A while travelling. As we travel further and make plans for longer and longer trips, things like bathroom accessibility, travelling with pets, access to food etc etc, while on the road become more important. When we bought our FW our plans were to travel shorter and stay longer. Now we are shifting to travelling longer and staying shorter. And after having a FW for 2 years I can say that parking, driving etc are so much easier in a Class A - for me anyway. A towed car behind a MH tracks with the MH. FW is a whole different animal. And I would guess a truck and TT would be worse than a FW.
way2roll 09/23/22 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why did my water pump stop pumping?

Clogged screen, winterization valves or fuse is where I would start.
way2roll 09/22/22 12:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Best ride for the buck

Thanks for all the replies so far. Sounds like the answer depends on the particular Rv which is what I expected. It does make sense that a heavier RV would handle better. Aside from floorplan which I think should always be the first priority, the 2 most important things are quality and ride comfort. I can deal with customizing the interior but really looking for the smoothest and quietest ride possible. We plan on touring the country soon for an undetermined amount of time as we search for our next place to grow a few roots as we have recently become empty nesters. We also like state parks so that was my consideration on a 36 ft length. I still have my tow bars and our CRV set up to tow. Probably need a washer dryer, but that's in the details and part of the floor plan. Everything for RV's is a concession - I get that, but ride comfort and quality is something I don't want to compromise on. Funny how your needs change. 10 years ago an entry level weekender was perfect, now it's all about quality and comfort.
way2roll 09/22/22 09:28am Class A Motorhomes
Best ride for the buck

While we are happy with our current set-up, we find ourselves missing the advantages of a Class A - especially when travelling long distances. Our truck rides very well, especially when towing and our only experience with Class A's are the entry level gassers we had about 8 years ago. We had a Thor ACE which was great for weekends but it was exhausting to drive. Loud, rattly, wandering, and bone shattering on expansion joints. So while my focus is buying a used DP ($60-80k range) and possibly updating the interior, I don't want to rule out a decent gasser if it rode nice enough. My experience with gassers is jaded, but maybe there are some out there that are quiet and well mannered. I can get a newer Gas obviously but I don't want that to be the only advantage. I know nothing about diesel engines if it matters and that could be costly. I am only looking at Newmar, Tiffin and Winnie - unless a Fortravel or some other high end comes up in my filter criteria. I'd like to be in the 36' or less length. So, do I set my sights on a DP only, or are there gassers out there that are quiet and smooth for long days in the saddle? BTW, I am not trying to start a Dp vs gasser debate. Really more about whether there are decent riding gassers out there that would rival a DP ride for less money.
way2roll 09/21/22 11:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

EV's aren't green and given the proposed nature of capitalism they wouldn't even gain any measurable market share. But between government mandates, subsidies and states beginning to adopt a future ban on ICE sales they are being pushed on consumers - like it or not. They aren't better, they just aren't. Not economically, not ecologically, and not based on current performance. Sure oil companies have gotten subsidies for years, but it's a straw man argument. EV's have been around longer than ICE's. They never had any market share. Guvmint steps in to strong arm it and all the sudden Elon musk is the richest man in the world. And it ain't from selling Teslas. Ford is cutting 3,000+ workers, and you've done nothing to solve for the ecological impacts and economic dependencies this was packaged to solve for. And let's not forget, when you replace one product with another, that other should be better. It's not. I am not anti-ev, but let capitalism and fair market decide. After all, we aren't saving the planet. This is an agenda, plain and simple. But EV's aren't better and they aren't green.
way2roll 09/21/22 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: AAA Roadside Service

Did you call them between the span of 3:00 to 9:00 to see where they were?
way2roll 09/12/22 05:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many of you own an EV?

As this is not a question will not be viewing further commentsI guess some sixth sense allows you to follow the thread, eh? At least that explains the strange random comments.:R It's the narcissistic approach to forum contributions.
way2roll 09/10/22 06:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: How many of you own an EV?

I'm starting to get into the battery yard tools... Gives me an excuse to buy new tools! :) I'm still using a gas mower, chipper, edger, weed whacker, chain saw, but now have a cordless leaf blower, hedge trimmer, drills, impacts, saws and electric pressure washers.. :) I know that's not the question, but it does show that i'm moving to that battery direction for sure.. :) Mitch When my gas trimmer head gave up the ghost, I bought a battery powered one. All my old attachments (trimmer, edger, pole saw, blower, hedge trimmer, cultivator) work with the new head and I have to say they actually work better.
way2roll 09/08/22 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV jump start

Again way2roll ****** I have to remind you that at least some EV owners tow a TT with their EVs and others tow EVs on a trailer behind a MH for their primary transport from the campground upon arrival. Your continued ignorance or jeal is overwhelming sport. You don't like my post just block me as I but I doubt you know how to. Cheers to those with common sense from NevadaSorry I don't know where the block button is. None of my comments relate to towing. Is this some other dead horse you want to beat? Clearly just more anti EV rhetoric that has nothing to do with RV's.
way2roll 09/06/22 02:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: EV jump start

So why can’t you bring a “Gas Can” to an EV or carry one in your trunk? Can’t they make a small battery that can hold 5-10 miles of charge that can be connected to the vehicle via power cord? Not to recharge the main battery but a temporary battery pack. Seems like an opportunity like those swappable propane cylinders. Oh yeah, and there are multiple levels of readout or alarms on ICE based cars that alert people they are running out of fuel. But people still manage it. I brought this up on another thread, and such a thing does exist. You can buy them and I think I also read that some AAA and tow services have them. Zip charge and blink are two that came to mind.
way2roll 09/06/22 02:18pm Around the Campfire
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