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RE: Generator Placement questions

Any reason not to search out a campground for overnight between destinations?
way2roll 02/24/20 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Home based cell booster

We are going to be on the coast of Oregon pretty soon this year and cell phone coverage is terrible there, at least for us on Verizon. Would a cell booster be of any benefit there for us? Thanks, Curly The answer is maybe. A booster won't do anything if there is no signal to boost. When travelling and requiring a signal I think the best approach is duplicity. Have a VZ and an ATT account for example. Get the open signal app. It can tell you what towers, carriers and strength are in a particular area. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you don’t have a Weboost. Many many times I have had none to one bar, poor to no data rate. Plug in the Weboost and get 5-20 MBS. Two carriers help. Sometime you are throttled due to tower traffic by company eg Verizon will be slow but ATT is fast. The sat signal and dB apps don’t tell the complete story. Speed test does. The fact that Weboost's own website will tell you, you can't boost a signal if it doesn't exist is almost a moot point. You can't create what isn't there. Unless of course your weboost is magical and creates a signal. Granted it will pick up and boost a weak signal, (that's it's sole purpose) perhaps weaker than a phone can detect, but it can't create a signal out of thin air. Open signal app has a speed test among a lot of other directional and live coverage indicators. Telling you this seems silly though, as you seem to already know everything.
way2roll 02/23/20 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Built in Trickle charger on AC unit

2 of the Class A's I owned, fairly newer, would charge the batts when plugged in. Further, when plugged in to shore power it would override the battery disconnect. So it didn't matter if I hit the disconnect, it charged them anyway. Pretty easy to see if yours does the same thing. Hit the disconnect, plug it in and see if they charge. Simple.
way2roll 02/23/20 07:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Buying an RV with patched water leak

Disclaimer - not an answer you are going to like - The fact that you are newbies to the rv world, going to jump right in on a very old used RV, and that you have to ask the question in the first place, tells me you are not handy or seasoned enough to full time RV in a rig like this. You need something newer, better condition, the bugs worked out and mostly trouble free. (I say mostly because no RV, I don't care how new or expensive, is trouble free). This RV is going to be a LOT of work that I am guessing you don't know anything about doing. And I mirror what others have said, it's not the fix that you can see, it's the damage that you can't see that's the issue. Keep looking. Plenty of used RV's out there. And I would consider raising your budget to get something less prone to issues. $5k RV you will dump another $5k in to keep it going and never see a dime of that back, or increase your budget so you aren't constantly chasing problems and enjoy your trip instead.
way2roll 02/23/20 05:59am Beginning RVing
RE: Home based cell booster

We are going to be on the coast of Oregon pretty soon this year and cell phone coverage is terrible there, at least for us on Verizon. Would a cell booster be of any benefit there for us? Thanks, Curly The answer is maybe. A booster won't do anything if there is no signal to boost. When travelling and requiring a signal I think the best approach is duplicity. Have a VZ and an ATT account for example. Get the open signal app. It can tell you what towers, carriers and strength are in a particular area.
way2roll 02/22/20 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: Motorhome rocks excessively while driving down the highway

How do I find out what type of chassis I have on my 2013 Ford chassis of my 28 ft Thor daybreak motorhome? All Fords are F53. There are different versions of the F53 based on weight, but for the purposes of the CHF it doesn't matter.
way2roll 02/22/20 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is A New 2018 Still New?

It's new until you drive it off the lot. Then it's 3 years old. Negotiate as if it were a used 2018. This. Depreciation on the current model year is bad enough but at 3 years old it's worth when you buy it will be the same as any other used 2018 of the same model. Use this to negotiate your price. Don't be surprised though if the dealer doesn't do a deeper discount. They have more money in it as they've had to keep it longer. Nothing is new after you buy it. The year is what it is. You will be the owner of a used 2018.
way2roll 02/22/20 07:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Price to expect if a RV dealer buys my coach

What coach do you have? Year, make, model, mileage etc. Might help in people offering advice to speculate it's worth.
way2roll 02/20/20 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Single Drop"

Hopefully the OP will come back to the thread and let us know.
way2roll 02/20/20 06:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Price to expect if a RV dealer buys my coach

Never heard of a dealer buying a coach outright. Trade maybe but never buying it. Anyway, NADA should show you 3 values, one of which is average retail. the dealer will be MUCH lower than this number. Probably closer to low retail. You know you can probably do much better private sale right?
way2roll 02/19/20 04:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice on Campgrounds

Campground forum
way2roll 02/19/20 10:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: replacement hand held shower

Yes. Personally I would replace the entire shower valve assembly. They are all so cheap and don't work that well. But the wand/hose will screw into the existing fixture.
way2roll 02/19/20 08:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Roadside assist

I'm starting to wonder with Smartphones if the "mystery" of breakdowns is become more null and void. Don't get me wrong, there really is still some value. However, we can often crank up our 4g (soon 5g) hit google and say "Rv towing service" and "mechanics near me". We'd probably get an answer very quickly. I know there are other things these services offer, but seriously, I'm starting to wonder a bit of the worth. I mean it's nice to have 1 number and all.... The reason to go with a "sponsor" like GS or FMCA or CoachNet or AAA is to have someone to talk to if things go wrong with the fella that shows up. I want those sponsors to "qualify" who they send out based on past experiences. I don't want to deal one on one with someone that's not prepared or equipped or qualified to tow or work on my MH miles from nowhere. I think Qualifying is a stretch. In my experience they start calling a list of people in their network in that area. Coachnet had an issue with us once where they had to go out of network. Turned out great, but the guy wasn't vetted at all. I would agree with the invent of cell phones that you could do the homework yourself. Basically what you are paying for is someone who does the legwork for you. They do have established contacts/networks though that you don't. If you break down in a particular area, the likelihood that your RSA has been through it before in that same area is a benefit - where it's also likely that you haven't. They do offer trip interrupt and some other things along the "insurance" line. Don't hear much about those though. Could you get by without an RSA?, absolutely. Are they helpful and make the process easier? - yes. I prefer Coachnet although I think anymore they are all pretty much the same.
way2roll 02/19/20 06:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why extra coax connections in 5th wheel?

My guess is they each had DISH/DTV receivers connected and they removed them for sale/trade. One may have had a Firestick via HDMi or apple TV etc or even the stereo DV, check your cabinets for possibly the other end to the HDMI.
way2roll 02/19/20 05:53am Technology Corner
RE: "Single Drop"

Not sure where you "saw" it, but where ever you did why not call them and ask them? Then we'd all know.
way2roll 02/19/20 05:49am Beginning RVing
RE: 1996 Bounder Batteries

In a series of batteries, one battery will connect to the next battery etc. If you don't know what you are doing things can go bad fast and with serious consequences. Maybe you should get someone familiar with RV battery set ups to help you. You can't bet on the fact that the previous owners had it set up stock. They could have made any number of modifications to the battery set up.
way2roll 02/18/20 07:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas, 26-27 foot, no slide Class A...any ideas

way2roll 02/17/20 01:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washer/Dryer + bunk beds + 2 AC's... does it exist?

Hello, I'm looking to buy a new RV sometime this year and in my dreams the perfect RV would be a class C with a queen/king bed (for me) Washer/Dryer connections (I have a dirty job and wash clothes often) a bunkbed (for litter box/animal area) and 2 AC's (to keep cool for the furred members of the family) I have been looking around my local dealerships, hit up a couple of shows and searched online but the closest I can find is the Thor ACE, which though small, is still a class A. I really want the safety features of a class C (air bags!) and the convenience of having the RV repaired by basically any mechanic. Any RV suggestions or general suggestions are welcome. Unless they changed something in the past year, the ACE is a 30 Amp coach a and so only one AC. Also, never seen one with a washer and dryer. On edit - looks like I was wrong. Poked around and sure enough the ACE now makes a 50amp version.
way2roll 02/16/20 06:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: dealer advertising

Maybe i am not posting this correctly. 1) most people dont pay cash for 100.000 unit, i know some do but most dont. 2) i have bought many vehicles and rv,s and i never walk on to a lot and tell a slesman what i want my payment to be. 3) what i do is look at the advertising and say to myself if they are asking 20,000 down and a term of 10 years and your payment is 500.00 a month . now i know 1) how much i can spend a rv and i know how much downpayment i need. Look at the price of the RV and compare nationally to what other identical units are selling for. Also, take a dealer's price and start at 30% less for negotiations to start. You might land in the 20-28% off - whatever you are comfy with. The payments the quote on their site is based on the price they have advertised for the unit - and it's inflated - a lot. Calculate your own payment based on the price you think you can negotiate at a rate that's available to you based on your credit and lender and the length of time you want to borrow.
way2roll 02/15/20 01:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: dealer advertising

way2roll wrote: Why would you pay cash for depreciating asset when you could invest that money and get a net return on your investment over financing? Would you please list a couple safe places where I can get a higher return on my money than the interest rate on an RV. I've got money to invest and would love to make that kind of return. If you have money to invest do some homework, but in a good economy return on investments it's easy to find 5% return. My low risk 401 earns a lot more than 5%. Call a financial adviser. I work at a bank, I don't make this stuff up. But to be surprised that you can invest your money and make a profit greater than the interest on an RV loan, I would guess you really don't have money to invest.
way2roll 02/15/20 01:02pm Class A Motorhomes
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