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RE: Directv what do you miss?

Biggest issue with Dish is no NFL Sunday Ticket. For me, it was the reason for Directv. For 50 years my team had run the gamut between fringe contender, to irrelevant, to complete suck. The only way to consistently see them was either move to the city, buy season tickets and go to the game or buy the Ticket. Thankfully, the worm has turned. My team is now must see TV, and the vast majority of their games are the national broadcast. The few that aren't are a great excuse to go to a sports bar. So now, Dish is as good a choice. Like someone else posted, the only other real drawback is getting to learn a new remote and a new channel guide. And of course you still have to navigate the occasional pricing feud when either Dish or Directv has to black out a network during the standoff.
wapiticountry 09/21/20 02:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Shearing the sheep

It's reminiscent of the housing bubble. Shame on the lenders for lending at those prices. Especially now with interest so low, it seems like the lenders are just asking for trouble but with little upside. On the one hand, they'll get low interest payments from the borrowers, and on the other hand they'll be facing tons of repos that will just end up going to auction.It's not a lender's job to determine fair market values. Unless the Dealers are putting guns to the heads of the customers they are responsible for their decisions. How would you feel if you went to Ruth's Chris, had a nice steak dinner and your credit card denied the transaction because they felt you should have went to Sizzler. Is there actually any evidence prices have risen or is it just speculation. Have the MSRP of rigs actually risen dramatically or are dealers just not discounting as deeply as they have done in the past? Just because an RV listed for a price 5 years ago doesn't mean a similar RV today will be the same price. Prices do rise over time. Yes, except... :B So yeah, I'm totally a free market guy, but the steak analogy kind of falls apart since it's a durable good with a residual value. Ruth's Chris doesn't have to worry about you eating a third of the steak, loosing your job mid-meal, and then them having to repo the unused portion of your steak. I wasn't so much criticizing the banks for lending too much money to gullible people as criticizing them for making risky loans that are likely to blow up their books when the borrowers start to default and so many repossessed RVs flood the auctions. The attraction of the lending kind of made more sense to me back when the rates were higher and the lenders got so fat, but now with rates so low, I don't see how it could be worth the risk. I guess they have to sell new business though.Maybe you want your bank to decide if you are getting a good price or making a good decision, but I prefer to make my own choices and then live with the consequences. Contrary to the views of some, not everyone is teetering on bankruptcy. I would venture to say the RVs being sold right now are being sold to people who are more qualified than ever to take on that financial obligation. Many of those sales are to people who chose an RV because their other vacation and travel options were unavailable. An argument can easily be made that buying a $20,000 travel trailer is a better investment than spending that $20,000 taking the family to Hawaii or Europe. The impulse RV purchase and trip made because everything else is closed will likely be the cheapest vacation season many families have had in years.
wapiticountry 09/17/20 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shearing the sheep

It's reminiscent of the housing bubble. Shame on the lenders for lending at those prices. Especially now with interest so low, it seems like the lenders are just asking for trouble but with little upside. On the one hand, they'll get low interest payments from the borrowers, and on the other hand they'll be facing tons of repos that will just end up going to auction.It's not a lender's job to determine fair market values. Unless the Dealers are putting guns to the heads of the customers they are responsible for their decisions. How would you feel if you went to Ruth's Chris, had a nice steak dinner and your credit card denied the transaction because they felt you should have went to Sizzler. Is there actually any evidence prices have risen or is it just speculation. Have the MSRP of rigs actually risen dramatically or are dealers just not discounting as deeply as they have done in the past? Just because an RV listed for a price 5 years ago doesn't mean a similar RV today will be the same price. Prices do rise over time.
wapiticountry 09/17/20 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Changes to Snowbird lifestyle and Snowbird communitiess

I see no sense in trying to play Whack-a-Mole (The greatest arcade game ever. No one has ever played Whack-a-Mole and not laughed the entire game) with my travels. Within fractions of a percent, you are just as likely to become infected in Michigan or Vermont as you are In Florida or Arizona or California. There is scant evidence that locking yourself in your home with minimal contact with the outside world is significantly safer than engaging in activities while taking reasonable precautions. I am not aware of any studies that have shown Essential Retail employees (grocery store, hardware store, Walmart,etc) or truckers, or delivery drivers or many other people who have daily, yet limited in duration, contact with the public suffer infection rates higher than the general population. Fear of COVID is not going to prevent me from traveling to warm climes.
wapiticountry 09/14/20 08:24pm Snowbirds
RE: Caps on personal property

Standard on homeowners policies. There are caps on many things. Electronics, jewelry, art, collectibles, tools and most everything else you could spend a whole bunch of money on.
wapiticountry 09/12/20 10:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: Needing help, evacuated, battery dead

Jumper cable from starter battery on the RV to the house battery lugs. That should allow you to start the generator. I assume your house battery supplies the power to start the generator. Many possibilities as to why your house battery failed. Maybe your converter is turned off or it has failed and didn't charge the house battery. It also may be your house battery has died or the cables have a bunch of corrosion. Corrosion can run up inside the cable sheathing, especially on the positive side and eventually the cables stop being conductive. Lots of potential problems. But you should be able to jump from the chassis battery and get the generator running. Be sure to Run the RV and keep the chassis battery charged, you don't want to be totally dead in the middle of fire country.
wapiticountry 09/12/20 10:01pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

a Couple of other things no one ever tells you. One,f you have a standard RV refrigerator, and not a residential one, it may cease to work when temperatures drop below freezing. For those absorption refrigerators to work there needs to be a temperature difference between the coolant and the ambient air. That is different than a residential unit that uses a compressor. Nothing will feel stranger than to find out all the food in the fridge is getting hot while the temperature outside sinks. Second, when it gets really, really cold the plastic parts on your RV will become very brittle. Knobs and handles will break long before they turn or open, especially if they have a bit of ice preventing easy movement. Almost all RV parks in northern climes close and there are next to no RVs on the roads in the winter months for a very good reason, it isn't worth it to be open or to be on the road.
wapiticountry 09/05/20 08:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Buying from private party in California

California is beyond weird when it comes to taxation on vehicles. Not sure how it works for private sales, but if you buy from a California dealer and want to title it out of state the dealer has to have an employee drive the vehicle to a neighboring state before you take possession, otherwise you are on the hook for state sales tax and the dealers aren't going to risk their licenses buy winking and nodding that you took delivery out of state. I have done it twice since California is the best place to get high end sports cars and I have a home in a no sales tax state. One time, the dealer even took a picture of me and their driver swapping keys under the "Welcome to Nevada" sign (I drove a dealer car and their driver drove my car) The savings are came close to 5 figures each time. If it was me, and the seller either didn't know or didn't care, I would get the title and a bill of sale from them and high tail it out of the People's Republic being careful to not attract undo attention by testing the performance limits of the new RV. Arizona couldn't care less about how you got the vehicle, they just want their ounces of flesh when you get your Arizona registration and plates.
wapiticountry 09/05/20 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

I guess my economics degree is getting a bit stale. How can a business that someone is negotiating to buy for Billions of dollars be dead? Yes, AT&T overpaid, but that doesn't mean the business isn't viable and profitable at a more reasonable price. As Mark Twain famously cabled: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"
wapiticountry 08/30/20 09:06am Technology Corner
RE: Fuzion for sale cheap in Lake Charles??

Too soon. Common courtesy tells you to keep the jokes about disasters to yourself for a period of time. The greater the tragedy, the longer the grace period. Hurricane Laura was pretty rough. Give it a week, at least.
wapiticountry 08/27/20 05:53pm Toy Haulers
RE: Sticky situation

I’m her way.You win the internet today!:B
wapiticountry 08/27/20 09:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can I use 20 amp service

Why would the voltage drop instead of the breaker tripping unless they are also using a dollar store extension cord? It probably isn't beneficial to the AC compressor for a circuit breaker to trip during startup, but it isn't likely to cause catastrophic failure.
wapiticountry 08/25/20 10:27am Tech Issues
RE: A/C couldn't keep up. Help?

People that live in dry heat ditch compressors and freon, period. .Maybe in Mexico. I have a home in Palm Springs, CA. It's easy to keep the interior at 74 degrees when it is 115 outside with a normal air conditioner. And it takes my car and SUV only a couple of minutes to go from blister your hands hot to cold enough to hang meat. The key on the home is to not let the temperature rise significantly. I have low E windows and keep the shades partially drawn. I keep the thermostat constant so the system only has to hold the current temperature, not cool the house down during the heat of the day. The only evaporative cooling you see anywhere is on golf carts, patios and other outdoor areas. Misting systems are common in these uses. As for swamp coolers, you only see them in warehouses, auto garages and other poorly insulated structures that are need to be open to the outside as a course of business.
wapiticountry 08/21/20 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Ally financial Bank Issues.... Anybody else experience this?

Don't forget banks don't keep titles in someone's desk drawer. After the ten days someone will have to be notified that they need to retrieve the title, get someone with the authority to sign and likely notarize the Lein release, address and mail the title and only after the carrier delivers the package will the seller have the title in hand. All this needs to happen while employers are partially shut down and operating under COVID protocols. Three weeks is more likely than ten days.
wapiticountry 08/21/20 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A/C couldn't keep up. Help?

I'd be tempted to get a mist system to assist the air conditioners. There are some that do 1/2 gallon per hour per nozzle. The only place in my RV world where I tripped a breaker, inside my rv, was on Mesa AZ on July 29. If you have a way to monitor voltage--set the fridge to propane--and try running just one air conditioner on the 15 amp shore power. If the voltage stays at 108 or above--then you are fine. Do check voltage often. Do you have a tarp you could place over the front windshield? If not, pick one up at a dollar store.An evaporative cooler will make things worse, not better. It would counteract the air conditioning system that actually removes moisture as part of the cooling process. What might help a bit would be to spray the outside of the rig with water occasionally. The tradeoff would be a whole lot of hard water staining. Covering the windows with reflective sun shades and having the AC units cleaned and serviced would be my first steps.
wapiticountry 08/21/20 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: Electric vehicle mandate in California

There are no free lunches when it comes to electric rates. Southern California Edison has changed it's rate structures several times over the past few years. Not only have rates increased, the peak demand/peak rate periods have been changed to reflect the effects of Solar and Wind. Peak periods used to be mid day, when it was the hottest. Now they are evenings, when the winds die down and solar panels cease to generate power. They have also changed the way the charge and credit solar usage. It used to be they would balance out your account once a year and your usage from the grid was offset by your solar input into the grid. All your usage was at the lowest tier price and your input credited at wholesale. Now, new solar services are settled quarterly and billing for grid usage is at the tier rates when it is used. The net effect is two fold. One, you don't balance out yearly, since Summer usage is generally higher than the amount you generate due to air conditioning. So you pay a bill for the summer months. In the winter, your usage goes down, but so does solar generation, so that quarterly bill is close to flat. More important, since it is no longer lower tier to wholesale, you pay a lot more for power drawn from the grid, since net draw is highest in the evening when rates are the highest yet you are credited with only the wholesale value when you generate more than you draw. I have a home with solar on the original year net metering and friends who got their solar on the newer metering plan. We have similar sized homes and similar solar systems. I get a small net check annually, they paid nearly $1000.00 in total bills last year. That is a big difference, almost all attributed to the changes in billing structure. The way around these changes are the power wall systems, so you use your solar exclusively and do not use grid power, but that adds multiple thousands to the cost of the solar making the payback period for the investment much longer. And the power walls have a limited life span. The power providers have a problem. They can continue to invest in, maintain and operate power plants that are now only needed part of the time, increasing the costs or they can take a leap and start investing in huge battery farms to store the solar and wind power. Both of those cost multiple billions upon billions and are going to be reflected in higher rates. The blackouts are going to continue because the power companies cannot justify spending those billions to only provide power a few days a year when peak demand exceeds capacity. That is one of those "unintended" consequences the California governor spoke about when he talked about the blackouts and California's move to renewables that do not generate power on demand.
wapiticountry 08/21/20 08:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric vehicle mandate in California

A. It's California, what do you expect? B. It will probably change 15 times before 2045 C. Considering the timetable, current residents will have plenty of time to relocate to 49 other states that don't insist on bullying quite as much. And if they would quite moving to Idaho that would be great.. Note to Californians looking to relocate: "There is nothing good about Montana. All that is here are dangerous animals and gun totting rednecks. We don't eat sushi and we drink our coffee in diners, not Starbucks. We will make fun of your battery powered toy cars and laugh when the snow covers your solar panels. I hear Colorado is nice." No thanks necessary. Wapiti
wapiticountry 08/18/20 08:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Campsite Squatters

Who said the people doing this are rich? I know if I had a cheap hunter special camper, I'd be a lot more comfortable leaving it out in the middle of no-where unattended as opposed to a $80k 5th wheel with all the bells and whistles that could easily be stripped during the week. I did not say "rich", but do the arithmetic. Most of my working life, I could swing a couple of nights rent per month, in a state park, and feel I got my money's worth. But if I had to pay for 4 nights and could only use 2, that doubles the cost. Maybe you have the disposable income to think it's worth it, but many do not.The average Forest Service campsite is less than $20.00. Half that amount if the camper has a Senior Pass. With the average household income in the US over $60,000 per year, paying for a few extra days to insure they have a space for the weekend isn't going to send most people to the poorhouse. No matter what your income, there are likely hobbies and activities that you cannot afford. That is, and always will be, a fact of life. Sitting around bemoaning that fact won't make it go away. Instead, spend that time being productive and it might just allow you to earn the extra money you need to reserve those extra nights.
wapiticountry 08/18/20 08:34am Truck Campers
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

As stated above , making extra payments is wrong , you make a payment and also enclose a check and a note stating you are making a " payment on the principal " also . While I have mentioned that, I have run into a pretty persistent bunch of folks here that always continually point out that there is no need to specifically state how the extra money is to be applied. They insist it is done automatically (which is not always the case, but you can't argue with them). I cannot figure out what harm it causes to specifically indicate how it is to be applied and in reality it takes but a second and a slight amount of ink from a pen to mark it as such. Years ago when banks used payment books they ALWAYS had a line which allowed you to fill in the extra amount and how it was to be applied.. Banks are not mind readers and typically the DEFAULT is to apply any extra funds as a extra P&I payment. Remember a loan IS a binding legal contract..Almost all vehicle loans are simple interest. When you pay extra, it is automatically applied to the balance, not future payments, by law. Lenders will often also advance the next payment due date when excess payments are received leaving the borrower with the option to either continue payments on schedule, thus shortening the loan term or skipping a payment in the future. It would be the borrower's responsibility to verify with the lender that a future payment can be skipped when payments in excess of the minimum are made. In practice it is very similar to what happens with credit card payments above the minimum amount.
wapiticountry 08/17/20 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

Small loans are likely to viewed more as a nuisance than an opportunity. It costs the lender the same amount of money to process a $20,000 loan as it does a $200,000 one. Therefore the actual costs of $20,000 loans are ten times higher than $200,000 ones from the lender's point of view. If I was underwriting an RV loan, I would be very concerned that someone wanted to get a 15 year loan on such a low balance. It would raise a red flag that the borrower had cash flow issues. Not really. Take into consideration that banks use the property that you are buying as collateral. Collateral assures the bank that if you default on the loan that they WILL take ownership of the property and resale it to get the loan paid. Homes on average gain value over time provided you do upkeep. RVs even with up keep lose value over time, banks are less interested in a asset which loses value.. They are taking chances with RVs and the longer the note, the better chance that if you default they are stuck with a unwanted RV that they will have a difficult time reselling and most likely result in loss of banks money.. Short loan terms under 12yrs on depreciating assets banks will not bat an eye at.I was in banking for many years, most of it in at the executive level in consumer lending. I don't think it would even take all the fingers on one hand to count all the repossessions where we broke even. On top of that, a little known provision in the law requires the lender to return to the borrower any proceeds of a repossession sale that exceeds the balance on the loan. So even if you have paid your Newell down to a $25.00 balance when we repossess it and then we sell it for $500,000 we had to write you a check for the difference, less fees and that pesky $25.00 balance. On top of that, we had to document how we arrived at that sale figure, which is why almost all repossessions are sold at auction. That way no borrower could claim we gave a sweetheart deal to an insider. We also always paid close attention to terms. The longer the loan term, the greater the scrutiny. Our internal scoring system reflected that and we would often grant a conditional approval based on a term shorter than the term requested. Anything that moves is basically lousy collateral. The collateral value of an automobile is heavily weighted towards the transportation and ego values. People need their cars to get around and they don't want their friends to know their car was repossessed, which is easy for those neighbors to conclude when one day a Lexus is in the driveway and the next day they are driving a Pinto. With luxury items, not so much. You don't need an RV to get to the liquor store and you can tell your neighbors you just got tired of RVing. Hence, RVs are greater risks, so the bank needs higher interest to offset that risk.
wapiticountry 08/17/20 10:23am Travel Trailers
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