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RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Drive like hell You'll get there.
wanderingaimlessly 09/15/22 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: How many folks want an EV

I think eventually it won't be a choice. If we want something to drive it will be an EV. When it comes to towing we may have to downsize our trailers in order to be able to tow them or take really good care of our current tow vehicles so they last the rest of our lifetime. More and more States are adopting the "California Model" which is outlawing the sale of fossil fueled cars (and most likely pickups) in the next 10-15 years. Tent/Popup trailers will certainly become more prevalent and 14'high, 40' long 5th wheel trailers will most likely disappear or be permanently parked. The reality is that even the commercial truck operators, from local delivery to over the road freight transport, are looking at electric trucks (some even driverless). Rail transport will eventually become like that in Europe and other countries with overhead power wires or locomotives with battery banks to move them in areas with no overhead power. The change is happening regardless of our thoughts or desires. FWIW, I have had a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid EV) for 5 years now and it's been great. 90+ percent of my driving is on battery and my gasoline expense down an average of $400/month before the recent rise in gasoline cost. Saving even more now. I know Virginias former Governor, a Dem, with the help of a Dem led legislature voted to blindly follow anything Cali did. But last year the Gov and the legislature changed, They are writing the new law to overturn that now. It made the local news just last week. I'm sure other states will follow in the next year or two. Electrics will take over the Northeast,. and large urban areas, but they will be a nightmare in the rural areas.
wanderingaimlessly 09/15/22 05:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lithium crossing the acceptance threshold…

I don't recall a fervent anti-lithium contingent. The issue most had was more that the cost was hard to justify, especially when you had to do other modifications to accommodate the charge requirements. It's getting better but unless you need a large battery bank, it's still hard to justify over 6v golf cart batteries for most users. The only Anti Lithium cries that I recall are about the hypocrisy of the electric car promoters, who ignore the planet damage done by the mining activities for the Lithium, as well as the electric production methods. No matter how you do it, the energy is not free, no matter how much you hope for something else.
wanderingaimlessly 09/14/22 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery charging question.

Have charged them separately, was wondering if charging just one would cause a slow equalization with the other. The charger is good, I have 2, I may make a second plug rather than tearing the scooter apart. Thanks for answering the charge one question.
wanderingaimlessly 09/10/22 05:06pm Tech Issues
Battery charging question.

I bought a used mobility chair for M'lady, it runs well, but will not charge from the plug on the column. Fuses are good and I dont have time to sit and troubleshoot right now. It is powered by 2 12 volt deep cycle batteries wired in series. I have tried charging the batteries individually and they accept a charge, and stickers show them to only be a year old. Rather than fight the entire issue now, I was thinking I could connect a small charger to one battery at a time,,,,,,, or maybe just one period. If I slow charge one battery from a pair wired in series, will the other also be charged over time? Or must I set up individual charge points for both? It only gets used once every couple of weeks, so I thought maybe I could have one slowly charge the other?
wanderingaimlessly 09/09/22 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: EV jump start

Run out of juice in DC and see how long it takes to find six volunteers to push your ev a half mile to a charging station. You'll find six willing to take it to a chop shop, or six willing to study it for a year to find a way to subsidize longer extension cords, but to actually voluntarily help you? Naaah, get real.
wanderingaimlessly 09/06/22 06:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Furrion Chill 14.5 & 15.5 unit's both use 15.4 amps?

What's hard to believe is that none of these companies has come out with a 15+ SEER heat pump replacement unit. The mini splits show they can be built, and will surpass the current units in efficiency at similar cost. But we seem to be getting the same 20 year old designs.
wanderingaimlessly 09/06/22 06:36am Tech Issues
RE: Solar panel system fires

But,,, but,,,,, They got free 2 day shipping.
wanderingaimlessly 09/05/22 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

And again, an item overlooked in the discussion is how the EV draws power versus how an RV draws power. An RV can need 30 or 50 amp power due to AC usage, but those AC units only draw the max amps for a few seconds on each startup cycle, then their energy consumption drops off by half. Charging the EV will draw the maximum amps it can continuously for however many hours it is plugged in. And from what the videos show from the Ford pickup charging, it can be the many hours at a rate similar to the rate an AC unit draws for only its first 10 seconds or so. A positive on this is some campgrounds will be replacing old 30 and 50 amp plugs finally as EV's kill off the old and weak ones.
wanderingaimlessly 09/04/22 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

….As far as enforcement goes, you might check out what’s happening in Colorado where the electric provider has been forced to take over control of folks smart thermostats… Are we to assume Californians will gain an exemption from such??… 3 tonsThe people in CO signed up for an incentive program voluntarily. I have signed up for similar to allow my utility to turn off my A/C compressor if needed. I get paid a small credit on my bill as an incentive. This is not some unauthorized Orwellian government takeover of the thermostats as your statement seems to imply. Why not tell the truth of things? YET But you gave them the ability to didn't you?
wanderingaimlessly 09/03/22 04:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

Another summertime issue in many campgrounds is sure to be that EV charging may preempt the ability of others to operate their air conditioning… As temperatures rise to to 100’s (uh-o :( !!), this is sure to test the mental metal of otherwise friendly fee-paying for services campers… 3 tons - mostly (happily!) :) off-the-grid… (full disclosure, 400a/hr LFP, 660w rooftop solar - newly added 360w of portable MPPT PV..) I read this twice and I’m not sure I understand. Why would using an RV pedestal to charge a car pre-empt someone else on another site from running an AC? Maybe I misunderstood this. For starters, an AC unit for an rv, from that pedestal would hit 18-30 amps for only a few seconds before dropping down to about half those numbers, allowing others to similarly use the power source. Your EV is a CONSTANT watt sucking plague drawing near the max wattage for every second possible. Does that accurately describe the EV? Yes I know the language seems harsh, but this is the root of the issue. The long continuous draw of the EV charger is the problem.
wanderingaimlessly 09/03/22 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

Wow... FIVE days to charge on a 120 outlet?? I knew they took awhile, but not that long. Then they switched to the 50amp, and the charging time dropped to 14 hours... yikes, still I did not know they took that long. For some reason I thought a 120 outlet would be like an overnight charge, not 5 days. My wife's electric car will charge overnight. But then again it's a PIHB and only has a 30 mile range. I believe it charges around 1.25kwh/hour. In any event she plugs it in when she gets home from work and it's at 100% charge when she gets up to go to work the next morning. This is on a typical 110 circuit. AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT AN EV IS GOOD FOR. Inner city/urban commuter. Beyond that they are useless to all but a hand full who are willing to mold their lives around charging the car for the next few miles.
wanderingaimlessly 09/03/22 02:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

The ideal of the EV being the cure all for environmental ills is about the same as Eugenics being a cure all for societal ills a hundred or so years ago. And it is approached by its acolytes with the same zeal and desire to force it upon all others. Most are and were well intentioned but still,,, Misguided then, misguided now.
wanderingaimlessly 09/03/22 06:26am General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

Would have been nice to know if they found the issue. I use a Hughes Power Watchdog, which scans the post, something like that here would have been helpful. The issue is the four pin plug is for 240 volts. The 30 to 50 adapter does 120 on each leg so it will not work. One could make an adapter tht would work. A way to test would to be to use the 20 vehicle plug, with a 30 to 20 adapter. That would present the correct voltage to the charging adapter. I was thinking of the 30 amp plug issue.
wanderingaimlessly 09/03/22 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

Would have been nice to know if they found the issue. I use a Hughes Power Watchdog, which scans the post, something like that here would have been helpful.
wanderingaimlessly 09/02/22 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Purchasing a Jackery or something similar....need help....

Two RV/marine batteries and a single 100 watt solar will for a frugal camper with a gas elec fridge give you several days of boondocking with a TT. Adding a second solar panel would give the most added bang for the buck because it will even be charging the batteries while you are moving. You don't mention equipment but likely you would need a new charge controller to accommodate the increased power, if so getting one which will accept higher input voltage (36 volts) should allow you to wire the new panel in series and then avoid having to run new wire from the panels to the controller. Adding an inverter (if you don't already have one) will let you run some limited 120 volt ac items, tv, small appliances etc. Size is dependent on what you want to run. Also as a back up to charge the trailer batteries in a pinch, you can use your tow vehicle. Simply positioning it to let you hook a set of jumper cables to the truck while idling for a half hour or so will boost them when solar isn't keeping up.
wanderingaimlessly 09/01/22 07:56am Tech Issues
RE: Will this work

Are you certain the hybrids HV battery powers the 12 accessory outlet? It would seem simpler for the manufacturer to power that from the 55 AH 12 volt starting battery.
wanderingaimlessly 08/29/22 05:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why shouldn't I go this route? (AC Roof Delete)

A small mini split can be had for less than $900 with a SEER that is double the unit your looking at. one exampleAnd that higher SEER of 19 is not the limit, higher SEER units are out there, albeit at higher cost.
wanderingaimlessly 08/29/22 04:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Streaming and Blackouts

If it's a one time thing, maybe it's a good excuse to take a night out, hit a sports bar, enjoy a meal and a few beers with fellow fans as you watch the game. It doesn't fix the "free at home" issue, but it could make the pill a little less bitter going down.
wanderingaimlessly 08/27/22 07:36am Technology Corner
RE: East Fork Campground near Rock Creek

Looking at your signature line,,,,, How are your wife and Boys handling bringing your G/F along? I just want to know how you successfully manage it. ;)
wanderingaimlessly 08/24/22 02:25pm Tent Camping
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