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RE: Warning! Publci Toilet Hygene

One of the things that is OVERemphasized is .. well. Hygene... now I"m not going to the ridiculous here but the fact is some germ exposure is a good thing. IN fact most vaccines are in fact the bacteria (either live but very weak or dead) that they are vaccinating against. You also get that by contact with others.. the problem here is you get the full strength bacteria that can overwhelm your immune system.
wa8yxm 01/23/20 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Lights

If it's not a CREE SMD, it's not worth beans. Well I won't go that far but my fog lights are CREE 18 watt. My flashlight is CREE 3 watt. 1200 lumens that's about the same as a 100 watt Incandescent lamp. Cree clearly the best.. Oh that makes my fog lamps on the order of 600 watts incandescent.. They do light up the campground
wa8yxm 01/23/20 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: New GFI Outlet Will Not Reset

The constant green light suggests it's already "Set" but the flickering red suggests a screw loose.. Many RVers have a few screws loose.. Most take a #2 Square bit (or #2 Phillips) and many can be found in the area of the circuit breakers.. Be sure to unplug before you TIGHTEN EVERY SCREW IN THAT BOX.
wa8yxm 01/23/20 07:05am Tech Issues
RE: No Reception on TV

Update, the power booster switch was actually located in the very front of the RV inside the closet with the other satellite and coax connections. Crazy! I’ve never seen one located that far away from the TV. I have and I'm not a RV service technician. The switch provides DC to the booster (which is in the antenna Head) Once the signal is boosted you can run a fairly long Coax run so the switch can be anywhere. When I wired my parent's house #2 for Tv I put the booster at the antenna head (built into it) fed it power from the basement and then ran coax via a network of splutters to every room in the house (Save 2 small rooms) 4 bedrooms (one in basement) Living room (2 points) 3 more points in the basement and kitchen. Worked great. No switch though since no "park cable" option. Just Channel Master's #2 Signal Sucker (antenna) with mast head amp.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer

@landyacht318 Bought it from EBay, the seller told me that it is a 8kohm even though it reads 10ohm on the side of the pot. I bought it and confirmed it with my ohmeter 7.9kohm Here's were I bought it from. There you have it marked 10 ohms. Put a VOM (Multi-Meeter) in resistance on it and MEASURE It. Do not take the seller's word for it.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Increasing towing capacity

How to increase towing capacity. New frame rails new axle New engine and transmission new cross bar where the receiver bolts on new receiver In short: NEW RV (Diesel Pusher). That's really the only way.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Starting /House Charging Question UPDATE Test

If you have a one way isolator.. Trick-l-start device provides the other way.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: slide stuck

2013 Coachmen Mirada, 29 foot: I demolished my electric compartment door frame and hinge by closing rear slide when compartment door was still open. (BIG OOPS!) Is that door supposed to be that high when open so that the slide would hit it? Seems that would be a vehicle design flaw. Bought the unit used and don't know if the the little gas cylinder gadget that holds the compartment door open was an add on and was set too high or if it came like that from manufacturer. Any ideas? Comments appreciated. Thanks. I have a couple of doors that can do that. They are chain limited. so long as the chain is hooked they can not open far enough to be damaged. but if the chain is NOT hooked......... Well you know what happens if the chain is NOT hooked.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 05:35am Tech Issues
RE: Mini trim pot to big potentiometer

Are you sure you got the right value Pot to replace the mini? I mean if you use a 1K pot to replace a 10K odds are .. exactly what you expierence.
wa8yxm 01/22/20 05:33am Tech Issues
RE: firewall, black expanding foam

Good luck finding the leaks and sealing them.. Flex-Seal spray.. Might be an option.. Stuff works SOMETIMES.. It is not as chemical resistant as I'd like but it works SOMETIMES.
wa8yxm 01/21/20 03:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Concord Electric Series 90 TV Antenna

Easiest is to replace it with a King Jack antenna. King might be easy but Winegard is better Without looking at your install specific recommendations are not easy but the Winegard Sensar IV outperforms all other RV antennas for long distance.. The King JACK is better if you are closer to scattered towers. Of course Omni directional (non directional or all directional) antennas are easier still but..... Very poor range.. NONE are an exact replacement for what you have but.. a Winegard HEAD may fit upon your raiser arms. Without taking measurements I'd not be able to tell you for sure.. .I just replaced a lobbed off Winegard 3+wingman with a 4... Major improvement.
wa8yxm 01/21/20 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Link to cell home phone that records cell calls

Without knowing more I can't tell but if say the "Machine" is set to five rings and the cell pone is set to transfer to voice mail after 3... It is as you suspect. NOTE: Many home machines have a dual ring setup. Like 5 rings if nothing new or 2 if new messages present. That way you call from a pay phone and hang up if it rings 4 times.. If it answers on the 2nd ring you punch the command codes and pass codes and it plays back for you.
wa8yxm 01/21/20 03:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Credit Card apps

The app can be hacked same as the bank's web site and anything else but the banks do make it hard to do. One advantage of the app is it can be set to notify you (Alarm beep) if you get a message from your card issuer. IE: You are running out of credit.> Payment due.. Bill is ready... Payment accepted/processed/cleared. That kind of thing (Some will notify you EVERY time the card is used..
wa8yxm 01/21/20 03:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Looking for help on battery charger for 2-3 bank system

Some rules for converters. If running a bank of batteries (not multiple banks) total the Amp Hours (remember if you are putting pairs of 6 volts you add voltage when you put 'em in series not amp hours so 2 6V 220 amp hour batteries in series is one 12V 220 amp hours. But add up all the 12's multiply by 0.30 (30%) and that's your converter size. Progressive Dynamics 92xx is my choice. Now if you are using multiple banks of batteries or swapping them out you need to read about something the name of which I can not recall the spelling of. But a link to it I can find... The moral of the article is that if one battery runs you 2 hours. and you put two in parallel instead of 4 you get more.
wa8yxm 01/21/20 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: Jump Start Question

Ok, My Rig is a Damon Intruder on a workhorse chassis. Symptoms. Turned key to on, Dash lights,. Turn to start all dead. Discovery: Someone (likely Damon) used standard "Ring terminals" (Crimp on metal rings) instead of a proper LEAD battery terminal. Unlike metals do not do well in an mild acid environment and even though side terminal batteries are not supposed to have that problem... They do. Cleaned and re-connected and Varoom (NOTE BOOST (Emergency Start) worked) Did that 3 times before Boost did not work jumper cable off the house did. Put in a new battery (And terminal) in 2014. been good since.
wa8yxm 01/20/20 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

The Enrollment period has expiered but any agent worth his name tag can still enroll you... What's worse is I got a call from one company telling me my doctor now is part of their plan and asking me to switch. List of issues Title 47 SS 227 USC Prohibits cold calls to Cell phones. Seniors and phones on the DO NOT CALL LIST (i'm all 3) Doctor is a former doctor. They confused me with another patient and terminated me as a patient so I know have a new Doctor. ANd another SPAM call incoming as I type. When I get back to MI I'll explain to them in greater detail.
wa8yxm 01/20/20 04:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Why do I still look at my tankl level gauges?

Figured out why you still look at gauges. My Fresh water still works after almost 15 years
wa8yxm 01/20/20 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

Eric/Lisa that hard drive looks like a start on the Military method.. someone once ask how to totally erase one and I posted, as best I recalled, the Military standard (Which includes hammers, rocks, or anvils, flame throwers. Hand Grenades and running over it with a tank as I recall) got flamed. and then before I even saw the flame someone explained where I was getting my suggestions. Suffice to say the US Army way is kind of overkill but it works.. guaranteed. not even Nigel (Crossing Jordan TV show) is gonna get anything off that drive. :). To the thread topic. I use Chrome browser more and more now days on my Win-10 box (which is now a use when it only runs on doze) and well my main machines are chromebooks with android extensions. DO 99% of what I need so that's what I use.
wa8yxm 01/20/20 05:52am Technology Corner
RE: Interior adhesive

My first glue of choice for MOST projects is GOOP. it comes in assorted flavors some have greater chemical or UV resistance.. however it's not as "Solid" as say Epoxy it retains a bit of "Stretch" when dry and this can lead to failure in a bouncing down the highway sort of way. That said when I needed to re-stick some felt under the floor of a slideout that had come loose. My Service tech had to pull hard to peal the end off where I'd tacked it with goop. and when I spread a bead and pressed it down she said "how long to dry" I replied book says 30 minutes but 5 should do it.> Well it was perhaps 10 later when we put the floor back on top and 30 before we moved floor.. IT IS STILL where I stuck it not going anywhere. The 2-faced tape Damon used is nothing compared to Goop. AH at last Rasperian has finished downloading.. (Another task).
wa8yxm 01/19/20 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping Lights

I have been told that lights UNDER the rig discourage insects and other pests. How true is this???? (Frankly I have no clue). But when I see an RVer with his SCARE lights on all night.. Oh Mr. Manager.... I need to tell you something. Security will verify next night and knock knock Sir could you turn 'em off?)
wa8yxm 01/19/20 03:22pm General RVing Issues
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