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RE: Tv problem

The TV in question and thus I suspect the original poster is a British Model.. I often comment that we here in the good old USA do not speak English. We speak American English. They are different. And you have discovered, in this thread, one of the differences. Ariel = Antenna in (Coax in on most TV's) To the O/P I don't know about your side of the pond (Atlantic Ocean) but often those connectors are crimped on and not very well. if the connector has slipped a bit or if the center wire is cut too short connection may NOT have been made. Unscrew and remove the cable from the ariel connection the as you push it back on feel for the center wire to make contact. there will be an increase in resistance If you do not feel the added resistance re-dress the cable (remove connector and replace) making sure you cut the center lead about 1/8" longer
wa8yxm 01/19/21 04:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Thermostat Question

If it does not turn on the a/C fan then something is wrong
wa8yxm 01/19/21 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: New Thermostat Question

The Fan switch on the Thermostat does not turn the Furnace fan on. It is not supposed to. It is supposed to turn the A/C fan on. not the furnace fan.
wa8yxm 01/19/21 04:50am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic refrigerator frost and ice

Ah but to me 63 IS a youngster.. I remember Fridges you had to defrost. "I remember the man from the ice house delivering blocks of ice in his horse drawn wagon." Good lord. Everyone over 40 remembers defrosting their freezer. Patronize much? I'm not QUITE that old. but... My mother tells me that her father made one of the first Refrigerators in California. He was a refrigeration engineer workign on the big Fishing processing boats (They moved the fish processing onto boats back than so the fleets could catch more fish not having to return to port to offload) He converted an ice box to a Fridge. Alas I never met him. he died just weeks before I was born. I do recall Grandma however.
wa8yxm 01/18/21 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is this doable or am I overlooking something??

Just one thought... Done it.. Worked USE a 12 ga Cord though not a cheap one But a good quality 12 ga cord. the Big Box Home Improvement have 'em.. Lowe's< home Depot, Mennards... Some smaller chain hardwares may have 'em. and K-Mart (The old Sears one with a push button on the outlet end)
wa8yxm 01/18/21 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic refrigerator frost and ice

LOL.... I'm not a youngster, 63 years old here. However, this is my first RV. Thanks for the info. Ah but to me 63 IS a youngster.. I remember Fridges you had to defrost. And RV fridges... You still do. On one thing that will cut down on the frost in the freezer. KILL or Rip out the ice maker and use a countertop (Portable).. I did. More ice (up to 26 pounds a day) and less moisture in the freezer due to that "Warm (more than 32 degrees) water thing I mentioned. And when the counter top unit went compressor up.. All I needed to fix it was a browser.. a phone, a car, a plastic retangle (Credit/debit card) and a knife (to cut the tape on the box). You need all those for the Built in ice maker too but TOOLS. lots of TOOLS and you may need to remove the fridge to replace one part.
wa8yxm 01/18/21 04:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Out of the mouth of babes

A matress. and a card table, a box or chair to set on (one per person) You got it.
wa8yxm 01/18/21 04:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Gander Outdoors

Been through Tekonsha many times and Marshal, the whole area. We bought many baked godson the honor system from the Amish just est of Coldwater area. Wife's family, the cemeteries are full of Relatives and some to distant to have met from near FT Wayne to Coldwater eat into Ohio and beyond Her Mom's People near Battle Creek, all had large farms now sub divisions I think. Traveled many dirt roads for pheasants and deer thick as flies. Asparagus at just about every corner of the roads and along them in places. Wife sisters born in Marshal.The fair in Marshal was outstanding up until 0 years ago. I went to the Calhoun Country fair (Marshall) many times. Like it better than the State Fair (Detroit) in fact. Tekonsha is the home of Tekonsha Engineering of the Prodigy P-3 brake controller... The company started with I was in high school.. I tried to date the founder's daughter. Later a class mate of mine was CEO. Now it's Barjan if I'm not mistaken. Ah yes. The Tekon Truck Stop (Old US-27 and M-60) was one of if not the First Big Truck Plaza where a Driver could get food, Fuel, some truck service and even a haricut.. Another of my classmates. his father was one of the original owners.. Today that's a T/A. If you knew where to look you could see the farm i Grew up on from I-69. but some of the taller buildings are no more.. Pines still live though (Pine View Farm).
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gander Outdoors

If a person has to belong to the stupid presidents club to get a “discount “ on their overinflated products, I will pass There are many businesses which give discounts to "Members" Sam's and Costco among them. Beyond that no comment
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling jacks

Differene make and model but .... The parking brake system has a switch. Without knowing more about your rig I can't tell you where This switch on a car or pick up turns on teh "PARKING BRAKE LIGHT" indicator and may affect the transmission (or not) On a motor home it also affects the slides and jacks IF the wire comes off the switch... THEY DO NOT WORK
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic refrigerator frost and ice

Ah you youngsters. Yes it is normal Modern RESIDENTIAL refrigerators have heaters in them (Defrost elements) so first they cool then they heat.. That way you don't need to defrost so often RV units don't have the BTU's to spare so they just cool and like Refrigerators of old when you open the door and warm air rushes in... or when the ice maker (Which by the way may have a heater built in) cycles and warm water rushes in.. Frost forms on the cooling plates. What can reduce it Well I had a 3 fan version of this.. Wish I'd have had a 4 fan but that's another item Fridge fan It mounts in front of the fins and did a fairly good job on the area it blew on. Thing is my fridge was wider than the assembly (Why I needed the 4th fan)
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Group 27 deep cycle battery + 2000W inverter

A lot of "assumptions" being made.. 2Kw inverter doesn't "need" 400Ahr of "battery support" (what ever THAT means).. If you mean 400Ahr capacity, you would be dead wrong because the OP did not specify just how long are they needing to run the fridge from inverter.. Well yes. poor choice of words Xantrex recommends two pair GC-2 for a 2000 watt inverter is what I should have said. Yes it will work on less. but Xantrex recommendation for the Prosione 2.0 was 2 pair GC-2 or 420 Amp Hour. of storage
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Group 27 deep cycle battery + 2000W inverter

If you are lucky .... an hour Likely less That inverter needs 400 amp hours of battery support two pair of GC-2 is recommended.. That's 400 amp hours with 200 usable your group 27 is 100 (bit less) with 20-25 usable. The fridge.. Well you did not say but look at the watts and divide by 10. yes 10 that's how many amp hours it will suck off the battery. So if it sucks 200 watts then it needs 20 amps of battery power Both Dometic. and Norcold at one time made RV-Fridges using a ultra-high effiency compressors. 35-40 watts.. at 12 volts that's a bit over 3 amps. Door closed (Seems strange to have to specify door closed but the interior light adds a major draw)
wa8yxm 01/17/21 04:14am Tech Issues
RE: Social distancing

If we had a "like"button, I would click on it. Me too Some of those remind me of a question on an official (Are you prepared) FEMA test. Where is the best place to shelter during a hurricane. After I read the question. and got done laughing I correctly choose the answer "In a shelter outside the storm area" Or as I usually say it . > SOMEWHERE ELSE I may borrow that sign for posting elsewhere with them
wa8yxm 01/16/21 04:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery origin

I have used battereies from several companies... Most are good. Only had two die within the warranty period... Of course one of those the warranty was "lifetime" It lasted a good long time (From 1977 to my Brother's 2nd wedding. I kind of forget when that was but the rehearsal was the day it died)
wa8yxm 01/16/21 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane regulator?

In theory brass to brass does not need tape. but done properly (make absolutely sure no tape bits get into the pipe) it does not hurt. Black iron pipe does need tape as I understand it, If you are really worried about the posibility of a tiny leak.. Check out Locktite products.. I believe they make one just for that but key word is "Believe" I might be wrong.
wa8yxm 01/16/21 04:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Apocalypse almost

Says shut the phone take out Sim card put back in restart, phone works again just fine,, Have not seen this in ... Well 1980's was the last time. There is a virus,, No not THAT Virus, but this virus infects not people but electronics. It loves electrical fields and grows on connectors. Well when it does it insulates the connector and the device stops working. What you did... is the cure. it scrapes the virus off
wa8yxm 01/16/21 05:11am Technology Corner
RE: Credit Card Fraud

I am still getting notices from Capitol one that two companies are charging my old card... Well today I did a bit of research... I'm not going to give the scammers my new card number.
wa8yxm 01/16/21 04:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Firman Generator

Depending on the Genrator (Traditional or inverter) In "Traditional" Generators there are devices that are designed to control the wave form and "Total harmonic Distortion" Sitting in the box these devices get... Weak. HOWEVER DO NOT WORRY First. Resistive stuff like lights. could care less about the waveform. And second. Well the one i bought where that happened by the 2nd tank of gasoline was 100%. The devices had "Woke Up" and were working. (Actually I'm blabering. i do know the proper technical terms but .. Well.. They do not matter).
wa8yxm 01/15/21 03:20pm Tech Issues
RE: T-Mobile Coverage

Over the last 2 days and several years I've made a few observations. This specifically covers I-69 in Michigan between flint and Port Huron (Blue water bridge) As of as recently as last summer when I'd make that trip every 2 weeks with the motor home there were several "Dead spots" t-mobile wise. (I stream WTWW.US-transmitter 2 when traveling) last two days, now that they claim they have FULLY merged Sprint towers in, I had to make the trip twice in my car for Medical reasons.. NOT ONE DROP. I did have a couple spots where it seemed to pause for oh. perhaps half a second. but it did not drop (I assume tower hand offs). So.. Very pleased with the new coverage
wa8yxm 01/15/21 05:35am Technology Corner
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