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RE: Ideas to carry spare and bikes

I wanna buy a foldable bike and do research on it, I read here that it is difficult to make a comparison with a Brompton (other than the Chinese clones) as it's pretty much unique in its fold and compactness. My friend is a Brompton owner but an infrequent user of it, the downside is just the 16" wheels - 20" wheels are much better! From what I see in the market the remainder of the decent folders are all much of a muchness based on the core Dahon design that is sold in many re-badged forms (the Dawes folders for example come with - or did - a Dahon manual)
vidotchis 01/02/23 02:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mobility Scooter/power chair question

yeah, My granny also use two scooters: a golden buzz and a Strider MIDI for the past 2 years. She is very happy with both. We bought it here after a lot of research. the first one has nice tires and lets you do some off-roading. Both are reasonably priced. The Strider fits on a lift on the back of the car the Hummer is kinda big so I use the former on the road and the latter at home.
vidotchis 10/16/22 04:41am RV Lifestyle
RE: Dometic(?) Portable Ice Maker ZB-12 How to take off sides?

am having trouble removing the plastic side panel of my ice maker that stops the drive assembly from sliding out. The drive motor activates when ice is requested via the lever on the door but the fork doesn't turn. It acts as if it is bound but can be turned by hand...I'm guessing there's a relay of sorts in there/ but I don't want to break the side cover. Any tips to keep me from breaking it?
vidotchis 10/05/22 01:01am Tech Issues
RE: Pet Food Recall

dogdiva just posted a confirmation at MAJOR DOG AND CAT FOOD RECALL which is now a closed topic for reference only in favor of this one that was posted first. I'll ask that it be made a temporary sticky. RVSnowbird Thankyou RVSnowbird for suggestions
vidotchis 10/05/22 12:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Family Camping Pictures

I've got a quarter cord of coast live oak, a red oak species that I usually use in the smoker but don't want to pay prices near the park so bringing my own. This is super dense and weighs around 60lbs per cubic foot. By my math, that's just shy of a ton in the truck. The truck not even sagging a bit. I got a 125 Yeti loaded with beers and meat and my trusty Kodiak Canvas 10x14 tent. Camping at 7000 feet elevation so I modded the tent to use a small woodstove as it will likely be in the 30s at night.
vidotchis 10/05/22 12:47am Family Camping
RE: New couch ideas ???

I bought a Recliner couch and is by far the absolute best thing I have EVER bought from this page. Not only were they half the price as all sale prices I found during my search for the perfect chair. I had a living tools required, easy as anything you've ever done in your life. Sleek and beautiful Will complement many decors. Massage is awesome. I'd highly recommend this product. I'm also 5'7" and I fit just fine. Absolutely beautiful
vidotchis 09/28/22 03:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold Coffee

500MG magnesium sulfate nothing less to start. I was found to have medical center labs of magnesium so low they wanted to IV me and write an Rx. Electrolyte balance plays a key role in neural stimulation. I have not had an Afib event since 2002 but one in 2011 when my magnesium was misplaced in Mexico. Thanks for the info, MexicoWanderer Yeah agree with you
vidotchis 09/05/22 10:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Sleep apnea

As someone who suffers with a degree of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) which requires CPAP treatment, has read a lot about it, but not as professional advice or opinion: With all due respect to you and this Chiropractor who appears earnest and well-meaning: 1) OSA can only at this time be diagnosed by a formal sleep study 2) during such a study you are asleep for much of the time and therefore unaware of how your breathing, oxygen levels etc are. The sleep study is an objective one, providing measurements which can be used to diagnose and grade the quality of your sleep and the grade of severity of any OSA present and provide a way of comparing your OSA over time by doing more sleep studies if needed. Where as your feelings etc about your sleep and how much better or worse you feel with no or some treatment are subjective - there are no measurements to back up and validate your feelings and observations ( and in any case you are asleep when your OSA happens so what observations can you make)?
vidotchis 09/05/22 12:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Cold Coffee

My niece just returned from Hawaii and gave me a can of Honolulu Coffee Kona Coffee BBQ Rub. I have already watched it here but never used a coffee rub. I am finding out about cuts and how heavily to put them on. Ingredients are 100% Kona Coffee, sugar, sea salt, chilies, onion, garlic, lime, chocolate, cayenne pepper, and smoked paprika.
vidotchis 09/05/22 12:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Heat Pump or Not

After opening the camper for the first time, Zone 2 unit wasn't working, initially, there was an error code E1. The problem was with the power to the air conditioner unit. Is the issue with the air source heat pump? Is it ok to replace the circuit board in Zone 1 and Zone 2.
vidotchis 08/27/22 01:46am Fifth-Wheels
Silver stone camping

Can anyone that has camped at the British GP at silver stone offer any advice? Looking to experience this next year. I see there are loads of options but would prefer staying as close to the circuit as possible.
vidotchis 08/26/22 02:13am Tent Camping
RE: (Leak!) Toilet plumbing connection to Black Waste tank...

It's very difficult to empty the toilet every other day, especially during camping days. Is it possible to remove the cassette from the toilet and fitting a holding tank under the van? Maybe a Plumber help to install a submersible pump to empty it.
vidotchis 08/26/22 02:03am Class C Motorhomes
bell tent recommendation

I am seriously considering investing in a bell tent for family camping trips next year… anyone got one/had the experience of one and the myriad of makers that are out there? Thinking of a 5m job with a zip-on groundsheet to make life easier. Very far away from my usual tent experience of proper 4-season mountaineering tents, but I have been banned from buying bigger ones of them as t’misses want a bit of comfort and the ability to stand up!
vidotchis 08/16/22 12:44am Tent Camping
RE: New to Outdoor Dutch Oven Cooking

Right! Charcoal is really easy to use so far. I am using Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill and have not had any problems, the legs look slightly flimsy aluminum as well as the rims that are rigid plastic. I love outdoor cooking and bbq scenes, So I usually read these kinds of appliances at The food warming rack is handy to cook baked potatoes, or veggies in tin foil over the direct coals. The extra height keeps them from burning too much. The gourmet grill rack is nice.
vidotchis 08/01/22 07:55am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Thermometer

Yeah The wires in ThermoPro TP25 500FT make the whole experience a bit fiddly, but everything works great, only tried them so far using the reverse sear method, but was pretty cool being able to get notified on the app at the right temperature.
vidotchis 07/30/22 10:59pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

I deliberated heavily about which radios to buy, but ultimately price won. I bought a set of Motorola T100 Talkabout radios from nrcradio for under $20, and I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are for the money. We used these walkie talkies on vacation in the Rocky Mountains so we could communicate between three cars when driving around and on the trails as well since sometimes our group would get split up and some people would go on ahead. I'm already aware that the advertised range of 20+ miles is idealistic and not to be expected in normal conditions, but I was very happy with how they worked. In the cars, we could talk clearly as long as nobody got too far away from the convoy. On the trails, we would talk clearly even while people were out of sight and somewhere down the trail, even with rocks and trees everywhere. I wouldn't count on these working miles away, but they worked great for being able to communicate with others in the group who just might be spread out a bit. I used Eneloop Pro rechargeable AAAs, and they easily lasted for hours on end even with a fair amount of talking back and forth. Some of the reviews complain about not being able to change the batteries. I really have no idea what they are talking about, so maybe there was a bad batch that was defective or something. The battery cover comes off easily, although you do have to take the clip off first. Really the only complaint I have is that I wish it had a volume knob instead of buttons, like most other radios. You have to hold the power button for a second to turn it on or off, and you change volume by pressing up or down buttons. Also be aware that compared to other similar radios, these are cheap in part because they lack certain features. There are no privacy codes, only one ringtone, and as mentioned, buttons instead of a volume knob.
vidotchis 07/09/22 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

I am pretty positive I have bed bugs in my bus. Have you had this issue and if so how did you solve it. From what I have scene is involved to rid them in an actual bedroom from a google search it seems like it would be impossible. The only thing I can think of would be to set off foggers in my bus, but a lot of what I saw in my google search here said that foggers don't do a very good job with bed bugs either. And yes I realize pesticides are bad for us, but I don't think they linger forever and after cleaning up and airing out think it would be fine. But I don't want to make a mess of my buss that I won't be able to really clean either.
vidotchis 07/05/22 10:45pm Truck Campers
Truck camper question

Hi there, I am looking for any helpful considerations. Considering a 3500 SRW 6.7 HO for a truck camper. Will be right at payload capacity. Pros/cons of air suspension, mega vs cc (longer vs shorter wheel base) etc. I've heard air is good for slightly better ride offloaded and loading/unloading camper but also that it's a waste if loaded a lot of time and could be a service expense down the line. Mega vs. CC is mostly longer wheel base. Going SRW for off-road capability but nothing too aggressive. And snow driving unloaded in deep winter. Any other items to note would be appreciated!
vidotchis 07/02/22 11:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Simple RVing recipes

I don't like frying anything inside, so I fry up several 1 lb packs of ground beef for tacos, sloppy joes, or hamburger stew. I also make a big pot of soup to take packed in 1 or 2 servings in the freezer. Hamburgers and wings are cooked on the grill outside. I cook up chicken for making alfredo, or salad. Omelettes are always good and easy. I take about 3 lb cooked bacon with me and a big package of cooked sausage patties. And we like frozen mixed vegies. What do you use for your grill cleaning? My grill oven is getting really greasy and I have found this article containing some information. Can you please give any suggestions?
vidotchis 06/26/22 10:28pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Outdoor camp oven

Thanks for sharing... I am investigating the purchase of a snow peak fire pit and they seem a bit small for use with camp ovens, but would love to hear if anyone has used these firepits with them. One of the guys on here has one that I camp with regularly. I have sat around him a few times. They are a great thing and are well designed and pack nice and flat. The BBQ on it a lot and the grill is great as it easily adjusts to different heights making it easy to control the temperature. I haven't seen them use it with a camp oven. I think you could get enough coals in it to successfully cook in one. One consideration is that they taper down at the bottom so you would need a suitably sized oven and may need to use heat beads on the top. I recently considered this as a camping option however decided to get the Ozpig instead, mainly because most places that allow the use of a fire like the Snow Peak (free camping CP's with fire pits) I could just have an open fire on the ground and cook my camp ovens on it. A lot of caravan parks and places that don't allow open fires like the Snow Peak have been allowing the use of contained fires like the Ozpig. Also to me the Oz pig seemed more versatile with a lot more cooking options and once packed up it really isn't that bulky.
vidotchis 06/23/22 09:39am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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