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RE: exterior solar plug

Be sure to check the polarity. Trailer manufacturers & solar panel designers don't always agree, in fact different solar panel manufacturers don't have standard polarity for SAE connectors (The most used for external solar connections).
vermilye 09/11/23 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Remote measurement of fridge and freezer temperatures

If you carry a "Smart" phone, check out the SensorPush (Link). Long range bluetooth connection, logging over day, week, month, etc. I have one in the freezer & one in the refrigerator section. (I also use one for outdoor temperature.)
vermilye 05/29/23 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

I have one installed on my Dometic 13,500 BTU AC. The AC runs OK on a Sportsman dual fuel 2200 watt generator running on propane. Another advantage is the "thump" as the compressor comes on is gone.
vermilye 04/15/23 08:49am Tech Issues
RE: Best range/oven to purchase?

I know a couple of people that have installed Dickerson combination stove/ovens and love them. Hold on to your wallet!
vermilye 04/09/23 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Smoke Detectors

Just be sure you are replacing smoke detectors, not the propane detector. Detectors that test for gas tend to draw enough current that built in battery versions are rare, which is why they are usually powered by the RV's 12V system.
vermilye 03/11/23 10:11am Tech Issues
RE: Are the new WFCO's as bad as the old ones?

According to their ads, the latest version of the WECO converters "automatically" sense what type of battery is installed, and switch to the appropriate voltages. That said, if they do it like they did with the older converters, I'll believe it when I see it.
vermilye 01/20/23 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: LTO batteries

Hi all, It looks as if LTO batteries are becoming available. I've written to the company below for pricing on a 100 amp-hour nominal 12 volt battery. They can be charged at 10 C. (i.e. 1000 amps) They work from -50 c (-58 f) to 60 C (140 f) The cycle life is 30,000 Assuming a 100 amp-hour jar: They can be drawn from at up to 10 C (1000 amps or 12000 watts) They can be drawn continuously at 3C (300 amps or 3600 watts) It seems to me that they would be a great choice where battery space is limited. from OSN POWER Anyone know much about them? I'd also ask about the physical size of a 100 amp hour 12V battery. Since it appears that the energy density is close to 1/3 that of a standard lithium battery, it may be impracticably large.
vermilye 01/02/23 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium for dummies: need advice in simple terms

While I did replace my converter with a lithium compatible version, in retrospect, I didn't need to. My 320 watts of solar through a lithium compatible solar controller provides most of the battery recharging. The WFCO probably won't go into bulk so it won't bring the lithium batteries to full, but the solar controller will usually provide the final 20%. Since you primarily dry camp, the converter isn't as necessary as it would be for those without solar that camp with utilities. As pianotuna said, try it first. I'd only make the change if I had to depend on a generator to recharge the batteries. A lithium compatible converter will shorten charging time.
vermilye 12/07/22 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium for dummies: need advice in simple terms

Many battery users are unaware that consumer-grade lithium-ion batteries cannot be charged below 0°C (32°F). Although the pack appears to be charging normally, plating of metallic lithium occurs on the anode during a sub-freezing charge that leads to a permanent degradation in performance and safety. You are more aware of battery chemistry than I, so hopefully you can answer this question. I am aware if the cod charging issue, but can you store or discharge LiFePO4 batteries below freezing ? How far below ?It may be different for other manufacturers, but my Battleborn batteries can be discharged down to -4°F. They can be stored well below freezing, preferable at 80% SOC, and they suggest not traveling with them below -15°F because the internal supports may fracture due to the cold & vibrations.
vermilye 12/06/22 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium for dummies: need advice in simple terms

I made the change to lithium 4 years ago and have been pleased with the change. While it is getting a bit dated, here is the documentation of the change, although prices have come down, particularly if you look at sources other than Battleborn. I currently winter camp, but it is at Quartzsite, AZ with temperatures rarely going below freezing, and daytime temperatures in the 50's or above. That said, I have followed your adventures, and you do enough cold weather camping that I'd be concerned about charging. While the lithium battery will be OK discharging down to -4*F or so, as others have pointed out they should not be charged below 32°F. Heated batteries are a solution, but you still need to find the energy to heat them. You mentioned days only going up to 30°F with 10° nights - it may be tough to carry enough solar to bring the battery up to charging temperatures after a 10°F night. Unless you carry a generator, a couple of cloudy days may leave you unable to catch up.
vermilye 12/06/22 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: CGs Near Osseo/Eau Claire, WI w/o Minimum Stay Requirement?

You don't say WHEN this summer, and that is the kicker. Many, many campgrounds institute a minimum 2 night stay on major holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day. It is because demand is so high, they sell out early, and rather than take a loss on a site they could have filled both nights, they make it mandatory. I have never run into a minimum 2 night stay except on one of those major holiday weekends. So I'm guessing you are talking about one of those holidays, and all I can say is "good luck" finding one. Might just be the night you spend in a Wally World parking lot. Given how popular camping is on those weekends, you are very likely to find that finding a place to stay at all on the second night of that weekend will be very difficult. If you really want to camp, this might be God's way of telling you to sit still for that second night. I know, not what you wanted to hear. I wish I could point you to the campground of your dreams for a single night that weekend. Best of luck finding what you want, and remember to stay safe out there. Good point, however, I am NOT referring to one of those weekends, as of course it would be obvious that such a requirement may be in place, and if so it would probably be three nights. It is possible there is a local festival that weekend, which would be prudent for me to investigate, and a quick search indicated there was no such thing. We travel a lot, and to many places, and this is unique. Generic weekend stay requirements in the middle of WI? Just seemed odd.Not all that unique. Some NY State Parks have 2 day minimums throughout most of the summer.
vermilye 12/02/22 08:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leadville, CO

I definitely prefer the Forest Service campgrounds on Turquoise Lake, but they are tough to get into on weekends, and are, of course, not in the city.
vermilye 11/06/22 09:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leadville, CO

While it has been awhile, I stayed atSugar Loafin'. As noted on their web page, they don't reopen util May 13th...
vermilye 11/05/22 03:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

Just a curious question as to why folks are using travel routers. It seems most phones/mifi devices have a hotspot feature where they can share the connection so I wanted to know of why go through the trouble of all the other setups people have. One advantage of a cell modem (travel router) is the ability to add an external antenna. In fact, most cell modems have two antenna connections, allowing dual external antennas in a MIMO configuration resulting in considerable data speed increases.
vermilye 10/27/22 08:26am Technology Corner
RE: fresh water hose

2X on the RVWaterFilter store hoses. While expensive, they will make any length, have great fittings, don't kink, and well worth the extra $.
vermilye 10/23/22 09:28am General RVing Issues
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