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RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

"The F150 PowerBoost benefits are really limited to city driving and there's really no advantage with towing IMO." I would love to see a test or at least an interview with a Ford engineer that informs us as to what the hybrid system actually does when towing. I know that when towing with my Tesla I still get all of the benefits of regeneration when towing. Surely Ford gets some. "I also don't understand the logic for two engines that are so close in rating. If I were guessing, I'd say that maybe the 6.8 is built to accommodate some sort of hybrid upgrade and the 7.3 is not." I have seen reports that the 7.3 is getting more power and torque so there will be more difference between the two motors. "While a modest turbo on either (assuming the block was built for it), would be great." You can get superchargers already for the 7.3 taking it past 700hp and they seem to be reliable. There are several videos on YouTube about them. As with any motor, hp takes fuel. Fuel economy only goes down the tubes if you use that hp but the tests seem to indicate that it isn't too bad. A Plug-In-Hybrid in the 5.0-6.0L range would make a lot of sense in a super duty. While it may be geared towards the round town driver similar to the 1/2 ton. It would be pretty simple to have a towing mode. - Yeah, when running around town, it could use most or all battery power, then have the motor kick in. So for a local work truck, it could probably eliminate 70-90% of gas consumption (assuming you plug it in at night). - A simple solution for towing: When the tow/haul mode is activated, it could reserve the battery power for heavy power demand situations (like climbing a grade). On level ground, a truck may only be putting out 150hp to maintain highway speeds pulling 7-10k trailer. So even a 5.0L could handle that. But when you reach a steep grade and throttle exceeds a certain level, a 100hp electric motor with 300ft-lb of torque could kick in to supplement giving you power similar to the 7.3L. Something like a 25kwh battery bank could feed 100hp for 20 minutes which would cover most mountain climbs. Assuming it can do regeneration, it could refill the battery bank on the downhill. - A more refine solution could integrate the GPS routing. The system could look at the route and with a bit of logic, maximize the use of battery power use and regeneration. If there is a big climb coming up, it may save most of the battery for the climb but if you just finished a big descent & have a full battery bank and it's only 20min flatland run to the destination, it may use lots of battery power to reduce the load on the gas engine. (This is just a simple example.) You could also provide an input for the driver to say if they will be charging at the end of the run or if they want to reserve X% in the battery bank as they won't be charging. You've always been able to do after market turbo/super chargers on engines but Ford's warranty department is likely tell you to pound sand for any issues if they can remotely blame it on you adding a turbo. The question is would Ford do a factory original turbo. It's certainly technologically feasible but more of a marketing strategy issue. 99% of people won't add an aftermarket unit. A factory original 700hp gas engine that is reliable could lure a lot of people away from the diesel.
valhalla360 09/29/22 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

One of the things I appreciate most about RVing with a TT is the relative ease of self-repairs. Things tend to be smaller (which makes them easier to handle), and more standardized (which means less scavenging for repair parts). Here's an example: Changing a flat tire. Motorhome tires tend to be big, heavy, and secured with big, highly-torqued lug nuts. The nuts on my Class A required a 6 foot breaker bar to loosen or tighten to specs. Having 19.5 inch tires meant that replacements were relatively scarce and expensive (and almost non-existent in Mexico). Many of the automotive centers that cater to passenger vehicles don't stock them, and won't mount or balance them. That's not much of an issue with travel trailer tires, and almost unheard of with tires on the pickups and SUVs commonly used as tow vehicles. Replaced the tires on my truck...$600 out the door. A little less for the trailer tires but let's call it $1200 for a full set of treads. Two couples we know bought front engine Class A's used. Of course, the tires were old on both. The one got a deal and it was $3500 but they had to drive an hour away. The other got them closer but paid $4000. I can only guess how bad it is with a big diesel pusher with a tag axle.
valhalla360 09/29/22 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Cover for camper while in storage? Yes/no?

A full blown garage/pole barn...sure, if you have one. Some type of canvas cover...I've seen lots cause damage when even a small section breaks free in a wind storm. Do a good check before winter, make sure any sketchy sealant is corrected and call it good.
valhalla360 09/28/22 02:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Western slopes of Colorado

On Google Maps set the `terrain` mode to see where there are mountains. Zoom in to see details, all the way to Streetview. Even better, download Google Earth. It's a little more clunky than Maps but once you select directions, if you right-click on the route, you can select "profile". This brings up a graph of the grades along the route. Take bridge crossings with a grain of salt. If you see a really short very steep "V" its usually showing the ground level rather than the bridge but otherwise does a great job. If you change to walking directions in Google Maps, you can get a profile but they often won't let you walk on freeways or they try to get you away from roads, so it's not as convenient.
valhalla360 09/28/22 01:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

Disappointed they didn't bring PowerBoost to the SuperDuty this year, it's a feature I'd love to have in my next truck but I won't be buying another half ton, next truck will be a 1T SRW. The F150 PowerBoost benefits are really limited to city driving and there's really no advantage with towing IMO. I didn't watch the videos but saw an article a few days back (can't find the article now). The new 6.8L is supposed to be 400hp and 450lb-ft. The 7.3 is 430hp and 475lb-ft...hardly seems worth the trouble to have both. Has anyone heard a suggestion of what Ford's logic is? While a modest turbo on either (assuming the block was built for it), would be great. Problem is if they put out a big block turbo for the super duty line, I would assume it would have at least 500-550hp and probably north of 550-600ft-lb of torque. With the turbo, you could dial back the RPM while still putting out lots of power. That would make it very competitive against the diesels. It becomes a marketing problem. How do you talk buyers into the $10k upgrade for the diesel if a gas 6.8L turbo can go toe to toe with the diesel in the toughest conditions for say $3k?
valhalla360 09/28/22 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Routing/trip planning app ???

Use Google Maps for routing. Gasbuddy for cheaper gas. Campendium and then follow to the campground link to verify. (I often backcheck via other sources once I pick a campground) Keep in mind with credit card charges, they put the money back in your account while they sort things out. The merchant can submit back that it's a legitimate charge...then you have to submit back...this back and forth can go on for a while depending on if one side gives up. Given how long between the purchase and the challenge, you might lose simply based on waiting too long. Your best hope is it may not be worth the merchants time to challenge it.
valhalla360 09/28/22 08:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Hurricanes and traffic jams

If you are headed to Florida today, you must not have been completely off grid with no communications for the last week. Honestly, if you are in your RV vacationing and just trying to get out now, it's on you for waiting so long.
valhalla360 09/28/22 08:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Low power?

What's the voltage if you check at the outlet? When you apply an electrical load, one of the side effects is it pulls the voltage down. There 3 primary things that impact how much the voltage is pulled down: - How many amps. - How long is the electrical cable/wire run (if you coil up 100ft of cable, it still counts as 100ft) - How thick are the wires (there are a few other things but not too relevant to this discussion). The air/con is generally the biggest load in an RV, so relatively high amps. (and as the voltage drops, the amps increase to compensate) You've had to string together multiple cords, so relatively long cables. You say it's 30amp service. Is it really 30amp service or is it a 15/20 amp household plug with an adapter. The wiring in your house counts as part of the cabling length and if it's thin, that could be increasing voltage drop. Dropping by 3 volts is not uncommon with a heavy load like an air/con. If you are starting with a good strong supply up around 120v, that leaves you at 117v which is perfectly fine. At 108v, that's getting borderline where I would be looking at pulling out the generator. Keep in mind, as houses in your neighborhood turn devices on and off the voltage will fluctuate, so it might be 108v while you are looking and it might drop to 105v a few minutes later. I'm speculating a bit but if the 111v is while nothing is on in the RV (negligible voltage drop), the voltage at the outlet is likely marginal. Items you can check: - Are all the connections in good shape with no corrosion? If you are capable, check inside the outlet and at the breaker panel for corrosion or lose wires. - Check the voltage at other outlets around the house. If they are all down around 110v +-, it's likely nothing wrong with your RV and just that your house has low voltage. You could check with the power company but unlikely they would do anything about it.
valhalla360 09/27/22 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tire time

haha on my old trailer I had a blow out on the factory tires that were 10 years old, traded the trailer on the 5th wheel a year later. hit a pretty rough railroad crossing. last month I lost one of the factory tires that was 6 years old on the 5th as I went through the construction zone for the highway that was washed away last fall out here. I am assuming I ran over somthing I didnt notice.... Depending on how conservative you want to be most recommend replacement at around 5-7yrs. At 10yrs, you were living on borrowed time and the payment came due. Even a brand new tire may not survive road debris, so that's not really an indication of a good/bad tire.
valhalla360 09/26/22 10:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time for new tires already?

30k miles does seem a bit low. How are they being used? - Only heavily loaded? - Bad roads? - Aggressive acceleration/braking? Have you had the alignment checked? That can eat a set of tires in a few hundred miles or less. Always bought off brand. Current tires (Corsa - same size) on our F250 have 40k miles and tread is barely broken in.
valhalla360 09/26/22 10:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grey Tank Filling

The fresh water gauges usually work OK. They are still pretty limited and we can get around 7-8 gal more into the fresh water tank after the gauge shows full (but be careful of overfilling). Basically, they shove a metal electrode thru the tank wall at various heights and connect them to an electrode at/near the bottom of the tank. If water reaches an electrode, the water completes a circuit with the bottom electrode and a light on the gauge. With the black & gray, moist crud on the wall of the tank can create the same circuit even when the tank is empty. You can try and keep them clean but it's a losing battle. The black & gray tanks...It's more an odd curiosity if they ever show empty. Get in the habit of emptying before storage and then try to get a feel for how many days you can go between dumping (it will vary based on your usage and how big the tanks are). 42PSI is fine...when you are present. If leaving for a longer period of time, at a minimum shut off the tap. If it's going to be days, disconnect the hose. After waking one night on our boat many years ago (same basic water system design), hearing a hissing sound, we tracked it down and found a hose had split and was filling the bilge. Since then, we operate off the fresh water tank and pump. If there's a leak, we will hear the pump running and investigate. Also, worst case scenario, once the tank is empty, it won't pump anymore water into your RV. A leak behind a cabinet can soak the floor/wall and if left for a long period of time, can cause expensive water damage.
valhalla360 09/26/22 10:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

The only thing I don't see referenced is, Difference in size, ie: if you have a 34-36 ft Class A and go to a 28 ft TT, there's a big difference in comfort space/ storage space and generally lower class amenities. (Notice the term, Generally) as nothing about an RV is written in stone. If you buy the same level, a 28ft TT is typically going to give you similar comfort to a 32-34ft MH because the MH has to set aside space for the cockpit. If you move up into that "high class amenities", it typically comes with high prices. Far more so than the truck/trailer combo. Storage tends to offset if that's important to you because you typically will have a van/pickup that offers a lot of storage...just in a different format.
valhalla360 09/26/22 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

I towed a travel trailer 32' Holiday Rambler for 10 yrs. and a Big Horn 5th. wheel for 10 yrs. I would recommend a 5th. wheel without question. They are easier to hitch and unhitch and are much more stable with driving down the road. i.e. when strong winds and big 18-wheelers pass you will hardly notice. They take a couple minutes extra to connect the WDH but not really more difficult unless you travel solo but even there with the rear truck cameras, I've seen guys do it quick and easy. If you are wagging around every time a semi goes by, something is wrong...fix it. We've had both and while the 5er wins out by a small margin if it's a white knuckle drive with a TT, something is wrong.
valhalla360 09/26/22 06:43am Travel Trailers
RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

I can not speak for Samsung, Apple or Star link only how I would do it if I were designing the phone or it's program. IF you lose cellular... (Out of range) I'd have the phone listen for a satellite and if it sees one it would display a message. It might even "handshake" with it and let you know if it gets and ACK or not. Either they have tested the system and it works...or it doesn't. Providing you feedback in a non-emergency is not required and may degrade the operation. The problem is if you have a million phones trying to do a handshake once a minute on a very limited capability system, there may be no bandwidth when there is a real message to send.
valhalla360 09/23/22 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Toy Hauler Truck?

I thought the complaint these days was you could not get a basic vehicle without all the bells and whistles anymore. Now we're complaining because a tow vehicle isn't fancy enough? Really a non-issue. Most will be utilitarian versions but no reason you can't bling it out if desired.
valhalla360 09/23/22 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler Truck?

Can only haul 2 people comfortably, like you said. Non starter for long trips or families. Doesn't tow well, compared to other options. That combo is a guaranteed pooch in all but flat towing down the road at low altitude with the wind at your back. Overall comfort. A stripped down F350 reg chassis cab is not exactly what most people expect for passenger and creature comforts. Cost/benefit. Most people use their daily driver pickups to tow their RVs. Dual use benefit. A personal box van, if not a rental scenario, is even more useless unless you're going to home depot. And the appearance thing and lack of practicality of using a 16' box van as a daily driver. Appearance. If I'm moving stuff, I'm moving. If I'm on vacation, I don't want to look like a homeless person driving a Uhaul. And, no, I've never seen any rental 6pack box vans. Gonna say those don't exist. If buying a crew cab chassis with box, refer to the 2 reasons above. I applaud the ingenuity and yes it works, but there's a reason it's not a thing, at all, for recreational RVers. Although dirt bike race teams do it all the time. Different application, really. The 2/3 passenger limit is really the only downside I see. 4 Door van chassis with boxes are actually pretty common in Europe. I just haven't seen them in the states. Or something like this: I see no reason to expect it to pull a 25ft TT any worse than your average 1/2 ton pickup that is the typical vehicle for towing that size trailer. Might even be better aerodynamically since the van frontage should match the trailer pretty closely, so the wind only gets one shot at the frontal area. If you are just buying a used Uhaul van, sure it's stripped down but if buying new or retrofitting, no reason you can't fit nice comfy captains chairs and some of the bling from more up scale vans. Might look a little goofy but I wouldn't expect it to be much worse than commuting in a full size pickup. I've driven them in the past and nothing particularly difficult, certainly no worse than the folks who drive dually pickups as daily drivers. Plus go back 30-40yrs ago and most people would think it's goofy to drive a dually as a daily driver. Mostly perception. I'm guessing most people just never thought of it...I didn't until I saw it. Might also be the marketing departments. Do you want to sell a $20k bog standard TT or a $30k toy hauler TT. Likewise, more and more, pickups are the proverbial Cowboy Cadillac's. I'm sure the Big 3 don't want to encourage you to buy something simple and practical for under $70k.
valhalla360 09/22/22 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CARB smog testing motorhomes Every 4months by 2024

4 times a year for an RV. Really? It matters not that it's a five minute or 50 minute inspection, Im sure you guys will be charged an arm and a leg, and every three months for an RV is noting more than pure harassment as PButler says. I'm sure at some point, they will have the OBD tied into your cell phone and it will send a continuous stream of data. Of course, that will give them access to all kinds of data to use against you. I'm sure at least some folks in northern Calicrazy store their rigs for the will they have to pull them out of storage burn 5-10 gallons of fuel to get them to a test station, so they can be tested to stay current?
valhalla360 09/22/22 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

Even if there is some "VIN database" there would be nothing stopping the new owner if it is sold in a state where they don't do emissions inspections. I believe most states require the title and registration to be cleared and removed from the prior state (not sure of the legal terminology). I ran into an issue with a typo on a title from another state and my state wouldn't touch it until it was sorted with the original state. So if NJ flags the vin/title, getting it titled/registered in a new state may be problematic if NJ says there a problem with the truck. Also, there is the issue of getting caught. It's one thing to play dumb that you didn't realize it was illegal to delete the truck. But now that you've been cited and told to fix it, you can expect the charges to be escalated if you purposely try to circumvent the ruling by selling it in another state still deleted. Honestly, he's probably being used to "make an example" but he did it on purpose, so he doesn't get much sympathy.
valhalla360 09/21/22 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

What do you do if you are in an area where you must swap tanks rather than refill them, but the swapper is not the empty one? Unless you are running a generator or some other really heavy propane use, a 20# tank will last at least a couple weeks. We are usually 4-6 weeks often more on a single tank. Unless you are staying in remote areas for extended periods of time, it's really not an issue. Just switch to the 2nd tank and when you get back to civilization, fill the empty tank.
valhalla360 09/21/22 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Meh, this whole only being able to tow 100 miles and then having to charge thing is bogus. That’s for a specific size, profile and weight of trailer. There are thousands of EV RVers on the Facebook towing groups who are getting double that towing smaller, low profile and lighter trailers. There are lots of different sized RV’s. If you have a bigger trailer with a larger profile then stick with gas or diesel. Nobody is making you choose otherwise. But for those towing smaller RV’s you simply have a third option. Towing with an EV is a very good experience. Torque, power, centre of gravity and braking are just a few of the advantages of towing with electric. Personally I think the towing ranges will double in the next 5 years. Maybe sooner. Thank you for putting things into perspective. I think perspective needs to look at the RV market segments. - While very small teardrop trailers are out there, they make up a very small percentage of the market. - Also, from past posts Reisender covers relatively few miles per day and is on a fairly relaxed schedule. If it meets his needs, that's great but this is very far from typical for RVs.
valhalla360 09/21/22 08:19am Tow Vehicles
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