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fan in circuit-breaker box is cycling every 10 seconds

The circuit-breaker box in this TT is just under the fridge...there's a small fan in the compartment.... That fan is cycling about every ten seconds....on for three seconds, then off for five seconds or so, and then on again....then the cycle repeats Is this normal? I've never noticed this before
trailernovice 10/09/22 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need Assistance Before Check in

What part of Texas? It's ginormous. Also, what sort of place do you like...a state park? Rv resort with a clubhouse and a pool? Commercial place in a good locations that's a glorified parking lot? Beach, river, lake, plains,mountains, desert? We've been from Mission to Dallas and from Houston to El Paso...and everything in between
trailernovice 09/19/22 08:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Deep rumbling when truck loaded (with cargo or TT)

new driveshaft installed...went on a run of about 200 miles over Labor Day rumbling at all...hopefully we have found and resolved the issue
trailernovice 09/08/22 07:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nash 18FM water intrusion?

Suggest see my thread on same topic from two days ago....captioned 'First place to look re. where water got in to our TT' my culprit seems to be the sliding-window a pounding rainstorm, water overflowed the gutters, sheeted down the side onto the bedroom window (which is beyond the coverage of the awning), and filled up the sliding-window tracks faster than drain/weep holes could handle
trailernovice 09/06/22 08:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: First place to look re. where water got in to our TT

Thanks, JBarca! That looks exactly like what ours has, except the frame is black rather than white. You have seriously eased my mind....I was thinking, 'roof....which wicked down to the edge...which then wicked down through the wall to the floor....and the water turning everything in touched into a spongy, rotted, destroyed mess' I'll do that to the windows
trailernovice 09/06/22 10:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Any idea where to find a hard-shell spare tire cover?

15 inch tire....diameter of tire 28 inches
trailernovice 09/05/22 07:44pm Travel Trailers
Any idea where to find a hard-shell spare tire cover?

The South Texas sun has literally beat the (fairly heavy canvas) spare tire cover on our TT to death...We got it, along with the TT, in January 2019... On a previous trailer, had a hard-shell plastic spare tire cover that kept its looks and utility for years.... In looking for a replacement cover for the spare, I'm seeing only soft covers except for a few branded to a specific vehicle (ex. a Jeep logo) or covers that have a hard-plastic 'face' but the band around the tire is fabric of some sort Ideas where to find a full plastic spare=tire cover? Thanks
trailernovice 09/05/22 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: First place to look re. where water got in to our TT

Thanks for the helpful replies. JBarca: Yes, that's the's the corrugated aluminum siding....and, again, yes--the bedroom windows are outside awning coverage...vinyl flooring (no carpet anywhere)... How did you go about opening the drains up? With what tool and technique? I'm virtually certain that's the issue....the trailer is fairly new, gets a roof check yearly, all the 'entry' points like the skylight and antenna have good seal....where the water was led me to suspect the window right off the bat...also, this has never happened before, but this weekend we were at the beach (storms always seem heavier when right on the ocean) Seems like we caught it in time, not a major issue, no structural fault or damage I'll do as JBarca suggests Thanks again
trailernovice 09/05/22 08:42am Travel Trailers
First place to look re. where water got in to our TT

During a pounding thunderstorm today, realized I had a pool of water about 9 inches across, 6 inches wide and maybe 1/16 inch deep on the bedroom side of the half-wall dividing the bedroom from the rest of the trailer...also some indication of water (very little) along the camp-side wall of the bedroom Most likely culprit? A leak around a window, that kind of hid the source on a site that wasn't perfectly level? Infiltration through the outer front edge of the trailer? I don't see any evidence of wicking from the roof down a wall. Ideas?
trailernovice 09/04/22 07:15pm Travel Trailers
Insist dealership check vehicle under the exact same conditions

In another thread, I described that our truck has been doing a deep rumbling noise at certain speeds when the trailer is only happened under those noise when driving without the trailer To try to duplicate, the dealership service rep put some amount of weight in the bed...he didn't sense any issue...tried to tell me, 'there's nothing wrong'....I didn't accept that Once he hooked up to a trailer similar in weight to ours, the problem they've replaced the driveshaft The point: it's important that, if a problem only occurs under certain conditions, that we insist the repair tech duplicate those conditions in testing
trailernovice 08/10/22 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Deep rumbling when truck loaded (with cargo or TT)

To Jimlin and others who tagged it as a driveline seem to have hit the nail on the head After much back and forth between dealership, regional tech rep, and factory support, the solution which will hopefully resovle the issue--replacement of the driveshaft--has been done
trailernovice 08/10/22 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bike Rack for Trailer hitch?

Ditto on the 'don't use a bumper hitch without reinforcements' advice...personal experience...going down the road, people startzed pointing at our rig....our bikes are on the ground, dragging....the bike rack and the connections between the bumper and the frame rails stayed intact...what happened was, the thin metal of the bumper got jiggled and joggled one two many times, and the walls of the bumper peeled open like a banana...the bikes were at a 45 degree angle, and didn't go all the way flat only because the ground blocked them from falling further... That would have been hugely dangerous and a huge liability if the bikes had actually disconnected from the trailer, as generally a person can be responsible for any damage caused by a falling load. I ride a motorcycle as a daily driver, and realize how extremely hard it would be to avoid a crash when two strapped-together bicycles suddenly appear on the road ahead, bouncing around over those with a motorcycle or even a car, BIG problems....alternative of swerving could ALSO create big problems After the fact, I got a welder to take the factory bumper off and replace it with one of much, much thicker metal...and even then, I only use the bumper rack when the truck bed is full It's not the dead weight that's the's the lever action of however much the bikes weigh. extended above and behind the the bumper, bouncing up and down with every dip in the road. Truth to tell, folks warned me about it.....but, given that I'm smarter than everyone else, I took my own path until they were proved right
trailernovice 08/01/22 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Deep rumbling when truck loaded (with cargo or TT)

Tyler: You know your stuff! After I posted, I realized, "wait! this thing's under extended warranty! I can just call the dealer"... Service writer can't be certain, especially sight unseen....but said something like, "years ago, in the previous series of 1500's, we had this issue...traced it back to the drive shaft being shifted to a weird angle when the vehicle is heavily loaded"...apparently their (then) solution was some sort of lifting block, that solved the problem when under load but created the situaation of rumbling when the trucks would be empty I set my Reese at 5 links....might the truck 'perceive' the load differently if I put more tension on the w/d hitch, to level it up tighter than I usually run it? that would seem to be a solution, if it's truly a 'driveshaft angle under load' issue...most times, the weight on/in the truck is the trailer tongue weight rather than a cab full of people or a bed full of heavy cargo Thanks in advance for any further input
trailernovice 07/26/22 03:02pm Tow Vehicles
Deep rumbling when truck loaded (with cargo or TT)

At certain speeds, and only when the truck (in signature) is heavy with either people, cargo, or the TT (tongue weight per Jayco is 470 dry), the truck has an 'almost-too-low-and-too-deep-to hear' rumble that lasts until the truck gets either above or below the 'problem' happens at around 10mph and again at around 35 mph.. It's clearly body and/or suspension...definitely not mechanical The truck has never been wrecked (bought it new off the lot, so I'm sure of this), so it's not a flawed repair job that left something unbalanced or misaligned and thus vibrating It just started doing this in the past several months I'm thinking it could be the failure of some sort of bushing or something else that isolates the body from the suspension... I'd appreciate any thoughts
trailernovice 07/26/22 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
What to look for in a tire pressure monitoring system for TT

Is there any 'stay away froms' or 'gotta haves' re features in a TPMS for a travel trailer? What can the pricier ones do that the more economical ones can't? Do they all have a dedicated display monitor, or can some be routed to a phone app or something? thx
trailernovice 07/25/22 09:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: are there upsides/downfalls to single-axle TT's?

Never thought about the thing Scooby mentioned re. noticing a blowout..."I think there is a better chance with single axle that the driver would notice a issue with all the tires on one side, pull over and stop before the tire beats the snot out of trailer." That could be important....When I had a blowout on a tandem-axle trailer on I-10 in the Arizona desert, I didn't realize it until the tire was shredded (trailer feeling strange, and people passing me pointed)....drove on the shredded tire long enough to ruin the wheel and, more importantly, it tore the bathroom floor and ripped the water intake line...had to get a slapdash repair in Las Vegas to be able to continue the trip This issue is probably not enough to move me into a single-axle by itself, but kind of counter-balances the concern about a blowout on a single causing the trailer to tip and possibly yank the truck around
trailernovice 03/23/22 09:05am Travel Trailers
are there upsides/downfalls to single-axle TT's?

All of the 4 travel trailers we have had to date have been double-axle. We've stayed with 25' bunkhouse models because they fit our needs...Soon, though, our teen will be off to college....and we're thinking of downsizing the TT (as well as the house) Soooo, the point: Are there disadvantages to single-axle (and, in most cases like Jayco, 7 feet wide rather than eight) that I haven't thought of? There's the obvious problem of tipping in the case of a blowout (when this happened on our California trip, the trailer 'settled' a bit and became 'swervy' but was in no danger of tipping over and pulling the truck over with it)...Are single-axle trailers harder to maneuver? Does the reduced weight or the configuration make them more susceptible to sway? Any other downsides I need to consider? ON the flip side of the coin, any particular benefits/advantages to single axle?
trailernovice 03/23/22 05:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Norcold light blinking every ten seconds or so

Norcold model N611LT Input 1420 BTUH
trailernovice 03/20/22 09:31am Travel Trailers
OEM brake controller as a dealer-added option

Got the idea for this thread after seeing a 'I just got a new truck and I'm going to put a brake controller on my it' posting Truck in signature did NOT have a brake controller from the factory...but, having dealt with aftermarket controllers, I knew I really wanted to go OEM In talking with the selling dealership, found out that an OEM brake controller could be that became part of the 'deal' for the purchase To me, the OEM unit is much preferred over an aftermarket brake's much smoother, and integrates with the electronics such that the towing miles and braking power can be shown on the dashboard I'm not sure if getting an OEM controller dealer-installed is possible in all makes, but it was for this current-generation Ram pickup....might be something to look into before resorting to an aftermarket unit
trailernovice 03/18/22 06:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jerem Bought a new truck!

Re getting a brake controller... possible to get an OEM unit installed? Truck in signature didn't come from the factory with a brake controller.. had dealer install one (an OEM unit, installed as a dealer add-on)... Much better than the aftermarket ones I'd had on previous trucks.. integrated with truck electronics (can display trailer braking power and towing miles) and-more important-is smooth as silky rather than grabby and hard to adjust
trailernovice 03/18/22 05:57am Tow Vehicles
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