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RE: RV'ing with a cat

Thank you for the detailed information. Very Helpful! IS there a particular brand/model harness you like? Basic harness - this is the type of harness I've been using. It's a great starting harness as it will fit from an 8 week old kitten all the way to a large full grown cat. It's the easiest to put on as it has clasps on both the cek and the torso loop. I did just recently get this type harness. The Cat has worn his and it works well. You do have to push it over the cat's head, so that might not work for all cats. TCIT has one of these also, but it is still a bit too big around the torso so he can pull out of it (he's 14 weeks now). I expect he'll fit in it in the next one or two months. It does seem a bit more secure with the two lengthwise straps. I got the yellow dog extra small 3/8" by 60" leashes. They are the perfect size and length for cats. They can move around a bit more without my having to bend over while we walk.
toedtoes 12/05/19 03:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cost of dental work on a small dog?

Congratulations. Often, a major portion of dental care is the anesthesia. It's possible you can get her teeth done at the same time as her spay - that will save you the additional cost of anesthesia. Be sure to ask your vet. As she's a puppy mill dog, take things slowly with her. She may have more health issues as she grows older and may have some personality confusion. But with lots of love and understanding, you can make a happy life together.
toedtoes 12/04/19 08:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Traveling Alone

I haven't lost a spouse, but I do regularly camp and travel solo. Here are my thoughts: I take my pets (2 dogs, parrot, plus 2 cats as of this year). The pets do ease some of the "loneliness". Dogs are great as hiking or exploring buddies. Cats are great for cuddling and comfort, and make for conversation starters. The parrot is great for having "interactive talk" as they are vocal. If you can live your life at home alone, then you can camp alone. It's not much different. The parts that seem to be the hardest are: 1) eating alone; 2) not having someone to share the moment; and 3) fear of strangers. 1. This was hardest for me. But when I started doing non-RV travel alone, I either ate out alone or hid in my hotel room eating take out. I found that eating a late lunch rather than a timely dinner took a lot of the "people are staring at me" vibe away. A good book or a game on the tablet let me slow down the meal a bit. And the more I did it, the easier it got. 2. When something exciting happens, it can be a bit depressing not to have someone there to share it. That's where texting comes in. I just send a quick text to a friend back home giving a "the wildest thing just happened!" They text back asking what happened and I get to share the moment. 3. The fear issue is really personal. You have to do what makes you comfortable. If you can't find a solution to make you comfortable, then soloing may not be you. I have my cameras whenever I'm out. I find it's a great way to enjoy the sights and I can spend hours taking photos without having a companion sighing in boredom. I've never felt the need to join a "solo group". I have a small circle of friends who will meet up with me once in a while. I just tell them where and where I'll be and if they can come out they do. Like ppine, if I am camping nearby someone, I will invite them out to my campsite for the day/evening.
toedtoes 12/04/19 07:06pm RV Lifestyle
RE: RV'ing with a cat

I just started taking The Cat camping this summer. The Cat in Training is about to make his first trip. Here are my procedures: 1. Determine how your cat prefers to travel in the car. Some are happier in a carrier and not seeing out. Others prefer to be able to see and move around. Both mine are the latter. 2. If my cats leave the house, they have their harnesses on. They are either in a carrier OR on a leash when outside. I WILL NOT leave my cats behind if something happens, so I do everything I can to prevent anything happening. 3. I have engraved ID Tags on each harness. The tag includes the cat's name, my cell phone number, and the plate number for both the trailer and tow vehicle. This allows someone to find me at the campground even if there is no cell service. 4. I always keep a copy of my pets rabies certs in the trailer and in the vehicle. Whether my pet bites or scratches, or gets bit or scratched, that paperwork can save a lot of trouble and expense. 5. During the drive, I don't put water and food out. Whenever we stop, I immediately put out food and water for them. I keep the catbox in the trailer as my cats will wait until we stop driving to potty. 6. I have dry food available all the time at camp and home. Twice a day, they get canned food. This gets them to respond to the sound of the can opening. I also routinely call them to me by name and they will respond. This provides a better chance of getting them back if they out loose. There are different types of harnesses out there. I had tried one of the wider padded harnesses on The Cat first and it was awkward for him. It kept getting pushed up into his head. The nylon thin H harnesses work really well. Make sure to get one with individually adjustable neck and body straps. For leashes, I find the 4ft ones that come with the harnesses to be a bit short. So I got the 5ft ones from Yellow Dog Design. They are a great length for us. At the campsite, I use a 15ft braided nylon tether. I attach one end to the harness and the other to an eywbolt in the trailer. This allows The Cat to come in and out of the trailer while I sit under the awning. He really likes that "freedom". TCIT will have his own tether. Under no circumstances will I let them outside without me right there or without the tether or leash. You can get more info here or here.
toedtoes 12/04/19 06:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving.

Oh and if you really aren't a dog person, here's an option
toedtoes 12/04/19 02:21am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving.

I totally gotta get me one of them self driving dogs. They're available for adoption driving dogs
toedtoes 12/04/19 02:14am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

I'd sure love to see the source of that story... Well, I listened to a interview with a Kansas City historian on the Walt Bodine show on the local NPR station. I got the book, and found the story. She listed the names of the DRs, the date which intersection on Gladstone Boulevard it happened. I read, and passed on the book years ago, don't remember name of book or author. But your belief or not of that story does not change the fact that humans have had over a hundred years and are still crashing. To expect self driving to be perfect out of box is irrational. I said nothing about expecting self driving to be perfect - I actually agree with you on that point. As long as there are humans involved on the roads, automated driving will be involved in accidents. I simply asked about your source of the accident you referred to because it is very similar to a story of "the first car accident" describing two cars colliding - however upon research, the accident was a single car accident where the driver hit a tree stump and destroyed a tire. Not exactly the "only two cars in town and they hit each other" disaster it's made out to be.
toedtoes 12/02/19 12:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving.

Traveling with your pet often has different rules than moving with your pet. Here is some iformation to get your brother started: Canada Food Inspection Agency
toedtoes 12/01/19 11:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: suggest a heated mattress cover

You shouldn't even need a full hour. Either the mattress pad or an electric throw will heat up within a few minutes. Turn it on when she goes to change for bed and it will be warmed. The throw blanket will be less expensive and can be used in the vehicle also.
toedtoes 11/30/19 07:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

A few years back, I had a working trip scheduled. I was driving my clipper and staying on site. A week before, my engine blew. I decided to rent a MH for the trip. As I started making a list of all the things I needed to pull out of the clipper, I realized how much work I save by keeping gear loaded and ready to go. The list was massive and I am certain I was still missing things. Fortunately, the weather caused the trip to be delayed. I went a few months later in the clipper. And I had everything I needed right at hand and it only took about 10 minutes to load groceries, meds, camera gear, and animals. I won't have a camper if I can't keep it loaded.
toedtoes 11/29/19 06:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Martingale Collar Danger

Our dog I guess was resting her head on some wooden patio furniture, and her dog tag went between the slats, and then turned and would not come out and was stuck. We had a rule in our hospital that all collars had to be removed before the animals were put in cages for that exact reason. Sad, but we would see animals hung (hanged ??) by their collars. Fortunately it was infrequent. Doug, DVM That's something I always look for at a boarding kennel - do they remove the collars. If not, then I find another kennel.
toedtoes 11/29/19 06:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Martingale Collar Danger

You might try a harness for them while at home. One that doesn't loop around the neck. At least until Sasha gets microchipped.
toedtoes 11/29/19 06:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: suggest a heated mattress cover

Have you tried non-electric solutions? Self heating options like sherpa, plush, microfiber, etc. I have an electric mattress pad at home. In the campers, I have good quality microfiber sheets (Cosy House 1500 or 1800 series), plush blankets, and faux fur/sherpa comforters. They provide a self heating bed - holding my body heat in. And the microfiber sheets don't get as cold as cotton, so you don't have a major shock if you move your feet around during the night. You can also try a sherpa mattress pad (unheated). If you are going right from driving to bed, a 12v electric throw blanket would work to heat the bed. But it won't keep the bed warm all night. And if you don't go right to bed, you'll have to go back to the vehicle at bedtime, start it up, warm the blanket and rush it to the bed. Not really practical long term.
toedtoes 11/29/19 02:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: extra fresh water

IMO the biggest concern is HOW MUCH you dump at a time in one spot and how many others are doing the same. Say you have a 40 gal grey tank and dump every 3 days. Now, add 10 other campers who are doing the same during the same time frame. That's a LOT of water getting dumped in camp and will have an effect on the ecology. In contrast, most tent campers are dumping maybe one or two gallons three times a day. That is only 18 gallons every 3 days and it isn't all in one go nor all in one place. The water has time to soak into the soil and dry out before doing it again - even if all the tent campers are doing so. My FnR has an 18 gallon grey tank. Cassette toilet. If needed, I will dump the cassette into the campground toilets. I have a 6 gallon grey tote - if needed I will ask the ranger if OK to dump in toilet or on the ground every couple days. If no and there is no dump station in the area, then I will just keep my stay within my tank limits.
toedtoes 11/28/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

It's not that simple. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Food is my biggest problem - sometimes forgetting something important. We hardly ever camp anywhere near a store and I don't want to spend my camping time shopping anyway. Way back when the kids were with us -- I will never forget the time I forgot the marshmallows for the fire... I do plan meals and make lists, but even with that, last time I forgot butter. I had all the makings for grilled cheese, but no butter. Surprisingly mayo worked - no change in taste. :C See, I'm just the opposite. Meals for me can be quite simple. A couple of hot dogs over the fire and a potato baked in the coals will suffice. If all else fails I can heat a can of something up on my campers stove. I have friends like you that are into large complicated meals but, that's not for me. To each their own but, maybe changing your diet/food habits to make them simpler will make getting ready for camping easier for you. I forget the butter a lot. I stuck on note in the camper so that I remember. That helps me a lot. I don't consider grilled cheese a large complicated meal.
toedtoes 11/28/19 01:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

I'd sure love to see the source of that story...
toedtoes 11/27/19 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Do your dogs/cats watch TV

Should I be concerned? The Cat in Training, who watches tv a lot, just took my debit card from me... Have there been any "as seen on tv" cat stuff???
toedtoes 11/26/19 12:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: Large dog

The problem with most of these insurance bans is in the way they handle mixed breed dogs. They will require you to identify the mixed breed dog as a combination of two and only two breeds. They will not accept "shepherd mix" but they won't accept "shepherd/lab/chow/poodle/golden" either. Instead they require you to choose two of those breeds. So you choose "shepherd/lab" and everything is good. But if you choose "shepherd/chow", they say the dog is banned. It's the same dog with the same risk. This is the biggest problem with breed bans. They are based on appearance and a simplified understanding of genetics. My rescue group took in two sibling puppies. They were at least husky and shepherd. The male looked like a husky and acted like a shepherd. The female looked like a shepherd and acted like a husky. People saw the "shepherd" and expected a dog like their beloved shepherd - loyal, dedicated, eager to please. It was extremely difficult to get them to accept that she was not that shepherd. She was always thinking how to outsmart you, she got bored easily and found things to occupy her mind, and she didn't care if you liked it or not. I turned down many a home because they couldn't see past her appearance. Genetics means that the puppies get half the dna from mama and half from papa. But each puppy gets those halves randomly. Add in that few dogs are just one or two breeds and that causes even more differences. So you can have three puppies from the same litter and all three will be different. One may have more chow appearance but more lab personality. Another may have more beagle looks and personality. And the third may have the coat of a lab, the shape of a beagle, the scenting instincts of a beagle, and the protectiveness of a chow. But they are all the same mix breed. Which do you ban? The standard is to ban by appearance - so you've banned the dog with the lab personality and accepted the dog with the chow protectiveness. Which is more likely to bite due to "breed"???
toedtoes 11/24/19 12:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do your dogs/cats watch TV

My Bat-dog used to howl with one specific song, Since I Met You Baby. Billie Swan sings and Boots Randolph llays the sax. Bat-dog would howl along with the sax. Something about the tone just spoke to her. She still pays attention to the song, but doesn't get into a full singalong - just more of a humming along. Dog-bird calls for his flock daily. The dogs will spend 10-15 minutes howling back their response. Every day.
toedtoes 11/23/19 02:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Do your dogs/cats watch TV

The Cat in Training loves to watch tv. His favorite is Nature - he loves watching the big cats hunt. Then he practices what he learned on The Cat. He watches regular "people" shows too. He also plays with shadows and light beams. The Cat will watch for a moment or two, but isn't really into it. Bat-dog used to watch when she was young. Moose-dog has never watched. My Dog used to love to watch Wishbone and Frasier - she had a thing for jack russells. She watched other shows too, but those were her favorites. She and Moose-dog watched Balto all the way through. Never had a dog watch a cartoon before. Every one of my dogs is required to watch the vampire dog episode of Forever Knight. They need to understand the meaning of loyalty... :) I had a prior cat who loved to watch baby kittens on tv.
toedtoes 11/22/19 08:08pm RV Pet Stop
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