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RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

I've been trying to decide which is worse: barking dogs or dog owners who yell at their dogs. And there lies the problem. It is not the dog that is the problem, it is the owner who really should not have a dog. You see them everywhere, treating dogs as if a dog were human. It is a DOG. It is not very smart. At best it might be as smart as a two year old human, able to understand basic commands but unable to explanations of why. Actually the problem is that dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. And as humans have purposely bred dogs to bark warnings, etc, it is really stupid to suddenly expect a dog to not do what we bred him to do. Rather than yelling at a barking dog, people would find it a lot more productive to: 1) acknowledge that the dog is telling you something; 2) give the all clear; and 3) redirect. So when the dog barks at a passerby, simply tell the dog "Good girl, you saw that person didn't you. They're gone now. Here, let's play ball." It's really sad to hear people complaining about behaviors that we humans purposely bred into dogs. It's even sadder to see people treat dogs as if they are some interactive gadgets that have no ability to think for themselves and are just there to obey commands. And punishing a dog for doing what the dog has been bred to do is simply cruel.
toedtoes 01/22/23 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Campground near Yosemite in July

Be aware: California is having severe storms so flooding is a big risk. There may be mudslides, downed trees, etc, this winter that could result in closed campgrounds this summer while repairs are made.
toedtoes 01/08/23 07:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Then what?

You're digging in the weeds way off in the forest... We're talking about natural gas and why it isn't more popular. It's because the natural gas business has chosen to use cheap methods of extraction that destroy our planet. If they, and the governments, could be trusted to use safer and more environmentally sound techniques, then it'd be different. But they have CHOSEN to go with the cheap unsafe unsound techniques knowing they are unsafe and unsound in the name of profits - and by doing such, they are no longer a viable solution for environmentally sound energy.
toedtoes 01/07/23 07:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Then what?

Why did CLEAN and ABUNDANT Natural Gas become EVIL??? Fracking caused contaminated wells and gave the industry a black eye. Yes it's plentiful but at what cost? It maybe clean burning but it is debatable how clean it is to produce.The same can be said for any similar activity in the industrialized world; such as mining, building dams, or just manufacturing in general (steel companies were notorious for pollution, communities discharging sewers to rivers - even to this day, etc.). However, with proper technics and safeguards in place, the risks are effectively minimized. Or - we can be perfectly safe just go back to the stone age when there were no man made risks in life. The problem is that businesses prefer to not use "proper techniques and safeguards" because they are more expensive. And we can't trust the governments to ensure the "proper techniques and safeguards". So that minimal risk has a very bad habit of turning into disasters. And anyone who has experienced one of those disasters will tell you it's not worth it.
toedtoes 01/07/23 03:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

The need to be alpha has been disproven over and over again and was based on a study of wolves put together by man - not a true wolf pack - so was faulty from the very onset. In addition, dogs are not wolves. They have been purposely bred by us to do certain things- including to bark. Punishing a dog for doing what she was bred to do (by us) is cruel and unnecessary. And trying to eliminate a natural behavior completely is frustrating and uneffective. Using a water sprayer is not always effective. It can be a good attention getter, but many dogs are not phased by it at all. You just end up with an empty sprayer and a wet barking dog. This is especially true for breeds bred to be independent (huskies, terriers, etc). In addition, some dogs will react very poorly to being sprayed. They may come to fear the sprayer and even water. Yes, you CAN teach a dog not to bark hysterically or non-stop. But you don't have to be Alpha to do it. Redirection and praise will get much better results long term. And honestly, it is much more fun than constantly punishing a dog for simply being a dog. The use of the water sprayer should be limited to getting the dog's attention if necessary, once the dog looks at you, acknowledgment, redirection and praise will actually teach the dog a skill - how to change her focus. And that can be used for a lot more than just barking.
toedtoes 01/04/23 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

@dedmiston - I love the "cue barking dogs". ;) Tornado-dog always has to inform me of deliveries. However I suspect it's because he knows they bring him bubble wrap. He LOVES packages! He also has to greet drive thru employees. He got a cup of whipped cream from one once and hasn't forgotten.
toedtoes 01/03/23 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

@ferndaleflyer - I think you missed my point. It's that you can't teach a JRT (or other barky breeds) not to bark bark bark. Nor that every JRT is going to have a barking problem. I'm just pointing out that it is not a "one size fits all" process and that with some breeds you are working against a much stronger barking instinct than with others. Training my shepherd mix puppy not to bark was much simpler and straight forward than teaching my russell terrier mix (who also has shih tzu and peke - two more barky breeds).
toedtoes 01/03/23 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

@Cummins while I agree with you in principal, I think you have over simplified the issue. It's not as simple as using a spray bottle of water to stop most dogs from barking. There are many breeds who have been bred to bark. Goldens are not one of them. Had you tried training a jack russell not too bark by squirting him, I can guarantee all you'd accomplish is a very wet dog and a chewed up water sprayer and a whole lot of barking for another game of "get the water". And it's not popular to get a rescue with bad habits. It's popular not to buy a puppy when there are thousands of homeless dogs sitting in shelters and rescues. The bad habits you see in rescues were very likely caused by people who bought a puppy and did everything wrong (including being too strong willed and trying to force natural behaviors out of the dog). But you do point out why people hate dogs - because too many owners turn a deaf ear on their own dogs. As I said before, the dog's owner should be bothered by their dog's barking more than the neighbors are. If not, then the owner's deaf ear will make the neighbors even madder. However, if the owner made any effort to redirect their dog from barking, the neighbors would, for the most part, temper their frustration understanding an effort has been made by the owner.
toedtoes 01/03/23 10:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

Exactly! I'll add: Be forgiving of others. Allow that others have different ideas of "camping" and don't jump on them for everything you don't like at the very first instance. And if you are having an "event" that will include music, loud cheering, etc, or have kids or a young dog that might be annoying to others, be proactive. Let your neighbors know that your baby has an ear infection and might cry during the night, or that your new puppy is still learning his camping ettiquete, and so on, and your neighbors will be a lot more understanding. I once had a stag party in the site next to mine. When the 8 or so 20-something guys showed up, they came over and let me know it was a stag "campout". They told me they didn't want any trouble and if they got too loud to just tell them to shut the f up. They were great campsite neighbors. They had a blast and I didn't stress that if it got too loud (it didn't), I would be dealing with jerks.
toedtoes 01/02/23 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

Be nice if some folks who need a dog with them all the time could be encouraged to switch to a teddy bear, weighted blanket or Xanax. Would be cheaper as well. Or maybe those who can't stand the sight of a dog could stick to parks/campgrounds that don't allow dogs. Seriously, I don't "need" my dogs with me. But I enjoy camping with them and they enjoy camping. I go where they are welcome. I pick up after them. I don't leave them unattended and barking. I don't walk them to your site to go poop. And they are always on a leash. If my bringing them upsets all my neighbors, then I need to rethink. If my bringing them upsets just you, then you need to rethink.
toedtoes 01/02/23 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

@Thermoguy - you're right, you can't stop a dog from barking. It's a natural behavior for them. However, there are two things you CAN do: 1. For most people, the annoyance is more about the appearance of a lack of concern for others than the actual barking. If you, as the dog owner, simply make the attempt to stop the barking, most people will be fine. When you just ignore it while the dog barks all day long nonstop, THEN people get upset. My Bat-dog had people fear. Because of that, she tended to bark at passerby from a greater distance than most dogs. It was her way of telling the passerby to keep their distance. One time, as a man passed our campsite, she started barking at him. I talked to her and told her he was just walking past and she had warned him to stay away*. The man laughed and said "you know her barking bothers you more than it bothers anyone else". That's how it should be. The OWNER should be more bothered than others by their dog's barking. If everyone around you is giving you the stink eye because your dog is barking, then YOU are the problem. Make the effort to quiet your dog*, and they will stop being annoyed. If you have a young dog who still barks at everything real or imagined, just let your fellow campers know that she is still learning camping ettiquete - they will be much more understanding. This works when you have kids too - your kids' behaviors should bother you more than they bother everyone else. There will always be the person who gets upset over a single bark - nothing anyone does will appease them. Your goal as a dog owner isn't to make them happy. Your goal is to show the rest of your fellow campers that you understand a barking dog can be annoying and you are trying to limit your dog's barking. *2. Dogs bark to say something. They keep barking because no one is listening to them. You can't stop a dog from barking at all, but you can reduce the amount of barking by following this simple rule: When the dog barks, listen to him. If they are barking because they heard or saw something, first acknowledge their warning. Tell the dog, "oh, I see that person walking by too". Then tell the dog they did good for warning you, but that the danger is gone, "what a good dog to tell me, but that man is just going by so it's OK". THEN redirect the dog to a toy and praise the dog for redirecting. What happens when you do this is the dog gets heard, given the "all clear" signal, and then rewarded. If your dog is barking to come in or go out or because he's bored, LISTEN to him. If a human wants inside, they knock on the door. We don't punish them for knocking. So why punish a dog for asking to come inside? Instead, let them in when they are ready. Sure if you're in the middle of something, you can tell the dog "just a minute" - but if you actually acknowledge the dog's request, he will bark less. My Tornado-dog is mostly russell terrier. At an early age, he showed all the barking frenzy of a russell terrier. I started doing the above. He still barks, but it is not the nonstop psychotic barking that so many russell terriers do. At 2 years old, when he wants in, he will bark once. I acknowledge his request. Sometimes I say "did you poop?" and he will run off into the yard for a bit longer. Sometimes, I say "just a minute" and he will wait at the door. Sometimes, I let him in immediately. But the one constant is that he knows I heard him and am not ignoring him. So he doesn't bark and bark and bark and bark while I pretend he doesn't exist. Likewise, if he hears something and barks, he will then turn to me for acknowledgment and my threat assessment. He doesn't need to bark for hours because I listen to him. So many people want a dog as a guard dog, but then ignore the dog's warnings. That frustrates the dog and just makes her bark more and more and more. Acknowledge the dog's warning, assess the threat, then redirect and reward. Your dog will bark when she hears/sees something, but won't go on and on and on.
toedtoes 01/02/23 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

If your looking for things to complain about at the other guys site, I'm sure you can find something each trip. If you are putting in the effort to enjoy your own site you won't care what the other guy is doing. Sometimes the key to a successful camping experience is MYOB - Mind Your Own Business. Try it sometime and you won't have to post about your Pet Peeves on the net. I agree to an extent. Most of the time, you can just ignore the neighbor and go on with your positive camping experience. But sometimes, the behavior is so obnoxious (drunken parties) or continues day after day after day (barking dog, loud music, floodlights, car door dinging, etc) that it intrudes into your site constantly - to the point that your brain can't not focus on it. Like an ear worm.
toedtoes 01/01/23 08:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Then what?

My thought is that the goalposts will simply be moved.This It's an initiative to spawn new technologies and improve existing. Nothing is cast in stone. Exactly. If you read the actual declarations, etc, they all have a caveat like "if the technology exists". They are meant to encourage companies to make changes and advances in technology NOT to piss off a bunch of RVers. And it IS working. Electric vehicles are improving all the time. Companies are working on batteries that can handle longer trips and bigger loads. And companies built on short drives (pizza deliveries, etc) are replacing their ICE vehicles with electric vehicles. It's all a work in progress. It isn't a "you will not do this or we will cut you down", it is a "if you can do this, then do it. If you can't, then wait until technology catches up".
toedtoes 12/29/22 01:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

People who choose an RV Park and expect an isolated quiet campground. People who choose an isolated quiet campground and expect party central. People who choose the party central reservior campground in high season and expect an isolated quiet campground. Plastic pink flamingos.
toedtoes 12/29/22 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

I have bad eyes. Also, my eyeglasses' plastic frames limit my field of vision. No one to help parking. I get very tired on long drives, become no good at parking from fatique. Had adventures with my Camry's bumper meeting pine trees and boulders, definitely and a 20' campsite can be hard to back even a Camry into when you're tired. Can't imagine what happens with long vehicle. Shorter RV is definitely safer bet in terms of not hitting things and not scraping. Remember that with ANY motorhome, your visibility is much more limited than in a car. If you already have difficulty backing in to spaces in your camry, you're going to be miserable with the motorhome. You can't see out the back of the motorhome. The only way to see behind the MH is with a backup camera and that's going to be a small view. In addition, it's not just what's behind you, it is what's above you. Tree branches hanging over the site in particular. Trying to back in and park a motorhome, especially by yourself, when you are tired is not fun. Doing so with bad vision, etc, - well don't camp near me. ;) In addition, the body of the motorhome is not as sturdy as the body of a car. That slight dent you got in the camry when you backed into a boulder is going to do a lot nore damage to the motorhome.
toedtoes 12/18/22 11:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

As you are particular about the campgrounds where you will stay, I suggest going with the 24ft and buy a popup gazebo that you can put up for extra living space. Here in Northern California, the foothills and desert areas you can usually fit a 26ft in a 24ft foot space as there are rarely trees, etc preventing you from backing in further. During the winter, these are often nice places to stay as there is no snow and few campers. In the Sierras, you will have a much harder time trying to fit a 26ft in a 24ft space. the campgrounds that fit your description the best don't fit larger than 20ft and are first come first serve. The next closest (my usual category) will have boulders and/or trees directly behind the parking pad so you cannot back further into the site to fit. Some of the 24ft sites will barely fit a 24ft rig - the front end will be within a foot of the road. And most of my favorite campgrounds in the Sierras don't have any longer sites, the rest at most have 3 or 4 sites for over 24ft and those go very fast.
toedtoes 12/18/22 12:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fire Cube Gen 3

I would get the tv first. Try it and see if you are happy with the streaming, etc. THEN, if you find it lacking, you can pick up a device. You know you're going to buy a tv. But why buy a device and find you don't need it.
toedtoes 12/09/22 06:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Fire Cube Gen 3

I have the Toshiba Fire TVs and they work great without any external streaming device. In my opinion, the smart tvs have greatly improved in the last 10 years. My old "smart tv" could never connect to my streaming services well and so I always used a roku to access them. Both my current tvs were bought in 2020 and I no longer need a roku device to access anything. With the Fire TV, you can easily add pretty much any app out there via an Amazon subscription or through an outside subscription. I have prime and netflix plus free services like tubi, freebees, etc. And I pick and choose paid apps (hbo+, britbox, amc+, etc) on a temporary basis - pay for a couple months to binge watch shows, then cancel when I'm caught up. Note, I do not have cable or satellite, so all my subscriptions are a la carte.
toedtoes 12/08/22 01:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Kitty with motion sickness

My cats travel with me. One is fine and loves to look out the windows. The other is more timid and nervous in the vehicle. It may take you a few trial and error attempts to determine if your cat is throwing up due to motion sickness or from the stress of being in a moving vehicle. Some cats just really don't like being in a moving vehicle. Here are a few tips: If he hunkers down, get a "cat cave" - a soft sided bed that he can hide in. He will still hunker, but he will feel safer. Many cats really don't like seeing the scenery passing by at speed. Covering the crate with a blanket can help prevent that. Don't put him on the floor of the RV - the engine vibrations are stronger there and upsetting. Put him on the bed so there's a mattress to dampen the vibrations. Also the back of the RV will have less vibrations than the front (unless it's a rear engine). That should help ease his sickness. If he is not trying to get out of the crate, then I would keep him in it with the cat cave and cover and see if that helps. I have tried several pheromones (including feliway) and they did not work on any of my cats. My vet suggested xylkene instead as an OTC calming treatment. I have used it on my fearful dog for stressful situations and it helps her stay calm. I used it on both cats for a 5+ hour drive and after the first 10 minutes or so, they just napped in the back of the suv for the rest of the trip. The dog acts like she was given a valium without the sedative effect. The cats got sleepier. Looney1 who enjoys going places usually moves from window to window looking out, with the zylkene, he just slept. When we arrived at the campground, he was ready to go explore, so it wasn't knocking him out, just relaxing him. My nervous boy really likes to cuddle. As it's just me in the vehicle, I can't do that. If I traveled with someone, I would let him cuddle with me in the passenger seat. For cats, your touch can help them relax. I have used cerenia on my dogs for a 4 hour whale watching cruise and it worked very well for actual motion sickness. If they haven't spent time in the RV, bring them in it and let them explore. Let them nap in the RV. Make note of where they choose to hang out. My Looney1 prefers hanging out on the backs of the dinette seats - where he can see and be a part of everything. Looney2 prefers to be up in the cabover bunk - where he can hide when scared or look out and still be out of reach or get tummy rubs from me without having to come down. Knowing that helps me figure out what they want when traveling. Looney1 wants to see everything, Looney2 wants to be tucked away and hidden. One thing I do for the safety of the cats: they both wear a harness from the time we leave home until we return. During the travel, at the campground - 24/7. On the harness I have attached an ID tag that includes my cell phone number and my vehicle/RV plate numbers. Most campgrounds I visit don't have cell service. If the cat gets out and someone finds them, they can locate me in the campground via the plate numbers. They are also microchipped. But the ID tags are the quickest way for them to get back to me if they get out in a campground. I also always feed them canned food twice a day. Opening that can of cat food can convince a cat to come back to the RV. Most all my cats have come running for canned food and they know they get it in the morning and at night, so they will come around at those times in anticipation.
toedtoes 12/02/22 06:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: fell victim to the scam

Doesn't sound like you were a victim of a scam. You got your money back. Lol That’s what I was thinking… Just because the credit card company or overseeing company (eg, ebay, amazon, ali, etc) refunds your money doesn't mean the seller wasn't scamming you.
toedtoes 12/01/22 12:24pm Tech Issues
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