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RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

I definitely think region and terrain have a big factor in finding campsites. In the Sierras, I think it's far more difficult to find public campsites to fit larger rigs than it would be in the midwest.
toedtoes 11/26/21 01:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with a cat - in a trailer

As you mention each cat is different. In the OP's situation, if his cats hate riding in the trailer, and he can't put them in the truck, then he's at an impasse. I think he needs to decide if there is a way for them to travel in the truck before buying a trailer. That way, he CAN "figure it out for himself" without ending up with a trailer he won't use because his cats don't like riding in a trailer or he decides he doesn't like them in the trailer. From his other post, I get the sense he is not really sold on RVing. In both threads, he has been pretty quick to "I guess I'll stick with hotels". Which is fine - not everyone wants to RV.
toedtoes 11/26/21 08:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

If you plan on using it between rentings, consider potential snags. Say you rent it out the week before you're off. When you arrive, you find out the renters left some food inside and mice got into everything. Now you will be spending your time off cleaning the camper. Or the renter breaks the faucet. Now you're spending your time off fixing things. For me, that was always a big "yuck factor" - I didn't want to risk having to work through my days off because someone else messed things up.
toedtoes 11/24/21 10:11pm Truck Campers
RE: bad luck for this family

A good reminder why one should always do a test run before heading out on a big trip. Most of this could have been avoided with a driveway or nearby campground stay first. I do applaud the author for her attitude. So many of these articles are bitter and make it out that someone should have warned them that RVing was awful. She had a sense of humor (or humour since she's Canadian) about it and doesn't whine about their ruined trip. I suspect this is a vacation that will be laughed at and enjoyed for years to come.
toedtoes 11/24/21 11:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with a cat - in a trailer

How do you get them to the hotel? I camp with two cats, two large dogs and a parrot. I have an SUV. The parrot rides in a celtei "bird backpack" in the passenger seat. The dogs and cats ride in the backseats and/or cargo area (I switch out putting the third row seat up or down). The litter box is placed in the back. I use the crystal type litter - it absorbs liquid the best and is easier to vaccuum up if spilt. Neither of my cats like riding in a carrier (Looney2 has ripped through one before). I always keep the carriers in the vehicle, but I leave them open so they can go in and out. My cats are good about not trying to get under my feet in the car. If they did that, I would put up a gate separator to keep them in the back. If your cats ride well in carriers, I would keep them confined during the drive. In that case, use a plastic container with secure lid for the catbox. It can ride in the truck bed and you can bring it into the truck at rest stops and let each cat out to use it. At the end of the rest stop, put the lid on and return it to the truck bed. If they won't ride in the carriers, then get two boxes that will fit on the floor of the backseat. Cover the backseat with a soft comforter and let the cats relax. If they "accident" outside the boxes, it will be on the comforter that can get washed. If cloth seats, lay a plastic tablecloth under the comforter to stop leaking. If you have a camper shell and a window that opens from the cab to the truck bed, you can lay out bedding in the truck bed with a cat box and let them ride back there. The open window will allow the area to be heated or cooled AND lets you hear the cats for signs of distress. It also allows the cats to climb into the backseat as they like. Always have your cats in a harness while on the road. And have a tag on the harness that includes your cell phone number AND the license plates of your truck and trailer. If a cat gets loose, this will give someone the ability to find you even if there is no cell service available. With harnesses, there are two types of cats: one that never has a problem; and one that can and will back out of any harness (the "backer upper"). I have one of each type. Looney1 never fights the harness. I can attach a nylon tether to it and let him go in and out of the trailer all he wants. When he reaches the end of the tether, he goes another direction. Looney2 will back out of any harness as soon as he feels the tension. With him I have him wear two harnesses now. One has the ID tag attached. The 2nd gets attached to the leash (he doesn't get tethered). If he backs out of the one attached to the leash, he still has a harness and ID tag. In the suv, they always have their leashes attached. That way I can easily grab the leash if they try to escape. Every time I get back in the suv, I count heads,and make sure everyone is accounted for before I drive off. Once we stop for the day, the cats go into the trailer. They see it as another room of their home. They love looking out the windows and seeing the world. I never leave the windows open enough so that one of the cats could rip open the screen and get out. I have been replacing the regular screens with the heavier pet screening. A cat can still claw through it, but it holds up better than the regular stuff. I also never leave just the screen door closed. If the cats are in the camper, the door is securely closed - no exceptions. Absolutely practice harness and leash walking at home. Never let the cats outside without being on a leash (or tether if the cat isn't a "backer upper"). Learn how your cats handle the leash in different situations - with people around, with cars driving by, in wide open spaces, in rocky spaces, and so on. The more you know how the cats react, the better you can keep them safe. If a cat is a " backer upper", never let them outside (harness and leash or not) if you can't give them 100 percent of your attention. They can back out of a harness in a second and don't need to be scared to do so. I leave their dry food out 24/7, but feed canned twice a day. This is specifically so that I can use dinner and breakfast as a lure for an escaped cat. They know and expect canned so when it's dinnertime I can call them and they will come. With Looney2, he gets a bit skittish sometimes. If he gets loose, he will run from me. He also loves to cuddle and get tummy rubs. So I have taught him to come with the trigger "let's cuddle". At home, he will come to me and show his tummy for rubbing when I say that. It is a daily event. Out camping, if he gets loose, I can get him to come to me by sitting quietly and saying "let's cuddle" - he won't come until he's tired of exploring, but it will get him to come to me instead of my trying to chase him. With Looney1, he's Mr Social, so he will come back as,soon as he tires of exploring. They rarely get loose, but when they do, it is very stressful, so the more enticements to convince them to come to me the better. I enjoy having my cats go with me. They enjoy it too. And with the camper, I can leave them inside while I go hiking, etc and not worry that housecleaning will accidentally let them loose. I always make sure the camper door(s) is locked to prevent a nosy person from opening it while I'm not there. I also have a folding crate that can fit a cat box and the two cats - just in case I need them confined for any length of time.
toedtoes 11/24/21 11:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: Tybee Island Fine Me Beach

"Walking with an ice cream cone is a $50 fine" Seriously? No, really? You've got to be kidding. PLEASE say you're kidding. I looked it up. Apparently you are not allowed to eat or drink outside of the "commercial area" with the exception of drinking water out of clear plastic containers only.
toedtoes 11/23/21 11:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Tybee Island Fine Me Beach

The way I see it, you have three choices: Go elsewhere. Go there and follow the rules. Go there, don't follow the rules, and pay the fines. For me, I'll choose the first.
toedtoes 11/23/21 11:46pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

Or is it unrealistic to expect that someone who rents a vehicle on wheels is not going to want to use the wheels ? lol I think i can still cater to some people who wont mind not being able to take the truck on the road. The OP appears to be considering leaving the TC on the truck for the rental - just not giving them the truck keys.
toedtoes 11/23/21 11:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

What are you going to use as a vehicle while they are living in your TC with your truck underneath regardless of whether they drive it or not? After you drop it off at the campsite, how are you going to get back home? If you are going to cater to folks who want to experience "fulltiming in a TC", how are you going to ensure they don't refuse to leave it? What will you do if they decide to hotwire the truck? Are you going to choose the campground(s)? Or will they choose? If the latter, how far are you willing to drive to get it to them? When the heater stops working at 3 am, are you prepared to drive that distance to fix it? If they run out of propane midtrip how will you deal with that - have them remove and fill the tank or have you go and do it? How will you handle the tanks? Will you allow them to fill and empty? Or will you come out and do that? And as said above, you need to make sure your insurance will cover it being rented. Even without driving the truck, insurance may consider it being used to support the TC against policy - if anything happens, even if not due to user error (tree limb falls, etc), the insurance may refuse to pay out.
toedtoes 11/23/21 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: So many questions

Why not?
toedtoes 11/18/21 12:20pm Truck Campers
RE: 45ft, would I be too limited?

I did two quick searches on for campgrounds near Yosemite with a 40ft vehicle length and a 45ft vehicle length. 40ft - 162 results 42ft - 116 results I opened up a couple campgrounds and there might only be 1-3 campsites that will fit those size rigs. I did not look at rates or type of campground (group, etc). I also did not limit search to within a set distance, so many of those campgrounds will be 80+ miles away. So, with either rig, you're going to be limited. You're going to need to book well in advance because you won't be able to just "fit anywhere". You'll have a few more campground options at 40ft than at 45ft, but that likely won't result in a huge difference in actual campsites. If you are OK staying at RV Parks, further out from the NP, etc, you'll have more options.
toedtoes 11/07/21 12:52pm Fifth-Wheels

Pick a campground all the information is available online. I use regularly the only thing I have a problem is a lack of photos of campsites at some campgrounds. You can sometimes counter that by checking
toedtoes 11/05/21 10:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What now??

I think there is a difference between meeting someone new who "works" and not waiting versus rushing into a relationship because you're scared or intimidated to be alone. I suspect you would have adjusted had your SO not shown up in your life at that time. But never knock the Cat Gods when they deliver exactly what you need. ;) P.S. TY
toedtoes 11/04/21 02:26pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Help with Texts with no Service

The issue I see for you is that if you don't respond to the text from your bank/CC company to approve an activity, they may lock your card. So, I would contact each bank and let them know you will be out of the country and for how long. That should minimize the verifications needed. You can tell them you will not be able to receive texts during that period. As for cell service, most providers offer an international rate. ATT offers a $10 for 24 hour period "day pass". You only pay if you use it. So, if you call/text family back home on Monday at 7 am, you pay $10. Every other call/text you make from then until Tuesday at 6:59 am will be free. Once, if, you hit ten days of use during the same billing cycle, you will not be charged for any additional days within that billing cycle. I did this, and to minimize the days paid, I put the phone on airplane mode for the bulk of my trip. Every few days, I would turn off airplane mode and check for messages (text, email and voice). Over the next 24 hours, I would send messages, make calls home, internet surf, etc. Then I'd turn on airplane mode again.
toedtoes 11/03/21 11:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Reporting a post to a moderator

Likely you are accessing the forum through the "" portal. Access it through the Good Sam portal and you won't get the error message.
toedtoes 11/03/21 09:13am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: What now??

I gotta tell you that so far I hate the single life. My wife and I had a good relationship. Adjusting to her being gone, this "new normal" is difficult. We were best friends for the best part of four decades. I know that I must let that go and move forward. But, it's hard to let go of that part of my reality, the plans we had to grow old together. It has barely been any time at all. Don't rush it. Take it slow. It's not about letting go at this point, it's simply learning how to function on your own. Once you are doing that on a daily basis without having to "think it out", you'll be ready for the next step. Don't let anyone push you faster than you are comfortable with.
toedtoes 11/02/21 10:18am RV Lifestyle
RE: What now??

My single life isn't new anymore. My ability to enjoy it fully and not feel the need to seek out a willing companion for every experience came later - when I realized how many things I didn't do because "there was no one to go with me". I think your experience is very similar to mine. I found that being more open towards people and not "hiding away" gave me a richer experience. I learned things I didn't know, I saw things I wouldn't have otherwise. And I enjoyed it more. I also found that when I go places and do things with a companion, I tend to have a much narrower field of experience. The activity is based more on the interaction with that companion than it is in the actual enjoyment of the activity. When I'm solo, I to focus more on what's going on around me - and a lot of that is because I don't close myself off to "outsiders" like I do when I'm with someone.
toedtoes 11/01/21 05:09pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Tires - To Sipe or Not to Sipe Toyo M154s

The point here is... they appear to have opted for some kind of siping... that looks a bit like aftermarket siping... for these tires targetting the motorhome market. The question is, should one consider trying to mimic that with aftermarket siping... if... like many... you are not confident in the OEM Michelins... and you know there are very few options for replacement of this proprietary tire size. No, on should not try to mimic the Michelin patterns. The Michelin tire already has that siping done PRE-market. For whatever reason, they feel it is good for THEIR tire. If you buy their tire, you get the siping. The Toyo tires are NOT the michelin tires minus the siping. They were developed and manufactured independently of the Michelin tires. So trying to reproduce the siping of the Michelin onto the Toyo is ignoring all the development that Toyo put into their product. You would be wrongly assuming that because Michelin siped their tires that any tire put on the MH should be siped. That you have voiced several times a dissatisfaction with the Michelin tires, just makes all this seem silly. Why would you even consider trying to duplicate a tire of which you think so poorly?
toedtoes 11/01/21 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What now??

As a single person, I recommend that you just get out on your own. Start with the movies. Even when you go with someone, you rarely talk during the actual movie. So, head out for a matinee show and just watch the movie. After a few times, you'll realize that it's actually not bad going to the movies alone. You get to sit exactly where YOU like to sit, you don't have anyone asking "what happened?", "who's that", etc, while you're watching. Once you get comfortable with the movies, start thinking about other activities and how doing them alone can be enjoyable. Once I started doing this, I found that most things were actually enjoyable on my own. I still love to do things with friends and such, but I no longer depend on having a companion to get out there. I have since traveled alone. I found the most difficult stigma to overcome was dining out alone, especially at nice restaurants. To conquer that, I started going a bit earlier in the evening to avoid the rush. And I bring a book or journal and read or write down my thoughts about things. One interesting side effect is that I tend to be more outgoing and will chat with museum staff or waiters or other tourists, etc. As a woman, I know that there is a wariness towards solo men, but all I can say is to just keep putting yourself out there. I find that the more I talk to people about solo life, the less I fall into the "uh oh, solo man ahead, he must be a serial killer" mindset.
toedtoes 11/01/21 10:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

mkenyon2 - my folding trailer has only a 20 gallon fresh water tank. And due to the placement of the horizontal intake, it loses about 2 gallons while driving down the road. So, I carry aquatainers to refill while at the campground. Like you, I realized a funnel wouldn't work. So I got a Beer Bong Funnel with Valve from Amazon. It takes an extra pair of hands or something to hold it against the side of the trailer, but it works. I can pour the water from the aquatainer into the funnel and refill the tank.
toedtoes 11/01/21 10:07am Travel Trailers
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