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RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

Some campgrounds require the supports if you remain connected. In almost 20 years I have never used one and don't have one. Worst case buy it when needed at the camp store.
time2roll 07/09/20 10:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

I go with miles only. But then I don't have an allison. Consider going 18 to 24 months. As much as they would have you believe it there is no one year expiration on the fluid. JMHO
time2roll 07/09/20 08:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

Yours cannot be replaced without replacing the control box.Is there a source to buy the old analog control box?
time2roll 07/09/20 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Add digital thermostat to manual rooftop unit?

Thoughts, suggestions?Keep procrastinating. Keep this on your list when you trade RVs.
time2roll 07/09/20 02:08pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Onboard generators

Almost always utility power and even if no power you have no need for air conditioning? I would say you are an excellent candidate for no onboard generator. Keep the one portable and mostly leave it at home.
time2roll 07/09/20 02:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

Can I swap out my POS Dometic Thermostat with a simple household thermostat?Not if it is digital. Post the model number or a picture.Why not? I have replaced 2 analogs with digitalis in two trailersThe wiring and communication is different on the new units. cavie, Did your thermostat look like this?  width=200 These old and obsolete thermostats can be easily converted to a home unit. When I say "digital" I mean the communication with the control box... not the LCD display.
time2roll 07/09/20 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need some help with equipment to boost internet

Go anywhere tv? I think you want a satellite dish. Not sure how that plays into Apple TV.
time2roll 07/08/20 11:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

There is a reset procedure in the manual: System Initialization A system initialization will need to be performed by installer after system installation. 1. Make sure CT thermostat is Off. See “D. Quick Reference” on page (3). 2. Press the button, and simultaneously press and hold the / Mode button for three seconds. LCD will show “- -”. This completes system initialization. Furnace On / Off temperature differential should be set at this time. See “C. “Furnace” - Furnace Mode” on page (7) for more information. Manual
time2roll 07/08/20 10:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

That is same as I posted and cannot be converted by just swapping thermostats. See the three wires on the top left? That is 12+, 12- and a digital signal wire. If you want to use a home thermostat you will need to replace the control box up in the A/C lower unit to be the old analog style. I converted mine to the single zone digital and I like it. I did not keep my old control box :(
time2roll 07/08/20 10:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

This one? width=400
time2roll 07/08/20 08:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

Can I swap out my POS Dometic Thermostat with a simple household thermostat?Not if it is digital. Post the model number or a picture.
time2roll 07/08/20 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help No power at dashboard won't start

The only effect on the 12 VDC systems would be that you likely blew out your converter or inverter/charger so the batteries may be dead. Start by checking voltage at both chassis and house batteries+1 Then start checking fuses if the batteries have 12.2+ volts.
time2roll 07/08/20 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I thumbed through the recent reviews at and noticed that several of the 1 star reviews were pretty dang petty. One was upset because they left their handgun in a cabin when they checked out and the park owner wasn't thrilled to have an unattended, loaded, firearm laying around. The poster went on to rant about they had a concealed carry permit and how the park's website didn't put they prohibited firearms in bold print, instead it was but one of a number of rules on their rule page. I don't know what having a carry permit has to do with leaving a weapon laying around since by definition it isn't being carried, but what do I know. In another review, the reviewer was upset because they were asked to move their car off the grass. The reviewer went so far as to claim they measured how much they were on the grass and that amount was one inch. They neglected to post how much on the grass they felt was OK. Both of those parks otherwise had consistent excellent reviews. Is it just me or does it feel like people are becoming more self centered on a daily basis.No change, always been that way. We just get to see it now with social media.
time2roll 07/08/20 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

If it applies the brakes to any wheel to transfer the torque then it is weak and is for moderate conditions at best. JMHO I have TrueTrac limited slip front and rear along with the locked low range as needed. Works great for what I need.
time2roll 07/08/20 12:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Paid Caravans to Alaska Worth it?

I can see a caravan for traveling through Alaska, some roads get pretty rough, and having buddies along in case of a breakdown is a plus, but $10,000? That seems pretty steep. Buddies? I mean, yeah I'll help someone if they breakdown, but having a pack of people who are afraid of the dark and me being the only guy with air tools, I'm not spending my $10k to fix people's RVs fr a month!Yea I can hear the uproar now when you tell the repair can be done in 45 minutes for $200 or the whole caravan can wait for 6 hours for mobile service.
time2roll 07/08/20 12:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

+1 for just a voltmeter. That monitor money can be spent on more battery capacity or solar charging to make life off-grid easier.
time2roll 07/08/20 11:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

These fridges make charging voltage and capacity critical during off-grid camping. These features are really designed to be used when you have utility power. Think four batteries, new converter and 500+ watts solar.
time2roll 07/08/20 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: How many miles a day can we go?

300 for us is good, 400 is long, 500 is about max. Either way I like to leave early enough to be in camp for dinner. Breakfast and lunch on the road is fine.
time2roll 07/07/20 10:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: trailer bearings leak - castle nut stuck (why?)

Put your impact gun on it and move along with your day.
time2roll 07/07/20 04:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

What are your thoughts?Get the proper drivetrain based upon your needs. Do some research to know exactly what the options include.
time2roll 07/07/20 03:08pm Tow Vehicles
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