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RE: F150 Lightening

No calls from CA to conserve in this week's heat wave. In Texas meanwhile... it's now fry after last winter freezing to their death. Gov Abbbott ask Texans to Conserve ElectricityMaybe get on board with the infrastructure plan and request some grid improvements? Maybe go in on some wind/solar?
time2roll 06/16/21 02:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

No calls from CA to conserve in this week's heat wave. Grid status: Normal
time2roll 06/16/21 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

Before a new argument over generator fuel gets going… Isn’t a watt a watt regardless of the energy source that was converted to generate it?Of course. Unfortunately the calculated need for electricity is coming from converting the amount of crude burned instead of the EV miles driven.
time2roll 06/16/21 11:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Maybe 550 is not so bad, after all . . . "

If he just got on the front bumper he could have rocked himself a bit to get some traction ;)
time2roll 06/15/21 08:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: why i call Li fussy

Takes my fridge a solid 12 hours to get cold even in mild conditions. Can't imagine hopping in a -30 cold soaked RV and instantly expecting everything to work normal. How long would you run the furnace before you rolled out? Water system might need more preparation than the LFP. Just about everything is fussy at -30.
time2roll 06/15/21 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Question

Basic battery switch probably does not have the amp capacity so the inverter may go around it.
time2roll 06/14/21 11:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How critical is axle ratio?

I still have my four speeder. Three when towing. I can only imagine how much better 6, 8, 10+ speeds must be. Not just for the additional ratio width but for the reduced spacing when shifts are made. Swapping my 3.55 to 4.10 made a world of difference towing all these years. I agree with the OP, final drive ratio is not as important anymore. Don't forget the more power also makes a difference as you pass me going just 62 mph with my 260 hp truck. ;)
time2roll 06/14/21 10:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

The grid is being updated faster than EVs can be produced at this point.
time2roll 06/14/21 10:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 16% Road incline!

Almost easier on a dirt road as then 4LO is available. Could be other issues if towing.
time2roll 06/14/21 07:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: 16% Road incline!

6% is the general limit for interstates. I70 has some 7% up to the tunnel. Could be some others but not many. When I was young I rode my bike up the east side of Sonora with a buddy. Scary was coming back down.
time2roll 06/14/21 04:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: 93 North out of Vegas

It is a good road. Yes two lanes the whole way. Easy grade as you head into Ely. Always seems cooler than I expect. People seem to be good about passing and very light traffic. Watch your fuel as there are a couple spots 100 miles between stations. +1 for the 318 short cut. There are a few small towns to respect the speed limit. We are on this road about every year. Have been around to the east and west and this 93 is the best. There is a decent GoodSam campground called Valley View just north of Ely if you want to break the journey into two days.
time2roll 06/14/21 02:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: 16% Road incline!

Try Nine mile canyon road off 395 at Pearsonville. Solid 10% for nine miles with a few 15 mph curves to break any momentum. The top part makes up some of the easier spots at the start. Ebbetts pass 24%, Sonora Pass 26%. 190 into the north end of DVNP is a sustained 9% so you can also test your cooling system in 120+ heat. You will know your limit when you are full throttle in low gear and losing speed into the TC slipping.
time2roll 06/14/21 01:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: why i call Li fussy

time2roll, Yes the bms keeps the batteries in balance--but what if a large load draws more than the rating on one of the bms of a 3 x 100 amp-hour bank? Potentially that could shut down one battery and then the other two might over load as well? I am just speculating.Yes of course. You would not build something where it was ordinary to open a fuse any more than overload a BMS. This would generally only happen during a fault in which you would want to cut power. I read about plenty of large off-grid home systems and this is not an issue. With all the power you seem to be contemplating I will suggest to ebay that 12v inverter and go 24 or 48 volts.
time2roll 06/14/21 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

time2roll do you have a link to a 300? What happens if you have 3 100 amp-hour Li in parallel? Can they reliably provide 1 c each to yield 300 amps? My guess is that there would have to be carefully balanced wiring. (which should be in place anyway). Most of these larger units are built on 280 Ah cells. Maybe 2 or 3 in parallel using copper or aluminum bus bar for the assembly. If going 4+ probably best to break it into two or more batteries with their own BMS for each. So a battery assembled with 8x 280 Ah cells as 2p4s could go 500 amps. Although 200 would be better. Due to the very low resistance (<3 mOhm) it does not seem LFP has the balance issues of lead-acid. The BMS keeps the assembled cells in balance.
time2roll 06/14/21 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Can I use any 50 amp extension cord?

Building a 50A RV extension cord can be a bit tricky, mostly because the "receptacle" part is not easy to find.
time2roll 06/14/21 10:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: why i call Li fussy

Tom, Show me a bms that allows a draw of 240 amps from a 100 amp-hour battery? My future bank will allow 9600 amps. Not that I'll ever use that amount of current.You can buy a 300 amp BMS and strap it onto a 100 Ah battery. I don't recommend it. The cell manufacturer would recommend about 100 max with 50 as more realistic. Easy to create unrealistic expectations. 9600 amps... give it a rest. Why the need to prove LFP is so bad? Actually works well for many people.
time2roll 06/14/21 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: Oil change on the road

If we mine Oil from the ground, why is it such a big deal if it's put back into the ground?Just need to remove the additives and pump it down 1000+ feet where it came from.
time2roll 06/13/21 10:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suspension Help Needed

Can depend on the road surface. Some roads can develop a harmonic that matches your truck/trailer to amplify the bouncing. Yes shocks may help. I would try a different road or a newly paved area so see if it changes.
time2roll 06/13/21 03:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

How do you mine, process and transport copper when ordered to work from home? Or when your coworkers are sick at home? Same goes for about every other "shortage" right now. This too shall pass.... a few months after the world is vaccinated. (not just the US)
time2roll 06/13/21 03:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery charge questions

Parallax seems to operate at the low end on voltage. What voltage is your solar absorption set to? How long in absorption?
time2roll 06/13/21 01:12pm Tech Issues
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