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RE: Looking for a smallish BHS trailer, first timer

Most bunk house trailers are over 24', so you will have to do some shopping. I dislike outdoor kitchens, especially on smaller trailers, because they eat up too much inside room. Of course this depends on how many people you need sleep in the bunks. Double bed bunks are fine for kids under 12 yo. Once they are 13 or so they are going to want their own bed.
theoldwizard1 07/10/20 09:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford running out of diesel engines

Production of the Powerstroke is down 50% due to Covid in Mexico. Mexico issues This could help explain the news on the F600. Personally, I think demand for the Powerstoke is going to drop off now that the new 7.3L gas and 10 speed are available, especially fleet buyers. Diesels only make sense if you are carrying a very heavy load AND you are driving >50,000 miles/year. The initial cost and maintenance really hurt the "total cost of ownership". In my area diesel cost more than gasoline and you still have to buy DEF.
theoldwizard1 07/10/20 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: F600 going into production without diesel engine

The F600 is basically a F550 with a heavier suspension. Less expensive than the F650. If main target is local delivery, a diesel may not be first choice for some businesses. With major difference in cost, fuel savings etc, if these trucks never go more than 50-100 miles from warehouse etc,....... With that said, some will do what I would call a long local distance useage, where a diesel makes sense if driven 50+k Mike's a year. And for a truck that can always fuel at the same place converting a spark fired engine to NG is pretty easy I agree with the first statements, but probably not the secons. I worked in the CNG conversion business for a short time before the price of crude oil and gasoline dropped. CNG is still NOT cost effective, except maybe in a few cases. The tanks are very large and expensive. In some areas LP can be cost effective IF you have a large fleet, have room for your own storage and filling and can negotiate a yearly rate.
theoldwizard1 07/10/20 09:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bending plywood for roof

For that thickness of plywood, I would kerf the back side with a circular saw about 1 ply deep. It will take several kerfs about 2"-4" apart. Fasten the flat end down and SLOWLY apply pressure to bend it.
theoldwizard1 07/10/20 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: Adding Batteries / Refer Support

... • How do you recharging your batteries and how often ? ----- Engine, generator, 400w solar Trying to charge deeply discharged batteries with the engine alternator will never give you a FULL charge. If this is part of your game plan, get a DC-DC charger.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 08:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Fibreglass wall laminate separating??

... the original corner molding is way too small to provide any support/strength at corners.... I have always felt the same way !
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Engine surge, generator

DO NOT probe jets with wire, use a bristle from a paint brush. Wire will scratch the tiny bores of these jets causing a change of flow rate. I have been doing it for years ! A paint brush bristle is too soft. A wire brush bristle is stiff yet will bend with a small amount of force.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: 3M 5200 Marine Sealant et al

I personally don't like butyl tape. It doesn't harden, but it doesn't cure or stick to anything either. When it gets hot, it oozes out of the flange making a mess, and now it is gone when things cool again and you've got no pressure on the seal. I've seen many things sealed with butyl fail, including the shower skylight that I am right now fixing on my Bigfoot. There is NOTHING that will give a "forever" water tight seal except plastic welding and just like metal welding, it only can be done between the same types of plastic ! (TPO is "welded" at its seams and they have pre-formed inside and outside corners.) Butyl is best used where the window is held in place by other mechanical means and can be removed so that the butyl can be replaced. If it is oozing out, the item was clamped too tightly.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 08:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Need 12v refer Info

... 2. Runs on 12 volts and does not require propane. 3. Much better performance in really hot weather. ... BTW the unit was cheaper than a replacement adsorbsion cooling unit. I am surprised that RV manufacturers have not caught on to "all electric" RVs ! First, I think most nights camping are spent with at least electric hook up. A/C and a microwave are almost always a "must have" so adding an electric water heater and maybe a heat strip to A/C seem like a "no brainer". #2 and #3 are big wins. Think of the cost saving when building an RV if you have no tanks or pipes to run. I'll bet that the cost of a couple of 6V golf cart batteries and a 1000W-2000W inverter/charger/transfer switch might actually be less ! And who doesn't want non-mushy ice cream at the end of the day.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Azdel or equivalent

They have basically no structural strength, at least in the vervion I used, but there should be others which may work for you. These are used for sheathing, so I need shear strength to prevent the walls from racking front to back.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 07:57pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Azdel or equivalent

This could give you a starting place on buying Azdel. Also google, ... I have googled Azdel every which way I can think of. Most place just praise the product. Some are wholesale distributor (not looking for a semi load). This one is selling left over/over stock panels, but at an excellent price ! Azdel Composite Panels 4x8 - $13 (GLASSBORO)
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 07:52pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

Change your transmission fluid on a regular basis. It's cheap insurance. Concur ! I usually also tell people to use the OEM recommended fluid.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 07:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Revising gas water heater to electric water heater

Electric water heaters do take a long time to heat up.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 07:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Walmart overnight and running the generator

I, personally, would not. Maybe if you are parked more than 100 yards away from anyone else and the generator is pointed in the opposite direction.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 07:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need 12v refer Info

The Modern 12 volt Only units fall into two categories one is a peltier cooler. These have no moving parts with the possible exception of a fan and a thermostat and can also be "Reveresed" to become a "hot box" instead of a cold box. They have fairly high amp draw for the amount of cold you get. Stay away from these ! While small and compact they really do not work very well and, as stated, can draw a lot of current.
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 11:36am Tech Issues
Azdel or equivalent

I am looking for a sheathing material like Azdel that contains no wood fiber so that it can not rot. I would go with Azdel, but it is not sold "retail" anywhere. Authorized RV dealers can get it for repairs but I would be afraid of what they would charge !
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 11:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Materials are Coming in

Does the inverter/transfer switch also have a charger ? Keep us posted !
theoldwizard1 07/09/20 11:29am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 3 valve v-10 vs. new 7.3?

Fuel economy will be better (10% ? 20% sounds like a lot). The big difference should be the 10 speed transmission. It should keep the engine operating in the most efficient RPM range which will improve economy and be more pleasant to drive.
theoldwizard1 07/07/20 02:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: trailer bearings leak - castle nut stuck (why?)

I always feel sorry for people who try to DIY a job WITH THE WRONG TOOLS and making it much more difficult than it really should be. First, buy an adjustable wrench (also called a Crescent wrench). Harbor Freight. Just make sure that the jaws open wide enough to properly grip that nut. If that won't get the nut off, the spindle threads and the nut threads are probably damaged. One or the other or both will have to be replaced. If that wrench does not remove the nut, you will need "brute force". Fond out the size of the nut (it could be inches or metric). Buy the proper size socket. Buy a "hand impact" (I don't know if HF has a 1/2" drive one but you can get them on Amazon). Buy a DECENT 24 oz ball peen hammer (not a rubber mallet !) and go to town !
theoldwizard1 07/07/20 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30amp Y Splitter for 2 RV's

You can add a Y adapter. But there's no way the two RV's will be able to run the AC at the same time. They MIGHT work, if they don't start at the same time !
theoldwizard1 07/06/20 05:48pm Tech Issues
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