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RE: Fry cooking electric device and watts?

IF you have a full 120 volts circuit at your camp you will draw 15 amp @1800 watts. That's a maxed out circuit. chances are it will not work for long. There will be other things on that circuit. Best thing to do in run a 12 ga extension cord from the 20 amp outlet on the ped to the appliance If the ped has low voltage (and it will) the amperage goes up and it will never work. Power directly from the pedestal is a good idea, just make sure to secure the extension cord so that if someone trips over it, the fryer does not fall and potentially start a grease fire ! Plugging it directly in to the camper means it will be less like for this too happen. You won't be able to run the A/C, microwave or coffee pot at the same time.
theoldwizard1 10/15/19 01:36pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 2019 F-150

The 3.3 is not an ecoboost engine. A quick search shows that a properly equipped 3.3 has a max tow of 5,000#. You may want to rethink the truck or the camper. According to the 2019 Ford F150 Towing Guide a 3.3L F150 WITH the Trailer Tow option (53A or 53B) AND a 3.73 rear axle will tow up to 12,400 lbs Gross COMBINED Weight. If you do NOT have the Trailer Tow option or the 3.73 rear axle, you need to down size. A lot depends on how much your loaded truck weights (fuel, passengers and cargo).
theoldwizard1 10/15/19 01:24pm Towing
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

One of the largest State Campgrounds is in Ludington. Much to do/see there.
theoldwizard1 10/15/19 01:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sewage Follies

I saw a video once (might have been Dirtiest Jobs) where the "honey wagons" pulled into what appeared to be a large concrete parking lot. There were "depressions" spaced a couple hundred feet apart. The truck would back up to the top of the depression and "unload" ! This was in an area of the country where they had a lot of sunshine. The load would quickly "dry out" because the run to the bottom of the depression was long. The next day, when it was completely dry, they used a power broom on a tractor to sweep up any dried up solids
theoldwizard1 10/15/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: 2 Battery banks built from 6 volts

Let's back up for a minute ! Why do you want to double your battery storage. Running a TV and some USB chargers seems like a pretty light load. To me it sounds like you need more solar panels and maybe a better charge controller, not more batteries. A NOCO HM426 dual battery box takes up less space.
theoldwizard1 10/15/19 07:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quiet generators

Most of the newer inverter generators are really quiet. The days when Honda was night and day better have passed. Still top of the line quality but the difference has shrunk dramatically. 100% correct ! Honda is still "King of the Hill", but there are many challengers including Harbor Freight Predator and Champion. (The current "dark horse" is Westinghouse. A bit early to say how their durability is, but initial reports are good.) A lot also depends on what SIZE generator you need. The Honda EU2200i will start most A/C units, but not all. Staying within the Honda line, there is the EB2800i and the EU3000iS. The EB2800i is louder (it is more of a "work" generator) and the EU3000iS is heavier (131 lbs) The Westinghouse iGen2500 is only a few pounds heavier than the EU2200i and about the same noise level. More expensive than the (smaller) Predator or Champion models.
theoldwizard1 10/14/19 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: Fastener question (wall repair)

I would use stainless steel screws. Something like a "sheet metal" or self tapper. You will probably have to go to a fastener store or buy them online.
theoldwizard1 10/14/19 11:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 12V electrical questions

I have a few 12v appliances, plus the lights that I would like to run off my battery. I'm wondering if I can run from my battery to the Breaker panel without a voltage regulator? Not only can you, but you should NOT have a regulator inline ! All 12VDC appliances can tolerate a voltages up to almost 15V ! If my 12v refrigerator kicks on, will it cause my lights to dim or turn off? Not enough information ! What kind of refrigerator is it and how much current does it require ? If you are wiring from "scratch", your 12VDC distribution panel should probably have one circuit/fuse for lighting, one for "general" outlets and another for the refrigerator.
theoldwizard1 10/13/19 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EcoDiesel vs Hemi up IKE

I can't wait for them to do a 2020 F350 with the new 7.3L gasser vs the revised 6.7L PowerStroke and at least a 10K trailer !
theoldwizard1 10/13/19 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Planning a dry camp oriented DIY TC build.

Things to think about. Corner, especially between the roof and the side walls, are high stress points. They should be re-enforced, some how, to provide maximum rigidity. The roof needs to have some pitch to encourage drainage. Instead of caulking window and vents, use butyl tape and install them in a way that they can be removed and re-bedded. Roof protrusions should be on a built up "curb" that is fiberglassed to the rest of the roof. Non-venting propane heaters (Mr. Heater Buddy Heater) give off large amount of moisture. If possible, you are better off with a vented heater. Seriously consider 12VDC mattress heaters. Warmth from underneath is much nicer than warmth from above and easier to trap. Two 6VDC golf cart batteries should get you through the night. If you are going to watch a lot of video or be online for a few hours, consider four batteries. 12VDC is the way to go for lighting and appliances. At my age, a "pitstop" is a nightly occurrence, sometimes even twice ! I would not want to put my boots on and walks 100 yds, in well below freezing temps to "do my thing". Consider a "cassette" camp toilet. Also, after a full day of skiing, a hot shower sure sounds nice, but that adds a lot of complexity and is the reason I would never consider a TC.
theoldwizard1 10/10/19 06:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

Neutral is neutral. Ground is ground. All neutral should meet at the neutral bus bar inside the breaker panel. All grounds should meet at the ground bus bar inside the breaker panel. The Multiplus can supplement short power with inverted battery power simultaneously. However, I don't expect to need that feature. I will usually either be connected to 50A shore power OR boondocking off batteries (with occasional generator use). KISS ! Simple and elegant !
theoldwizard1 10/10/19 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Ideal V8 rpms when towing?

When cruising at 70mph, I turn 1,800rpms in 6th gear, and 2,300rpms in 5th gear. On a mild up slope the engine seems fine in 6th at 1,800rpms (e.g. I don't get any odd sound or sensation of lugging). Is there any thought on what a good rpm is for the engine and transmission when towing a load? With my prior 1997 Ford Expedition, the TOW button would disable the highest gear (OD). My old E150 was the same way. I would frequently disable OD when approaching a hill so that it would not lug down too low before it kicked down itself. The newer Ford 6 and 10 speed transmissions are computer controlled and the engine should not lug down too low. I am sure there is a way to manually shift it. If you manually put it in 5th, it is going to stay there forever, even when you slow to a stop, unless you shift it or put it back in full automatic.
theoldwizard1 10/09/19 09:53am Truck Campers
RE: Generator pros and cons

I do think Honda is the gold standard. Lately I have seen a lot of used Honda 2k on places like Craigslist. Since the 2.2k came out. I can't argue with Honda being the "gold standard", Yamaha is probably #2, but about the same price. Champion and even Harbor Freight inverter generators have gotten EXCELLENT reviews and at a fraction of the price of a new Honda. They are worth considering. The new "dark horse" in the Westinghouse iGen 2500. It delivers 2200/2500 watts, more than the Honda 2200, and, again at a fraction of the price. A well maintained used Honda is a good option. You need a generator first. Solar second. Concur ! Anyone with solar who boondocks a lot, needs a generator. The sun does not shine every day. If you have a large A/C unit and want to stay with Honda, consider the EG2800i. Much lighter and less expensive than the EU3000i. The EG2800i is a bit louder.
theoldwizard1 10/09/19 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: 50 amp coach on 30 amp power

Some of what happens may depend on how your 50A to 30A adapter/cord is wired. There are two choices. It may be wired so that one "leg" is completely ignored. If wired this way one of your AC and possibly some of your outlets will not workIf both legs are wired together, the worst case is that you will trip the breaker at the pedestal. You might even be able to run both AC units simultaneously (as long as they don't start simultaneously) or run both of your heaters
theoldwizard1 10/09/19 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: Suspension upgrade disappointment.

All E-series vans are notorious for "loose" steering. Some of it DOES have to do with the person behind the wheel. (My wife has a much harder time than I do.) Too late now for the OP, but all bushing should have been replaced with polyurethane bushing (mush stiffer) if available and, IMHO, Moog makes the best ball joints which are critical on E-series. Last, you need an "old time" alignment guy. Someone willing to go "beyond" what the book says. Additional positive caster and staggered caster can help a lot and will not affect tire wear. For Class C motorhomes, moving as much weight as possible ahead of the rear axle will help.
theoldwizard1 10/04/19 08:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wood or Aluminum Frame?

Research Fiberglass Trailers. They last forever & hold there value. Agree ! The problem with "eggshells" is that they are expensive and not very "stylish" either outside or inside. Also, they tend to be on the small side, couples or families with only a couple of small children.
theoldwizard1 10/03/19 07:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wood or Aluminum Frame?

Water leaks are the nemesis of all RV's and water doesn't destroy aluminum like wood - nuff said? Sadly, almost all RV have plywood floor. Any leak WILL rot the floor over time.
theoldwizard1 10/03/19 07:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Novi MI RV Show

Last show went to in Novi a couple of years ago, there was a disproportionate number of large Class A and large 5th wheels.
theoldwizard1 10/03/19 07:30pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: li battery pack of my dreams

Looks small for the capacity. Must be the advantage of pouch cells instead of the cylinders. Pouch cells, often called LiPo (lithium polymer with polymer being the pouch) can be very dangerous. As they charge and discharge, they heat up. As they heat up the pouch expands. If there is not adequate room for this expansion, "bad things" can happen ! LiPo tend to use LiCo (lithium cobalt) chemistry and NOT LiFePO4 chemistry because LiCo has higher "energy density" (more power per ounce).
theoldwizard1 10/03/19 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Going around Cincinnati

We have travelled I75 through Cincinnati many times on our way South for the winter, back North in the spring, and always went straight through instead of taking the bypasses. We have never had a single problem doing that way. It has been a few years (in-laws moved back North), but we always did the same through. Drive at a comfortable speed, keep to the right and have a navigator help with the signs.
theoldwizard1 10/03/19 07:18pm Roads and Routes
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