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RE: Closed: Border opening

Hey, Guys: ....Mexico's inbound land border(s) never closed, right? Its unlikely it will ever close. The problem is: Only US citizens or individuals physically in the USA can access Mexico via land crossings, driving (RVs). No other North, South of Central American or Canadian driver (RVer) can get (access) to Mexico. Flying in, yeah. Driving? Imposible en este momento. Have you guys seen the PBS news report last night, interviewing Dr. Robert Wachter? Its about the "Delta" variant sweeping 72 countries...and a rather huge wave probable in North America late this summer and fall: here--> On edit: Has anyone reading this thread tried to cross from Belize or Guatemala into Mexico in their RV? What was your experience?
silversand 06/16/21 08:14am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Anyone had experience with Bluetti lion power stations?

Thanks, all, for the thoughts! I found Hobotech to run some very comprehensive testing. He strives to blow up (push power station testing) to a point where often, the power station fries. Love this kind of testing.
silversand 06/04/21 06:15am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone had experience with Bluetti lion power stations?

Thanks, for your experience on the Bluetti soon2bexpat! You probably keep the Bluetti in the trailer (or, truck) I imagine. Had you ever experienced charging "it" in near 32F conditions?
silversand 06/03/21 08:09am Truck Campers
RE: truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

I believe the RV industry will cool in the next couple of years and you will see the market flooded with slightly used RV’s, because people will go back to their old ways of travel and recreating. ....yeah. Sounds right. Boom and bust cycles. Eventually, deals will appear.
silversand 06/03/21 07:54am Truck Campers
Anyone had experience with Bluetti lion power stations?

Anyone here have experience porting around a Bluetti AC200 (P) lithium-ion power station bumping around in the truck camper environment ? We are looking at acquiring one. These, built with LG Chem's 3C pouch cells (that alone is phenomenal). What we like about the "spec", is that the unit has dual independent MPPT controllers built in; can "handle" up to 150 volts incoming from a solar array (say, 700 watt array). Charge time from 10% to full under optimum in something like 2.7 to 3.3 hours flat. Working temp from 0C up to +40C. Charging low temperature protection (but we never expect its charging environment to ever be below 7C -ish....ever). 5 ways to charge it. 2000 watt pure sinewave (inverted to AC) continuous load at 1800 to 1900 watt draw. And, the interesting part, an aircraft twist connect 12V DC 25A output (I can connect to our truck camper 12V DC mains). I've seen an AC200P power up an air conditioner (7000btu) in a good reputable review. I was toying around with building my own lithium-ion batteries (a pack of 3.2V LiFePO4 units strapped together), but once you add up the home-made LiFePO4 (in the $700 CAD range), and 2000watt pure sinewave, and the 2x MPPT controllers and AC power brick and the array of 7 cables, and sockets to add into drilled holes in a battery box....and, a touch-screen display....holy crow....WAY more expensive than a Bluetti 2000Wh unit. Worse, if I buy all the separate parts, I'll essentially have no warranty. The Bluetti, has a 2 year warranty (with possibility to acquire a 3 year warranty if I buy during a deal event). ??
silversand 06/03/21 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

Missing a lot of stuff. How is it attached to the truck also?? ....probably attached through removable panels inside the camper near the 4 corners...onto those aircraft cargo attachment rails. But I really don't know for sure. The jacks I believe are hidden inside the body (the camper shell wall) and drop down, or, slide out, and pivot down.
silversand 06/03/21 06:18am Truck Campers
RE: truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

Jim: They are positioning into the "expedition overlanding" cohort it appears. Competing directly with truck campers like OverlandEx here--> where pop-up truck campers start at $72,000 CAD. And competing with truck camper expedition manufacturers like Nimbl pop-up ($121,000 with flatbed tray without truck)....and many others. Buyers seem to be lined up around the block to buy them.... all. I read on the Loki site that they are opening a manufacturing plant in Colorado, too. I'd bet that they will probably open a manufacturing facility in western Canada before too long. They will likely do extremely well. Especially these years, with the entire RV manufacturing industry working at more than 100% capacity.
silversand 06/03/21 06:03am Truck Campers
RE: truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

I think I read the weight for the 1 ton truck model at around 3000LBS. They write that the starting price is $130 odd k. So, I deduce that this would be for the model that fits the Ford Ranger...? And yeah, looking at photos, no bathroom...not even a cassette toilet.
silversand 06/02/21 02:12pm Truck Campers
RE: truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

Kayteg: Yeah. Any camper we buy would absolutely have to be titanium white (including roof). The tapered truck camper wing thing would certainly limit "wing storage", but the disappearing/retracting truck camper legs and taper could be useful in back country, and driving narrow streets, say, in Latin America.... Also, I don't see a flatbed version of the camper. If we were to contemplate one of these, it would have to be on a flatbed tray.
silversand 06/02/21 08:16am Truck Campers truck camper manufacturer in Quebec

Guys: is a new truck camper manufacturer....located in Quebec. Loki. Quite interesting. They seem to be positioned between a Cirrus and EarthRoamer (well, kind of EarthRoamer, as Loki is removable). Units will be made for Ford Ranger/Tacoma, all the way up to F350 /F550 levels. here-->
silversand 06/02/21 07:30am Truck Campers
RE: Happijacs, what will happen if.........

....round steel tubes vs. square: one resists torsional twisting; one resists load bearing when horizontal. But every application is complex, and situational. ....just adding to Matt's excellent explanation: Also, remember that putting a (pay)load in a truck will drop the truck (and bed) from a few fractions of an inch, to 2 or 3 or more inches in the rear. Measure the slope of your truck bed before applying the truck camper load.....then after. The unloaded truck bed will sit quite a bit higher in the rear, and if your truck camper nose is a bit low, when you pull the truck forward whilst unloading, the rear bed surface may "beach", potentially severely "bending" the jack leg(s).....
silversand 05/27/21 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: Living in Mexico on a tourist Visa. Legal or Illegal?

Thanks Chris. That video was very informative. I'd heard of this "perpetual tourist visa" happening many years ago in Mexico (more than 20 years ago) when I was in Campeche. I asked a friend of mine, who was Minister of Justice for Campeche State about it, but the PRI wasn't interested in pursuing the weakness in the migracion (system) back then. This same side-stepping of the rules was wide-spread across the Republics down the Isthmus. The tourist visa rules started changing in Republics like Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador around 2000 / 2001, making it difficult for tourist visa "border hopping" to renew their 90 days back and forth to occur, thereby chasing out a certain cohort of "tourist". I think that Panama was more strict in "those days" about border hopping, if I recall.
silversand 05/25/21 11:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

They are just delaying the inevitable. Once these countries leave their bubbles, in a year or two, and join the rest of the world, Covid will do it's thing. .....I don't believe that anyone in "Public Health" would ever admit that a novel and air-borne virus as wide-spread as "this one" can be halted in its tracks. The strategy is to slow down the "spread" to get the most vulnerable cohort double-vaccinated with vaccine that will prevent "severe Civid", so that they if vaccinated do get infected, don't shut down the emergency care system-- that to the detriment of the World's people needing surgeries, cancer treatments and hundreds of "other" procedures. The majority employed in the virus containment endeavor would believe that eventually, this virus will be relegated to pockets of persistent endemicity on every continent, rearing its ugly head occasionally, as "it" mutates. The global task would be to test continually for "variants of concern", to inform booster production and deployment to the most vulnerable. This particular virus will be very difficult to stop entirely, unlike smallpox; smallpox was perfectly (ideally) suited to eradication (unlike other viruses).
silversand 05/13/21 09:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Have you two received your vaccines yet? We both have, Pfizer, both doses. ....yes. Received my 1st Moderna jab 7.3 days ago. Now, have to wait a quarter of a year for jab 2 LOL. Hopefully, the speed-up in US vaccine shipments to Canada will continue. Speculation is that 2nd jabs may be "moved up" in Canada to July (opposed to end of August/September). On edit: The Canadian Feds are making (seeding?) press releases with statements like: ".... we will likely mix and match mRNA vaccine second doses....". Province after Province in Canada are "suspending" AstraZeneca vaccine 1st shots completely, in favor of ever-increasing incoming mRNA doses from the US.
silversand 05/12/21 08:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

There already exists an agreement between the three countries, T-MEC although Mexico's president has violated 12 articles of the agreement. The T-MEC is about business, jobs, and economies. Isn't that pretty much what you are referring to in terms of the damage that has been done? So if we would have worked together, locked down hard for a few months we would have been in a condition that was survivable. Chris: Only 6 countries and two regions have used something called the (smallpox) virus zero approach, on Earth. This recent strategy is called: COVIDzero. The countries include: China, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, a portion of East Asia, Vietnam, and, drum-roll: Atlantic Canada ! It works to a greater extent. Not completely watertight, however the zero strategy is the strictest virus-containment measure in the human environment known-- with precedent (successful smallpox containment). "Brazil and Mexico --and India--, leaders chose a third option by virtually doing nothing and letting the virus spread." (cited from: the Canadian news journal, TheTyee, 2021). Unless all States World-wide sign onto a program as focused and some would say, "draconian" as COVIDzero plan, there is no way to stop an air-borne infectious virus. In fact as strict as COVIDzero is, even COVIDzero practitioners Nova Scotia and Australia, recently, have lost control and are experiencing community spread.
silversand 05/11/21 09:25am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

I wonder how many people on this forum are aware of the policy changes this president has made and that we are definitely headed for a populist or dictatorial government. Censorship has been in place now for over two years and he has made constitutional reforms that are affecting Mexico's economy and the environment. .....policies that have now turned the state of Guanajuato into the most dangerous in the world I suspect that no one knows this here. Also, the State of Guanajuato is a surface transportation (strategic) chokepoint for almost all surface goods and people traveling North/South through Mexico. I could see why, um, "special interests" would want to control "it". I suspect that tourism will remain roughly the same as it is now (well, as it was pre-pandemic). My experience living in Mexico (and Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua) taught me that as dictatorial regimes flourish, the currencies of the affected countries crash, and that open opportunities for phenomenally cheap vacationing and snowbirding. However, there is a double-edged sword (correlate) when this happens: ....the cheaper tourism gets (as a result of widespread State instability), the more risk the traveler has to assume. Anyhow, that has been my experience living (and, working) in Latin America for close to a decade. YMMV.
silversand 05/03/21 12:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Covid Vaccinations

That is really great news. Mexico seems to be following the booster time interval very rigidly. In canada, 2nd shots are a veeeeery long wait (3 to 4 months). In Quebec, we are not giving the 2nd shot to anyone tested positive and recovered. Just one dose for those folks. This may shorten the time we can deliver booster doses to all who had not been previously infected. Fingers crossed for a shorter booster interval up here !
silversand 04/30/21 12:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

I was heartened to hear this morning that Pfizer, Kalamazoo, Michigan will now be shipping their Covid vaccine directly to Canada by the millions of doses; this commences next week. We finally have our vaccine appointments firmed up, magically, for next Wednesday. The US Cavalry to our rescue :D IF Canada can become "fully vaccinated" (this means 2 doses) for majority of our population (my guestimate would be in excess of 60% of adult population), only then will the north/south and south/north land borders open to/from Canada for normal 55 million crossers a year non discretionary travel. With only an estimated 1st dose to majority Canadians by roughly mid summer, full doses to the whole country up here is still roughly 1 year distant. The only hope I have for limited international land travel, is perhaps the oldest Canadian cohort double-vaccinated by this summer (maybe 5 or 6% of Canadians) could petition for admittance to the US by personal vehicle. Fingers crossed....
silversand 04/30/21 09:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

We miss our Canadian friends though and hope that restrictions are lifted for season 2022. I already have 6 caravans scheduled for 2022 ....IMO, I think that a 2022 opening for Canadians traveling south (and US citizens driving north) through the US/Canada land border sounds reasonable, based on forward-projections of the Canadian vaccination rollout. I can't envision a January to May 2022 opening, but a summer of 2022 opening would probably be a reasonable guestimate. I can't see any implementation of "vaccine passport" (too controversial) for US citizens wanting to come into Canada by land, nor a vaccine passport needed for Canadian non-discretionary travelers heading south as an customs entry law. Just a question about "your vaccines status" by land-border agents. I think that across North America, the "entry" requirement to be "fully vaccinated" will be left to individual businesses as a precondition or not. Again, this is just my opinion, observing North America's Covid situation up till today.
silversand 04/29/21 11:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

travelers sneaking through the cracks in the system....even Canada's draconian response toward "slowing the movement of virus" is (exceptionally) full of holes, ill thought-out, and frankly, proving to be of little benefit. Every Nation's "response" has to be situational (even the Three Amigos), but carried-out operationally under the precautionary principle (being proactive, not reactive). The huge issue plaguing the Three Amigos (and every other nation on Earth), is that some nations (4 of them out of 200+ Nations) actually HAVE vaccines in great quantities, while others have almost none. So, situationally, you have a huge imbalance country-to-neighboring-country: vaccinated to non vaccinated. How would the neighboring non vaccinated (and, possibly economically underprivileged, like Mexico) countries react? Totally shutting their borders, and cancelling 100% of passenger air traffic? Drilling down to the microscopic, RVers free flow across the Three Amigos borders, a bi or tri-lateral agreement was never meant to address dynamic imbalances like a pandemic delivers. Few if any Nations on Earth ever had any effective pandemic plan. There are no easy fixes, nor easy answers. A global concerted pandemic response needed a global pandemic response "law" enforceable. This does not exist.
silversand 04/23/21 10:17am RVing in Mexico and South America
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