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RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

Most of the issues can be handled with communication and a little tact. We had some young men tent camping behind us last year. They were about 50 feet away through a woodline. Not really easy to see just how close you are. Mid day I'm sitting by my fire reading and listening to my radio. They are doing the same. A Beatles song came on and they cranked the music. It was a good song and I understand when your favorite song comes on you may want to turn it up. When the next song came on and the music didn't get turned back down I walked out around the treeline and approached their site. When they saw me coming into their site they turned down the music. I simply pointed out that I was sitting right on the other side of those trees and can't even hear my own music. They apologized and said thanks for coming over. I could have yelled through the trees demanding they turn it down. That probably wouldn't have received the same reaction. And when I walked back to my own site, the camper across the lane yelled a nice thank you to me.
schlep1967 01/03/23 09:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Then what?

Why doesn't this exist? Take a small diesel like the ecoboost, pair it with a front wheel drive unit and put it in a heavy duty truck. Then put electric motors on the rear wheels. You can have regenerative braking and alternator charging for the batteries. When pulling a fifth-wheel you need torque when starting and going up hills. This is when the electric would work with the ecoboost The rest of the time the ecoboost could easily keep the heavy load moving down the road. And when you are not towing, either the ecoboost or the batteries could be used. Once we can get the R & D department in Washington to meet in the middle instead of all or none. There are a lot of solutions.
schlep1967 12/29/22 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blow outs and tires

the china tire myth is just that a myth. It's more of a misunderstanding than a myth. Most of the trailer tires on RV's are made in China. Consequently, most of the blowouts are China "bombs". Simple statistics. I had one blowout. It was a 4 year old goodyear. Replaced it with the only tire MR. Tire had that weekend. Took the trailer in for inspection the next week. All 3 of the other goodyears had bubbles on them. So much for trusting the name. I've been running Carlisle's for the last two years with no problems. And yes, when I put the Goodyears on I went up to a heavier tire.
schlep1967 12/08/22 04:59am Toy Haulers
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

SO they left an elevation of 5,000 feet and drove basically downhill for 500 miles to an elevation of 5oo feet in a truck that regenerates it's batteries when going downhill. Can it make the same loaded run in the other direction? Hmmm. You may be interpreting that graph wrong. They went from Fremont to San Diego via the grape vine. So start at roughly sea level, over the grape vine and back to roughly sea level. Start in the bottom left hand corner to see the altitude and follow the changes. The grape vine is pretty obvious but there are some other grades as well. This kind of graph presentation is common to all Tesla software displays. You are correct. I was reading the graph incorrectly. Ignore my last.
schlep1967 12/07/22 05:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

SO they left an elevation of 5,000 feet and drove basically downhill for 500 miles to an elevation of 5oo feet in a truck that regenerates it's batteries when going downhill. Can it make the same loaded run in the other direction?
schlep1967 12/06/22 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodnight Irene, the party's over.

It really shouldn't be a surprise. A year and a half ago the local dealer lot had 10 trailers on it. Where they usually have 60-100. That means a lot of delivery's just to get the lots back to full. Now the lots are full, why would delivery's continue? Pre-covid - lots full ordering to replace the 15 units sold in a month. Covid - Trailer sales explode and lots empty. Can't staff the manufacturers due to quarantine rules. Covid waning - manufactures ramp up production to all time highs to supply current needs and replace the inventory to pre covid levels. Post covid - Lots filling up, other vacation options open up, many used units available, production will naturally slow down.
schlep1967 11/23/22 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

In my opinion... Look at the lift equipment rims and tires. Figure out who manufactured the lift kit and contact them to find out what the max load is on their components. Look at the tires and find a max load rating. Also look at the rims for their max load rating. Then go with the lowest number for your max load rating. There are lift components and rim and tire components out there that wouldn't hurt you a whole lot. But there are also plenty of cheap parts out there that would totally destroy your towing capacity. WIthout knowing what was added to the truck everybody on here is just guessing. Including the original poster.
schlep1967 11/21/22 05:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Beware *** Poor Build Quality 2021 Heartland North Trail

With any units built during and just after covid, I would be more surprised if they were good quality. Quality was fair at best before they started making 3 times as many units per day and using substitute parts because they couldn't get what was originally specified for that part. I'm hoping as trailer orders slow down the assembly lines can get back to producing better work.
schlep1967 11/15/22 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

It sounds like you are doing everything right. One thing that can get you are air leaks. Go out at night and with the lights on in the basement, look for any light escaping. Get those holes blocked with rags or tape. If the air leak is close to a water line it can easily cause it to freeze.
schlep1967 11/09/22 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Which one of you put a water filter here?

First thing I would do is remove the sink. Then, when you have room to work, you could move that filter anywhere you want.
schlep1967 11/04/22 05:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Finally got the truck, next will the fifth wheel fit ?.

You are still measuring from the puck mounting point. Watch the video I posted again. You need to measure from where the center of the pin would be to the closest point on the cab. Or in your case the closest point on the corner of the tank. How high does the tank sit above the top of the bed?
schlep1967 11/02/22 07:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Finally got the truck, next will the fifth wheel fit ?.

The distance from the puck to the tool box is pretty much irrelevant. Depending on the fifthwheel you are looking at (some are now "widebodies" at 101 inches), generally you are looking at between 8 and 8.5 feet. If you turn 90 degrees, or close to it, you will need 4 to 4.25 feet in front of the pin. If you have enough bed rail clearance when hooked up the trailer may go right over top of the tool box. Provided you are not backing the trailer down hill when in a tight turn. This video really simplifies it. How to measure 5th wheel clearance.
schlep1967 10/28/22 09:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Finally got the truck, next will the fifth wheel fit ?.

The fuel tank could definitely stay. Your concern would be the tool box. If you could cut enough off of the bottom of that to get you to bed rail height you could keep it with a standard hitch. If you remove the tool box you can use a standard hitch. If you want to keep everything the way it is I would consider an autoslider hitch. The length of your fifthwheel makes no difference. The width is what matters. When you turn 90 degrees half the width of the trailer is going to be in front of the pin towards the cab, or in this case towards the tool box.
schlep1967 10/28/22 04:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane smell inside to best diagnose?

Did you leave the pilot light in the oven on? If it goes out it will still be releasing propane.
schlep1967 10/25/22 05:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Heating the Garage

Does anyone put a small heater (thinking about a radiator heater) in their garage. We will be spending this winter in an area that regularly sees temps in the 20's. I don't want to drain the lines every time we are away for a few nights on short excursions and don't like leaving the propane furnace on. Opinions/ideas?? Judging by the replies we need at least one more bit of information. Are you talking about the garage on your toyhauler or the garage where you park your cars? If toyhauler, putting a heater in the garage and not running the furnace will not keep your water lines from freezing below the floor. A heat source in the belly/storage area would do that. But that wouldn't keep your drinks from freezing. However, your fridge is insulated. It would take a several day freeze before the inside of the fridge would lower temps.
schlep1967 10/19/22 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you sell a relatively new rv and downsize/moneywise?

When I want to sell something I put a sign on it saying "FOR SALE" and park it in my front yard. If you are driving it around make sure the phone number is on it and large enough to read.
schlep1967 10/18/22 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Theft at a State park.......

The question I have to ask: Are you 100% sure it was there when you arrived?? In our travels we have passed a few on the side of the road, which was probably a surprise to the owner when they went to get it. I'm guessing the bumper plug laying on the ground ruled out lost on the highway...
schlep1967 10/17/22 08:32am General RVing Issues
RE: How level should I shoot for?

Looks alright to me. About the only way to be sure is to go to a scale. Weight each axle and see what the difference is. With the way manufacturers use 7,000 lb axles on 16,000 lb trailers, you don't want to be transferring too much weight to one axle from the other.
schlep1967 10/17/22 05:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shopping new tires - is my shop confused or am I?

I see you got your tire situation covered. And it is amazing how many "tire salesmen" have no idea about what they sell. I had a blowout on the way to Delaware one year. Replaced it with the spare and got to the campground. Called the local tire place and they had one tire in the size and weight rating I needed. I drove over with the blowout one the rim and they changed it out. Before I left I asked him what pressure he had it set at. He said 60 lbs. I asked him to make it 80 lbs. The max cold psi on the sidewall. He said "It's no wonder you had a blowout. If you run them at 80 lbs they will blow out when the tire warms up above 80." I told him to put 80 in it and the next time his tire manufacturer rep comes in, ask him about max cold tire pressure and what you should be inflating tires to.
schlep1967 10/14/22 04:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: No water pump

Add a board under one side of the RV wheels. Water tanks tend to sag in the middle and pickups are generally towards one end or the other. Lifting one side will push antifreeze toward the other end. All you need to do is figure out which end the pickup is on.
schlep1967 10/11/22 08:28am Tech Issues
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