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RE: Xfinity Flex

looks like you need their set top box which is to be expected but likely can’t use it on a different internet connection.
rk911 10/25/20 10:51am Technology Corner
RE: What does tis switch do on multiple AC socket strip?

photo? manufacturer name/model #? any markings?
rk911 10/24/20 02:38pm Technology Corner
RE: New member introduction

welcome to the forum, Brian.
rk911 10/24/20 11:49am Around the Campfire
RE: New laptop?

Ok you tekkies I need some advice. My laptop is very old. Now use my IPhone for about everything. I want a new laptop that I can use to ‘surf the web’, use Tax Act for taxes, maybe to type a letter or something now and then, and maybe be able to check emails on my hotmail and gmail accounts. I’m seeing some in the mid to low $100’s. Is there something I need to look for to be sure I can do these things? if you're not familiar with Chromebooks you should read this:
rk911 10/20/20 05:59pm Technology Corner
RE: atwood water heater not working on electric

did you check the thermal cutoff (brown wire) for continuity? it acts like a fuse. when the electric side went out on our atwood 2-yrs ago (gas side comtinued to,work) i had advice to check it and sure enough it had blown. got a new one from a parts house and was back in biz. ez to check with a volt/ohm meter. Couldn't have been the thermal fuse If bad then NO DC goes back to circuit board so neither gas or electric would work Since 2004 Atwood Gas/Electric have used common DC and circuit board controls See wiring diagram.....thermal stops DC for both height=400 width=400 Messing around with it...replacing it you might have made ECO Connection better When on Electric a millivolt current goes from circuit board to ECO/Gas Valve and to ground This allows the ECO to be part of the safety control loop No millivolt thru Electric operation not true. our thermal cutoff was continuity. elec would not work but gas side did. replaced TC and restored elec side.
rk911 10/20/20 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: atwood water heater not working on electric

did you check the thermal cutoff (brown wire) for continuity? it acts like a fuse. when the electric side went out on our atwood 2-yrs ago (gas side comtinued to,work) i had advice to check it and sure enough it had blown. got a new one from a parts house and was back in biz. ez to check with a volt/ohm meter.
rk911 10/19/20 05:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How is the automatic step suppoed to work

Thanks for the info! I will look for the switch ours is right beside the door.
rk911 10/19/20 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Halloween Or Not

We are ABSOLUTELY participating this year! Our dragons and serpent are already on the front lawn. Each house in the neighborhood is designing their own way to safely deliver candy. Not going to ruin Halloween for these kids-they've had enough losses this year. If you had a young child would you let he or she go trick or treating this year ? Guy we don't but if we did we certainly would.
rk911 10/19/20 03:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Halloween Or Not

Anyone besides us Not Participating this year? We have various reasons why not, of course covid is one, but there are other reasons. Our local community center is handing out candy this year, but I know there are others in the neighborhood who are not. Sorry to the little gremlins. not a lot of kids in this neighborhood. we usually get less than a dozen. we'll be ready for them but doubt we'll get many.
rk911 10/18/20 01:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

we're staying put this winter. not worried for ourselves so much. just don't want to be locked down again.
rk911 10/18/20 12:58pm Snowbirds
RE: Fridge issue

we had a second gfci in an exterior storage compartment in a previous MH. check again.
rk911 10/17/20 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

...'ve also become lactose intolerant as I've aged so milk is out of the question. And it's a wicked bummer because I miss my Cocoa Krispies and Fruit Loops! :( bummer. have you tried this?
rk911 10/16/20 08:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Regular Cheerios.
rk911 10/16/20 01:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Medicare Advantage Plans

My wife and I have had original Medicare Parts A&B with a separate Supplemental and Prescription Drug plans for several years now. I was looking at Advantage plans and wondered if traveling from our stick home in Texas to our summer RV site in Maine would be a problem with the Advantage plan. If either of us needed to see a doctor while in Maine, would we be out of luck, insurance wise? Thanks for any of your experienced info! you should ask the plan provider those questions...and more. when we turned 65 in '15 and '16 we chose traditional medicare, a plan F supplement and a Part D drug plan. like virtually everyone on this forum we normally are away from home 5-7 mos a year and we had the same questions you have. we wanted to stick with Blue Cross (we'd been with them for 30+ years and we're very happy) so we didn't investigate any others like Humana, etc. I asked BCBS about their Part C plans (Advantage Plans). at the time the BCBS Part C plans functioned like an HMO. we would've been assigned a primary care doc who would be in charge of everything including when and who to see when a specialist was needed. when we left our home area we were required to give them 2-weeks notice in order to be assigned a new PCP in wherever we were headed. If we only went to Mesa, AZ this might not have been a problem but we usually take 3-4 weeks to get to Mesa and then another 5-6 weeks getting home. one year we put 7000-mi on the MH. if we didn't give the notice and we had an emergency maybe it would be covered, maybe not depending on the situation and how whatever doc or hospital we used coded the event. sounded way too iffy for us. since then i've had a bad vision event and my wife had a foot problem in AZ. the bills for the vision problem ran into 5-figures. maybe it would've been covered, maybe not. we also learned that if we switched to the Part C and then wanted to switch back to Medicare with a supplement we might have to take a physical to qualify for the supplement. be sure to ask about that. initially no physical is needed for a supplement. IMO the 'come-ons' for the Part C plans are the modern day equivalent of the medicine shows. hurry, hurry,, free, free! what they don't tell you about are the co-pays and deductibles. ask about that. Part C plans can save you $..if you are and stay healthy. maybe the Part C plans have changed over the past 5-years but we're happy with what we have.
rk911 10/15/20 03:00pm Snowbirds
RE: Do RV Batteries Freeze in the Winter?

Thanks for the quick response. Sadly we will be parked outside in a storage lot with no source for electricity. Even worse our generator was left in Mazatlan ( as it was being repaired ) when we left mid March so can't even use that. then i'd pull them and put them on a battery minder in your garage/shed.
rk911 10/15/20 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: Little button sized sensor on wall

It is a sensor for the thermostat+1
rk911 10/15/20 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

Don't know the number but 1000's in the Rio Grande Valley. tens of thousands is more like it. this story states that canadians own or rent 100,000 homes in AZ. article is unclear if "homes" include park models or annually leased RV spaces. in our park last year the most comon license plate was canadian.
rk911 10/14/20 07:21pm Snowbirds
RE: What is typical width of class A with side slides both open?

Minimum 6" concrete. Oh! and a walk down pit for maintenance... :) ...Dennis Pit is nice when you need to get under, but a PITA any other time. You drain oil into a pan on the floor, just slide it out. Or move MH away from pan. In a pit? Lift it out without splashing on you. i guess that would depend on the type of "pan" used. could slide a piece of plywood across the pit to support the pan. could get one of those drain/pans they use at the quickie oil change places. always wanted a garage with a pit.
rk911 10/12/20 05:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is typical width of class A with side slides both open?

if you make your carport 15-16' wide you should have enough room to be able to walk around the RV. wider, taller and higher for the next RV is not a bad thing.
rk911 10/10/20 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: water pressure regulators

rk911 10/09/20 06:20pm General RVing Issues
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