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RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

What happened to the electric semis? Are they going to be the new norm and/ or RV?Thread is still active but the Tesla version is 18 months out. Unless it is delayed again. what's the status of Tesla's beef with the SEC? jail or fine in his future?
rk911 06/23/19 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

Wrong, on all counts. Yes, lots of things are “free”, her kids education for example. nope. nothing is free. someone, someone(s), somewhere are paying for it. teachers and staff are paid, buildings are built and maintained, etc. all paid for by taxes which most homeowners (Illinois pays for schools via property tax) of us pay directly and renters pay through their rent. You see, ALL properties pay school taxes, farms, commercial, industrial, even VACANT land. Our houses are VERY similar, I just happen to own a bunch of other lands too. another choice. Better solution? You bet. Pay tuition, pay per mile you drive, any for what YOU use, not for someone else’s use. I see where you're going and I'm certainly not a fan of socialism but there are some things that the general population benefits educated citizenry for one and a well maintained (did I really write that?) road system. in the case of out of state travel paying per mile requires govt to know where I've been. not a big fan of that.
rk911 06/23/19 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

Before EV goes mainstream a charging solution needs to be in place for the tens of miliions of people that don't have driveways. hadn't thought about that but you're correct. how'z that gonna work?
rk911 06/23/19 04:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

Software updates are part of owning any vehicle these days. The worlds largest lithium producers are Australia Chile and Argentina. At least as stable as some of our fossil fuel sources. you do realize that the US is now an oil exporting nation, right? good to know that if something should go ka-bloom we should be able to meet our own needs. what software updates, apart from the on-board GPS in our Liberty and are 100% optional, are needed for my gassers in order for them to run? how hack-proof is your EV?
rk911 06/23/19 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

Fuel tax is the primary source for road funding and is one of the most fair methods as it is directly tied to your use of the system...but EVs circumvent this. Fair? Hardly! I drive my SUV about the same distance (35k miles) per year as my neighbour drives her Honda. Except, her Honda burns (pays taxes on) roughly 700 gallons of gas, while my SUV burns roughly 2,250 gallons, or approximately 325 % more and so I pay about 3.25 times more tax to do the same amount of driving. Can someone say (with a straight face) that my ride creates more than 3 times the amount of maintenance of roads that her Honda does? Mind you, she also has 4 kids that go to school for free, I have no children, but I pay more than 10 times the school taxes she does........ nothing is free, let's get that straight. and you chose a vehicle that gets 1/3 the gas mileage she gets. that's a choice. and presuming that your schools are funded via property tax you apparently own a home that's bigger, in a better neighborhood and/or newer than hers. that's also a choice. if the roles were reversed would you be complaining? got a better solution?
rk911 06/23/19 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slide out, store in, or out?

When your TT isn't going to be used for an indeterminate period of time, should the slide out be in, out (if feasible) or does it not matter? What about if you know the rig will not be used for quite awhile when you park it? Thanks I'd put it in just to avoid accidental damage and to minimize water intrusion during heavy rains. due to local ordinance we're forced to rent a space at an RV storage lot.
rk911 06/23/19 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

2 totally opposite ends of the spectrum here. Resender with his almost ubiquitous support for EVs, even defending them to a fault and rk911 who’s universal distaste or distrust for technology appears to favor his 46 Willy’s and rand McNally for transportation. quite the opposite. no luddite here, no inherent distaste for technology. i embrace technology. i just don’t kneel down and worship at its altar. i do have, and hope others do as well, a certain healthy skepticism of technology. that is to say i do not blindly and automatically trust any technology. some, maybe most tech is useful and makes our lives better, others not so much. and yes, while we still carry a road atlas for backup we use a GPS for routing. been doing that for the better part of 20-yrs. btw, my ‘46 Willys is a family heirloom and my daily driver around town in nice weather. it’s a real thrill to be driving grandpa’s jeep, the same jeep i used to ride around in as a kid. EVs may eventually turn out to be all they and their owners preach they are but they have a long way to go before they graduate from an expensive amusement into useful, practical transportation. i’ll consider one if that day ever comes.
rk911 06/23/19 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

...Nope. Has nothing to do with continued good performance. Software updates provide improvements to varioys functions. Everything from braking to instrumentation, power curves, safety, navigation. Things other vehicles require you to buy a new model year for. we keep our vehicles an average of 15-16 years and well past 100,000-miles before replacing them. - during that time the instrumentation requires no updates but likely will need a brake job - power stays pretty much the same during the life of our vehicles (one is 73-years old!). i step on the accelerator and off we go. yes, i keep MPG data. my '03 Wrangler is averaging the same MPG this year as it did when new. same applies to our '10 Liberty. my '46 Willys with the original flathead-4 and tranny still gets a respectable 12-mpg. no changes to the power plant and no depending on software updates. - safety? is there something inherently unsafe about the EVs? if you're referring to the auto-braking, lane movement warnings, etc. then i have some concern about those features. i can see some drivers rationalizing..."i don't have to pay attention, the car will save me". until it doesn't. - as for navigation, most of us managed to find our way around town, the state and the country using our brains and a road map. some of the above are conveniences that many if us have come to appreciate and maybe even rely on while others seem to be of negligible value. but there's not a thing listed that individually or collectively will encourage or induce me to spend huge bucks for an EV.
rk911 06/23/19 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

I say let income taxes pay for the roads. Petrol tax should be used to clean the environment. not everyone pays income tax...only about 50% of americans pay income tax. i like the idea of taxing the energy at the charging station with a separate meter at home stations.
rk911 06/22/19 09:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

And who will pay for all this additional taxation enforcement? take a guess. big brother keeps getting bigger. so now i may be forced to prove a negative...that i didn't drive X miles in my home state. wait! i know!! each state will setup border checkpoints automatically reading my odometer and by definition my identity thus tracking my movements. i'll get an annual bill or more likely it will just be deducted from my bank account like a toll for driving in a different state. big brother will know my whereabouts but of course this knowledge will be kept confidential, right? i agree that EV owners need to pay an equivalent road-upkeep tax. each state already knows how much tax they now collect and how many gassers are registered in the state. one divided by the other gets a per-car average. each EV owner would be taxed that average amount. some problems with this as well but it doesn't require a massive bureaucracy, state agents and intrusive govt surveillance to work. of course the other problem is forcing the state to actually spend the dollars collected for the intended purpose.
rk911 06/22/19 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

The other question is once so many people are driving EV's there is a lot less tax money that is part of the cost of ever gallon of gas or diesel. So how do you now get that tax money to pay for road work that should be paid for by the people driving on the roads? You can't just raise the taxes on electric that would not be fair to people who do not drive. Now the more you drive the more fuel you use so the more you pay in taxes. There is already complaints about the tax revenue from fuel going down because of more fuel efficient vehicles. As I stated before, tax the EVs by the mile, or even better, all vehicles by the mile. how do you see that being accomplished? self-reporting? some sort of tamper proof aux odometer that either reports to the state automatically or read by a state employee? what about out-of-state travel? should that be deducted?
rk911 06/22/19 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Drop Hitch Receiver

We tow our Honda CRV with a Ready Brute elite tow bar. The tow bar setup worked fine with our first motorhome. Now that we have a new MH, we notice that the tow bar slopes downward toward the CRV. I estimate a 4" difference in height. There are a number of drop receiver hitches on the market, but I don't know which one would work best. I'm also concerned about the extra inches added between the motorhome and the towed car. What should I look for in buying an adapter? Thank you. not trying to sound flip but what you're looking for is to make the connection level. i'd buy a quality drop down from a known name but beyond that, IMO, this is not complicated. we had a 6" height difference when we took delivery of our MH. i was lucky. the dealership owner, whom we've known for 15-years, had a nearly new 6" Blue Ox drop down that he let me have for $10. very lucky. as for the extra few inches maybe i should but i haven't given it a second thought. i did have to make a longer break-away cable for the aux brake.
rk911 06/21/19 10:08pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

the govt didn’t pay for anything. all of us did. you’re welcome. EXACTLY Wasn't like you couldn't have one also. I was moving with the technology. There were many that took advantage of not only the charger but a 15,000 credit. I didn't get that but my lease was for 127.00 a month for 2 years now that was a gift. not complaining (well, kinda..govt handouts are waaaaaaay too frequent and unnecessary. but i digress.). just pointing out that the govt...any govt...has no money to give or spend without first acquiring it from the goverened. Free stuff is a myth.
rk911 06/21/19 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

the govt didn’t pay for anything. all of us did. you’re welcome.EXACTLYActually I think the money was borrowed. Taxes did not increase. not the point. govt has no money without extracting it from the citizens.
rk911 06/20/19 11:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing a 2019 Rubicon Jeep

Any different than towing the 07 Wrangler ? book says, Transfer case in N, Transmittion in Park. All wheels up or down, no dollies. is that what the book says? its likely heavier than your ' your weights.
rk911 06/20/19 09:02pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

BEV vehicles cost an estimated 7-8k more than an ICE driven vehicle. That's to move 4,000 lbs of vehicle a hundred miles. Go to 300 miles, and that battery cost goes up a lot. How much do you think the battery cost would be for a 6,000+ lb truck pulling a trailer. Any idea how much those batteries will weigh, and what that might do to payload? Most mainstrean EV’s have ranges north of 220 miles. that's about a half-day's drive for us in the Jeep. best real-world recharge time for the next 200-miles? likelihood of finding a charging station along the way?
rk911 06/20/19 07:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

BEV vehicles cost an estimated 7-8k more than an ICE driven vehicle. That's to move 4,000 lbs of vehicle a hundred miles. Go to 300 miles, and that battery cost goes up a lot. How much do you think the battery cost would be for a 6,000+ lb truck pulling a trailer. Any idea how much those batteries will weigh, and what that might do to payload? BEV?
rk911 06/20/19 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

the govt didn’t pay for anything. all of us did. you’re welcome.
rk911 06/20/19 05:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

Advantages for us? A lot of it we just take for granted now. Here’s a few in no particular order that apply to us. I’m sure there are some I have missed. agree that some advantages and conveniences are individual. but some of what you cite are either clearly not when considered in the context of cross-country driving or raise a whole lotta questions. for instance.. - No wasted time at gas stations. Fuel at night while sleeping. one of two things need to be true before EVs can be considered for long distance driving: either the range has to be at least 500-miles or the recharge time has to be about the same as the average stop to refill gas. both would seem to be a long way off. i certainly don't want to wait 1-6 hours every ~200-miles for the batteries to recharge. question: if stuck in traffic...literally not moving...are the batteries discharging like a gasser burning gas while idling? - No grabbing a gas pump handle after somebody else just scratched their (fill in the blank). well, you're still touching something on the charging stand. if someone is that squeamish then they must go really crazy at a campground. hand sanitizer does the job for those that must have it. - Drive and forget no maintenance driving. (Well, washer fluid, wiper blades, brake fluid once in a while). No oil, filters, hoses, belts, plugs and brakes don’t get used much so very little wear. what is the lifespan of the batteries and what's it cost to replace them? and what about battery disposal? can they be recycled? there are obviously other moving parts so what is their lifespan and the cost to maintain? - Very quiet ride. Model dependant though. We found bolt was a little louder. agree that this would be great! a buddy has a Prius and has noticed that he sometimes startles people at crossings..people who did not hear him coming. maybe some low level artificial noise needs to be added to warn pedestrians? - fuel (electricity) is cheap but this depends where you live of course. I think this is a major issue. nuclear seems to be going away, at least it is here in Illinois, and with current technology i don't see solar/wind possibly bridging the gap. new power plants don't seem to be springing up and the grid in some parts of the country are suffering from brown-outs. the energy to provide power to what we all have and enjoy now plus the network of fast-rate charging stations has to come from somewhere. - We are not on a tight budget so this is relative but cost of driving is a fraction of the Grand Cherokee. did your insurance stay about the same, go up, go down? - We can drive in the HOV lanes although that’s only when we visit a neighbouring city which is 80 km away which is only a couple times a month. the HOV lanes I'm familiar with...and we've been in every state in the lower 48...require at least two persons to use those lanes. are you saying that you can use the HOV lanes while driving alone? like you I have nothing against EVs and maybe, one day, they will evolve into truly useful vehicles.
rk911 06/20/19 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Vehicles? Towing? Hauling?

"There seems to be quite a push lately for zero emission vehicles and electric only vehicles." "ZERO EMISSIONS", that's the biggest crock of "Barbara Streisand" I have ever heard!!! if that's the goal then fuel cell technology should've been the path.
rk911 06/20/19 10:16am General RVing Issues
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