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RE: Water line burst
rk911 11/12/19 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Water line burst

b works but if that makes you uncomfortable then suggest you look at a Watt's adjustable pressure regulator. we have model 263A built-in in our wet bay. spring for the oil filled stainless model.
rk911 11/12/19 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Wanna bring a golf cart and a Jeep towed

We're selling our vacation home in SW Fla and plan on using our Challenger for future vacations of a month to 6 weeks. I'm thinking I might want to buy a golf cart to bring along with my Jeep towed. Is there a way to do this? Maybe something to put the golf cart on and then hook up the Jeep. double towing is illegal in some states. an enclosed double deck trailer comes to mind but is likely too heavy for the MH chassis to safely tow. may i suggest that before you embark on this plan that you know and thoroughly understand your Damon's various weight ratings (GCWR, GVWR, GAWR as well as the actual rolling weight of your loaded MH and the items you want to tow. your rubicon likely weighs over 4K pounds by itself. be safe.
rk911 11/12/19 07:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV Antenna Question

Got one of these: Can I do without the big "net" and the long VHF dipoles and still get OTA digital TV with the shorter UHF dipoles? I want to do without the "net" to reduce wind problems. Thanks. (The "net" as they call it seems to be a reflector like with WW2 British gunnery radars that had Yagis poking out of them.) ignoring their deceptive/untrue advertising (there is no such thing as an HD TV antenna) and the mediocre reviews (didja read them?) you will likely do OK..but just OK...and you won't be out a bundle. you are planning to put it up when camped and take it completely down when moving or so you want to put it up and leave it attached to the RV when moving? is that why you're worried about wind? i'll tell you that height-above-average-terrain (HAAT) is your best friend. the higher up you get the antenna...any antenna (and a 25-yr old standard residential antenna with new coax will likely perform as well or possibly even better than this one) the more signal you will capture. me? if I was looking to do this I'd leave it off the camper while moving and then when parked I'd get this puppy up at least 10' above the roofline of the RV. but as I said it's cheap enough to give it a whack. good luck.
rk911 11/12/19 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Strange house battery issue

the power converter/charger does two things simultaneously while plugged into shore power or when the genny is running: - it charges the house battery (or batteries). it usually does not charge the chassis (starting battery) - it converts 120vac to 12vdc and powers your 12vdc appliances. lights, rv fridge, etc. it sounds like one of two things are wrong. - there should be two circuit breakers on the converter. one or both may have tripped. if so your batteries will not be charged. that could explain what you’re experiencing. - the converter is kaput and should be replaced. - disconnect from shore power and don’t run the genny. are your lights still dim? if yes then using a battery hydrometer check the state of charge in each cell of each battery. i’ll bet the charge is low. if so disconnect the cables from each battery and using a standard automotive battery charger charge them overnight. reconnect the batteries and while still disconnected from shore power and the genny off see if your lights and other 12v stuff is normal. - if you’re handy and can use a multimeter check the voltage coming IN to the converter (should be ~120vav). then check the output voltage (should be 12vdc) betcha your converter is dead. good luck.
rk911 11/11/19 04:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Signing a power of attorney for bank when selling your RV

I have a prospective buyer for my RV and HE is getting a loan thru Southeast Financial. I have complied with all their requests, RV inspection, Purchase Order, now they want me to sign a Power of Attorney giving them control over my title prior to giving me a check. I said I would sign one and hand it over with the title on receipt of the check. They said no check till I sign it. QUESTION. Has anyone done this ? Do I have concern ? ETC. ? i wouldn' way!
rk911 11/11/19 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

Thank you for your responses!! One caveat, I live in the RV.! then winterize it the fridge the EZ way...point it south or southwest and keep going till night time temps are above freezing.
rk911 11/10/19 01:27pm Tech Issues
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

I have a residential refrigerator with water connection. Suggestions on how to winterize it. I opened up the back panel and could not find any instructions or valves. Thanks guy’s, David should be in your owner's manual but this is how I do it. I'm assuming you use the pink RV anti-freeze. - empty fresh water tank - let icemaker run until no ice is produced - run RV anti-freeze through the coach like you normally would. - continue to run the ice maker until you see pink slush - turn off the ice maker. on ours I raise the bail wire. - power off the fridge. - I leave the fridge/freezer doors cracked open to reduce mold.
rk911 11/09/19 12:31pm Tech Issues
RE: No one is heading south?

what gives you that idea?
rk911 11/08/19 08:35am Snowbirds
RE: Winterizing and sink sprayer hose

why not just remove it ...the sprayer head...and bring it in the house for the winter?
rk911 11/06/19 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

I am looking for something that would be in a covered plate to protect it from road water / elements.. oh, ok. like this? just google 'Weatherproof HDMI Panel Connector'
rk911 11/06/19 12:18pm Technology Corner
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

how ' bout tnis: HDMI and USB 3.0 Wall Plate HDMI Wall Charger Outlet Mount Socket Face Plate Panel Cover,W... or this... do a google search for 'panel mount hdmi'.
rk911 11/06/19 11:35am Technology Corner
RE: Buyer Beware: Reserve America / Active Advantage

Of course something was clicked is error. I feel it is deceptive for them to even be allowed to insert their subscription option into the check out process. If it were not in the check out process and just advertised on the page somewhere that would be different. But to have it in the check out where it is normal to have to click check boxes to agree to things is down right wrong. 'deceptive' is imprecise but will do. what has been described is very similar to what some software distributors will do. when preparing to download some providers will, by default, have a box already checked signifying the user's agreeing to also download a second piece of software. look carefully before downloading anything.
rk911 11/04/19 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Buyer Beware: Reserve America / Active Advantage

Just a PSA for you. I recently got a charge on my credit card fr $89.95 to a company called for their advantage membership. I had no idea who they were but I have found their parent company may own Reserve America and the charge came from a reservation I made in FL using RA. This is very disturbing to me that the Florida State Park dept would allow this to happen as well as Reserve America. Also, I made another reservation in RA to see if there was a check box I missed that caused the transaction, but there was no such box or any notification or mention of I just got off the phone with Active to cancel this and they did it with no issue since I called them the next business day. Happy Camping. this is precisely why I have purchase alerts on our CCs set to $1.
rk911 11/04/19 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Drawer Latches Failing

how are they failing? this is what we use.
rk911 11/03/19 09:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

The merging thing. Why don't drivers, cars mostly, not get over if they can to let vehicles on, especially things like RVs & semis which are not able to speed up quickly? It is a simple matter to show a little courtesy to help that big guy on the highway. amen. unless getting ready to exit this is why we stay in the center lane or the second lane from the right in urban areas.
rk911 11/03/19 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: health insurance

I can get medicare when i reach 65 through my state run pension plan, its call ed the connector, they will subsidize my premiums but at what % is still unknown. Medicare and SS aren’t tied together. Also you will still need a supplemental policy to pick up what SS doesn’t cover. and supplement plans F and B are being discontinued for most folks. don’t dawdle.
rk911 11/01/19 03:05pm RV Lifestyle
RE: health insurance

there are other options besides traditional insurance. look into/google MediShare.
rk911 11/01/19 09:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Propane tank integrity test

unless something has changed the recert pgm does not apply to motor homes.
rk911 10/28/19 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: tv

the program guide in the TV Guide app is free.
rk911 10/28/19 03:42pm Technology Corner
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