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RE: Truck flooded

Funny part is, I was talking to a guy down there, said the water got to his old suburban. Looked like it was over the rocker panels. Floor was wet inside. Told me about it after he drove it 500 miles home. But he’s not a pansy... Talk to your buddy in about a year, you'll find out who knows almost nothing about cars. I had another salt water flooded vehicle back in college, bunch of college kids duck hunting. No insurance. Drained the engine oil and drove on. Starter lasted about 30 days, generator was next, then it got to where it would not shift ( 3 on column ). Finally ended up taking battery out ( replaced too ) and selling to a junk yard. BIG difference is this one is a 2018 , 22,000 miles and fully insured. You bet I want a total loss. If you or anyone else thinks it can be rinsed off and good as before you are in a dream world. I know better. pansie
riven1950 08/10/20 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck flooded

“Of course they want it inspected by a body and dealer.” Reasonable. What is the issue? No issue except time. I was hoping for a real live appraiser who could make a determination but I am ok with and inspection. Just need a truck. TT is sitting in CG in Florida.etc.
riven1950 08/07/20 04:02pm General RVing Issues
Truck flooded

Anyone have any experience with an insurance claim on a vehicle, F150 in my case, being partially flooded in salt water. The hurricane got mine. Water up to top of the tires, plus or minus a couple of inches. Don't think water got in the engine but horn started blasting in middle of the flood and would not quit till the battery did. Water inside under seats, don't think it made it to the seat bottoms. I don't want the truck back. Don't think you can ever get all the salt issues out. Told the insurance company that. Of course they want it inspected by a body and dealer. Told they by time inspections are done truck is toast. Guess I will see what they say. Anyone with a similar experience? Thanks
riven1950 08/07/20 05:17am General RVing Issues
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Well, we generally are mostly naturally smarter, but when you buy a dually, you get the dually book. They specifically admonish you to not show this book to single wheel owners. In fact they suggest that you say "There's no such thing". I think the guy or gal driving the dually, pulling about a 35'bumper pull up I95 on Saturday, passed me doing about 85, must have been reading their book and not the speedometer. :) They were on a mission!!
riven1950 08/03/20 07:57am Towing
too much truck or not enough trailer?

My wife and I thought this was interesting. Would look a little weird going down the interstate.
riven1950 07/30/20 03:32pm Towing
RE: Backup Camera Replacement - AWESOME Help

The furrion we have now works fine. I do not like the 5" screen. I put an off brand on a previous TT that cost about 100.00. It had a nice bright 7 " screen. Problem was the wireless signal not as good. I would take that one hard wired over the Furrion we have now, but the new TT was set up for Furrion and so I drank the Kool Aid. Works good, just wish I had a 7" screen
riven1950 07/30/20 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: " observe " TT frig from afar

ok , thanks for the replies. Sounds like good advice. Someone here could keep a check on it but didn"t want them to worry with it every day. They could empty if things went south. Best idea is probably as you suggested, toss it and start over, although I may leave the frig on so it will ( hopefully ) already be cold when we return. Won't hurt it to run and it doesn't use much juice. Thanks for helping me not overthink this situation. One problem solved. This storm lurking in the tropics has me concerned, although it looks not so bad right now. Of course estimated to end up close to S%B in NC. Following us up the coast...maybe. :)
riven1950 07/30/20 08:27am General RVing Issues
" observe " TT frig from afar

We have to leave the TT in Florida for about 2-3 weeks. Plan to disconnect water. Turn up A/C a bit. Fridg bothers me. We are on monthly lot with full H/ups but what if frig quits or somehow power is lost? Bad smell. We are trying to get it as empty as possible, but still a lot of condiments etc will be left. It is running on A/C right now. We have a pretty good wifi signal here. Any ideas for a camera or thermometer that would send signal to my phone or computer? Problem is we have to leave soon so no time to order. Would have to pick up locally. We are close to Tampa and they've got probably all the box stores. Got to go there tomorrow for Doctor appointment so could pick up something. And, of course I want something inexpensive! :) Also would you disconnect the Progressive PMS to prevent theft ( and power loss ) or leave it on? This is a quite, place with electronic gate so pretty sure all is safe. Thanks
riven1950 07/30/20 04:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Place to Sell Tow Vehicle

Just don’t be one of those douches that doesn’t answer inquiries and for gods sake put your phone number in the ad! Is that a typo? I totally agree with the first part, however I never put my phone number on a CL ad. I use their anonymous email system. If I get what I think is a valid contact THEN I will give them a phone number, not before. To each their own...
riven1950 07/29/20 05:47pm Tow Vehicles
moving NC to Fl

Hey, We are getting ready to sell the S&B in NC and buy another in Florida. North of Tampa near the coast, kind of the old Florida, if there is such a thing anymore. Anyway, tying to figure out some of the good and bad things we will deal with, like vehicle registration, boat registration, TT registration vehicle insurance, and taxes on same. I think we already know there are no State income taxes. Aware of flood insurance since we have that now in NC. Also familiar with Hurricanes. We are in Hurricane alley in NC already. Anyone move from NC or know the pros / cons? Thanks
riven1950 07/29/20 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: A nice change from Social Media

I have had a FB account for years. Never used it except to post fishing videos to send to a buddy of mine. Recently my 8 yr old grandson wanted to send me some stuff ( out of school and bored ) so I am back on but never post or comment otherwise. I do read some of the post and have determined a lot of people are very insecure and got way too much time on there hands. Spend most of my time on this site, GD site, and general surfing the web for things that interest me. Don't need to tell the world every time I go to Walmart:)
riven1950 07/29/20 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic 2662 troubleshoot

Thanks Doug. You are the man!!!
riven1950 07/26/20 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic 2662 troubleshoot

Mitch: Thanks for the info. Will be checking on those fans. Doug: I understand what you are saying, but it seems if the unit is properly installed and the Dometic fan is not working they would fix it. Anyway, I plan to put some sort of fan in as an extra. In your suggestion do you have to pull the frig out to hook up to the tstat disc? Also to show my ignorance what is a tstat disc? I'm guessing a thermostat switch controlled by temperature fluctuations? Thanks again
riven1950 07/25/20 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic 2662 troubleshoot

Thanks so much for the replies. Doug: Is the fan you refer to running all the time? If it is not running maybe my immediate problem. Maybe Dometic will repair it if that is the problem as our unit is < 2 years old. I am still planning on putting in the extra fans. Have read about them but never had a problem before, even spending a month in the Keys the first winter. Makes me think the OE fan is out. Mitch: Do you have details on where I can find the fans and how to hook them up or point me in a direction to find that info I like the looks of your setup.
riven1950 07/25/20 05:19pm Tech Issues
Dometic 2662 troubleshoot Hey We have a 2019 GD 2500 rl. We have been sitting on the same site in Florida since the 15th. Unit cooling ok, 14F / 38F +/-. I keep a thermometer in both to keep a check. Set on AC power and until this morning was next to highest setting, # 5 I think. Anyway this morning it was a little warmer 22F / 40F I bumped it up to the highest setting to see what happens. In the meantime I am looking at my manual on installation. Our is in a slide. Took pics. It appears to have baffles ( I think ) but the instructions say it should have a fan. I find no fan, but don't know where to look for one either. Any suggestions? I guess if it continues to cool poorly I will switch to propane and try that, although we have to leave the camper here for a week end of next week and I really don't trust it on propane. Sometimes it wants to cut off on propane after a while, sometime it will run for days...go figure Will try pictures. The 1st three are taken through the bottom vent. Last two from top. Thanks, TR
riven1950 07/25/20 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: Best Place to Sell Tow Vehicle

When selling anything through Craigslist, I always set up a location away from my home to show the item. I started doing that but quickly became frustrated with the number of people who don't show up, no call, just wasting my time and gas. Now they come to me. We live in a pretty safe area and I sometimes have my .380 in my back pocket. Never invite them inside. Good luck
riven1950 07/23/20 05:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Place to Sell Tow Vehicle

I've used Craigslist in the past with some success but also had a fair amount of scammers. I've also used and Autotraders with mixed results. Those are the 3 I used for my last F150 and a car recently. Both sold in less than 2 weeks. Last buyer said he used all 3 to find the vehicle. BTW I think was free with just a few pics. I just told people to email for more pics and they did. Ebay is possible. Never sold there but bought a car and boat off Ebay. Good luck
riven1950 07/22/20 06:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Unleaded vs. Premium gas, does it make a differnce?

Actually it makes maximum horsepower at 5,000 RPM. At 1800 rpm you make about 140 hp not the rated 350+ hp at 5000 rpm. That may be true. Not disputing your numbers, but ours turns about 1800 / 2000 on flats overpasses / rolling hills. Just went over two high bridges in Jax Fl in tow haul mode and on cruise, 62 mph. Tach went to 3000-3200 area, stayed @ speed. Never seen tach over 3200 unless we are caught on an on ramp and have to kick it, but also never been in big mountains. Can't see it getting anywhere near 5000. Must be the tranny / tow haul working.
riven1950 07/18/20 07:12am Tech Issues
RE: Unleaded vs. Premium gas, does it make a differnce?

On this subject, I think 87 octane is supposed to be 87 octane and 93 is supposed to be 93 octane, but I have noticed a difference in mileage between different stations with the same octane. Even taking wind in consideration there is a difference. That is my OPINION not supported by facts.
riven1950 07/17/20 11:30am Tech Issues
RE: Unleaded vs. Premium gas, does it make a differnce?

No scientific test but our 2018 ECO gets about 2 MPG better towing with 93 octane, and it seems to have more pep, although it has plenty of pep with 87 octane. We are in Fl. Trip to Jacksonville was a blended tank of 40 % 87 60% 93. lie o meter showed 10mpg. Filled in Jax with 93 and at same speed avg 12 on trip to Tampa. Both same speeds. Not much wind either day. No pinging with 87. Cost / benefit is not great, maybe break even after paying more for the 93.
riven1950 07/17/20 06:26am Tech Issues
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