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RE: Cell Service

We have used Stright Talk for 10 years and love it, especially the price. Their customer service was an issue but has improved over the years. We are always careful to get a phone using Verizon towers, much better than the At&T phones on our area. May be different for you. As someone stated you cannot use ST phones to connect other devices as you can with some. They will sometimes notify you if you go over 2g data in a month, but we have and it keeps working and no notice of speed slow down. We use a hotspot for data on long trips. Have been using ST but looking at a Verizon HS for future.
riven1950 10/31/19 03:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Those with portable surge protector

We do but mainly to monitor Amps used, but as someone said lightning would be another reason.
riven1950 10/13/19 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sealing underside edge of counter top

My first thought would be clear exterior polyurethane or something similar.
riven1950 10/08/19 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Disney Ft Wilderness (& Fishing)

You do need a Fishing license. I have a salt water license now and have purchased a non - resident fresh water license. You may be able to get a combo license. The Florida F & G website is pretty user friendly. I have been buying an annual non-resident online and just carry the numbers with me. One F & G officer told me it had to be printed out, but I didn't have access to a printer. Been checked a couple of times, gave them the confirmation numbers and they were happy. Of course I was not breaking the law either. Tried buying at a retail store 2 times and it was a pain, either very long wait or " their computer was down ". Also, if you are only going charter fishing I think the boat license will cover you. You might want to double check that.
riven1950 09/23/19 02:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

I really don't have a solution but am thinking you were lucky to get by 10 years with a system with no drain lines and steel barrels. In SE NC the barrels would probably be rusted out. If plastic I would think pumping them out and flushing with a lot of water when empty would buy you a few years.
riven1950 09/19/19 04:17am Tech Issues
RE: electrical calculation please

DFord, Thanks for the advice. Still thinking....
riven1950 09/17/19 04:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: electrical calculation please

Dehumidifiers are commonly rated in "pints per day" At only 20watts, I'd doubt if it could remove a pint in 24 hours. How about sharing the brand and model of what you're looking at and we can give you a much better idea of what it can do and what you can expect. Without that information we're all just wasting our time guessing. Ok, here goes: humidifier I don't plan on using this as a whole house unit. A/C seems to take care of that. Also, the TT has 2 max air vent covers and I leave the vents open 24/7 and we have not had a problem. Where I planned to use this unit is in my workshop / storage area under the house ( house on pilings ). It is approx 12x14. There is no standing water issue outside, it is built on slab, no leaks. Just trying to eliminate a musky smell / dampness that I think comes because the room is closed up 95% of the time. No window. No A/C, just portable heater. BTW My man cave is adjacent to this space and same size. Small pool table. It has a window A/C /heat pump. It is used much more often and there is no musky smell there unless it is closed up for a week or so. I also have an exhaust fan I run there at times for air exchange. So there it is, you wanted more info. What do you think?
riven1950 09/17/19 01:13pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: electrical calculation please

Sorry if not clear. I'm trying to figure how much power the unit would use if plugged into a/c at home. In other words, how much affect on my electric bill. Don't plan on using it while camping
riven1950 09/17/19 07:31am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
electrical calculation please

We are looking at a portable dehumidifier. It apparently runs off a/c via a d/c adapter. specs says it draws 20w DC and is " energy efficient " How much of and energy hog will it actually be? I think I got all of that correct. Thanks,
riven1950 09/17/19 06:16am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: dumb hitch ball question

This is just being lazy and unsafe get a new hitch with the right size ball that way you just have to pull a pin and change the hitch and replace the pin I've been called a lot of things but lazy is not one of them. I stated I have a hitch which is the right size in my post. I was asking for specific advice. I have a picc line in my arm which restricts lifting weights. Thanks to the early and quick advice we were able to move the the TT this morning with the 2" ball. The world did not end! Thanks to all who offered real advice. Someone please close this thread, I've had enough.
riven1950 09/14/19 11:16am Towing
RE: dumb hitch ball question

Thanks folks. I like the shop rag idea. Great site!
riven1950 09/13/19 05:43pm Towing
dumb hitch ball question

Can we move our 2500rl Imagine TT safely within a storage facility using the hitch I use for my 22' boat? I think the boat ball is 2" and the TT E2 hitch is 2 5/16. Got a medical thing going on and just don't want to handle the E2 unless needed. WE will be moving about 200 yards on pretty flat land. Thanks
riven1950 09/13/19 03:49pm Towing
RE: How High???

A funny story, or at least I thought so. I was in the hospital recently and one of my Doctors was a gun / hunting enthusiast and saw me reading a RV magazine. We hit it off and had a blast talking about both. This is his RV story from his youth... I think he said late 70's. Anyway, his dad rented a big motorized rv for the family to take out west to visit relatives they had not seen in a while and to see the sights. The end stopping point being very hot. Basically his dad ripped the entire a/c unit off the rig on something right after they got to the destination. Mom was not happy and they had to stay in a motel the whole time. Then of course he had to pay for the damages when they returned. Says his family still laughs about NOW. I was laughing my A-- off! and wondering just how tall is my TT? Thanks for reminding me to take that measurement.
riven1950 08/19/19 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping on my lot against zoning law

Don't poke the bear. Sure way to be moving. Depends on the neighborhood, but if no complaints from neighbors you may be ok, not legal but ok. You can always research penalties online or in person, they are public records, or ask an attorney.
riven1950 08/18/19 06:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall

They replaced two for me. Were supposed to do one more. After several follow ups I gave up and just bought a new one.
riven1950 08/18/19 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

We have a similar setup using a e2 wdh. E rated tires. MaxMax tow airbags and stock shocks. No swaying on 2000 miles to the keys with some pretty good crosswinds.
riven1950 08/12/19 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to RVing.....please help

I would suggest reading a lot of old post/questions. That is where I started, then learned more about what questions to ask. Good luck
riven1950 08/11/19 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wheel Bearing Repacking question

MFL wrote: fj12ryder wrote: "The MAX speed rating for all Trailer tires is 65 MPH." You sure about that? No...he can't be sure, since he is just plain wrong! He can be helpful in many cases, with RV repairs, but obviously tires is not his expertise. Jerry LOOK IT UP!!!! You are correct. I am not a Tire expert. BUT, I CAN READ and I get this info from the various Trailer Tire makers info. I advise my customers this fact all the time. I have yet to have a customer come back and tell me I am wrong. I believe there may be a tire rated at 70 mph, but it was VERY expensive. Here is another Tidbit. The Tires on a 2018/19 Tiffin 45 foot Allegro Bus are rated(Michelins) at only 75 mph. Hence Tiffin governs the Drivetrain at about 77 mph max. Doug I don't tow over 65mph, usually around 62, but the Westlake tires on our 2019 GD TT are marked 75mph max. I know there is a lot of bad things said about Westlakes and I am not suggesting you should tow @ 75mph with any tire. Just stating what is on the tires.
riven1950 08/06/19 06:42am Tech Issues
RE: Furrion Back-up Camera

Sounds like you made a good choice. Ours runs off the running lights too and we like that, except when I forget, hook it up and think it is not working then I realize the lights are not turned on :) Enjoy!!
riven1950 08/06/19 06:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer with fixed coupler so it doesn't pivot

I have a 4x8 foot utility trailer which is almost impossible to back up without the ramp on and in up position. Boat trailer same problem. Like others said just make a temp flag for the back corners. Will make like life a lot easier.
riven1950 08/02/19 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
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