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RE: rodent repellent

We've tried several things to deter rodents. The only thing that has worked consistently and completely is putting a shop light under the hood. I plug it in with an extension cord over to my carport and a dusk to dawn timer. When we are on an RV road trip, we leave one car in the carport. I do the same thing for it, but I just lay the shop light on the ground under the engine. I took this one step further, I installed a strip of cut to length LED lights around the inside of the engine compartment. The plug is on the right side of the bumper, and plug in ever time I get out of the truck.
rhagfo 09/24/20 06:10am Truck Campers
RE: Kitchen Sink

Very nice!
rhagfo 09/23/20 02:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Multiple blowouts in short time

Our trailer weighs roughly 12,000 fully loaded and we drive 65 - 70 tops. They didn't mention replacing rims, only bearings and hubs. If you don't have an alignment issue, consider switching to LT truck tires, Yes the same tires on the TV! We bought our 2005 Copper Canyon in 2012 with the original LT tires on it. I checked them and ran for another four years. When we replaced we bought Yokohama YK-HTX 235/85-16E's these tires have a lower weight rating than ST tires, but a higher speed rating (Much Higher). These tire have a 3,042# rating, I carry a little over 10,000# on the trailer axles with the 5er at about 12,600#. On Edit: Do you cover your tires when not towing??
rhagfo 09/22/20 02:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Peak Blue Platinum DEF

Frankly as a retired chemist I'd be more likely to believe this if they explained what miracle additive they are using. Otherwise it sounds like marketing BS. DEF is plain and simple 35% Urea and I don't know what 'deposits they were referring to. Searching google for 'def deposits' gets zero hits. Both have the same water and Urea identifier, and those are the only two ingredients.
rhagfo 09/21/20 06:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheelbase question

Real men do not drive short bed trucks ! Real men don't make comments like that unless their tongue is firmly planted in their cheek. And real trucks don’t have spark plugs! :B
rhagfo 09/20/20 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

My furnace works fine. That's helpful for OP. ?? I am sure the OP wants portable electric heaters as park electric is included in the site price, propane isn’t. Well my furnace also works fine, and when the wall switch is flipped to electric I am using the park provided electricity. I am heated and the basement is heated.
rhagfo 09/19/20 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

Personally I hate portable electric heaters. We installed a Cheap Heat electric add on unit to our gas furnace. Not cheap to buy, but heats the basement also, provides 1,800 watts on 30 amps, and 5,000 watts on 50 amp. We also have an electric fireplace heater that will work well in really cold weather.
rhagfo 09/18/20 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: iOS 14

Just updated, needed to down load and we have spare data this month. The down load is something like 2.3 gb, if on cell internet something to think about.
rhagfo 09/18/20 11:56am Technology Corner
RE: lug nut socket

Both my TT and my F150 require thin wall deep well sockets. Harbour Freight had them in 1/2" drive. I also bought a 30 inch breaker bar. The darned truck requires 150 lb/ft of torque and removing the lugs after they have been on a while takes some serious pull. My TT required 100 lb/ft on the lugs. Both units have aluminum wheels. Interesting that is the same torque as the wheels our Ram 3500 DRW. I have on board air and carry an impact wrench.
rhagfo 09/16/20 10:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

Their is a lot of things a person can do to his truck to make it do what he wants it to. Even though the sticker in the door saids it won't. I have a 2006 carriage 5th wheel I bought new. It is 35ft 11in long. On a truck scale fully loaded it weighs a little over 14,700lbs.Of that, the hitch weight is a little over 3,100 lbs. That leaves 11,600 lbs on the tires. I pull it with a 2001 ford F250 4x4 extended cab, 8ft bed with a 7.3 diesel, 3:73 rear end. The only difference between it and a F350 SRW is the suspension. I put Helwing helper springs on the rear and heavy duty shocks on the truck. I have a 25K airsafe hitch in the bed. A 37 gallon fuel tank between the tailgate and 5th wheel hitch. And a generator between the 5th wheel hitch and the cab. When the truck is hitched up, and you look at the side of the truck. It is still sitting up just a little in the rear. The truck pulls my 5th wheel great. And the first time we made a trip. The wife said you don't even know the 5th wheel is back their. And when we get to where we are going nothing moves in the 5th wheel. No plates, bowls etc. And that includes at the back of the 5th wheel. Only time something might move is if you have to slam on the brakes. The air hitch is not cheap. But it keeps the 5th wheel out of a bind and from jerking you around in the truck. Even though the sticker in the door said the truck would not handle it . I made it to where it will handle more than a F350 single wheel will. So if you know what to do ,sometimes you can make what you have work. Yep, you sure can but nothing you do/add changeS the GVWR or GAWR. Get in a crash, and the other driver gets a good lawyer you could see your life changed! I didn’t need any extra springs on the 2001 Ram 2500, but towing at 1,700# over my GVWR, would open me up for a lawsuit. So now have peace of mind.
rhagfo 09/14/20 12:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Run with only one propane tank

Not sure what difference you think 53# is going to make in towing ability or mileage. Not worth it to me!
rhagfo 09/14/20 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Registering an out-of-state purchace

This sounds familiar, did you just purchase it on 9/13 and the trip permit is still valid? If so get into Oregon, then contact the Oregon DMV, and get a 15 day trip permit if you plan on driving. Did you purchase from a Dealer or Private party? We dealt with the same issue in early 2019 when we bought our Ram near Everett, 3 day trip permit issued 12/31/2018. Went to local DMV on 1/2/2019 to get trip permit. The selling dealer had FedEx the sale and title paper work to Oregon DMV. We were at the end of our second and last trip permit when we were able to get our Grey Whale plates. Best advice CALL Oregon DMV.
rhagfo 09/14/20 08:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

Thanks all. Curious about fuel mileage pulling 10k at 65mph. 10-12 mpg US? Forgot to add it's SRW. We get close to that with our 2016 3500 DRW pulling about 13,000# at 65 mph. does this truck have the options you are looking for?
rhagfo 09/14/20 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

If you want a great VIN decoder for your ram this is the best I have found. It gives a complete listing of all installed standard equipment and Options. It also list the area the vehicle was delivered to new. Ram Decoder
rhagfo 09/13/20 03:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Domestic electric water heaters

I would never give up the fast recovery of a gas hot water heater.
rhagfo 09/13/20 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Preparing to Camp Host

Where are you finding all of these 'paid positions' that pay enough to live on before SS kicks in???? Most prime Camp Host positions are filled by previous Hosts or on the 'LIST' X2, mostly We have been volunteer host for going on seven years, the first three while working full time at our jobs, now as Full Time Host. Never had a paid position. We still enjoy it, though we are seeing a few more less than desirable campers. If you are a paid Host, sometimes you also need to pay for your site or at least for the power to your site. In Oregon three months is the normal max stay in a park, then you need to move to another location. We try to keep booked between 12 months to 18 months out or longer. It isn't a bad way to live, but I would not depend on the income to live on.
rhagfo 09/13/20 06:26am Workamping Forum
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Very seldom that semis run at their speed limit, now days the limits are 65 autos, 60 trucks most semis run between 65 and 70, autos 65 and 75. Running 20 mph below the flow of traffic in the right lane, basically setup a rolling road block.Rolling roadblock? That's what that passing lane is for. If people would drive like they should, i.e. move over to pass and then move back over to their original lane, it wouldn't be an issue, but instead you have people that pull into the right lane and just sit there, even when they could get back over. There's your rolling roadblock. Makes a person wonder how they keep the autobahns in Germany from being endless car wrecks, when you have people driving 100+mph and other people doing 60-70 mph. Oh yeah, they know how to drive. Well when you consider about 90% of the interstate system is only two lanes in each direction, a rolling road block is a vehicle going significantly slower than the general flow of traffic forcing all to move to the left lane to get around them. If the volume of traffic is higher than moderate many will have a difficult time fitting into the left lane. The reason the Interstates were made to this expensive design is exactly that: the right-hand lane has precedence. It is the travel lane. The passing lane exists only to facilitate a legal pass so that traffic in the right lane remains at a higher average. Extended travel in the left lane is illegal by definition. The left lane has NO right-of-way whatsoever. The exception to that is during the close confines of a pass. One cannot be in the lane otherwise. Only the stupid argue they’re going faster. Traffic volume determines average speed. Irrelevant how fast one WANTS to go. Next, It is illegal to otherwise block entry to the left lane. Period. A pass is by one vehicle at a time. In a big truck I put my lane-change signal on per requirement: as I am ready to start the move to the left lane. I AM NOT, “asking permission”. This makes the cretins mad as reading was never a required subject. Have even had a few hit me this year. No concept of what is ROW and who has it (situation). Emergencies happen. Smooth 67-mph traffic in travel lane and no left lane illegals, a suddenly stalled vehicle — or worse — means traffic diverts around into the left lane. It means the big trucks are coming over as that Is the road design. Right lane (of two lane) ROW is an absolute. All other rules start from there. If you are in the left lane, you will be at fault. Assuming you live to tell about it. As to RVs, none of you have the brakes you need to do over 60. The trailer electric drum brakes will have ceased functioning before you come to a full emergency stop. If you are passing much of any traffic, you’re the handicapped vehicle that screws it up for everyone else when things go wrong. 58-62/mph covers a range where other traffic flows around you as you learn to manage that situation . The big trucks are at 64-66/mph and all the stupids run in packs above that. NEVER be in any crowd, ever. Vehicles ahead, behind and athwart means you’re in the RV with the picture title of, “Can’t fix stupid” . It isn’t hard to learn how to stay away. How to drop off 5-10/mph and get them gone. . A football field or more. What is your FULL emergency stopping distance? Why haven’t you measured it? One-half of that (including 100’ extra for reaction time) is your dead-minimum. Where you pullout to pass. What you use to re-enter the right lane. None of this was anything controversial 50-years ago. Everyone knew. The two-lane highways made passing difficult. Headlights & Hand Signals. CB Radio. It was coordinated. Cooperative. Someone’s slowly passing you YOU ARE OBLIGED TO SLOW MIGHTILY TO GET THEM AROUND YOU SOONEST. That’s the Interstate design. The way rules flow from First Principle: The health of theTravel Lane. Stay below the flow. Manage (and help) others get past. Stay separate. Plans stops in advance of leaving, and execute those legs one-at-a-time. . Wow, talk about it is all about me attitude. First of all if you are in the right lane, you need to yield to a vehicle passing you in the left lane, you just can't bull your way into the lane, same on returning to the right lane. Well if you are driving defensively you are looking down the road and not beyond your ability to slow or stop for traffic issues. Lastly if you pull from the right lane into the left lane and strike a vehicle already there, you are at fault, not the vehicle already in that lane.
rhagfo 09/11/20 10:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

We were camping on the central Oregon coast the weekend before Labor day. The open flame ban started then. Propane grills and stoves were okay at that time, but not propane fire pits. Based on how dry the vegetation is I am not surprised by the grill ban also. The entire west coast is at a high risk for fires at the moment. Well today they lifted the ban on outdoor stoves and BBQ's, but only cooking devices. I will say we are currently in a beautiful, small SP in the Columbia Gorge. It is tender dry here and the wind is always blowing. This evening we as getting heavy smoke from the fires around Portland and Salem. We are hoping it clears by Monday. We had many cancellations today due to the smoke. Today Portland, and Seattle were at the top of the large cities with the worst air quality.
rhagfo 09/11/20 10:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

Greetings, my wife and I are in the early stage of being Seniors and are in the planning stage and intend on purchasing a RV (5th Wheel?) by spring of '21. We do intend on traveling across country and beyond when we retire and could travel about 4 months out of the year. Our budget is approximately $125k including truck. I stopped in a local RV dealer and looked at the Cedar Creek Silverback and liked the 31IK floor plan. This unit has a UVW of 11,244, GVWR of 14,435 and hitch weigh of 2,435. After digging in to see what type of truck is preferred, I noticed and came to the conclusion that I really should have a 350/3500 series, diesel with a dually. I really would prefer not to go the dually route as it limits the use of the truck as it would be my daily driver when not towing. So I need to shrink my 5th Wheeler requirement to accommodate. I intend on purchasing a turbo diesel truck and am leaning on the Chevy 3500HD double cab. I looking for my best option in a 5th wheeler to tow with it or equivalent. What size rig and weight of an RV should I be looking for and assured of being safe and confident? Would I be better off looking at TT's instead? Thanks all and be safe out there. Well $125K is close if you are looking to buy new. If you start looking at used trucks, keep in mind until the last couple model years Ford and GM SRW 350/3500's lacked big payloads both were about 3,300#. Only Ram had the big 12,300# GVWR with 4,200#=/- payloads in a SRW, Ram made the move in 2013. We tow a 5er at 13,000# with a 2016 Ram 3500 DRW, looking to go to a larger 5er in the future. As I stated before when looking at Payload numbers that DOESN'T all go to pin weight, it includes everything added to the TV over full fuel and DEF tanks, and a 150# driver. Last time I weighed 150# was about 30 years ago. As I stated before we lost 1,400# of payload to us, hitch, and stuff. Our 13,000# 5er has a pin of 2,700#, if we had lost that 1,400# from a 4,200# payload, we would only have 2,800# left for pin weight. We are full timers, and our Ram is our only vehicle, there are not too many places I will not take it, most are tight turn drive thru.
rhagfo 09/10/20 06:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

Ktmrfs, looking at my weather app, wind shift should be coming Thursday evening here in the Columbia Gorge. I hope that brings relief in the city, but also blow the fires back on to burnt fuel to help firefighters to get a handle on things. We have lost part of Collier Memorial SP, while word has it that the Logging Museum was saved, one campground burned. It is unknown the condition of Detroit Lake, seeing the loss of entire towns on Hwy 22 it may also be damaged. Stay safe!
rhagfo 09/09/20 09:47pm General RVing Issues
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