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RE: What's up with CGs?

It's obvious it is pointed towards the revelers like spring break Datona, groups that will pile pallets 10' high and start a bonfire, bring their 1,000 amp speakers and a DJ, or G-string clad "ladies". As CG host I ran hard into this attitude. 1 end of loop had several sites reserved for weekend in same last name. Some pulling in on Thursday afternoon, while I was off duty. About 7, music started, loud enough I could not her my news show in camper. My shift started at quiet time, so I went over there. As soon as I said anything, somebody turned it down to a reasonable level. I said that would of been good for last 3 hours, but now needs to be off, pointed out rules on their receipt. 1 of the 40-something men said "We are not a bunch of college kids cutting loose, WE ARE A FAMILY!" Typical mindset of such people. We are exceptional and entitled and the rules do not apply to me. Easter weekend we did with a party going on until 2AM in the morning day before a wedding. Party was next to camp host, who was not there. Day of wedding party camp host was there and stopped it at midnight. The site that had the parties was occupied by 55+ couple. We were at the Great Smoky Mountains NP a few weeks ago. We did what is considered the most popular trail. At the trailhead it clearly stated NO PETS. Of course there were exceptional and entitled people that this rule did not apply to. Service dogs are not an exception here and none of them were service dogs anyway. Dogs are only allowed on 2 trails within the entire park. When researching I learned this is pretty much standard practice at all National Parks. On their website they explain why and it pretty much all very valid reasons. Exceptional and Entitled people can do what they want and to Hell with the rest of us.
pbeverly 06/02/22 05:51am General RVing Issues
RE: CC safety

My phone alerts me to EVERY transaction. One time after using the card the night before at a gas station, my phone alerted me to a $2200 transaction to an online furniture store. I immediately alerted Capitol 1. Needless to say, the a$$hole that stole my CC number got caught. If a gas pump has the old style black card reader that sticks out you need to grab it and make sure it is tight and won't come off. If it isn't tight it probably is a skimmer grabbing your data. Had this happen to me in SC and was buying groceries that day in Canada after I got skimmed.
pbeverly 06/01/22 04:51am Technology Corner
RE: What's up with CGs?

After our Easter Weekend at a SC State Park this year, which all of these rules pretty much applied, I wish they would send out an email like this as a STRONG reminder of the rules. The REAL question should be "What's up with campers these days?"
pbeverly 06/01/22 04:41am General RVing Issues
RE: CC safety

Very safe. Your actual credit card number is not used in the transaction, it generates a one time unique one each time it is used. SO very safe. I prefer to use Samsung Pay as it does the same thing and I do not have to whip out my credit card at all. I also have it setup for my debit card, again don't have to whip out physical card. My credit card company allows me to setup virtual cards. I have 5 different ones set up. These are for online/phone use. One just for Amazon. One for hotel/camping reservations. The intent is if say my credit card info gets stolen from Amazon I shut down that virtual card, create a new one and don't have to update credit card information everywhere, just Amazon. My REAL credit card number is still good.
pbeverly 05/30/22 06:07am Technology Corner
RE: Charleston SC and Savannah Ga

We like James Island but found the limbs hanging over the roadway to be very low. Hope they have been cut since we were there. Pretty scary worrying about leaving an air conditioner laying in the street behind you. I didn't think the campground itself was bad. There is a road you drive in on where the oak trees are huge and literally right next to the road. The email you get from the park when you register tells you how to avoid that road.
pbeverly 05/08/22 04:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV's and internet connections

We watch very little TV while camping, actually watch very little at home. Use OTA for local news and weather. For rainy weather or if we have grandkids I do download content beforehand. Netflix, Disney, Amazon all allow you to download content. I have a Chromecast device on the TV that I can cast the content to. I do have to have Internet for this to work, but it uses VERY LITTLE bandwidth as the content is already downloaded and it gets pushed via local wifi to the Chromecast. I use my phone as a hotspot. Now if my phone gets no service then so much for that. Most campground wifi is pretty much useless.
pbeverly 05/03/22 04:31am Technology Corner
RE: Route to Up The Creek, Pigeon Forge, TN

ken56 Thanks for the information. I am pulling a TT with the height of 10.5'. If I was to take 25 I would not get back on 40, I would just cross or go under it. I am leaning on just staying on 40. As a kid I lived in NE TN and loved riding that section of 40. Had great views. Last time I was on it the trees had grown so tall the views were all but gone. Trucks were not limited to the right lane only back then either. I remember a huge slab of rock where you could see tire marks as it was used as a road. Can't see that anymore. Congestion will slow traffic down so wife will be more relaxed, not that I drive like an idiot, it will slow down the others who are idiots.
pbeverly 04/23/22 05:09am General RVing Issues
Route to Up The Creek, Pigeon Forge, TN

Will be travelling to Up The Creek RV Campground in Pigeon, TN in a couple weeks. I am coming from SC on I-26. The practical route is to get on I-40. Currently there is a bridge being replaced on I-40 right around the NC/TN border. You take the exit off I-40 and then get right back on. Doesn't seem so bad but the past two days it has been backed up for a long distance prior to this bridge. I am considering staying on I-26 past Asheville and taking US 25 instead. Pulling a TT. Anyone familiar with US 25. I would be on 25 until mile marker 432 on I-40. Thoughts?
pbeverly 04/22/22 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Which Blackstone to buy?

22" with lid. I carry it in and out of camper in two sections, much lighter and easier. I don't do this every day, just on arrival and departure days. I have a bunkhouse and both parts on stored separately on the lower bunk when not camping. I place the griddle section on a piece of plywood with holes drilled for the griddle feet protect the bunk mattress.
pbeverly 04/22/22 05:04am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Converting PC laptop to Android tablet

I got my grands Fire Tablets. Easy to manage parental controls.
pbeverly 04/21/22 05:15am Technology Corner
RE: Buying New, Is there a Consumer Report Guide for RVs?

Sometimes I wonder if those that blast Camping World have had any experience actually dealing with them. The experience with any company is with the people you deal with, not the sign. My purchase experience was fine. Couple reasons for that was we paid cash and our sales rep was older, in his 70s I would guess. The day we came in to look we knew what we wanted and he pointed us in the right direction to look. It was so hot and humid he had to desire to to be walking in a bunch of campers. He would come check on us now and then. No hard sale at all. When we picked up the unit the walk-thru was great. The guy told us "YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES. Go on a couple trips, takes notes, bring it back". We did that, had 7 issues. Had our winter break from camping and it went for warranty work. It was getting close to out next trip and had heard nothing. Called and was told it had been ready for a month. This was a sign of things to come. The service and parts departments are BAD. No one will EVER call yo back when you leave a message. Had a tire blowout that did 4K+ of damage June 2021. The #1 issue which was stated on the work order, slide will not open 100%. Camper was finally ready January 2022. They had never bothered to attempt to open the slide so the main issue still had not been addressed. My grey tank had a leak. They fixed the leak and created a new one by replacing the grey tank drain valve which was not leaking. I had hopes that my CW was all not that bad compared to what I heard about others. I had faith. I lost that faith from June 2021 - January 2022.
pbeverly 04/20/22 05:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Parking permits in the GSMNP

I don't know what the solution is. The reality is things are totally different today from when the National Parks were created. People now have the ability to easily get to them and experience them. That ease creates a numbers problem. Yes, the parks are supported by our tax dollars. Another reality is the money the parks are getting from our tax dollars is not enough to maintain the parks. There is a serious backlog of maintenance issues. Here in SC the State Parks have to be able to sustain themselves. This has actually improved the parks. Yes you pay to get into the bigger and popular parks. Those fees also help keep the crime down. Again, don't know the solution but something has to be done. Will be camping for a week in May near the GSMNP before school is out, so hopefully not too bad. Went to Grand Canyon last year 2 weeks after Easter hoping to miss Spring Break and had no crowd issues. I am sure COVID helped the crowd issues there last year.
pbeverly 04/13/22 05:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Switch Router Setup

Mine is setup with a modem/router then ethernet cable to second router. Why second router? To improve signal in other portion of house. 1st router is in office at end of house and where the line comes in. It is not in a good location for WiFi. WiFi is turned off on this one. It is used for PC, work PC and security system, all which need to an ethernet connection. 2nd router is in a central location which easily supports the whole house with WiFi.
pbeverly 03/26/22 04:54am Technology Corner
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

I know that I'm in the minority, but I love my Cobb Grill. Cook, grill, smoke, fry, most any type of cooking you want and is very fuel, charcoal briquettes, efficient and compact. We have one as well but use it more at home. I like the CobbleStones for fuel. Little pricey, but work much better than briquettes. When we got our Cobb Grill the CobbleStones didn't exist.
pbeverly 03/26/22 04:43am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Switch Router Setup

For years my internet service input went to a switch. The switch then fed 2 routers. This has worked great for years. I lost service yesterday and while the tech guy was here he noticed my setup and said service input should go to router, then router to switch, then switch to second router. I would likes thoughts on this. Which is really better?
pbeverly 03/25/22 04:51am Technology Corner
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

Blackstone. Whole meal can be cooked on one unit. Also have gas grills. If doing the rare thing that can't be done on the BS then would use gas grill and stove.
pbeverly 03/22/22 04:27am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Military Campgrounds

Son is in Basic Training. He will barely have enough time to use the latrine and basically NO free time to wander around and make phone calls.
pbeverly 03/16/22 04:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone second thoughts.

Another thing to consider is there are going to be 3 major road projects starting this year that will cause significant travel issues within the park for two years. We were planning a trip for 2023 and am going to wait until after that now. They were originally going to do these projects one at a time and decided to all 3 at once.
pbeverly 03/15/22 04:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Locking gas cap

I had a lock cap for a truck once and lost the key. Did a little research and learned they are designed to easily bypass the lock with a simple tap with a hammer and screwdriver.
pbeverly 03/08/22 04:29am General RVing Issues
Battery On/Off Switch

I am going to install a battery on/off switch on a TT. Where would you put the actual switch? A lot of pictures I have seen they are on the plastic case the battery sits in.
pbeverly 03/03/22 04:57am Tech Issues
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