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RE: If getting 'Service Temporarily Unavailable!'

Since I switched to there has been no issue. I've had to switch access portals a bunch of times since I started here. No biggie as long as one works. :)
pasusan 05/23/20 05:48am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Traveling around lake michigan

US RT 2 thru the Upper Peninsula is a must. Few people know just how "wild" the UP of MI is !True - when we went last year we felt like we were not missing Alaska... Two of the highlights of our spectacular trip were Sleeping Bear Dunes and Tahquamenon Falls - not to be missed!
pasusan 05/22/20 04:07am Roads and Routes
RE: How to camp with electric only

^ I like to do this before the water goes into the grey tank. After done washing dishes I scoop out water from the sink and pour it down the toilet. Helps sudsify the black tank too. :)
pasusan 05/22/20 03:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Keys to reopen June 1

It’s only goin to happen if they want it too. It’s all in how they play with the numbers. And it’s been proven in the last couple of weeks just that. The Covid deaths have been manipulated. I can assure you it’s not going to be bad! Can i ask how it was proven that the death numbers have been manipulated? Hopefully that is not true.Yup - Florida is manipulating their numbers - here's the story.
pasusan 05/19/20 11:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where do you store your Shoes, Boots, Sandals and Slippers

We normally keep our shoes outside. A pair of easy slip one at the bottom of the steps, and we have a medium sized plastic tote that travels in the pass through, but at the campsite stays close to the door outside.This is essentially what we do - wear crocs around the campsite and take them off when we go in. When using our trailer our hiking shoes are stored on the front floor mats of the truck. With our B there is a drawer just inside the door that we store our shoes in.
pasusan 05/18/20 05:23am General RVing Issues
RE: How to camp with electric only

Call the park. We've never seen a dump station that didn't also have a potable water faucet separately.
pasusan 05/16/20 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: our current FINANCIAL situation

So I read the post here where it's claimed that RV sales are up. I heard that Class B van types campers are up slightly and everything else is down. My thinking is... I'm not going in debt right now until things calm down and get more back to normal. And I have been out of work for 7 weeks. Unemployment is through the roof right now. I really don't see how RV sales could be up since this crisis. Unless theres something I'm missing. When you are out of work or on a reduced schedule why go into debt for something like an RV. Even if you are still working isnt it in the back of your mind "what does the future hold"?? I would expect to see alot of RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc up FOR SALE and an increase of repossessions. Me personally, well, I was at the RV show earlier this year...just looking. Glad I didnt buy anything. Ive only been in debt once when I bought my first house,, fliped it 6 month later and bought another for cash. Never been in debt since and never plan to,especialy for such depreciating aset like RV. Paid cash for my new truck too. If everyone thought like me,you wouldnt ever need to worry about future or economy.Huh? We have no debt but still worry about the future and the economy. We have to keep living and paying those living expenses. What if the company that pays our pension goes bankrupt? What if the country goes bankrupt? I mean, the guy in charge has had many of his businesses go bankrupt - what's to keep us safe for the future?
pasusan 05/09/20 05:26am General RVing Issues

^ Isn't that weird that we are staying pretty steady as every other developed country is seeing a decline? The USA is a large country geographically; as the earlier “hot spots” start seeing declines in cases new “hot spots” are emerging with increasing cases. These can combine for a national rate of cases holding at a plateau. The virus did not hit everyplace within the USA at the same time; it is spreading across the country starting in diverse urban areas and now moving into more rural areas carried by travelers (early spreaders include business executives, spring breakers, funeral attendees, mega church attendees, choir members, etc).With most of us well into our lockdowns I thought there would be a more obvious drop in the numbers. It will certainly be interesting to watch how things go with the loosening of restrictions.
pasusan 05/05/20 09:43am Around the Campfire

What Temp Required to Kill Coronavirus? Caution, it appears higher temps are required! This study is preliminary but does indicate 140F may not be sufficient. Further testing needs to be done; be safe.Thanks for that - I had first seen 110 was good, then 134. I'll set it at 200 degrees and see how that goes - hopefully nothing will melt or burst into flames.
pasusan 05/05/20 09:40am Around the Campfire

^ Isn't that weird that we are staying pretty steady as every other developed country is seeing a decline? I just wanted to mention that heating things to 134 degrees F for 30 minutes is supposed to kill the germs. We are lucky that our oven has a setting for dehydrating at 140 degrees. Whenever we go out to the grocery and wear our masks - afterwards I put them in the oven for half an hour. Also - can do this with incoming mail.
pasusan 05/05/20 05:56am Around the Campfire
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

...I try to give back 'twice' what I get. Show kindness toward me you get double the kindness back. Being ignorant to me, well you get the idea......... Lakeside You and I think alike. I like to say that I'll be your best friend or your worst enemy and I'll let you decide which way it will be. Works for me Mr Ferguson Lakeside A long time ago my parents told me, "If you don't have something 'good' to say about someone, keep your mouth shut". I think that's what Thumper said to Bambi. It works in a children's movie. Your insinuating only children do the 'right' thing. Too bad 'intelligent' adults can not follow suit......there in lays the problem! Lakeside Lakeside & CFerguson... I'm pretty sure the "right" thing to do is to follow the Golden Rule. Thumper had it right - nothing about payback.
pasusan 05/03/20 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: My Sprinter stealth ClasB

Thanks Kayteg1 - I did run into the problem with membership... Can see them now! How splendid that you get to reuse the guts from your truck camper. Great job! And - look at that nice, big refrigerator!
pasusan 05/03/20 04:47am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My Chevrolet Express van Class B- camper

Love those screens. We got Skeeter Beaters - they hook onto the outside of the van with magnets. They have been really wonderful - they also fit over the back windows. I do worry that someone will see them while we are out hiking and just take them, so we take them off. Yours would be impossible to remove and the window would still go up and down. Great find!
pasusan 05/03/20 04:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Yes!! I found a way to RV during this awful Covid isolation!

Unfortunately Walmart could not handle the demand and has cancelled curbside pickup in my area. Only 1 store out of 3 had it to begin with.Wow - they better get it together. I just read Walmart is going to start ramping up express home deliveries. Hello again, RVers - Thanks for all the kind words and comments. It's good to see a lot of others taking trips, too. Getting a few miles aboard our RVs to scratch that travel itch really feels good, eh?! ...snip...OP - I'm so glad nobody got snarky. I read your happy and excited post and I thought - Oh, no... They are going to cream this guy for something or other. So - great going - you thought outside the box on how to use and enjoy your RV! Wonder if we could make a 350 mile trip to deliver groceries to my MIL... :@
pasusan 05/02/20 04:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Making Purchases on Amazon

Just wondering - are you a Prime member? We are major Amazon users and haven't run into what you are talking about.
pasusan 05/01/20 05:50am Around the Campfire
RE: My Sprinter stealth ClasB

Kitchenette. width=700 Had lot of leftover doors from camper, what made nice cargo covers. Bus had factory 12V outlets on rear pillars, where I rewired left one for house batteries. Now since engine was not started for long time, I run visible jump wire between the outlets, to use house converter to keep chassis battery at top charge. width=700Argh! Can't see your pictures...
pasusan 05/01/20 04:20am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Pa Open for Camping

No miracle required, just don’t hug the guy in the next campsite... Pennsylvania has a total estimated population of around 12,820,878. To date, 42,050 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19. This says that .32% of the TOTAL population has been diagnosed with Covid-19, and/or have received treatment. Of the people who have been diagnosed only 3.7% (1,597 deaths), died from it. The vast majority of these have been elderly, and had preexisting conditions. Not inferring that these deaths should be taken lightly. These are not huge numbers. When compared to the total population, the number that have died represents a .012% of the population, I think the numbers point out most residents and visitors to PA can go camping with a good sense that they will make it back home again NOT infected with Covid-19. Maybe a rash from poison ivey or some bug bites. So go camping and have fun.This makes total sense for folks with completely self-contained RVs. We have been camping in our class B, so we use the dreaded restrooms. That's why we are hoping for a miracle. ;)
pasusan 04/29/20 05:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pa Open for Camping

Hopefully PA campers can stay safe, wear masks and maintain distance. Some Southern California beaches reopened this last weekend. It was a disaster. PA numbers are 40,049 infected with 1,537 deaths.At least with camping we're not packed so close as beach goers seem to be. I'm a bit cranky that the state parks are opening so soon - I am thinking that is so we will have to do our own cancelling and not get the complete refund. (Conspiracy theory?) We will probably be cancelling our reservations at World's End and Rickettt's Glen coming up at the end of May. But - we'll wait to cancel - never know - there might be a miracle just over the horizon. :)
pasusan 04/28/20 05:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When this is over

We're going to go somewhere - anywhere. Not where we planned... But - somewhere - not here! :)
pasusan 04/28/20 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish/Direct TV is going Bye Bye Millions soon to Disconnect

Then we will be stuck with this view in our evening skies with a line of satellites all lined up around the world. height=300 google image I guess it will be all worth it... Roy Ken height=45The new ones going up are going to get sunshades to make them dimmer.
pasusan 04/26/20 05:18am Technology Corner
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