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RE: Sway Bars

It's a small popup trailer behind an F150. You definitely do not need to add weight distribution (spring bars) to the hitch. As far as a sway bar. If you load the Aliner properly with the majority of the added weight at or in front of the axle then probably not. If you get too much wiggle when towing, or you have to put too much weight behind the axle the yes I would get a standard inexpensive sway bar. Barney posted a picture of one above called a Friction Sway Control. But I would just tow it first and see how it performs before adding anything to it.
opnspaces 05/27/23 03:56pm Towing
RE: tow with all wheel drive?

My 2001 is the same as above (Auto, 2wd, 4hi, 4l) I just leave it on 2wd. My guess is sellers are listing them as Auto 4wd because it sounds like a bonus selling point to them.
opnspaces 05/27/23 08:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will Air bags make a big difference?

Hi Gary, when you say your tires have a max load of 35 PSI where are you getting that number? Is that on the sticker on the drivers door jamb or on the tire itself? The tires should have a max pressure of 45PSI cold embossed directly on the sidewall of the tire. I would at least put the rear truck tires at max cold (max cold is first thing in the morning before you drive more than a few blocks) But as Grit says if the 45 is still not right you can try 65 PSI and drive it for a few miles for a test.
opnspaces 05/26/23 09:00am Towing
RE: Dual tank fill-up to top

That sounds faulty to me. I would suggest taking it to the dealer to investigate. On the surface it sounds like the tanks area not venting properly during fill.
opnspaces 05/18/23 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2 AC and ducting questions

So you want to block off the right side ducting of the front AC. I'm assuming on the right side where it comes out of the AC unit. This would separate the two units instead of them sharing trying to cool the entire trailer. Will it work with half blocked off and not damage your AC? The answer is maybe. You are going to have to get the make and model of both AC units. Look up their install manuals and there will be a spec of the minimum venting surface area. Then it gets fun. You need to calculate how much venting area is left by the remaining vents. Not seeing your system my gut feeling is it will work just fine assuming 6 inch round vents. But if the system uses some tiny little vents then yes it might be restricted.
opnspaces 05/17/23 12:24am Tech Issues
RE: UL Certified 12v USB Charging Receptacles?

I doubt you will find any that are UL rated. At least not on Amazon as there just isn't enough market for it.
opnspaces 05/15/23 12:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replace shocks or not.

They are probably not gas charged shocks to no auto extending. Unless the shocks are showing signs of leaking I would just put them back in and run them. Do you know how many miles are on the current shocks? I'll bet most trailers are pulled by weekenders and probably under 2,000 miles a year meaning no real significant wear.
opnspaces 05/15/23 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Connection Leaks

I don't think it's normal. You should not spell any propane out there. You should also not see any bubbles in or around the sight glass. I would say your regulator has a leak.
opnspaces 05/15/23 12:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: oil filter?

is there something special about the Godzilla engine? I would go to and put in 2021 E-450 and type in Oil Filter. It will give you a plethora of appropriate filter brands to choose from.
opnspaces 05/15/23 12:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Atwood helium refrigerator

# 1 check your battery connections. 99 percent of the problems we see when an issue occurs after a battery change is the battery wires are hooked up backward. Follow the negative wires from the battery terminal. They are most likely white and should go to a bolt on the frame. If there is a fuse on the wire it is a positive wire (usually black or red)
opnspaces 05/15/23 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: Priming the water pump

The next time it happens I would disconnect both the inlet and outlet and use my fingers to plug the ports with the pump running. If it's a bad diaphragm it should be obvious.
opnspaces 05/14/23 09:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Which screw to calibrate the oven temp?

Lol Those are not the answers i was hoping for. But ok. The knob doesn’t look adjustable. Its the standard MajicChef/Amana type oven. I normally have to have it set to almost broil to hold 350-375 deg, but the door seals are not so good at all. I am also going to install some aftermarket door seals as alot of heat escapes. Definitely seal it up first as that could be the whole problem. The adjustment would be a slotted screw hole in the panel underneath the knob. Pull the knob off and loosen the screw and pivot the unit hotter or colder. But I doubt there is enough adjustment to compensate for 150 degrees variance. If there is no slot you could always remove the knob control and use a small drill and make a slot. Basically you're just repositioning the unit to cheat and line up the pre-printed knob with the actual temperatures.
opnspaces 05/12/23 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Valterra waste gate seal

I silicone greased mine when replaced. Mostly to keep the seals in place while I assembled them. But after that the grease helped make the slide smooth. Edited to add the word silicone
opnspaces 05/11/23 09:52pm Tech Issues
RE: What broke my window?

Had two broken windows on my trailer in storage. One was when the trailer was parked between two other trailers blocking the window. I could tell by the break pattern that it was a rock from the lawn mower. It doesn't take much of a rock coming at lawnmower blade speed to go through a window.
opnspaces 05/11/23 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Backwards buttons

I think he's describing his mis wire. the red with the fuse is positive. In fact any wire with a fuse near the battery is positive. All the white wires are negative. You'll have to trace the small wires. Could be positive for the tongue jack. Or could be positive for the emergency breakaway switch.
opnspaces 05/11/23 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Picking out good camping chairs

My friend has one of those chairs. She loves it I think they are just so so. We take it camping in the desert, in the dirt not on concrete. They have developed a squeak when rocking But she still loves it.
opnspaces 05/11/23 09:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: 7 way cord Bigfoot-Ford connection question

In reading further on your question. For the flat blades yes most cords now have a double copper blade in each hole. That is to help make sure there is a good contact on every pin. I see the double blade as a bonus rather than a detraction.
opnspaces 05/10/23 10:31am Truck Campers
RE: What type of oil to put in my 1976 dodge F40 sportman

That era vehicle I would go with a 10w40 oil.
opnspaces 05/10/23 10:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What is this switch?

Is it a momentary switch? Meaning spring loaded that reverts back to the same position when you let go of it? If so it might be to connect the coach and house batteries to self jump start it.
opnspaces 05/09/23 09:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gray water joint leak

The pipes are plain old ABS that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. Just cut out the leak and replace with some new pipe and fittings. You might need to cut off and remove all the downstream section. Then replace the leaky piece and use a standard coupler to glue the cutoff downstream section back in. If the leak is where the round pipe converts to a square plate for the dump valve you might need to buy a new square piece to glue in from an RV shop. To answer your question both ABS and PVC can technically be dissembled and reglued. But it's way way more hassle than just cutting the part out and gluing a new piece in.
opnspaces 05/09/23 04:11pm Tech Issues
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