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RE: Locked radio on my 2001 Suburban

Well I'm still stumped.I did try calling the 800 number and it is disconnected. I called 4 dealers and they all said you have to bring it in and we charge $130 - $160 Since I had to buy a gas cap anyway I stopped by three different GM dealers in the area and still got the same answer. Everybody says only Service can unlock it. I walk over to service and they all want over $100 to make a phone call to GM to get the code for a radio that I probably couldn't even give away. So I'm thinking I'm pretty much out of luck and will have to buy an aftermarket radio unit. But before I give in completely I'll leave this question. If anybody has access to the system and is willing to get the needed code for me I would really appreciate it. The code the radio gives me is 802813, I just need the corresponding 4 digit unlock code. Thank you
opnspaces 12/12/19 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Water filter upstream of the pump?

Most RV water pumps are diaphragm pumps and can run dry with no damage. So I suppose you could put the filter on the inlet side of the pump without damaging the pump. Also since they are a diaphragm pump they can tolerate some fine particles without damage unlike a spinning impeller or plunger type of pump. But as said above, it is much harder for the pump to suck water through the inlet than it is to blow the water through the outlet. the good thing is you're dealing with plastic pipe which is easy to cut and repair. So try it on the inlet side and see how it works. If you are unhappy with the water flow move it to the outlet side.
opnspaces 12/12/19 09:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why was the Mexico beach thread moved

It was moved because we are all human, even the moderators. Personally I would have PM'd the moderator and asked this question, not gone out and broadcast it to the general public.
opnspaces 12/12/19 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Email digest for subscribed threads?

I don't think it's possible to change the posting frequency. The software is old and unfortunately I don't think there is any move to update it.
opnspaces 12/11/19 09:26am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 1993 Safari continental 37' cracked frame, bad shock install

Well by the first picture the shocks have definitely been moved. In your second picture you can see the crack jumping across the old mounting hole. Cracks typically do not jump across holes so I would bet that the cracks were there at the old mount location and the installer moved the mounts to try to stop the issue and then the cracks spread. Is the MH fairly new to you? Could the mounts been moved by the previous owner because of the cracks? What I do find a bit concerning is that nobody called you and said there are cracks in your frame and here are the options we can come up with to fix it.
opnspaces 12/11/19 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I am looking for a way to mount either two of the same size tanks to the large bumper or even better say a 20 or 30 pound and never have to use the small ones that are so hard to get in and out. I would try to go with the 30 pounders. But if the 20 pounders are hard to get in and out will there be room for the 30's? As far as plumbing from the rear bumper I probably would not do that as that's a lot of hose that could get damaged and leak. Instead I would be more likely to either swap out a tank while camping. Or us a T and a remote hose to set the tank on the ground next to the trailer while camped. Link
opnspaces 12/11/19 08:45am Truck Campers
RE: What Portable Propane Gas Grill Do You Use? We use a small table top-uses 1# bottles, think I paid less than $20 from local discount drug store, though several years ago. Folds up pretty compact, easily fits in compartment. This is the same one that I use only in black. Only issue is that in really cold or wind it does not have a pile of heat. But for the price cannot be beat! Mine is kind of like that though also in black and cheaper looking. Also my top does not hinge, it just lifts off. I think it was $20 at Walmart. Edit, here it is, looks like it's $30 now Link
opnspaces 12/10/19 10:13pm Truck Campers
RE: And the smokey glass stove cover is no more

Do not have a glass shop make a cover to save a few bucks. Those must be tempered glass for safety...shops cannot cut tempered. I agree in that a glass shop cannot cut tempered glass. But, I've been down this path twice with a side window on my trailer so I can say that a glass shop can help you. They just measure out the dimensions and location of the holes and make a template. Then they order the piece from the glass manufacturer who cuts and drills it and then tempers it before shipping. All that being said it will probably be much cheaper to order the 99 dollar one posted.
opnspaces 12/10/19 09:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: It is no wonder

The problem with captcha is sometimes it acts just as you described where you checkmark you are a real person and it moves on. Other times after you checkmark it pops up a new screen with a picture and asks you to click on all the pictures that contain something specific like all store fronts or all traffic lights etc. And then sometimes it apparently it goes into a loop and after you click on say all the traffic lights it puts up a new picture and asks you to click on the busses then gives a new screen to click on all the traffic lights. One trick I found with Captcha is if it gets stuck in the loop I just click the next button without selecting anything on the screen and it usually moves on and posts.
opnspaces 12/10/19 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: It is no wonder

While I do not like captcha I'm sure it serves a purpose of keeping the spam down. We do see spam posts from time to time here, but it seems to be caused by a live person. Captcha probably blocks out a bunch of stuff that we never see. I'll bet the admin can or does get a report about how many spam posts were blocked with captcha and freeing up the moderators.
opnspaces 12/10/19 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

While I feel for you, I don't think ethics has really changed that much. There always has been and always will be people (business owners) doing questionable things. All we can do is find them and avoid them. As far as your mom & pop, that's the kind of stores I like to visit. Sure I'll shop at Walmart and Costco. But the mom & pop liquor store with propane fill in my neighborhood gets my business as well. I'll pay a bit more per gallon to fill the tanks there because I like to support the little guy as well.
opnspaces 12/10/19 01:44pm Travel Trailers

We all should check the oil from time to time. But I'll admit that I'm one of those that rarely checks it. But depending on the year of your vehicle you could be setting yourself up for an expensive failure. Want a real shock call your local dealer service department and ask therm what the manufacturer deems is acceptable for oil consumption during warranty. I worked for Toyota in the 90's and the acceptable consumption was 1 quart a month. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same today. My kids little Nissan Versa has a 3 quart sump. So if it was burning a quart a month it would be out of oil before the oil change came due.
opnspaces 12/10/19 01:39pm Tow Vehicles

I have a similar story and it's not a myth. In my early 20's a friend of mine had the oil light come on and soon a rod knock in his 1991 Toyota Tercel with 38,000 miles on it. When I tried to drain the oil it seriously came out like chocolate pudding, slow and goopy. He admitted he had never changed it since new. Long story short we swapped in a used junkyard motor. Being basically a kid I kept some of that old oil in a mayonnaise jar on the shelf in the garage. I used a long screwdriver to carve the date in the oil sludge in the bottom of the jar. Years later when my mother sold the house and we were clearing out the garage you could still see the date carved in the sludge.
opnspaces 12/10/19 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

If the OP had gone straight to fill the tank, and found them nearly out of date he might convince the dealer to look into maybe a employee wanted to make pocket money. I doubt most people even think to look at the expiration date on their cylinders when getting them filled. and I know personally I have never had the guy tell me that I only had a yer or so left before expiration. What i have found most often when refilling tanks is if the tank is clean and not rusty the guy never even looks the the date and just fills it.
opnspaces 12/10/19 08:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Converter Panel "Latch"

Here is what your looking for. They are off the charts expensive so be careful when installing.$3.50 each is expensive? Expensive yes, unaffordable probably not. But those latches probably cost less than a penny each to make. Even if they were a dime each $3.50 is crazy expensive for what you get.
opnspaces 12/09/19 09:35pm Tech Issues

After learning a certain oil change facility does not always change the oil filter when doing an oil change I went back to doing it myself. I've never heard of this. Are you referring to a particular local shop, or is this a chain policy?
opnspaces 12/09/19 09:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can't get 12v power and boondocking

Electrical problems, especially intermittent ones can be frustrating; Hopefully all is well now and you can enjoy some camping. I'm curious though as to your tow vehicle. You mentioned car multiple times in your posts so I'm assuming it is in fact a car. What year make and model is it? I'm really wondering if the wiring hookup was straightforward or if it was something custom for that specific vehicle?
opnspaces 12/09/19 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

I'm curious what this thread comes up with. I get the same thing with my Honda eu2000i and the generator. I can hear the microwave running slower than normal and the interior light is dimmer as well. It doesn't matter if I switch the eco throttle off, nor does it seem to matter if I flip the breaker on the charger. I'm boondocking at the time so everything is on propane.
opnspaces 12/09/19 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Roof: Not leaking, but 20 yrs old

What are you seeing that makes you want to treat the roof? Are you seeing the black roof showing through the white outer coating? Or are you seeing cracks in the roof that are nowhere near any caulked penetrations? Or are you just looking at the general state of the caulked joints and they are all cracked or peeling?
opnspaces 12/09/19 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Hobbies in the off season?

RoyF, wow that looks incredible! and it's exactly what I was imagining when I created this post. Is it built from a huge kit, or are you building it from scratch?
opnspaces 12/08/19 12:03pm RV Lifestyle
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