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RE: Smoke Detectors

If you have two white and two black coming in (total of 4) and the smoke detectors is wired to those two sets of wires, then yes, take the smoke detector wires off, keep the pairs of black and white together by color and cap them off. If the smoke detector is just wired to one set of black and white wires, just remove the smoke detector and cap the ends of the two wires. In other words keep the black(s) and white(s) separate from each other but together by color. If the black and whites touch each other, sparks fly and the breaker pops (hopefully) - that’s a dead short.
nickthehunter 03/11/23 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

.. I will say a good 'regular' bike is a better investment. Cheaper and will last longer. X2
nickthehunter 03/08/23 01:17pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 2016 Forest River or 2012 Jayco

No way for anyone on here to know. The 2012 could be in pristine condition while the 2016 is beaten to a pulp. Only you, having seen both, would be able to determine what condition each is in. With proper care and maintenance, any travel trailer should be able to last 20 or more years. Best to look at many used units, even if you are not really interested in that particular unit, to determine the range of conditions (or destruction) a TT can come in. I had a 35 year old popup that was in excellent condition when I sold it.
nickthehunter 03/06/23 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

So what you’re saying is - if you leave, make sure you have at least 25% in reserve or make a new plan.
nickthehunter 03/06/23 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

How many of use carry a spare gas (or diesel) can full of fuel as we travel on well travelled highways? I do agree that for off road EV may not be a wise choice. If by “off road” you mean rural vs urban, maybe. It’s funny how the closed minds refuse to acknowledge that if one booked a new EV truck/suv to any sort of substantial trailer, there are many paved roads in both of our countries where it wouldn’t make it to the next charging station or at a bare minimum you’d be chasing charging stations and praying you made it there. Well, you wouldn’t be “praying you would make it there”. You would know before you left wherever you are exactly what charge you would arrive with at your destination. If it says you can’t make it and you leave anyway then you are going to the wrong destination or have the wrong vehicle to get there. It’s not that hard. Right tool for the right job.So do I understand correctly? Before you leave your EV knows whether or not you will have the seat warmers on (and how many butts), whether or not you will need the windshield wipers (and at what speed and for how long), what cabin temperature you will want (taking into consideration outside temp), and how long you will be stuck in traffic due to a bad accident. That’s a pretty amazing car!
nickthehunter 03/06/23 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: State Parks

I’m just wondering if I’m in the minority or the silent majority. I have never experienced the issue of a public campground being booked solid but a substantial number of sites being vacant. But to be fair, I also don’t spend any of my time trying to determine the “booked” vs. “occupied” status of the hundreds of campsites over the week that I’m there (I got no time for that). In other words, I won’t be calling the governor, it’s not an issue to me.
nickthehunter 03/03/23 07:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TT Hitch qutestions

If you want to switch hitches, go for it; if you’re looking for a reason to switch, “frame stress” doesn’t hold any water. If you’re trying to convince your wife - it should work.
nickthehunter 03/03/23 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Difficulty timing a 1995 Chevy 454ci

Did you have the distributor out, or timing chain out, and put them back in correctly?
nickthehunter 03/01/23 07:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bicycles

Some bunkhouse models of fifth wheels and travel trailers have bike doors and fold up bunks. So you can load the bikes right inside. That is the kind of TT that I have. So we put the bunks up and load the bikes inside. When we get to our destination take the bikes out and put the bunks down (if the bunks are needed - if not we can use the space for storage). Here is one example, there are many different brands and sizes with the same basic principle. Clicky
nickthehunter 02/16/23 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can the grid keep up with EV use?

The electrical infrastructure serving my house was installed in our backyard in 1953. The main backbone infrastructure has not been upgraded since being installed. Without a very expansive outside financial input, there won’t be a infrastructure update. My backyard is only 1 of a 150 million backyards. Power plants, substations, and transformers are one gargantuan cost, the 150 million last mile(s) are even bigger. No money no bueno. Meh. BC hydro talks about this on their website. Any upgrades get done in the normal course of regular maintenance. They see no issues going forward as it is a 40 year transition that already started 10 years ago. I’m sure most modern nations won’t have a problem with the transition. I love it! when someone points out the weakness in his area, the response is "Meh." Claims the "upgrades get done in the normal course of regular maintenance." So, just dismissing the problem is now the solution. Dismissing the problem? No, as stated, it is being addressed in the normal course of maintenance and upgrades. That is the solution. There is lots of info on their website. Go check it out. Not an issue.You keep mentioning BC Hydro; about 99% of the population don't live in BC Hydro territory. What do we do if we don't live in BC? Did BC Hydro mention where the money will come from? Meh - not an issue
nickthehunter 02/14/23 10:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Good Sam or KOA

State and county parks are going to generally be cheaper.
nickthehunter 02/09/23 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Bunk end straps.

How about this? Clicky 1 Clicky 2
nickthehunter 02/09/23 09:53am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

I don't think anyone assumes EV's are going away. However, I think a lot of people believe EV's are not going to be the panacea that some people assume they will be.
nickthehunter 02/07/23 01:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wall socket Power in forward bedroom off

Hi all I have a fifth wheel and Al the power went out except for the ceiling in the main bedroom around the nose and slide and ideas the 15 amp breaker is on and the gfi in the bathroom is on The 12 volt lighting is working any ideas where to check Yes, Unplug your electrical plug from the trailer and clean the trailer connections on the side of your trailer and then use some steel wool to clean connectors on the electrical cord. Blow out any debris. Plug in the electrical cord and remove, do it about 3 times. Then plug it back in. This should solve your problem.That's a good possibility. Sounds to me like you should be looking for a loose/barely holding on connection. Try pulling all the receptacles out of the boxes (if they have one) in the bedroom and check the connections.
nickthehunter 01/24/23 07:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel tank leaks when we fill it

If the fuel gauge is acting up in simultaneously with a drip/leak it's sounds to me to be more likely a fuel pump/gauge assembly problem. Dropping the tank is the likely next step.
nickthehunter 01/24/23 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

Well to me I it would depend: who is carrying most of the freight and by how much - camping fees or state taxpayers? Private campgrounds it’s a no brainer. It is obvious that for SP that the taxpayer is footing the bill. I suspect the actual operating costs are all or mostly funded by fees tho. I have no doubt the cg would still be filled up no matter who has preference. Land purchases are funded by a Doc Fee tax I believe. I've lost track how many parks the state has, near 200 when I last checked. The only obvious way to give residents preference would seem to be opening the reservation period for the first X time to residents only. Maybe if there is a six month res period giving the residents the first four months. I am 100 persent for this. They need to fix the online system which is awful right now. Bettter to go back to the old system. You do understand that you're telling the snowbird crowd you don't want our money coming into your state don't you. What we spend for state park sites is only a small part of what we spend at area businesses and attractions.That's a straw argument - I'm pretty sure the Florida residents spend as much money in florida as the snowbirds by about 5 times over.
nickthehunter 01/24/23 06:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV insurance claim - flood

No one anywhere in the world can tell you what "is" or "is not" covered without seeing the declarations page, proof of payment of premium, and a copy of the policy. Any opinion minus those documents is just that "opinion", not to be confused with facts. In short, you're barking up the wrong tree.
nickthehunter 01/20/23 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Nope, you won't find even one legitimate source that disagrees with what the EPA has published in that link. You can't believe in facts and science and deny climate change (or the net benefits of EVs) when virtually all scientists acknowledge it. As for kool aid, it seems to me that climate change deniers often embrace a plethora of other conspiracy theories.Are you talking about conspiracy theories like J6?
nickthehunter 01/19/23 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

The choice of gas cars will be getting pretty slim by then. 3/4 and 1 ton trucks (and bigger) are not affected by any sales restriction so people will still be able to buy those. That and Toyotas I suppose, and Mazda if they are still around. If they don’t install charging infrastructure tourism will be limited from outside the state. In 2035 gas stations will still be common thru out North America but they will be on the decline. So when people from there leave the state fueling will slowly become more of an issue. Maybe in Canada, I wouldn't bet on it in the US.
nickthehunter 01/17/23 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Grover I'm all for nuclear power, if you can tell me how and where to safely store the waste. Until that happens I'm anti nuclear.I think that is what Groover was alluding to. A lot of people don't want Co2 and don't want nuclear - they better get use to not having electricity also.
nickthehunter 01/17/23 07:03am Tow Vehicles
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