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RE: Auto slider or manual

In general traffic I doubt you would ever need a slider with todays cut corner cap fifth wheels. Maybe when backing in a tight site but I try my best not to cut super sharp anyway because of the twisting and scrubbing it does to the fifth wheel tires. But every fifth/truck combo is different, as for me I have plenty of room. I do however have a manual B&W slider and the only reason I have one is because I have a steep hill I have to back down to get to the barn and this provides a steeper angle without hitting the tailgate when backing down. Hope that made sense. Had a Pullrite auto slider for about 5 years on a previous fifth wheel years ago and to be honest I didn't really care for it. I had too many times where I had to separate the head from the rest of the unit just to unhitch plus I was always cleaning and greasing the slide bars. Plus in my situation it wouldn't work for my needs. Dan This is my exact situation as well. My driveway is steep and I need to slide back to keep the underside of the 5th overhang from clipping the tailgate. Also, I generally don't care for things that are "automatic" as it seems they are always "automatically" doing something I don't want them to do and can't stop it. Besides, manually sliding the hitch back is not exactly technical or physically demanding.
mtofell1 01/18/20 07:51pm Towing
RE: 5th wheel tires

Bottom line that RV does NOT come close to needing "G" tires. Agreed - It may not even be an option if OP has 15" wheels. Mine (similar weight) came with 15" and the highest rated I could find are E. Not that I wanted higher than E - I was just curious. A good quality E rated tire is plenty for an 11K 5th wheel.
mtofell1 01/18/20 10:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

My 5th is similar weight and my research came up with Carlisle or GY Endurance. Weight wise check your rims and if they are good for 80psi you should be good with E rated at about 2800# each. Mine stock came with D rated 2580 each stock which is cutting it a bit close IMO. The E rated also have a higher speed rating which was nice. Not that I really go over 65 but it's nice to know I'm not right up against the rating.
mtofell1 01/18/20 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Insurance

I hate how insuance companies all seem to operate the same. Once you are a policyholder, they increase your rate every year at a pace higher than insurance rate inflation. After about 3-4 years you will save money by getting quotes again and switching companies. 3-4 years later, repeat. AARP/Hartford had the best rates last time we switched and included RV towing at no additonal charge. So true - I was with Farmer's for years and one day looked at my bill for 4 vehicles (some company, some personal) and just couldn't believe it. I called Progressive and Geico and they were both less than half for the same coverage.
mtofell1 01/15/20 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Low cargo carrying capacity rant

I totally agree with OP. It's not about debating whether or not my wife packs a few too many pots and pans. The fact that it's even a discussion is ridiculous when buying a 50K trailer. I'd like a margin of safety (beyond what is probably already baked in). My 5th has a GVWR of 12,000# with 5000# axles - 2580# to each tire. That assumes EXACTLY 20% to the pin and some really even distribution of remaining weight. Dry weight is supposed to be 9000# but that must have been before they put furniture and appliances in. I never weighed it empty but with a pretty basic amount of stuff it's 10,500#. Once there's some water and food it's more like 11,500#. It's just cutting it way too close.
mtofell1 01/11/20 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on selling my 5th wheel

I've sold my RVs for the most money on Craigslist or RV Trader/RVT but it does take some work. If you're willing and able it will save you a ton of money over trade-in or consignment. Cliff notes of what I've done: Write a fairly long ad explaining the trailer and a bit about you - why you are selling, what you enjoyed about the trailer, etc. So many people just put a 10 word ad and it doesn't grab people. Get GOOD pictures... not blurry cell phone photos. Get a wide-angled lens and some high quality pictures. 99% of the time your buyers are going to find your trailer online and the pictures are your first (and possibly only) impression. Screen people - from the first point of contact, Google phone #s and email addresses, listen to parts of their story and be sure things add up. Ask for a copy of a driver's license and offer your to them - this weeds a lot of dirtbags out quickly. Be realistic with pricing. At 3-4 years I've sold (quickly) my trailers at 1/2 of MSRP. At 2 years you should be able to do somewhat better but likely not much.
mtofell1 12/30/19 09:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing 4Runner

(Note: I know the owners manual says no) So, you're looking for an internet engineer to tell you the ones at Toyota are wrong? You may be able to modify the vehicle to make it okay but otherwise I'm not really sure what you are asking.
mtofell1 12/25/19 07:47pm Dinghy Towing
RE: So many closed topics!

I'm a total message board junkie. I've spent ridiculous amounts of time on boards ranging from vehicles/RVs to house building to guns to flashlights to air travel to vacation destinations. By far, is the most heavily moderated. Many of the boards I frequent have zero moderation and the trolls and fights aren't any worse than they are here. I think this board is kind of the, "helicopter parenting" method of message boards. I guess I don't see what the harm is in letting a bunch people argue it out in cyberspace but whatever. I'm sure it's only matter of time before this thread is C L O S E D.
mtofell1 12/14/19 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opening and closing slides in winter

Really depends on temps and water/ice. If you have 10 percent humidity and haven't had any rain since you parked the temp really shouldn't matter. If there was water along the edge of your seals when the temp dropped below freezing, you might want to wait until you get a warm up. These are pretty much my thoughts. You just have to watch for frozen liquid sealing the slide to the trailer. Obviously, to be safe, anything below freezing could be a problem but if there is no moisture you are probably okay.
mtofell1 12/08/19 09:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Locked radio on my 2001 Suburban

I'm confused by your OP - is the radio not with the original vehicle? If it is, often times the codes are just printed somewhere in the vehicle. I guess the idea is the thief won't take the time or know where to look when he's stealing the stereo. On my Honda Odyssey the code is on the side of the glove box and can be seen when it's open.
mtofell1 12/07/19 11:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

I never get hung up on incentives, invoice price or any other term de jour. Dealers and manufacturers just come up with all this BS to confuse consumers (and apparently it works). The only thing that matters is what you pay. The internet is your friend. Find a site like Cargurus and find the cheapest price and use that for negotiating with local dealer. At the same time decide if/how far you are willing to drive to get the truck you want for the price you want. 14% off MSRP on an expiring model year truck seems a bit light. Back in March of 2014 I got about 18% off on a 2014 model year Ram.
mtofell1 12/03/19 10:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Full time in the 2020 JAYCO EAGLE??

I've gone up in size from a popup to the current 36' 5th wheel and parking at home and in campgrounds is by far the biggest challenge. Out on the road I find easy. After all, there are buses and large semis on the same roads. I've actually found people are nicer and let you in more the larger a trailer you are towing. I've pulled onto crowded freeways that I never thought I'd be able to merge onto and people let me right in. LOL.... it's actually much harder in my commuter car!
mtofell1 11/18/19 09:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just curious?

Airstream would be the only high dollar RV that is giving you superior quality for the extra money. Lance and Arctic Fox are noted to having pretty good quality for a bit more on the price tag. Never looked at an Arctic Fox, but we did look at several Lance trailers. They all had the same cheap a$$ components as every other trailer out there. Most of the quality in the Arctic Fox and Lance products are things you don't necessarily see. Better insulation, better/stronger construction, etc. Most of the buyers I've seen with these products care more about the bones than the glitz and glamour.
mtofell1 11/10/19 10:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Orange County Calif., Loses Another Large Storage Lot

California doesn't want RVs or anything that burns gas (or diesel). It's going to be tough to get anyone outside of the RV world to care about the loss of storage spots. I'd be surprised if RVs are even legal in that state in 10 years.
mtofell1 11/03/19 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

A capable 1/2 ton is doable with a 7500# trailer but you may have to pay attention to what/where you're packing. How much weight you carry in the truck (people, gear in the bed, etc.) is also a big factor. A 3/4 ton would pretty much allow you to just forget about weight and bring anything (or anyone) you want. So, if you want to have a good excuse to leave your mother-in-law at home, get the 1/2 ton. If not, get a 3/4 ton :)
mtofell1 10/22/19 08:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What happened to all the posts

I think a lot of folks are migrating over to group or pages on FaceBook and Instagram. Ken I know I'm migrating to message boards that actually work. The number of error messages and general problems here is ridiculous.
mtofell1 10/19/19 05:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rodent???

Glue traps and/or snap traps and plug everything that even could be an entry point. The blue pellets are just nasty poison and don't work as well.
mtofell1 10/18/19 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roof caulking?

I just get the stuff at Camping World and have been pleased with it. The whole one-year thing is dealer excuses and total BS. I've gotten 5+ years on sealant routinely. The stuff in OP's pictures looks to be the wrong product. Scrape it out and put on the right thing and you should be good for a while.
mtofell1 10/12/19 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
Concerning Slide Noise

2016 Keystone Hideout - I'm not sure what the technical type of slide mechanism is but it's got a couple gear/wheels that stay fixed and toothed rails on the underside of the slide at each end. When moving the slide in/out a metal to metal rythmic grinding noise develops. In words, the best I can describe it is a grinding noise that occurs about 3X/sec. It's pretty high-pitched and is really just metal on metal sounding. Almost like a high pitched "chunk" noise. I've looked and listened from underneath as the slide is being moved and can't see anything (both ends of a +/- 12' slide). I applied some spray lube and nothing really changed. It still works fine but seems to be getting worse and sounding pretty bad - definitely not normal. I'll likely get someone more knowledgeable than I am to look into it but am wondering if anyone can offer a diagnosis from my description.
mtofell1 10/10/19 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: No access to forum topics??

Check your settings.... Fix for forum errors I've had the same thing happening for the last week or so. Ironically, when clicking this link I get the error message :S
mtofell1 10/08/19 09:26am Forum Posting Help and Support
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