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RE: A little humor

I know this is a serious topic, but that is absolutely hilarious.???? Never said it was “hilarious”. More correctly , should have said “tongue in cheek”
mr. ed 07/19/20 09:09am Around the Campfire
A little humor

Click on link below. Click on linkClicky
mr. ed 07/17/20 08:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Internet

I use public WiFi where I live, and always use a VPN (Proton). If I go to one of my banking websites, I use my phone’s secure hotspot in addition to the VPN for extra security.
mr. ed 07/11/20 11:29am Technology Corner
RE: Well known browsers acting strangely on iPad

Update: all ok now. I was pressing wrong icon. Thanks to all for your help. Ed
mr. ed 07/11/20 11:12am Technology Corner
RE: Without getting political....

I’m 76 now, and in my entire life, I’ve never had the slightest interest sitting in front of a screen with eyes glued to a bunch of people running around a field throwing or kicking a ball. That goes for other sports, such as wrestling and boxing. Sometimes I will concede and watch a little gymnastics, but maybe that’s because of the pretty contestants. :B
mr. ed 07/11/20 11:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

Honking your horn is probably the absolute worst way to request help. The passer-bys and your neighbor probably thought you were some kind of a yahoo being a jerk' I wouldn't be to judgmental. As earlier noted the VA has transportation available and so does Medicaid. With all due respect, I disagree with you, Pitch. Honking the horn briefly is a good way to get attention in a perceived emergency situation, especially if you feel your voice is muffled. I’d do it again if necessary. I wasn’t aware that Va would supply transportation, so thanks for that, and thanks to the other respondent who mentioned that, also.
mr. ed 07/08/20 09:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Heads Up: CCleaner Infected

Anyone know of a good replacement for Ccleaner, preferably free?
mr. ed 07/07/20 10:51am Technology Corner
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

They could have responded even if they didn't want to help, but I'd have to give them a pass w Covid, esp in a hotspot. It's one thing lending a hand, quite another risking your life. I hope your friend recovers and you're negative. Thank you. And I agree; I would have at least found out what the situation was, and then make a decision whether or not to help. Knowing myself, I probably would have offered assistance while seeing if there was any way to limit my exposure. If I couldn’t do that, I’d offer to call 911 if it wasn’t called already.
mr. ed 07/07/20 10:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

2 firemen wearing protective gear This might point to part of the answer to your question. Not everyone is willing to risk their health or life to help a stranger. Yes, I kinda thought of that, too. It’s too bad, but I guess I shouldn’t blame them. In my case, I would have approached to see what was needed.. In my friend’s case it was just a matter of lifting his leg a little, and he would have gotten in. But that’s just the way I am. Anyhow, all’s well that ends well . BTW, he did test positive for the virus, I found out later. I’m waiting now for a testing appointment. When they took my friend’s temp, it was a normal 98.6 deg F, so he was having other health issues at the time, evidently. He’s been through a lot of issues during his later years, such as 2 hip replacements and colon surgery for cancer.
mr. ed 07/06/20 09:54am Around the Campfire
Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

A few days ago my 80 yr old friend called me and requested a ride to the VA medical center since he was feeling quite ill. He.s handicapped and uses. a walker. He managed to get his walker into my van as he usually does, but when he tried to get into the front seat he couldn’t get his left leg in as he usually does, with some effort. Being handicapped myself, I couldn’t assist at all. Several minutes passed as he kept trying without success. It was a very hot day here in Tucson and I could see he was suffering greatly in his struggles to get seated. I noticed a window open in his neighbor’s house and could hear activity inside. I honked my horn and tried yelling for help. The neighbor’s response was to promptly close the window. About the same time I spotted a man & woman walking down he street. I yelled to them for help and I knew they heard me because they looked my way, but they elected to continue their walk. Now the situation was getting desperate, so I called 911. A few minutes later a fire truck rolled up and 2 firemen wearing protective gear managed to get him into my vehicle. Now I’m thinking, since I was wearing a face mask, did the mask muffle my voice enough so that I wasn’t clearly heard when yelling for help? Or was it clearly a case of people not wanting to get involved?
mr. ed 07/06/20 09:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Well known browsers acting strangely on iPad

Steve, if you mean the icon that looks like an open book, pressing it does nothing.
mr. ed 07/01/20 01:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Well known browsers acting strangely on iPad

I have a further question. How do I hide the bookmark bar that takes up about 1/3 of the screen when I’m on a web page? Thanks again.
mr. ed 07/01/20 11:36am Technology Corner
RE: Well known browsers acting strangely on iPad

I think you’ve nailed it, Tiger. I.’m experimenting with Safari right now, and it does offer to save login info like my Brave browser does in Windows. I’d like to know if there is a dark mode available for Safari. Would you know? Thanks. Ed
mr. ed 07/01/20 11:30am Technology Corner
Well known browsers acting strangely on iPad

On my Windows device, I normally use either Brave or New Edge browsers without a problem. I have a brand new 7th gen iPad, on which I installed both browsers and can’t set either one to remember login info for various sites I visit. The Brave browser has a setting for “save logins”, and it is turned on. I don’t see a similar setting in Edge, though. I realize this is a good question on a more appropriate forum, such as or I’ve tried using both forums, but found difficulties in using them. So, I prefer the simplicity of rvnet and the knowledgeable folks residing here. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Ed
mr. ed 07/01/20 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: A Minor Consequence of Touch Screen Technology

I have actually tried to increase the font size of our hard copy newspaper by using the “stretch” gesture. It doesn’t work. :h I guess it’s broken. :):) Maybe your newspaper needs an update to fix the problem. :B
mr. ed 06/30/20 10:45am Around the Campfire
RE: A Minor Consequence of Touch Screen Technology

Well, I'm gad to see I'm not alone. (:
mr. ed 06/28/20 08:17pm Around the Campfire
A Minor Consequence of Touch Screen Technology

I own 3 devices having touch screens: two tablets and a smart phone (I guess I could also include the in-dash display screen in my vehicle). My one non-touch screen device is my PC. Here;s the situation: When using my PC I will often attempt to manipulate the screen with my finger as if it was a touch screen. It will then take me a few moments to realize it's not going to work. I guess that's a normal response for some of us. :B Anyone else facing that issue, or am I the only one?
mr. ed 06/28/20 08:03am Around the Campfire
RE: IPad difficulty in importing/exporting bookmarks

Thanks for that info, Wildtoad. I’ll give it a try. It would have been nice if the browsers behaved the same way whether in Windows OS or iPadOS. I’m sure others have had the same issue.
mr. ed 06/25/20 04:57am Technology Corner
IPad difficulty in importing/exporting bookmarks

I have a brand new iPad,7th generation ,and can’t see a way to import or export bookmarks between 2 browsers on the device. The browser with all my bookmarks is Brave browser. I installed Edge browser and neither browser shows a way to either import or export bookmarks. I have both browsers on my Windows 10 laptop and they present no problem. On the iPad, both browsers display no option in ‘settings’ to either import or export bookmarks. I tried temporarily installing Chrome and same thing; There was no option to import bookmarks on that browser, either. Why should these browsers behave differently on an iPad than in Windows? I tried getting some answers online, but wasn’t successful. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this issue..
mr. ed 06/24/20 08:22pm Technology Corner
RE: iPads Sold Out

WELL, I picked up my new iPad, 7th gen 10.2” 2 days ago, together with a case and accompanying Bluetooth keyboard,Though i did own an iPad Air before, I’m still relearning a few things. . Very happy with it so far. My regular computer has been a Toshiba laptop running Windows10. It’s several years old and still running well. If it dies eventually, I think I can comfortably use this iPad as my regular computer For a while. I also have an android tablet, but I feel the iPad is a higher quality device. The android tablet was about $80 and worked fairly well, but i feel the $300 (incl tax) I paid for the iPad was money well spent. ;)
mr. ed 06/24/20 04:15pm Technology Corner
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