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RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

Most of the times we've seen a difference for residents happens at the check in, when ID can be viewed. Even here in Florida, in earlier years, we got Vets and Senior discount only at the gate when we paid and showed our ID. Now that has changed some, and we get the discount but also pay a registration fee, which was not the case in the past. In the past, a gate check-in within two days required no registration fee. Now, even a two-day in person check-in requires a registration fee, which in a sense nulifies the discount. The main difference now means the registration company gets that fee, not the park. Personally, on in-person check-in, I'd rather see the park get the fee instead of a company that does nothing on an inperson check-in. As I've heard, now the NPS is also requiring a check-in fee regardless of in-person or short - one or two - day stays. Makes little sense to me from a park revenue position, but once again, many things today are all about the money and not about the service.
monkey44 01/27/23 09:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tax refund scam Canada

We never click on links in emails. We always go directly if approproate or ignore it if not. Hover over the sender and it will often show the actual source as BB_TX explained. Even if it shows the correct sender nowadays, we still go direct to OUR source page, click no links.
monkey44 01/27/23 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

We love our state parks ... we don't even attempt to make reservations because it's become so difficult ... party because of winter weather and snowbirds, but partly because prople cheat the system. We don't care much about the reservation system because we don't plan far enough ahead to reserve. When we camp, we just call around a few state parks and ask if they have a single day or two or three mid-week available, and if so, we take it. For those that need set vacation time, we believe Florida residents should have a early window and a specific number of sites in each park that can be reserved for Florida residents ... then, after a week / month whatever, they become open to all. We do need a way to take care of our residents as a priority ... other states do it - higher rates for tourists and no discounts that residents receive. But, if residents own the land, pay the taxes that maintain it, and can't use it - that becomes unfair to the residents. We've been in plenty of states that cost more, no discount, and no special perks unless you are a resident. SO, what's fair is fair. We always manage, but we are retired and pretty flexible with our time, if not our bodies so much anymore :) ... SOme folks / families need more regimented times for camping - days off, and vacations, etc. Should be a way to make everyone happy. If we made a specific number of state sites available for early reservations - Florida residents only - maybe a week or so, that might make the eliviate some of the reservation problems in state parks. Private parks are on their own, and do whatever they want - they are private :) ...
monkey44 01/26/23 04:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: time to replace brakes?

test - ignore
monkey44 01/26/23 03:54am Tech Issues
RE: Things I've been doing around Quartzite, AZ.

monkey44 01/26/23 03:51am Truck Campers
RE: Electric jacks manual crank

Right, mkirsh, exactly what I was thinking, and exactly how it was acting. Thanks.
monkey44 12/12/22 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: Password

Yeah, I agree that any 'PW cracking app' would defeat the concept of passwords. My thinking was more that if someway I could see/retrieve my password because it's my PC would be reasonable. But I'm not very tech smart, so much of that defeats my thinking with regards to computers and software itself. I can use it, but don't understand the nuts and bolts that make it function. As long as it works, I'm okay. Soon as it doesn't, I'm stuck.
monkey44 12/11/22 07:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Password

I'm not exactly sure what happend, but it's now open and accessing properly. I first booted it up, then restarted it. No luck. Then, I decided to disconnect the internet. Then shut down, then re-boot, then restart. The password worked. I have no clue :( But it continues to boot up now, and operate properly. I never did get to the solution bob nestor posted ... but M44 thanks you both for the input. Happy Camping -- and Merry Christmas :)
monkey44 12/11/22 05:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Password

Yes, Win10 Pro ... Will try this tomorrow ... Thanks M44
monkey44 12/11/22 02:12pm Technology Corner

I've just tried to log into my Desktop. It tells me to insert password. I insert password and it tells me it's not the right password. It is the right password. Tried it several times, shut down, booted up, tried it again, several times. It tells me it's the wrong password. I'm absolutely positive its the right password. I put it in one finger at a time carefully, and I checked cap-lock. Anyway to change or access password without opening the PC?? When it boots up, it opens the blank window with the PW slot in middle. I've used it only two days ago, and accessed it fine. It shows its online service is connected if that helps. Windows10 Pro ... I use Google Chrome
monkey44 12/11/22 10:47am Technology Corner
RE: Electric jacks manual crank

^I’m pretty sure disconnecting the wires won’t make a bit of difference. Or am I missing something. It does make a huge difference, Grit Dog ... personal experience. It sounds like it's turning the jack motors - some kind of friction thru the wires maybe, I don't really know. I do know it is much less taxing on the drill when the wires are disconnected. I just pulled the plug out of the camper for each jack and the spin rate on 18v Mikita drill greatly increased. 2008 Lance 845 ...
monkey44 12/09/22 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Electric jacks manual crank

If you cannot get it repaired, try unplugging the feed wire from the camper on each jack. Then use the drill to raise and lower ... if you don't unplug it, you're raising and lowering, AND probably spinning the dead motor as well. You may also be getting some resistance from the battery ... not sure how or if the battery would affect it. But, when I had a dead battery once, I had to life it with a drill to load it. Once I unplugged, the drill felt and sounded like much less a load on it and it lifted the camper much quicker.
monkey44 12/09/22 01:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Question for you money Pros

Tried to send PM - will not go thru ??
monkey44 12/07/22 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

We still use old-fashioned email to exchange family info and photos. We are on FB too, minimally, but don't share family stuff on it too often.
monkey44 12/03/22 04:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Forever warranty

Pbutler97 hit the nail right on the head ^^^^ - and he didn't even need a hammer.
monkey44 11/24/22 05:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Europe Electrical Adapter

HA, Genie is way ahead of me ... she says she'sonly taking her phone, its charger, and her camera and charger. THanks for info, will buy adapter for those only. Sometimes Monkey44 has a monkey brain. Was trying to find a stocking stuffer ... Daughter and mom are going only to Ireland and Scotland, so same one :)
monkey44 11/17/22 12:24pm Around the Campfire
Europe Electrical Adapter

Wife and daughter planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland. They need an adapter for plugging in electrical stuff ... phones, hair dryer, etc. Can anyone recommend what we should buy. I have never been to Europe and have no idea which adapters are good quality and which not. A link to a good one would be great ... thanks M44 ...
monkey44 11/16/22 10:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Chew on this.

One thing I notice in the article cited ... it talks about built and shipped, but not much about actual sales to consumers. Just because a manufacturer builds one and ships one does not mean a dealer sold one. Sold is the criteria, not when it sits on a dealer lot, waiting for a customer. We are beginning to see a long-term recovery in both RV and truck sales, but that will also depend on interest rate dropping for those that finance and not cash-buyers. I'd expect the market depends more on financed buyers than cash purchases to remain viable to dealers. Dealers get the bucks either way, but the market is probably much less dependent on cash sales, especially with interest up and sale prices high.
monkey44 11/12/22 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Four Wheel Campers

Years ago, FWC bought Six-Pac - a small hard side camper based in Texas as I recall. And moved the company to Woodland CA. I thought it was adding HS campers to FWC at that time. It never materialized. Both were mimimal but well build campers ... I have no idea what happend to Six-Pac nor why FWC didn't continue building SP-HS Campers.
monkey44 11/06/22 07:38pm Truck Campers
RE: This net is dying!

I'm pretty tech dumb myself ... my wife set this up. And it seems one click adds the photo to your email, as long as your email is set on your phone. Then you just send yourself email with photo attached. It must be fairly easy to do, because Genie is not a techie either but she uses her phone a lot more than me, and connects with her art groups and the kids and grandkids. Me, I answer it when it rings if I recognize the number, if not, wait for a message. IF no message, no return call. And, I use the phone camera very seldom ... She's not here at the moment. But when she returns, I'll ask her directly, and ask our daughter too ... We have Android, daughter has iPhone ... we'll see if it's different. Stay tuned ?? I'm surprised one of the tech smart guys hasn't jumped in to explain this in better detail.
monkey44 11/06/22 07:12am Around the Campfire
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