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RE: Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

No co ops in the east but lots of petro pass and esso/ husky. Some petro pass also have car islands that will have room for rv access. I don't think the truckpumps have small nozzles. Flying j at pass lake and kapuskasing. Truck lanes have big nozzles. At pne time there was an adapter available. Now if you traded your 5r for a dp the problem would be solved.
moisheh 06/12/21 02:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border opening?

One has to be cautious in following medical advice on the net. Don't worry be happy could be fatal.
moisheh 06/08/21 09:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

There is a lot of buzz about reopening. Canada is thinking of a phased opening very soon. The USA is getting tired of Canada moving slowly and may open their border sooner than Canada. Maybe if we wore hockey sweaters things would be different.
moisheh 06/07/21 06:30pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

If Trudeau was not involved the border would be open in a month I bet the USA will open their border soon. But then Trudrau would want to fine Canadians that cross
moisheh 06/03/21 10:32am Snowbirds
RE: ISB Sola regulators

As Tequila mentioned 50 amp services is rare. Even then it may not be a real 50 amp service or the wiring is not very heavy. I would never hard wire that devic device. Risk of fire. Even th Hughes autoformer is risky. Some campgrounds do not allow that device. Connecting a modern motorhome in Mexico is always risky. Lots of electronics that are voltage sensitive. John and Angela are no longer active in this forum. He was travelling with a 30 amp smaller Class c. When the voltage was low he had a smart charger that would run on low voltage. I think it was 90 volts. He would plug that into the shorhe power. No worries.
moisheh 05/31/21 02:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

In another thread there were comments about things in Mexico returning to tomes past. I always say you can never go back. I would like to see Mexico as it was under Salinas. He was my favorite President. I know he was corrupt and managed to steal many millions of dollars. But under his rule Mexico entered NAFTA and a middle class was created. Mexico was an exciting place to be. Suddenly there atm's everywhere. Big box stores. Entrepreneurs were opening restaurants and factories. Carlos Slim turned Telmex into a profitable company and he became the wealthiest man in the world. Now Pemex has become a money losing enterprise and the goverment is building a train to nowhere and fighting with oil companies and the USA. What a shame.
moisheh 05/28/21 05:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

More articles about reopening. The US would like to open very soon. Rumors are it will open in stages late June. In Canada we have an advisory council on all things Covid related. It was created so the public would not blame the politicians. This council came up with hotel quarantine. But things are changing. The council is recommending an end to the hotel part. They are also recommending opening of the border. Good news for Canadians that have homes in the US or Mexico. Even better news for border communities that soon will cease to exist.
moisheh 05/28/21 08:34am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

Bloomberg has another article on opening the border. Canada does have a team working on the reopening. It appears that it will be done in stages. Chris: I thought you had dual citizenship???
moisheh 05/22/21 08:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

There sure will not be many Canadians as we cannot cross into the USA. However in normal times Canadians would probably be 50 % of RV travelers in Mexico .
moisheh 05/18/21 03:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

Canadians are limited from traveling to another province due to lockdowns and provincial border restrictions. Campgrounds within a province are booked until September.In our province the 3r d wave is coming. Not good.
moisheh 05/18/21 06:22am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

I have no further info but sense the USA be applying pressure on Trudeau. I so know that US border states would like the borders to open. This is the first time that Canada is considering anything to do with open borders Interesting My bags are packed !!
moisheh 05/17/21 12:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Border opening?
moisheh 05/17/21 10:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

Almot. The 3 countries agreed to keep the land borders closed. Canada did decide to allow travel to Alaska for US citizens. But the USA did not allow any travel by Canadians to Mexico. Nor are they allowing Canadians in Mexico to cross by land through the USA. Too bad.
moisheh 05/10/21 06:56pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

Almot. I do not understand. Presently neither a Canadian or a Mexican can enter the USA at a land border unless they are essential workers,etc.
moisheh 05/10/21 03:29pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

This has been an interesting discussion. I am amazed that the trolls have not killed this thread. I am sure the Mod. is at her computer 24/7 killing posts. THANK YOU! Borders are in a different world. The agent has the discretion to interpret rules and either allow your entry or send you home. You have zero rights. Although you may find a post somewhere stating that a Canadian was allowed to cross from Mexico to the USA they are either fiction or it was a friend of a friend. Your Mexican status means nothing to the USA or Canada. Presently returning to your Canadian home is a meaningless reason to cross. I can understand Chris's frustration. Mexico has agreed to keep the border closed but the Government needs people to be employed as they provide next to zero assistance to the population. But Chris should consider that most Snowbirds are at or are approaching the age where soon they will not be healthy enough to travel. Many have an investment in a Mexican home or park model. In our case we have a home and a motorhome in Mexico. We have ties to the local community. Once we are fully vaccinated we pose little or no risk to anyone in Mexico. We have both been involved in charitable works in Mexico. If I were there my skills would be put to good use. People in villages need help. Not just material things but support and advice on staying safe. I am awaiting my second Moderna shot and probably will drive to Mexico. I can ship my truck to Minnesota and fly to the closest airport. Crossing into Mexico is effortless. Returning to Canada is a little more difficult. I can fly to Tucson. My truck can cross on a tow truck flatdeck. Playaboy: What would you charge to deliver my truck from Nogales Mexico to Tucson or Phoenix? We should all consider that no Jursdiction in North America has handled the pandemic properly. Just a bunch of bunglers. Here in Manitoba we were in a semi lockdown and as the cases rose they opened things up. Now we are at over 500 a day with Hospitals at their limits. The Premiere is begging North Dakota for vaccine. Very frustrating. In the USA there are many groups and local governments that want the USA border opened with limitations. Canada and the USA share a border where many communities are joined with communities on the other side. Medical care requires crossing a border or driving hundreds of miles. Family members live on both sides. I think we will see things open up a little before the end of summer. In Canada we have a Prime Minster that did not secure sufficient vaccine contracts. He told us we were good to go!! He imposed ridiculous quarantine rules to discourage travel even though those travelers posed next to zero risk of infecting others. Stay safe!
moisheh 05/10/21 08:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Trudeau cannot keep the border closed for2 years more.We would become a 3rd world country with no economy.
moisheh 04/16/21 06:33am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

Forget the NOB style of rv Park. Too expensive to build with no ROI. I once suggested that the small villages should utilize their school grounds. Most are fenced. The children could provide some entertainment. Boondocking. It would provide some income in places gwhere there are no jobs. Think of Harvrst hosts.The gov. Couldhelp the villages with a small amount of money to get started. FONATUR could advertise. Rv'rs would love it. Dirt cheap and lots of fun.
moisheh 04/11/21 08:31pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Thanks. I forgot about the cost of fuel. But it was partially offset by a weaker peso. There is also the cost of the tolls. Mexico has not been a cheap destination for more than 20 years. We enjoyed Mexico in the early years when every day was an adventure. Where will we spend the night: Pemex,motel parking lot,mechanic's back yard? Will we make it into San Cristobal without overheating the brakes? Will there be fuel before the next town? Today none of the above is a problem. Boring
moisheh 04/04/21 03:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

The decline of RV travel in Mexico was not caused by one thing. It is and was a perfect storm. In 2007 the economy in the USA was horrible. RV sales tumbled and RV mfrs. were going broke Although there has always been cartels, corruption and murders things became quite bad. Of course the US media was showing this on the evening news. Pictures of bodies hanging from a bridge or stories about bodies dropped into acid baths does not encourage tourism. Certainly RV tourists were not part of the above. But perception is everything. Suddenly Caravans were infrequent. RV parks were empty. Canadians kept coming but they were old hands. Not new blood. Many of the RV parks sit on valuable beach front property. As the owners aged their families were not interested in the business and sold the parks. The Mexican Government was not interested in promoting RV tourism. They claimed that RV tourists are cheap and bring everything with them from the North. ( this is actually partially true. RV'rs especially Canadians tend to be thrifty. I still remember a fellow who used to post here that said he would never pay more than $10.00 for a site. He went on to start a Facebook group and even led some Caravans). Mexico want the farmers from Saskatchewan that fly into Maz, spend a bunch of money and 4 or 5 days later return to Canada. Every week there are hundreds of flights with tourists ready to have a good time and leave lots of money. Today RV sales are out of sight. The mfrs. cannot keep up. But these units are being sold to a lot of newbies. They expect 30 or 50 amp service, sewer and water at every site and clean modern restrooms. The older parks in Mexico do not provide these services. Think of the big parks that used to be in Maz. Most are gone. Houses or Condos sit on those properties. If and when this pandemic ends in Canada and the USA, Mexico will still be suffering. I wont get into the politics but the present President will not be able to handle the unemployment and lack of foreign investment. Recently a survey revealed that a large percentage of Mexicans would be OK with a military government. Hello Banana Republic. When Chris , a long time supporter of Mexico, is showing some disillusionment then things are bad.
moisheh 04/04/21 12:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

I too congratulated
moisheh 03/28/21 04:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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