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RE: Covid-19 in Guerrero

Keep in mind that accurate or truthfull data in Mexico is hard to find. Guerrero must be different as testing in other states is hard to get.
moisheh 05/23/20 10:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

Navagator: There is no problem with the border agents in Canada. When we returned they did not even ask us what goods we were bringing into Canada. A quick where have you been and when did you leave Canada. Then he read from laminated paper . It quoted some law from a hundred years ago and asked if we were sick and did we contact anyone that was sick. He stated that we could stop to buy fuel but no shopping. We were to take a direct route to our home with no visiting on the way. He also mentioned that we could be fined around $1000 for not obeying. A few days later they advertised a hotline where people could report travelers. Obviously if you were on a supermarket lot with an RV you would be in trouble. There were lots of people not following the law. I don't think anyone was fined but a visit from the RCMP is not pleasant! WE stayed in for the 14 days. While quarantined our TV quit. Luckily we had a smaller spare in the basement. After the 14th day I went to Costco for a new TV. That was a rude awakening to the new normal. Seniors can shop from 8 to9 am. WE live 65 miles from Costco. Naturally it was a colder day with high winds. At 7:15 I got in line with all the old folks and froze. Talleyho would have to go to the ER for frostbite. When I exited Costco 45 minutes later the line snaked through the lot and around the back of the building. I am told it is a 2.5 hour ordeal. Welcome to the new normal where you have to line up for food like Russians that line up for bread. When we got home the MH was not drained of water. It was cold but I was able to drain and blow out the water lines. But we have an Aqua Hot and the water lines in the boiler are so small they will burst with just a few drops of water. I have both a diesel burner and electric elements in the boiler. During the day the electric was good enough but on cold nites I fired up the Diesel. Of course I complained to the wife that our electric bill will be about $250 higher than normal. Lots of fun. But compared to what Drs., nurses, firefighters and police are enduring it was nothing! Back in Kino the Mexicans are starving. Sonora has a real stay at home program. You can only be on the street to buy groceries or medications. Curfew, Only one person per car. The roads are blocked and police only let in trucks, ambulances, etc. All stores other than food are closed. No construction. The fishermen cannot sell their product as the buyers cannot bring their trucks into Kino. Very sad. Moisheh
moisheh 04/27/20 01:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

If you cannot stay warm in your RV at minus 3 centigrade it is time for a new RV The Canadian rules about quarantining are well written. It is true that full timing for a Canadian is difficult . Staying in the cusa is a bad option. Not only would you be breaking the usa rules for the length of a USA stay you would have very little or no health insurance. We crossed from Mexico into the USA the first day that all 3 countries closed their borders. No real problem. I doubt that any country is worried abouta handfull of full timers. I have not read of any Canadians starving because they cannot leave the house. The day we got home one of our neighbors met us with some fresh food. 2 others called and offered to go shopping. Some Canadian full timers stay in a semi permanent park when they return. Other campers would certainly assist.
moisheh 04/27/20 08:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

Good thread. But Canadians cannot cross from Canada to the US at this time for tecreation Somone here posted that we would be welcomed. Not only that when one returns from the usa you must quarantine for 14 days I have not heard of any snowbirds in Mexico being refused entry to the usa. But they asked us if Canada was our destination. Once we hit Canada we were told we could not stop for anything but fuel. No groceries or visiting
moisheh 04/24/20 06:10pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Kirkland Signature synthetic 5W/30 ??

Meeting the api standard is mo big deal. It is a minimum standard. Any of thr popular brands far exceed that standard . Moisheh
moisheh 04/12/20 01:45pm Tech Issues
RE: 50 Amp Receptacle to Inverter

For $300 you are buyong a pos. I eould be worried about a fire Are you installing a sub panel? Are you fusing the 12 volt side? What suze of 12 volt cables will you be using. Personally you are doing domething that you do not understand. Bad idea.
moisheh 04/05/20 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: 2007 Freightliner M2 106 MBE 900 Allision

Fl,s of that era are notorious for electrical problems Could be the turn signal switch. I drove an 07 Columbia with the same problems 2 shops failed to fix problem. Went to an fl shop and they knew the fix right away.
moisheh 04/05/20 05:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Snowbirds In Limbo As Coronavirus Upends Travel Plans

We are back in Canada on week 2 of our sequestering. I am glad we left Mexico. We are in Manitoba and live on an acreage in the country. Not much chance of getting sick as long as we stay home. I think in another week ordo we will all be glad to be home. Lof3e in the USA is changing quicky. Moisheh
moisheh 04/02/20 03:19pm Snowbirds
RE: Tequila

Tallyho: Your post is incorrect I dont doubt thst the person you mentioned does drive his car. But it is illegal. I wonder how he crossed the border. A Canadian citizen cannot drive a foreign plated vehicle in Canada. There are a few vehicles that are permitted. They would be specialized vehicles for construction. Tequila is being wise If a Canadian is stopped by a leothe vehicle will be siezed and you could end up in prison. If we were allowed yo dtive foreign vehicles we would all br dtivong US rv,s without paying tax. If you had an accident your foreign insurance would not be valid.
moisheh 04/01/20 12:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fuel Prices are WAY Down!!

I foubt Mexico would sell much refinrd product. Production is horrible. They do not produce low sulfur gasoline. The quality is iffy. They import all of the premium fuel. Like Chris said: sell that albatross. I doubt buyers are standing in line. Besides amlo said he did not want to import fuel. If they cannot produce enough for the local market how can they export? Maybe some latin american country would be interested but most of them are in economic chaos.
moisheh 03/31/20 07:54am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Stricter stay at home rules

Just think of what will happen when the virus spreads Mexico will be ill equipped to handle the chaos.
moisheh 03/30/20 08:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Special request for all X-pats and visitors

Eating out ina restaurant is a bad idea. We also tip the baggers and lot attendants. They live on tips. The baggers are seniors that are living on pensions that could not feed a cat! Moisheh
moisheh 03/27/20 06:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fuel Prices are WAY Down!!

Under 13 in much of Sonora Saw fuel for $1.29 in New Mexico. Many states have Diesel for $2.25 a gallon. Fuel prices are meaningless when you cannot go anywhere. Moisheh
moisheh 03/27/20 06:13pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tequila

Pianotuner. We ctossed with no problems. Amm in nm. Hope to be home Friday.
moisheh 03/24/20 06:22am RVing in Mexico and South America

Where is Tequila? Did he bring the caravan back?
moisheh 03/23/20 06:14pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Turning in my TIP late

How late. Did you leave a deposit? Depends where you are crossing.
moisheh 03/23/20 06:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rving in Mexico and South America

We are in Nogales,Az. No problems crossing but the woman did not know that Canadians can cross. There was only one other car at the border. NUTS
moisheh 03/21/20 08:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Mexico /US border

At midnight the US border will only allow essential crossing. Such as : you work in the USA, have a medical appointment in the USA, are an essential worker such as truck driver, LEO, emergency worker, etc.. I saw nothing about Canadians wanting to get back to Canada. I tried to get more information but the border officials have not received any info as of noon today. The Canadian Gov. has asked all Canadians to return home. I can understand their concern. There must be 2 to 300 RV travelers in Mexico right now. WE are going to try to cross tomorrow and I will post if I get any more info. I think the need for urgency is that the next step is to lock down the borders for anything other goods. They will try to keep the trade going both ways. Moisheh
moisheh 03/20/20 03:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 60+ asked to limit movement (Mexico)

Today there will be the announcement that the Mexican/US border will be closed to all non necessary travel. We are starting to close the house and packing the Motorhome. Had planned on leaving Monday morning. Could be stuck here until "who knows when". Moisheh
moisheh 03/20/20 06:53am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Heading Home (North) There is one other community in a similar lockdown. I rarely go to facebook and never believe anything this posted. I watch the news and listen not to the media people or the politicians. But I do listen to the Scientists and the Drs. Moisheh
moisheh 03/19/20 11:52am Snowbirds
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