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RE: Converting Dual Generator to Run off RV Quick Disconnects

Just to keep in mind. Different colored acme nuts that screw onto a propane cylinder have different BTU ratings. Black typically found on BBQ grills allows for propane flow to support 70000 BTU. Green typically used on trailer pigtails allows for propane flow to support 200,000 BTU. As long as your total BTU requirement for the generator, furnace, stove, water heater, fire pit and fridge are less than 200,000, you should be good to go. Otherwise, you might need to step up to a red acme nut and you might need a different regulator. Red typically allows for propane flow to support 400,000 BTU. The only time I've ever seen the red ones in use was on a Papa John's trailer that had six 40 lb propane cylinders mounted on the tongue. All six were connected in pairs flowing through 3 regulators to supply propane for the pizza ovens inside.
mobeewan 05/28/20 11:10pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

I lived in my trailer for 5 years sitting in one spot the whole time. The only time I ever disconnected the water line was when the temperature was going to freeze the hose going to the trailer. I would disconnect the hose leaving it lying on the ground disconnected from the water spigot so it would drain. I also brought my regulator/filter assembly which hung under the trailer inside and drained both of them. The regulator assembly had a watts house regulator with gauges I added on the inlet and outlet side of the regulator. It was set to 50 PSI. The trailer pump was set at 45 PSI. When the hose was disconnected I would run off the water tank refilling it as needed and then reconnect the water hose when the temperatures would be staying above 30 degrees at night. Never once worried about my PEX tubing rupturing and flooding the trailer when the hose was connected and the water turned on. I only worried about the hose freezing solid or the filter housing bursting.
mobeewan 05/11/20 11:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yellow powder in fresh water tank vent tube

I'll second on the pollen. If you don't have a good water fill connection enclosed behind a hatch or door, everything that gets washed down the side of the trailer when it rains can get in the vent tube or the water fill port if it doesn't have a cap. I had my trailer in to a dealer to get the roof Corners resealed because the caulking was looking bad. While I had it there I also paid for them to wash and wax it. About a week after I got it back I found liquid wax that was sprayed on it in the fresh water fill hose. There was pink wax residue from the spray on wax that ran down the side of the trailer and gotten into the fresh water fill hose. The water fill port looked similar to the shorepower mouse hole with the same type of flap that snapped closed over the opening. I wasn't too happy about that one. I had to remove the fill hose between the outside hatch and the tank and scrub it out with a bottle brush and Dawn then reinstall the hose. I'm not sure if anything got into the tank but I flushed it a couple of times just in case. Within a month I replaced the cheap water fill port with a lockable hatch type after I found sediment that looked like dirt in the hose again after I had cleaned the wax out. I figured it was dust and dirt that rainwater had carried down the side of the trailer and it had weeped into the cheap water fill port.
mobeewan 05/10/20 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tabletop LPG Barbecue Grilles Anything To Be Wary About?

Watch out when using them on plastic top folding tables. They can slide around easily and they can vent a lot of heat out of the bottom warping the plastic table top. I have two identical plastic topped tables with folding legs. One I still use with the trailers and when I camp with a tent. The other sits permanently in my backyard and is used as an outdoor work table. I warped and melted the tabletop grilling in the winter during hunting season with a cheap tabletop Grill that used lava rocks on the bottom rack. I bought a folding metal table to use with my tabletop Grill.
mobeewan 05/04/20 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Prescriptions while on the road?

I would say that you probably should have looked up CVS's 800 number and called them to check on the prescription. I had a similar situation where I received a call from CVS indicating that I had a prescription that was being ready for shipment. I called the 800 number on my CVS prescription card and they verified they did have one that they were processing to ship. I've found out why and had the shipment cancelled. Over the last few years I have been getting medications from CVS / Caremark. They are my medical plans choice for prescriptions. Once in awhile I forget to take my medicine, so some medications I take I have wound up with a small surplus. I had not refilled my cholesterol medication and CVS contacted my doctor saying that I had not been taking it. I still had an existing refill from a local store for 90 days. Yes, my medical plan allows for 30 or 90 day refills at a CVS store at the mail order price. The reason they were processing a prescription for me because I had not refilled it by the time that they thought that I should have refilled it. I had not refilled it because I wasn't running low and still had about 80 pills and a month left on the current prescription. They called to tell him that I was a bad boy and got a new prescription from the doctor for mail order, but they did not do that for my two blood pressure pills and my Omeprazole that I take for acid reflux. I have since called in my last local refill about a week before the prescription ran out so now I have about 140 pills left. That should last me long enough until I see the doctor again and get him straight about my medication orders. They always either hand right my prescription or call it in to the local pharmacy. I have never done mail-order through CVS. So now I have a prescription on file for mail order that I can feel when I need it. So in my case it wasn't fraud I really did have a shipment being processed from CVS and didn't need it. CVS and my doctor screwed up.
mobeewan 04/23/20 12:19am Beginning RVing
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

Bring a scale? ROFLMAO. Do you weigh your 12oz Ribeye at the restaurant to make sure you don't get cheated too? How about making sure that 50lb box of nails actually has 50 lbs in it? I weigh them when I get home. so I'll know whether to watch them more closely when they fill the cylinders. When I go to a restaurant I stick my finger down my throat when I get home and throw up. Then I pick out the pieces of meat and weigh them a$$****. ROTFLMAO.:B:B:B
mobeewan 04/17/20 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

Maybe a new M1A or Mini30 I've already got an M1A and ammo for it. I'll be buying some ammo and some 30 round magazines for the M1 carbine someone gave me a year ago. The gun is in excellent condition and the bore looks pristine. He only had about 200 rounds of ammo and the original magazines are a little rusty. It'll make a great companion rifle when I go nomading out west when I retire.
mobeewan 04/17/20 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: What does having an appointment mean?

Where I bought my TT, having an appointment means you drop it off on the date that they tell you to and they will work on it when they **** well feel like it no matter when you need it back. They will work on it using it as filler work in between working on expensive motorhomes to give their less experienced people that don't know what they're doing something to learn on so they can screw it up instead of the expensive motorhomes. I bought my trailer in November before Thanksgiving a few years ago and used it during hunting season from November through December. I paid for the add-a-room which hangs from the awning when I bought the trailer. They had to order it so I made an appointment to drop the trailer off in January after hunting season and get some warranty items fixed that I found before I used the trailer. I dropped the trailer off in January and didn't get it back until mid May.
mobeewan 04/14/20 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: What does having an appointment mean?

mobeewan 04/14/20 11:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

I always weigh my cylinders before and after filling to make sure that I don't get short filled. I convert how many pounds of propane is in the cylinder to gallons before I take the cylinder in so I know how much they need to put in the cylinder to finish filling it to 30 lbs/7.07 gallons. Most everybody in my area fills and charges by the gallon. BJ's club will only put 6.7 gallons of propane in an empty 30 lb cylinder and not the full 7.07 gallons. They say it is a company safety issue supposedly. They have a price for a cylinder fill but they will prorate if you already have propane in the cylinder. I don't like filling there unless I have to because they won't top off the cylinder and I found tractor supply has the cheapest in the area a few years ago. The way I get around BJ's safety issue is I only fill there for convenience and I still have a little bit of propane in the cylinder when I take it in. They don't weigh it anyway. I tell them it is completely empty so he expects to stop the flow at 6.7 gallons. Then I play dumb when the float safety shuts off the flow before they pump 6.7 gallons. They still only charge for what they actually put in the cylinder.
mobeewan 04/14/20 11:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

After the visual inspection on my cylinders they used a Dremel with an engraving burr to etch the collar. The number they etched on the collar of each cylinder consisted of four digits representing the month and year and began or ended with the letter E. When cylinders are recertified using visual inspection method for the second time they are supposed to use the letter F. I believe when they do a pressure test they remove the valve from the cylinder. Don't have any idea what it costs, but by the time they get done and they reinstall the valve, they will need to purge the tank with propane. So with a pressure test it will probably be just as economical to purchase a new 20 lb cylinder. With a 30 pound cylinder or a less than 20 lb cylinder, a pressure test may be more economical, but not by much, so it may be worth one's while to just replace the cylinder.
mobeewan 04/13/20 05:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for advice on purchasing a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup

He’s not in Canada. The local beer stores where he’s at don’t stock Kokanee either, but neither is germane to the conversation. I'm not much of a beer drinker anymore, at least not for the last 30 years. However, I do have an affection for Crown Royal, Crown Royal Apple, Crown Royal Reserve and Crown Royal XO (which replaced the Crown Royal Cask 16 that I liked so much). They are available in my area and cheaper than in Canada according to my Canadian sister-in-law. I haven't tried the Crown Royal Peach yet I only just found out about it and do not know if it is available here. I don't care much for the Crown Royal Black or Vanilla.
mobeewan 04/13/20 01:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Traveling for Winter Sports

On the serious side lacking puns. I don't really look at them as being lakes. They may have been built because of the campground. They are really too small to be reservoirs from what I can tell on the satellite view. They look more like huge ponds catching runoff water. It could be possible that they are using the water for non potable water in bathrooms for flushing and washing hands.
mobeewan 04/13/20 12:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Water filters

After boiling it and allowing it to cool you can then run it through a filter designed for filtering out metals and chemicals
mobeewan 04/13/20 12:40am Tech Issues
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

My local refiller recertifies free for regular customers,but I just replaced a 30# that had already been recertified twice and was looking a little worse for wear. The refiller charged me $50 for a purged and filled new cylinder and will dispose of the old cylinder. He used a large bolt cutter to destroy the threaded part of the valve to make it unusable.X-2, I had 4 20 lb tank recert. for free. When you get one that's in too bad shape to be recertified, simply take it to one of those Blue Rhino exchange places and trade it in, $18.00 you get a Newer tank full of gas. I get mine recertified. Aren't tanks from Blue Rhino a 15# fill? Actually should be 16 lb, which is 80% of 20, tanks are filled to 80% for some safety reg. "Actually" a 20 lb cylinder by design would hold 25 lbs of propane if it were completely filled. 20 lbs of propane is 80% of 25 lbs. The reason there is extra volume is so the liquid can vaporize into a gas otherwise only liquid would come out of the cylinder until enough liquid came out the gas would begin forming. So when blue rhino fills them with 15 lbs they are actually putting 75% of 80% of what the cylinder can actually hold. Blue rhino initially got sued for misleading people thinking they were getting 20 lbs of propane in the cylinders they were refilling. Initially they were doing it to rip people off. Now they say it's for safety reasons when they refill the used cylinders with only 15 lbs.
mobeewan 04/13/20 12:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

As others have posted, recertification only lasts 5 years I think? If you know you will be using the tanks for more than the next 5 years, I suggest getting a new one. Why? I can get mine visually recertified two times at $5 each time for a total of $10. Both times are good for 5 years for a total of 10 years. $10 is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one especially those smaller than 20 lbs that can cost as much as 30 lb cylinders.
mobeewan 04/12/20 11:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling for Winter Sports

Interested in the topic. A bit of googling reveals there are some ski areas that allow overnight parking, some free, some with hook-ups for a fee. I wasn't looking at eastern areas but I found a few out west: Taos NM Wolf Creek CO Powderhorn Mtn CO Mt. Baker WA Grand Targhee WY As for leaving the trailer for the day and traveling to the ski area, I wouldn't leave it at a parking lot like WalMart or truck stop. I would look for a nearby open campground. Ski Apache Northwest of Ruidoso New Mexico. There is a nice campground on the way up the mountain to the ski resort and then there are also some Bureau of Indian Affairs roads on the reservation near the ski area that have some camping pull offs along the roads and a campground on the reservation. When searching Google Maps look for Eagle Lake and Eagle Lake number 2 on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation. They are right next to each other. The road that runs between the two of them goes to a Reservation campground that is about 200 yards North of Eagle Lake no 2. I haven't called the reservation yet to find out what kind of accommodations they have. When I make my trip out west I will be fully self-contained so will not have to worry about hookups.
mobeewan 04/04/20 01:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Fire tools

An AMES floral round point shovel is my main fire tool. It is 42 inches long with 6 inch wide blade. Long enough to reach into the fire to move pices of wood or scoop up hot coals for cooking or baked potatoes. I like to use dutch ovens for baking rolls, cakes and pizza. I also like to cook using the campfire.
mobeewan 04/03/20 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for advice on purchasing a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup

Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll start looking at 1 ton trucks. I don't need anything fancy. Most likely to work truck will do as long as it has cloth seats and a removable front center seat.
mobeewan 03/23/20 12:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for advice on purchasing a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup

How about the difference in tags and the registration between a 3/4 ton and a 1 ton? I've seen one YouTuber that was talking about how expensive it was to register and put plates on a 1 ton van they had converted into a camper he either registered it in Arizona or Nevada. I'm probably going to use South Dakota as my state of residency however it might wind up being Nevada or even Texas. I know for the camper when I purchase it I'll still be living in Virginia. For the difference in taxes and registration I want to try and purchase it and have it delivered listed as a camper if possible. Where I live yearly property taxes are cheaper on my 28 foot travel trailer than they are on my 5 by 8 utility trailer with 2-foot sidewalls.
mobeewan 03/21/20 11:47pm Tow Vehicles
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