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RE: Family Reunion Cuisine

I love Kent Rollins' recipe's for the blackstone griddle. Sounds good. ***I might need new glasses prescription -- or make the font bigger in my browser -- I read your title as "Family Reunion CRUISE" ... not cuisine.
mleekamp 04/27/23 11:35am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Advance booking for Fishing Bridge & Coulter Bay RV parks

Thanks, rr I swear I searched their site and never found it...maybe it was in middle of an update to their site or I'm just in the wrong place. Either way, a search again showed me. But earlier this morning, nothing. Hmmm....
mleekamp 03/27/23 09:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Advance booking for Fishing Bridge & Coulter Bay RV parks

Hey All, It has been a long time since we camped at Coulter Bay in Teton NP and Fishing Bridge at Yellowstone. I'm getting mixed answers off a general internet search, and can't seem to find the answer on the NP website. How soon in advance can I book Fishing Bridge for June 2024? How soon in advance can I book Coulter Bay RV park in Tetons? Appreciate the info as again, I'm getting mixed and varied answers. Where is this info on their websites?
mleekamp 03/27/23 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Back in a TT: F.R. Cherokee Wolf Pup 17JG

Well, full circle sort of. From slide in when it was just 2 of us, to several TT's that took us around this great country, to a new Class C motorhome that was awesome to have, we are now back to a TT. Honestly, thought we'd have the C longer, but after couple years of low use and trying to pay for daughter's college out of pocket vs. loans, we sold the C. Thought it would be few years before doing anything RV related again. We were wrong! Will all going on in our lives (one kid in HS marching band), one about to graduate, and helping care for elderly grandfather, we won't be traveling/camping as we had hoped. So a small TT is the answer! Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 17JG is to be picked up this Saturday at Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott IA. Best price within half day drive, and a great little layout for us, knowing that kids may or may not come with. Lightweight at 3800 lbs dry, single axle. Anyway, just booked a week at Up the Creek RV camp in Pigeon Forge TN for June -- about the only time we can get away for a week this year.
mleekamp 03/16/23 07:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Time to sell questions

I'd try RVTrader. That's where people looking specifically for RV's tend to look. Spend a few bucks, take LOTS of GOOD pictures, price it right, and you're off to the races. Another word of advice. If you decide on a price, and you see little or no activity, be ready to systematically drop your price. You might have to do it several times, but you will eventually "find the market" and it will sell. Best of luck in your efforts. 110% agree. Last year, we needed to sell our 2018 Class C. Used RV Trader. The $100 or $150 (forget exactly) was worth it. Trying to pay for oldest daughter's college out of pocket no loans. Her 529 dried up, and last 2 semesters had a combined $8k increase. Ugh. Point is, We priced ours at $1k under similar private sales. After a few tire kickers (not literally -- just folks asking if still available) we dropped price by $5k, and sold it. Picked up new owners from airport, spent an hour and half going over things, drove to bank and did the financials, and off they went. MY OBSERVATION: RV's of similar make, year, etc on RV TRADER were for sale MONTHS before ours went up, and were for sale MONTHS after. They priced themselves too high. I also see on craigslist, many rv's with a few pics and no info. No one bothers to look. We had nice photos, lenthy description, and RV trader is national. Worth it.
mleekamp 03/16/23 06:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Purchasing a Used Truck?

When I was 16 back in the mid 80's, it was not unusual for my friends and I, who all worked low paying jobs, to spend our money on a $50 to $200 beater (yes, back when a 20 year old rusty Buick or Olds was not worth much) and play in the field with them. We did really stupid stuff with them and seemed to need a "new" beater each year until we "grew up". But when I see this stuff, no matter how much money I have or will have, i doubt I'd ever take a $75k (or whatever price) new truck and do this. Old age? Naw, I just can't waste that kind of money!!!!!1
mleekamp 01/16/23 07:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Worlds talest RV

Love it! Raise it up to get the will always have a view with this thing! Just watch that first step in the morning....
mleekamp 12/01/22 07:31am General RVing Issues
RE: More and more instant hot water systems

We have a tankless at home, going on 7 years now. We love it and since it's on the other side of the wall from the shower, hot water comes about the same time as it did with a tank....very quickly. For our RV's we've owned, they have always had 6 gal tank heaters. I do like the tank heater in an RV since I can heat the 6 gal in the morning, and it tends to stay hot all day for when you need it (like dishes or hand washing) without using more gas. 80% plus of our camping is in summer. Can't tell you how many times I took a shower without hot water at all...because I never turned it on. Usually in the summer months the water is warm (for me) already. Lastly I'll say this: I can see the value of tankless and tank....most likely one of 2 things is happening: (1) its a cost savings of some kind for RV manufacturers to install or (2) its a feature being put in to show RV's are keeping up with the times (so to speak).
mleekamp 10/26/22 07:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Likely to regret

Agree with Rick & Nick. Most likely you eliminated state parks, and a lot of private parks as well. The Ford / Chevy / Dodge 1 tons, pulling the 30, will get you in just about everywhere.
mleekamp 10/24/22 06:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rental Cars-Anchorage June/July completel booked

Due to time constraints, we've looked at flying to Anchorage and renting car for a 10 day tour of the state. That soon moved to renting an RV (never thought I would!), then moved to WOW it's so expensive. Flight, Class C rv rental, food, etc, was going to be 12k min. for our family. With a kid in college and one soon to start, we backed off. Point is, yes, cars and even 4x4's are more expensive there, but I agree it would be worth it.
mleekamp 10/18/22 08:02am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Smaller tanks

You could also carry 1 extra 20lb tank for just such a need. Instead of replacing the 33's, use a 20 and a 33, and replace the 20 as needed. I don't know, there are many ways to do it. Years ago, on our Salem TT, we had 2 - 20's since new. I added a third to storage, and could rotate out as needed. Different, but just a thought.
mleekamp 10/12/22 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: 2004 Forest River Georgetown - questions

Would be worth the fee to pay to have it inspected. Mechanically both the Ford chassis and the RV systems. Make sure all RV systems work (fridge, furnance, AC, etc). Not that an issue or two would stop your purchase, but if it's fixable and/or you can negotiate that into the sale, that is best. Other things to consider during inspection: need tires? Brakes? fluids (brake, coolant)? critical inspection of roof. Etc. Etc.
mleekamp 10/05/22 06:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rotten egg smell, again???

Most likely from the well. Sulfer (rotten egg smell) and iron are the two most common elements in well water. We have a well at home, and have filtration to eliminate it inside the house. Filling our RV tank from home, or using water from the campground, the filters built in do help. I suggest buying a filter set up to add to your city water hookup. Should do the trick.
mleekamp 09/27/22 07:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How is the Current RV Market to Sell My Coach?

We just sold our C in August due to paying for daughters college vs. loans. Also, we want a different layout for the 2 of us vs. 4 people. Point is, ours sold within a few weeks on RV trader. Prices listed were HIGH. I undercut those prices by $8 to $12k. Don't think we left money on the table...we didn't. Today, those same comparibles are still for sale and have lowered prices. Bottom line for us was that what we sold if for was still a GOOD price. A few key ingredients to selling are excellent pictures and write up. Not just specs, but tell them what fun you had, experiences you had. Have a good price. If you model is selling for X price, can you undercut it by listing it at a few hundred or a thousand less? Again, that price is up to you and is subjective. At the end of the day it's only worth what someone will pay you. And I would not worry about the gas prices...ours sold fairly quickly while gas was still over $5 a gallon. And I made sure the 55 gallon tank was filled as a "bonus" helped.
mleekamp 09/26/22 06:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stolen Ford 350

I can't understand how this happens at a dealer, unless they are slimeballs. Does no one check the vin? Did they buy it at auction? Anyway, scary stuff
mleekamp 09/21/22 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Moving spots at RV park ? about weight distribution

Agree with ktmrfs. If not on the highway, and just moving short distance at 5 or 10mph, no bars needed. But if staying hooked up overnite (you don't mention if leaving next day or ?) I'd just hook them up.
mleekamp 09/19/22 10:52am Travel Trailers
RE: NC I95 towable crash near Kenly

Why was someone riding in the trailer? Did I read that right? My goodness, I thought that was illegal. Regardless, not a good idea.
mleekamp 09/12/22 07:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Best leveler for travel trailer?

I've used both and carry both. Had some treated planks left over from a deck build some 12 years ago. Cut them into nice squares and use them all the time. I also use the plastic ones too. As stated by others, plastic is light and less bulky, wood is. Both work and if you can, maybe use both.
mleekamp 09/02/22 06:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Selling our C -- Two Options

Update: Listed on rvtrader. Several inquires but nothing solid. Note we began saving for their college within a month of birth each. Our oldest got several scholarships, not full rides, leaving us with 15k per semester out of pocket. We had it covered until the last 2 semesters -- prices up, market down, leaving a big gap. Yes, Lwiddis, who has the funds for med school? What we do want is the funds for the first four years, which we were on track for 70% of them, but not now. After that, she'll have to be on her own and loan it out I guess.
mleekamp 07/19/22 07:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Selling our C -- Two Options

Funny how things change in a few hours. We were 80% leaning towards wapiticountry says, time, lookie loos, etc all are a pain. We've sold many things before on our own. Three homes and never used a realtor to buy or sell. Sold our used cars before buying new, even several TT's as stated. But was just informed my travel schedule has been pushed back. So for now, I think we'll list on RV trader, which I've used before. Seriously -- when I posted this I had "no time". Now I sort of do. Being mid-July we'll post ourselves and go from there. Not in huge hurry but want to move it along. And this way, we can still use it if needed. Anyway, funny how things change in half a day.
mleekamp 07/15/22 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
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