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RE: Chinese RV factory visit

Isn't Buick still building one of their models in China? Probably, China will up their game and meet our safety standards in the not too distant future. If their cars are priced right, Americans will buy Chinese cars. Remember Yugo? I agree, everyone is at least somewhat biased. Yes, Buick is the #1 selling brand (non-chinese brand) in China. All current Buick models are designed for the Chinese market, and all Buicks made in China are sold there....the Buicks sold in US are made in US/Canada. And I agree, China in general is uping standards to get into the US market for autos/trucks. BTW, I actually have a Chinese friend...he was an intern at work for 4 months over 10 years ago, now works there full time. Made me proud that he explored our country every weekend...flying to Denver, LA, NY, Miami, etc. Driving other places. He loved this country so much that he applied for citizenship. His first day in US, his rental car got a flat tire. A random citizen pulled over to help him (he had no idea how or what to do). He was scared...but then surprised he not only got help, they didn't charge him anything. I said, welcome to the midwest, friend! Point is...he said he was conditioned to dislike US, to be afraid of them (I'm sure similar to Russia/US relationship in cold war). There are good people all over...
mleekamp 07/08/20 02:52pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Chinese RV factory visit

Sorry, won't even consider one. Sure, they look nice to start with...but I'll stick with the units made in USA....poor/better quality either way. Just don't think I could trust it. As an example, I know drywall is not used in an RV, but remember chinese drywall? No thanks. Also, before the imported virus, remember they were trying to get cars passed the NHSTA safety standards? So far, they can't. Japanese, Korean (south), English, Italian, etc cars all make it in. Even our made in (mexico) USA cars. Call me biased....because all humans are.
mleekamp 07/08/20 12:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: update from maiden voyage 2020

We've had 2 trips cancelled on us. So, instead of Colorado and South Dakota, we are now doing a state park a few hours from we don't get to (actually has been years since we been) often. I love to tally the nites in the camper, and if we can hit 30 a year, I like to think we spent a month in it....this year we will be lucky to hit 10. Note I do count driveway camping...because we did 1 nite this year in the drive way...and my daughter has "camped" in the driveway 3 nites this year...wi-fi, fridge, and all. Fun times.
mleekamp 07/07/20 02:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: From Large TT to Class C

We went from several long TT's to a C like you. Fuel stops, both TT and C, are and can be challenging. We too used a gas truck to tow our TT. Here are the pros and cons from our viewpoint: Pros: --with onboard generator, we can take the dogs and do an hour or 2 at a museum or restaurant, and leave the AC on. -- don't always need a dinghy (spare car). Sometimes we just go to state parks an hour or 2 away and don't need to hook up the Jeep behind us. --We've went to state parks that have no camping, but wildlife (bison roaming the prairie at Wildlife Prairie park in IL)...and our C is great to take for AC and rest/lunch locations. --hydraulic leveling; had it installed on ours and it works great CONS: --when pulling our Jeep, if I need to back up, I HAVE TO UNHOOK. You can't back up with a car/jeep out back. perfect straight is one thing, but plan your turns and entrances/exits (just like with a trailer) --loss of floorplan space. our TT had HUGE amounts of space ... the C has no bunks, but the overhead bunk and tables to turn to beds...which is fine but some kids love "their own space" --another engine/trans to take care of...that you most likely won't drive a lot. Plus the genset. We use as much as we can, non-ethonal fuel to avoid issues when sitting
mleekamp 07/05/20 08:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New E450 Chassis

Seen some youtube vids of new 2021 Class C's with the new V8. Would love to drive one and compare, or have one in an F-250, which I've seen a few on dealer lots. Maybe a test drive...hmmm..... Still, the V10 in our C, which we bought 1.5 years ago, is just fine and seems to have plenty of power. I'm happy with it. Hope to use our C for about 10 years+++ ... until the kids are out of college (1 about to start and 1 going into 7th grade)...and see what fits me and wife then.
mleekamp 07/02/20 08:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Outside shower conversion to faucet?

X2 on Burbman's idea....I was thinking along the same lines.
mleekamp 07/01/20 12:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Who do you use for Insurance?

State Farm - 30+ years for everything. Regarding insurance year 'round, motorcycles and RV's are like that just about all the major carriers. If a tree falls on your RV in won't pay. Water damage during storage? Won't pay. We had water damage on a TT back in 2003/4 winter. Insurance wrote check for $3,500 after RV dealer said how much to fix. Would not have paid without insurance. The motorhome is the first RV we've financed in 20+ years of RVing. Still, I keep my insurance on stuff, stored or not. If you had a motorcycle in your garage over winter, and no insurance because not using it, and garage burned....well, it would only pay for contents up to a certain amount (tools, motorcycle, stuff, etc. all combined). Best keep it year 'round.
mleekamp 07/01/20 12:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fresh water hose storage

If it works, go for it. We use several milk-crates (the kind you buy at Menards...not the stolen ones from Prairie Farms!) for hoses, cords, camping stuff. Seriously, we have 6 or so in our motorhome...which has a bit more storage. Love those milk-crates.
mleekamp 07/01/20 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Longer closure gathering momentum...

Keep hearing about a lot of positives on vaccines and such, but nothing solid. Seems many companies and governments are working on it. We had 2 trips auto-cancel on us, and now our summer vacation is to a local state park to camp vs. mountains or ocean view campsites. I just hope a serious vaccine is found and implemented soon....
mleekamp 07/01/20 06:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: House Water Pump needs assistance priming

When we first got our motorhome, after 20 years of a travel trailer, I was a bit confused on the valving system of motorhomes. In short, trying to winterize my unit, you screw the hose to the inlet, and let the other end in the bottle of pink stuff....problem was, I had the valving in the wrong position (NORMAL) vs (WINTERIZE), where it pulls from the bottle. Bottom line: After 30 mins of trying, I realized I was not getting suction due to valving position. The pump should self-prime. But, only if your water heater bypass is closed (as kellem said), and your other valving in the correct position. Usually, there is NORMAL, WINTERIZE, SANITIZE, CITY FILL, and CITY WATER, or similar. You may have a few more/less. As I said, I had my valving pointing to NORMAL, which meant it was trying to pull from the tank, not my bottle. In your case, you may have had valving pointing to something else? BTW -- When I think of Bushnell, I think KITCHEN COOKED POTATO CHIPS!
mleekamp 07/01/20 06:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Is camping Fun Anymore

I hear ya. We are a family of 4, but it seems state parks (our fav unless we can get in a national park) have "parties" as you mention. I have seen (heard actually) stereos blasting from 4 campsites away or more...and folks livin' it up till midnite. On the other hand, I've seen large groups gather 'round the campfire till midnite...and not make an issue of it as they talk within the group and not make their presence known. If you are out having fun, be respectful! Still, we are not done yet. For us, it does allow mobility and unique experiences for our kids and dogs...while seeing the real America...national parks. So, we take the good with the bad.
mleekamp 06/26/20 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Personally, I prefer private sales. Mark up is usually not there, and there's usually more room to negotiate and get personalized help on all the little things with the unit. As mentioned by midnightsadie, the dealer knows little about the history of their used units, in general. And I also agree with A1A, as both private and dealers can lie. But sitting that aside, if you can, have an experienced RV owner or technician go with you and review the unit, private or dealer. Lastly, not sure about Delaware, but in Illinois, sales tax is vastly different. With a dealer, I pay the same sales tax new or any local taxes. For a used unit that is say, at half of it's new value or less, that tax can hurt. It's a percentage of the value of the unit. With private sales, it can still be high if a newer used unit, but older units (like 5 years and older) you pay a lesser amount of tax. That's a general statement...of course there are rules, etc that govern the tax. Point is: In IL, for us, used is less cost to buy private ( depends!) and always less cost for tax.
mleekamp 06/25/20 06:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adding 2nd AC to Class C

jdc1, I was thinking the same thing. We don't need it all the time...but are planning trips out west where it's HOT...and our 34 foot C will be HOT with that front-mounted AC unit....but installing a rear-section unit (as mentioned, in bedroom), and pluggin it in when needed, simplifies matters a ton.
mleekamp 06/15/20 12:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Who's hitting the road this summer?

We've had reservations cancelled on us...Destin FL (Topsail), and Colorado. Just a few weeks ago, got reservations at Rafter J in Hill City, SD (Black hills). Been there several times, and reasons for going back is (1) state is open) (2) they had 1 spot open for our week (3) We've seen Mt. Rushmore, etc...but there are ample opportunities to hike, sight see, and kayak...without too many folks around. We are heading from there to Devils Tower (KOA) then to Wall SD (Sleepy Hollow RV Park) for a trip thru the badlands. We've done this trip before, but for our kids, it's been 5 years so kinda still new to them...and some of the trip they don't remember. Biggest thing is that we will be out west...avoiding (hopefully) the issues of the day.
mleekamp 06/15/20 11:13am Truck Campers
Adding 2nd AC to Class C

We camped for the 1st time this year at a local state the only spot the sun, no shade. Last year, we were camped at Space Camp in Huntsville AL. Both times, our single 15k BTU AC could barely keep the unit under 80 in direct sun. We have 2 small dogs we travel with...and thought adding a 2nd AC unit could help. Here's the thing: i've watched videos and overall, it's doable. The question/issue I have is wiring. Already checked, I have no "prewired" wiring. We DO have a standard vent opening just above our bed (rear of coach) and is perfect for a 2nd unit. I'm not against running wiring along the ceiling/wall via some stick on beauty conduit. I recently used that to add another 110v outlet. Our unit is 30A. No extra breakers. I'm stumped on the wiring...where to add if I need 50A, what does that mean in terms of new breaker box, components, etc.........
mleekamp 06/15/20 10:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-450 Spare Tire carriers

You could mount under side of the frame as Baja Man did Here is a link to that thread with pictures! Thanks to everyone for your response! I love the underside mount idea -- will be looking into that. Guess I'm a cautious fool...gotta carry tools and spare tires. That was the biggest shocker to me going to a C from a TT....none had spare tires (at least the models we looked at....Coachmen, Jayco, Forest River, etc)
mleekamp 06/05/20 04:56am Class C Motorhomes
E-450 Spare Tire carriers

I've been putting together a spare tire kit for our C. I know some of you would never consider doing this, so this is geared towards those that do carry a spare....and hope to never use it. **Please, keep this to HOW to carry the spare...not all the other pros/cons/items needed to change it...I've already had posts on that! :W How do you carry the spare? I thought I'd go with a hitch mounted unit, but expensive...and interferes with our Jeep dinghy. I wish they mounted underneath... Any ideas? What have you done? Anyone make an underside carrier?
mleekamp 06/04/20 12:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Prepping for a serious trip...

Here, here !!! We've had bookings auto cancel on us...and I just last week booked Rafter J in South Dakota...a state that is open. We lost out on a Florida trip and a Colorado trip....cancelled. We spent years in a travel trailer..a lot of fun. Last year bought our first Class C...and have yet to use it on big trips! Talk about itching to get going... I agree with the motorcycle...a great way to see the sites! We bought a soft top jeep to pull behind the motorhome since I've got kids that ride along these days.
mleekamp 05/26/20 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Resealing the Edge of the Roof, Dicor, Eternabond, or Both?

The last 2 units we bought (a TT, then our C in late 2018), one of the first things i did was use a roll on the roof at all seams...where vents/skylights are, and on edges front and back. Why? Got tired of small leaks here/there on an older unit, and when i just Eternabonded the seams on that roof, it stopped. Now, I feel the time/cost is worth it up front.
mleekamp 05/03/20 05:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Need 1 more inch of clearance

Maybe lower the air pressure of the tires....not completely flat, but just enough to roll 'er in. Then re-inflate. And, like you said, maybe remove the AC shroud at the same time. Might work.
mleekamp 04/24/20 07:31am Travel Trailers
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