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RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

This is why I did them. Plain and simple I have 115k HARD miles and my suspension was worn out and now Ill have less sag allowing better front end dynamics when towing and hauling. Nothing more nothing less. Good mods to help with carrying a load. Don't get into a back and forth with any rv forums 1/2 ton weight cops on your Ram 1500 capabilities. Many seem to lump all 1/2 ton trucks in the same weight spec pile...or cherry pick your brand truck with a low payload sticker and claim all 1500 Rams have low payloads. All 2016 Rams/Hemi has the 3900 rawr. Rams Body Builders guide shows the rear axle weights of 2wd vs 4wd is around 60-70 lb difference for the same truck configuration so the rear axles will have close to the same payloads. You have the truck so scale its F/R axle loads with attention to its rear axle as its carrying all the load. Just stay within your Rams RAWR numbers (tires/wheels/rear suspensions) and the combo will work fine for your intended use. On a side note. I live in the great plains. With small block V8 trucks or my Dodge/Cummins I've found high all day long head winds are worse to pull/worse fuel mpgs than anywhere in 11k+ elevation Rocky mountain passes. I came here to get opinions from other brand owners and I knew full well that there would be brand loyal folks stopping in. Me I LOVE my Ram but Im not married to the brand.
mdsonofthesouth 02/16/23 04:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

Thank you to all those who responded. My confidence went from on the fence to uneasy to downright against the idea. The numbers "work" but I need to feel better and there just isn't enough margin in the numbers to make me feel comfortable and possibly risk my job or legal troubles. Thanks again, but for now I am moving on. My new plan is to limp the current TT and maybe remodel the inside on the cheap and work at getting the next tow vehicle as soon as I can. Once I have the neext vehicle there will be no need for a question like this lol. Yall stay safe out there! Do not recommend. I can show math that shows that you will probably exceed rear axle rating, GVWR, and maybe receiver rating. 7200 pounds dry, 8500 pounds loaded 1100 pounds of TW, family onboard and a bed full of camping gear, etc. I can summarize the feedback from of owners that typically tow 8500 pounds with half ton trucks - not many are comfortable at 65mph. Light steering, wandering, wind and passing wind impacts. The modifications you have made will improve the comfort level at or above any of the ratings I mentioned above, but that is hard to quantify. So that is a risk that is difficult for any of us to uniquely confirm with your exact combo of vehicle, trailer, WHD + adjustments, loading. Well as I stated my comfort level has lowered with the idea and I am now certain Im not going through with it. If I were to for a short period the bed would HAVE to be emtpy for it to work. mdson, is there a reason you haven't posted your actual door sticker payload capacity? I'm in the same place as you. The DW wants a particular TT to replace our current TT. I'm up against similar numbers and have a F150 Ecoboost with Max Tow package. It's 29ft long but is about 2000lbs heavier than the 25ft TT we have. I'd like to upgrade to a 3/4 ton but now isn't a good time for that. No reason other than laziness while being super busy with everything else. Honestly I should have gone with my gut before even posting which is to stay at 80% or lower for payload and towing. I got ambitious since the numbers "fit" and the size was the only alarm bell I was paying attention to. Add in that we NEED more space and needing more repairs that will be costly and the blinders were thick! As for a new tow vehicle right now is an absurd period of time but I doubt the prices will adjust terribly much as people are still paying them. Sure repos are up and sales are down, but I think manufacturers are still getting enough to keep things the way they are or close to it.
mdsonofthesouth 02/16/23 04:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

The big issue for the OP is what payload does your truck have. As noted earlier Ram 1500's are notorious for limited payload. Crew Cabs and 4 X 4's are heavy options that subtract from the original factory payload numbers. "The tow vehicle is a 2016 Ram 1500 that has upgraded shocks, springs(TufTruck XHD), sway bars, Helper airbags and E-Rated tires. I will be using a weight distributing hitch just like I do with my current 26Ft Shadow Cruiser and my vehicle does have a brake controller/tow package." None of the above will change the trucks payload. Shortly after buying my 2019 Honda Ridgeline a guy I know tried to take me to task... "Why didn't you buy a real truck?" he asked. When I asked for his definition of a "Real Truck" he proudly pointed to his Ram 1500. When asked what his payload was he got kind of sheepish and said he wasn't sure. I had him open the drivers door and there on the sticker it showed his payload to be 977#. My Honda is 1,477#. Almost made him cry. The OP is going to run out of payload with this trailer before he loads any gear or passengers. The other concern IMHO is that much trailer will be a textbook example of the tail wagging the dog... and not in a good way. As always... Opinions and YMMV. Good luck. :C Not once did I state or even hint that the changes I made would up my payload or towing. As for Ram payloads its all in the options. You have a LOADED limited with 3.21 gears and your payload will be ****. The thing I will give you that Ram messes up concerning payload is you can have identical vehicles with the same exact options and changing the gear ratio ALONE can drop the payload significantly. Sure a lower gearing will FEEL better, but after all the front and rear ends I have serviced and rebuilt as a mechanic or shade tree there is no discernable difference to warrant the change other than speed of acceleration. But Im sure someone will disagree with that. As far as numbers go I have NOT weighed my truck with camper, but I have weighed my truck alone with a load in the bed and "empty" at the dump so I know given the numbers I have on hand that my truck will be within those limits. The one change to my current way of loading for a trip to make it work numbers wise is to hitch my bikes to the camper rear and keep the bed empty. But as I stated above the more I contemplate the more I become uneasy about it all despite the numbers lining up. Thank you for your post. "None of the above will change the trucks payload." ^^This is true, will not change the payload sticker. The improvements made to OPs truck will improve handling and capability, of his truck, compared to stock setup. Jerry This is why I did them. Plain and simple I have 115k HARD miles and my suspension was worn out and now Ill have less sag allowing better front end dynamics when towing and hauling. Nothing more nothing less.
mdsonofthesouth 02/16/23 09:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

That's gonna be a lot of trailer for sure. I've got a 13 F150 EcoBoost with the "maxtow" option giving the truck a #7700 GVWR and #1900 payload. I can tell you that I'm maxed out with a 26' #7000 GVWR trailer... I do pack heavy, and it's only 2 of us, so my trailer does not need to be that big , but it's all up to what you feel comfortable with in the end. Like has been said, you have towed with your truck before and know how it handles your last trailer. I think you'll be a bit surprised at it's actual weights on the new one when it's wet... We all don't think we pack much.. But, how much do we all add over time? Anyway, good luck with it and waiting 5 years to buy a new truck is gonna be a lot more $$ than just buying one now.. I'm not even looking at new trucks in my future.. I'll replace the engine, trans, whatever on my 13, as it'll be cheaper than even a used base model truck that's newer than what I got now and I don't plan on getting any larger in TT either.. But, that's just me and no growing family! :) Good luck! Mitch I just replaced the parts I listed recently due to not being able to buy for 3 or 4 years. My preference would be to not buy a new truck but the one I have is limiting me from what I need for the family. My next truck will likely be what I have for many years (have had this one since 2017) if all goes as planned. I'm not waiting for the crazy to resolve itself, rather I just cannot financially swing it. I still have 3 or so years left on my tractor payment and cannot more forward til that is done. As for cost, right now everything is so inflated that it should go down a little but I doubt very much. IT sure is hard to process the same truck I wanted in 2019 was 48 to 50k is now 75k+ not including markups and I'd have to wait forever to get it. But I feel prices will eventually normalize a bit especially given the repo market.
mdsonofthesouth 02/16/23 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

1000 lbs or less stuff in trailer.... Had a fellow moderator say in his new trailer he would load less than 750 lbs for wife and himself. I laughed, said 1000-1200 lbs. Not going to say who was correct. My family of 6 were typically 1500-3000 lbs in our 24' trailer, depending upon if it was a summer weekend, or a 3-4 day ski weekend. Let's not mention the day we got 20 miles down the hill, and had 6000 lbs of snow between the trailer and what was in the bed of the truck. Pass got shut down for 4-5 days, they lets us leave with an hour or two notice. My 02 on what you will really pack! 1500-2000 would be more realistic. Marty Yeah I guess that makes sense. I have tried to purge over the years, but the front compartment with tools and such and the 2 propane do add up to alot. Inside is just sheets, blankets, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 sets of silverware and a few misc odds and ends(like dvds, dry goods). We dont pack too heavy. Ill be honest I do need to weigh the camper and see the true weight Im hauling. I have towed more than its gross weight and it feels light in comparison to the heavier load so I venture to guess Im at 7-7.5k max (if we travel "wet"). But again I do need to get it on a scale to be sure.
mdsonofthesouth 02/15/23 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

A 33' long 9600# GVW TT will put an average 1/2 ton at its limits. On a good day you may be on OK. On a bad weather day you will be taking your chances. Stay on the flats you maybe OK, go into the mountains and you are testing your limits. I live in MD and I can travel North, south or east of Baltimore with ease however if you head west the equation/landscape changes quickly. I always want my combo to be set up to travel with out limitations. The combo you are considering will NOT be without limitations! Yep sadly have lived here all my life. Doubt Ill pass much further west than Frederick to Brunswick area. Most of my driving would be to the Outer Banks, eastern shore, Central MD to NC maybe. I know until I get the 2500 Ill have limitations and will avoid Appalachia for sure! Heck I wouldn't want to go to the mountains without an exhaust brake no matter the size of my camper. You didn't post what the driver's door sticker says is the truck's payload capacity. 2016 Ram 1500s were notorious for poor payload capacities. Figuring that having 1000lbs of axtra trai,er weight, when loaded for camping, 12% would mean a ballpark tongue weight of 984lbs. That goes against the payload number, then subtract the weights of everyone in the truck, any truck cargo/add-ons weight and 100lbs for the WDH. If there's any payload capacity left,you should be OK. The 280BH is 7100-7200 dry, add ~1000lbs (probably will be much less) in "stuff" and then 13% tongue weight will be around 1100lbs. The kids, wife, dog, stuff and myself are ~540lbs. If I put the bikes and such on the back of the camper I should be around my payload capacity. No matter how I slice it Im extremely close to my limits and the more I think about it the more I get uneasy with the proposition. Sad thing is my current RV looks like it will be in its last year before I have to do serious frame repairs or sell it if I can. If I get a camper I'm 5 years from a new truck and if I get a new truck Im 5 years away from getting a camper...unless I win the lottery.
mdsonofthesouth 02/15/23 06:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

At 33', that would be a chore to handle in the wind, if truck was in stock form. With the upgrades you have, suspension, E-rated tires, I'd sure give it a go. You are an experienced tower already, and should recognize if it handles poorly. Make sure to have your hitch wt at 12-13%, if you aren't overloading your receivers capability. Welcome to the forum, and good luck! Jerry Thank you for your response and welcoming! I do have some experience with 5 or so years with the TT and longer hauling hay but I always appreciate input and can always learn something new. My guess is the hitch wieght will be between 900 and 1000, but will plan on 1- 1.1k hence the idea of going up a size with the wd hitch. My max weight for my hitch is 1200 which is also a concern, but within spec. I have alot of thinking to do that's for sure!
mdsonofthesouth 02/15/23 05:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

If it's within specs, and considering your upgrades, I would go for it. You may want to consider a high end sway controlling WDH. I'm actually in the same boat right now with my Ram 1500. I've been instructed to purchase a little longer than I had planned so we can accommodate kids and grand kids. Yeah we love our 26ft, but when inclement weather comes and we want to chill out and watch a movie or something its not a great setup. Add in that the wife and I need to sit sideways to use the toilet and have the door closed doesn't help. For 2 people its great! for 4 and a dog its pretty snug. Not to mention the previous owners didn't take good care of it and I have had to replace 2 walls in the camper myself, repair a poorly sealed fiberglass that pealed back DURING our last trip and now the frame has torn and rotted where the drivers side rear leaf spring bracket is welded to it. But other than that we LOVE RVing and cant see ourselves without a camper. Like I said even with the higher gearing the weight is within the limit and the tongue/hitch weight with us will be good. The WDH I use now for our Shadow Cruiser is rated at 1200lbs and the camper has a hitch weight of 545lbs. Id honestly stick with the same "size" or maybe even go up a size to be safe. My main concern is safety of my family and others around me. I also worry about legal issues having a CDL for work (Class B) but seems like the numbers and law are on my side with this one.
mdsonofthesouth 02/15/23 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
Ram 1500 can it tow Keystone 280BH??

Heres a link to the exact camper: The tow vehicle is a 2016 Ram 1500 that has upgraded shocks, springs(TufTruck XHD), sway bars, Helper airbags and E-Rated tires. I will be using a weight distributing hitch just like I do with my current 26Ft Shadow Cruiser and my vehicle does have a brake controller/tow package. So per the specs of this Travel trailer I should be fine with proper loading of my truck, but what worries me is the length of this new TT. The original plan was to get a few more years out of the shadow cruiser until I can get a Ram 2500, but the camper is causing me too many headaches left over from the previous owners + we need more room for the family and dog. No mountains are in our immediate future and most trips are ~3 hours or less. So do yall think I can safely tow this camper? Thanks!
mdsonofthesouth 02/15/23 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
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