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RE: Jayco Eagle Manufacturer’s Warranty

Does anyone know if Jayco’s manufacturers warranty will cover full timers in the Eagle model? I’ve heard/read they won’t know if you tell them but that just seems a little scary. Not sure on the Eagles, but I'm pretty sure the Pinnacle and Northpoint models are rated for FT use. Easiest to say is that you're on an "extended vacation" if you do end up with an Eagle. Lyle
laknox 11/21/19 08:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: do you do this

To help prevent dry rot don’t park directly on soil, asphalt, or concrete. Park on leveling pads or similar I bought some 2x6 redwood, cut them in half and run my rig up on those. I feel that it bought me time, especially with the first couple sets of China bombs. Always covered, too. Lyle
laknox 11/21/19 09:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best type of house battery

Most RVs seem to have lead acid deep cycle marine batteries. However I’m just thinking that most but not all RVers rarely camp without shore power. The most instantaneous power demand is when running out slides or deploying jacks. So it seems to me that a standard or combination starting battery makes more sense than the deep cycle marine battery. One more question I have: I’m wondering if the higher cost for agm batteries is worth the money. The plus side to me is not having to keep up with the electrolyte levels. I would be interested in what others think about this or have experienced. The so-called "deep cycle" marine batteries aren't true deep cycle, meaning that they can't be drawn down and recover time and time again. They just provide a lot of cranking amps. What a lot of us do is to simply get a couple 6v golf cart batteries and connect them in series to make 12v. Maybe a few less amp hours storage, but the ability to draw them way down in voltage without damage is worth more than having all but the absolute best 12v batteries. For about $200 (2 batteries from Costco or Sam's and a crossover cable) it's way cheaper than 12v batteries, too. Now, if you have deep pockets, go Lithium using Nissan Leaf battery modules. 2 modules at 7.2v each, give you 14.4v in series, with 64 amp hours. Start stacking them together in parallel to get as many amp hours as you need. NOT cheap, but you'd probably go through at least 3 sets of flooded batteries in their lifetime. They're also about half the weight as flooded batteries. Later: Forgot to mention that, personally, I leave my FW plugged into my truck while setting up or hitching up to leave when we're boondocking. Less stress and strain on the coach batteries. Now, if I'm in a CG, I'll stay plugged in while I unhitch, then plug into shore power before leveling and running out the slides. When leaving, the shore cord is the last thing to be packed before leaving. Lyle
laknox 11/21/19 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Closet walls pulling away from structure

If you really want cedar, maybe you could line it with narrow cedar planks run horizontally. I've seen 1/4 or 5/16 cedar t&g boards. Placed horizontally, you could likely follow the curve of the front cap. As far as insulation, there's most likely little to none in there from the factory. :-( Lyle
laknox 11/21/19 08:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

I'm interested, too! Lyle
laknox 11/20/19 10:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pin box

Need to know what hitch you have. Some hitch mfrs. will void their warranty if you use one of these types of hitches. B&W, in particular. Lyle Not all B&W hitches, just the post-mount ones. You can use this style hitch with puck-mounted hitches because of 4-points of attachment vs just one. But, good to highlight that not all fifth wheel hitches allow this style pinbox. OK. I'm still old-school, with my TO Ball / Companion. :B Lyle
laknox 11/19/19 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full time in the 2020 JAYCO EAGLE??

My husband and I are looking to start full timing. We have been researching the 2020 JAYCO EAGLE 355MBQS. We love the layout but it’s 42’ which seems daunting. Does anyone have experience with this model and any advice on length? My opinion is that you should find this in a used version to get used to towing something that large and see how you like it. Second, I agree that the cargo capacity is a bit lacking. Third, not sure Jayco would warrant this for FT use. If you do go this route with a new rig, do NOT tell them that you're FTing in it. IMO, a Pinnacle or Northpoint would be better for FT and are likely rated for such. FWIW, take a look at the KZ Durango Gold FWs. Not saying this because I own one, but because I researched both Jayco and KZ extensively when I was shopping several years ago. They were my top 2 choices, with KZ being #1. Lyle
laknox 11/19/19 09:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full time in the 2020 JAYCO EAGLE??

I've gone up in size from a popup to the current 36' 5th wheel and parking at home and in campgrounds is by far the biggest challenge. Out on the road I find easy. After all, there are buses and large semis on the same roads. I've actually found people are nicer and let you in more the larger a trailer you are towing. I've pulled onto crowded freeways that I never thought I'd be able to merge onto and people let me right in. LOL.... it's actually much harder in my commuter car! Just use the 3 blink rule: 3 blinks of the turn signal and you're moving over! LOL I will agree that most folks are a bit more curtious to folks w/ large RV's but when it comes to semis, No Way Jose. They simply do not want such a large vehicle in front of them. As a semi driver, I cannot tell you how many times cars have passed me and pulled right in front of me w/ no-one behind them. My conventional tractor has a short nose as it is and sometimes I cannot see the rear end of the car when they do pull in. They don't realize that all it's going to take is for them to misjudge the gap and clip my LF corner and it's instant turn sideways for them till I stop some 300+ feet later. In fact, I saw this very thing couple months ago w/ driver's side of car looking at grill of semi as the car got turned sideways via RF corner (believe semi was in middle lane and either it or the car went from middle to right or right to middle). Youtube is full of vids just like this. Saw one where a dump truck had someone clip him, and he just continued on down the road pushing the moron for at least a 1/4 mile. :B Lyle
laknox 11/19/19 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pin box

Just took delivery on my 1st 5th wheel. A Grand Design 150 series with a Lippert Turning Point pin box. If I was to install the wedge and move my pivot point back 22", could I go on the highway with this setup ? Or is this just for getting in and out of tight spaces. Thank you. Need to know what hitch you have. Some hitch mfrs. will void their warranty if you use one of these types of hitches. B&W, in particular. Lyle
laknox 11/19/19 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: do you do this

Never have and don’t really see any need to. What ^^he^^ said. FWIW, though, when I do jack my trailer, I jack right under the spring perch. Were I to store my rig off the wheels completely, I'd jack it up, remove the wheels and store them inside, then lower it down onto jack stands on the frame. I'd also keep some weight on my 4-pt leveling system as well as the frame jacks...just 'cause. Lyle
laknox 11/15/19 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearings

All I can say is that I checked my old Komfort's bearings for heat at every stop and jacked each wheel up yearly to check for play in the bearings. I'd also grease the EZLubes at the same time, spinning the wheel and stopping when I heard popping sounds, just like we did on everything we greased on the farm. When I had the wheels pulled after 10 low-mileage years, there was still no play, the bearings were in excellent shape and I =could= have reused them, but chose to replace them and the seals. Had the brakes adjusted at the same time. Ran for another 3 years doing the same thing, then I sold it. Never had a seal issue, never had grease on the brakes. NOT a fan of the NEVRLubes... Lyle
laknox 11/15/19 08:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2008 Cameo F35SB3

Don't forget the low point drains. Typically a red line and a blue line. Red for hot water and blue for fresh water. VERY important for winterizing. Lyle
laknox 11/15/19 08:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

Wow! $260 for one with a built-in gauge. I supposed if you're not too strong, and have to lift the tank every day, it might be the way to go. But I think I'll give it a pass. $500 will buy a fair amount of fuel and overnights. Well, you also pick up about 20 lbs of cargo capacity. :-) Lyle
laknox 11/14/19 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

This is all conjecture without a PICTURE! I said earlier the rv is probably junk & the neighbor built the fence to not see it. OP would have shown us if it was looking like new. OP said he was living in it due to losing everything in a hurricane. Lyle
laknox 11/14/19 09:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

Now, =here's= some nice tanks. Aluminum. 30# tank empty is ~18 lbs vs 25-35# for steel. Can be had with a wired float gauge for remote readout. I'd say it'd be worth the price to buy them when the current ones expire. Lyle
laknox 11/14/19 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I think they’re doing it wrong

Don't be so nice. You KNOW that they are doing it wrong. I'd love to see the rest of the trailer. Personally, I'd've shot more pics, then called 911. No excuse! Not even funny. Just about as bad as drunk driving, IMO. Lyle
laknox 11/13/19 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Landing gear motor.

Hooking up a 2nd motor could probably be performed. How would you synchronize their speed so the landing gears operate at the same speed? I have no idea where the zerk comments come from! Why would you need to worry about sync'ing them? Put in 2 switches to control them separately. Lyle Except if one is slowing down, then they would not be running at the same speed.. Sure you could run them separate to get them back even, but no guarantees they are going to run the same speed pushing both switches at the same time . I've =seen= factory installed 2-motor/2-switch legs in operation and they =always= had to adjust one side as that motor just ran faster when both switches were pressed at the same time. (FWIW, old GF's father's FW.) The 4-pt system on my KZ, on a virtually level concrete pad always runs one more than the other. You simply can't sync the motors that closely without complex and expensive electronics involved. Other thing about having 2 motors is that the legs jack about 2x faster, if not more, than a single motor setup. Old Komfort had the single motor and it was =slow=! Lyle
laknox 11/12/19 09:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

Small forklift rental in my area is under $250 for a full day. A small Kubota is likely even cheaper. Not a bad idea, but forklifts are usually terrible on sandy, uneven terrain (unless it's an all terrain model) and a small tractor won't have nearly enough loader capacity to handle the kingpin weight and still have enough rear wheel traction to move the trailer. Which is why almost every front loader manual tells you to add counterweights on the 3-pt hitch, and the company usually sells a pre-made box you can fill with whatever you like; spare wheel weights, concrete, scrap iron, etc. Counterweight on our 2 tractors with loaders are backhoes. :B Lyle
laknox 11/12/19 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

Around here also, many places charge by the fill, not the amount. Even our propane company charges a straight rate to fill a 20 or 30 pound tank. Amount is irrelevant. I'd find another propane place. I've =never= seen that and, if I did, I'd just say, "not interested", and go elsewhere. F'n ripoff! Lyle
laknox 11/12/19 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Landing gear motor.

Hooking up a 2nd motor could probably be performed. How would you synchronize their speed so the landing gears operate at the same speed? I have no idea where the zerk comments come from! Why would you need to worry about sync'ing them? Put in 2 switches to control them separately. Lyle
laknox 11/11/19 07:59pm Fifth-Wheels
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