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RE: seal pulling out?

Myself, I would call them trim strips or something. Do they really "seal" anything? In the boating world, they're called "rub rails", and do serve a purpose. My KZ lost the RR one completely when it got hot the first summer we had the rig. Just slid right down the track and onto the ground. Idiots at the factory didn't bother to secure the top. Dealer replaced it with a non-matching piece, but it doesn't slip out. I have the same issue, in the same place as the OP. Just need to buy a roll of it and DIY my own fix. Just one more example of a mfr cheaping out on stuff that a $5 difference would likely fix. Lyle
laknox 02/21/20 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: getting trapped inside a park

And if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice... You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave. Someone should make a song with that phrase. :) plus ca change plus ce la meme chose Lyle
laknox 02/20/20 09:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range G Tires

For a double axle, the price is $600 vs $1100, for a triple axle $1600 vs $940. Considering the quality seems to be about the same, with maybe a couple more isues with the Goodyear, it pretty much boils down to price. Personally I'd rather spend the money to travel. The extra cost for the GY simply boils down to an "insurance policy", since GY is willing, in many cases, to pay for damages caused by a blowout. Lyle
laknox 02/14/20 11:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Difference between Yamaha & Honda Inverters

I still like Yamaha's Burst feature on their 3kw EB genny. Gives a "burst" of 500w pulled from the starting battery for about 10-15 seconds to help start A/Cs and other high load starting motors. I wish they'd do that on all electric start models. One thing to watch out for in their inverters though, is that the 4kw unit uses a CONSTANT SPEED engine. Runs at a constant 2600 RPM instead of adjusting speed for demand. All other of their inverter-generators are variable-speed, including the 6kw. Lyle
laknox 02/13/20 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

WalMart sells the ENDURANCE. Is the Carlisle a YSMade tire? No, they're Asian-made. I had good luck with 2 different sets of them on my 11,360 GVW Komfort, though I ran E's when the placard specified D's. Running light, basically empty tanks/no food, ice, etc., I'd run 70-75 psi, but when loaded, I'd always run 80 psi. When I sold the Komfort, the tires were going on 5 years old and were starting to weather check a bit, but I'd've run them the rest of the year, myself. Of course, I'm pretty conservative and keep my speed < 65 and usually run 60-62. Tires were always covered and on boards in storage. As I said, I'll certainly look around when I need tires for the KZ, but I won't discount Carlisle, based on my experience with them. Lyle
laknox 02/12/20 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

Actually, for that vintage, even a 10k FW might be over spec. I know I am with my '02 D'max, but it's not so far that I worry about it. Given that the rear ends of most 3/4t and 1t trucks are almost identical, except for some springs, is another reason I don't worry much, if it's close. Lyle
laknox 02/12/20 08:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

GY Endurance RSA Day-um! Looks suspiciously like an R238 for a =whole= lot more money! :B Lyle
laknox 02/11/20 09:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

FWIW, I just checked Discount Tire and their price for the R238 is =higher= than the same size Michelin XP Rib by a few bucks. Used to be t'other way 'round. Lyle I just ran the LT235/85-16 E on DT website. XPS Rib ...281 bucks R238 ......265 bucks shows the XPS at around 265 bucks R238 at around 250 bucks Jeeze the first XPS Ribs I bought for a equipment trailer from DT was 148 bucks each....some years back. I've read some replies from rv folks that DT won't install a LT tire on a trailer for all kinds of reasons. Both DT stores near me will install LTs on a trailer. Both store mgrs said DT corp left it up to the store owner for that decision. Both of these store have lots of commercial and non commercial trailer customers so their well up on any legal/liability issues vs tire placard recommendations. I thought I knew "some" about this issue but one store mgr had much more input on a companies liability issues. He seemed ready to talk with a customer that knew something on the subject other than the tire placard sayz bla bla bla. Maybe I wan't comparing like sizes. I =thought= I was... I've read more than a few posts where DT, Costco or Sam's wouldn't install E LTs on trailers that called for E STs due to the difference in sidewall load numbers. Lyle
laknox 02/11/20 09:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

FWIW, I just checked Discount Tire and their price for the R238 is =higher= than the same size Michelin XP Rib by a few bucks. Used to be t'other way 'round. Lyle
laknox 02/10/20 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: double towing

Georgia allows doubles but first trailer must be a 5th wheel. Same with AZ. I dont know what the total length requirment is because I dont but a lot of people with side-by-sides do it As I said above, my reading of the AZ statutes is 65' front bumper to center of rearmost axle, but a 10' "overhang" is allowed from the rear axle to the rear of 2nd trailer. Allows for towing boats that tend to have a fairly long distance behind the axle. Lyle
laknox 02/10/20 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Fire Places

My wife insisted on one when we ordered our DRV. I wanted more storage. It's actually functional. My wife insisted on one, but when we looked at our current rig, she liked it so much, she just said, "well, we can just get a small portable one". :B Lyle
laknox 02/10/20 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

"So according to YOU, and that inflation chart, I should be inflating those G rated tires at about 70 psi." YEP, Add 5 psi to the chart. No I am not the only person doing so. My Avion had GY "E" tires inflated to 80psi. Changed toy to GY "G" because there were no acceptable US Made "E" tires at that time so I went to the GY "G" tires and the chart said 80 so i ran them at 85psi. Ran this for several years and thousands of miles with perfect tread wear and NEVER hot. Charts are there for a reason. It just seems you are the only one promoting it, but if you say so. Read any replacement tire SOP and they all follow the industry standard that says; the replacement tires MUST, provide a load capacity equal to or greater than, what the OE tires provided at vehicle manufacturer recommended cold inflation pressures. Which is why so many chain shops refuse to put LTs directly on a trailer, so you have to bring in the wheels to have them installed. Lyle
laknox 02/10/20 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

I was surprised to see in this thread that Bridgestone has discontinued the R250. I have 6 of those on my TH. They've aged out. Thinking of replacing them with Sailun S637. What's the best place to by them? I'm in Florida. The current Bridgestone is the R238, which replaced the R250. From what I've read, they're just as good as the 250s were. Lyle
laknox 02/10/20 10:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

Cummins12V98 asked if I could post these - Front Sight rifle course? We're taking a group back out to Pahrump in May. Still blows me away that they don't have camping facilities there! Lyle
laknox 02/06/20 10:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best battery maintainer.

x3 on solar. We have several PulseTech 12 amp chargers that are meant for use on equipment that's in storage for long periods of time. Voltage varies and drops to a float state when needed and ramps up enough to desulfate. I had one on my rig with 2 6v batteries, for several months last year, and never had to add water. Here's the link: Not cheap, but cheaper than killing batteries. Lyle
laknox 02/06/20 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quest for the perfect 5th wheel

ACZL has a great idea about the spreadsheet. That's exactly what I did when I was shopping. I made a list of my preferences and targeted those things when shopping. It was fairly easy as we only wanted a rear living floorplan, so that's all I concentrated on and ignored everything else. Personally, my preferences were +/- 30', had to be a "lite" FW (I couldn't afford to replace my truck, too), opposing rear slides, 50a even if it only had 1 A/C, fairly large tanks with black being the most important. One thing I =didn't= take into account enough, was having a pantry. When DW and I went to look at a Jayco that was my #2 choice, first thing out of her mouth was "where's the pantry?" Ooops! :B Make sure you fully involve DW/partner in this, or you won't be happy. In the end, I never was able to find anyone who had my #1 choice, a KZ, though I ended up with another KZ that I never really considered, after DW saw it and said "I really like this one". :B That, and the "I need this gone now" price the dealer's owner gave us. Lyle
laknox 02/06/20 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

For many years, the world's oldest licensed pilot was a member of the flying group in my sig. He finally lost his medical at 99. Sold his plane to a neighbor with the condition that he could fly each year on his birthday. Flew with the neighbor until he was 105. :B I checked, and he did not lose his medical, just sold his plane. He was still a current pilot when he died. Lyle
laknox 02/05/20 10:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: King pin stabilizer ?

A kingpin stabilizer with a little modification would make a great satellite dish mount for the front of the 5er and double as a head protector. Especially as there's so many free ones out there! :B Lyle
laknox 02/05/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: King pin stabilizer ?

Wish I would have read this a few days ago. We have a 4-pt. system but still feel movement, especially in the bedroom and LR slide. We ordered a pin stabilizer, slide stabilizers and jacks for the rear bumper. Our 5'er is set up on our lot and doesn't move so we only have to set up everything once and then we're done. Wouldn't bother with all of this if we had to do it every weekend. Shoot, if it's a permanent site, just jack the durn thing up, put blocks under the frame, take the tires off and skirt it. I would =never= use slide stabilizers without the frame being blocked. Imagine the damage caused if the rig settled for some reason! Lyle
laknox 02/05/20 08:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck too tall for 5th wheel

Help requested. Newbie just getting setup. Got a Durango 1500 5th wheel and a 2014 F-350 LB crew cab. I figure the truck is too tall for the RV. Have a Reece 15K Pro Series hitch not yet installed per rails. I see four ways to fix: 1. raise RV at axel, 2. go to 16" tires, 3. level truck, 4. change king pinbox. Anyone have other solutions? Thanks First off, I haven't seen a new FW in several years that didn't already have the axles under the springs, or "flipped". That being said, some mfrs install spring hangers with adjustment holes for this purpose. Check and see if the springs (and equalizer) have extra holes lower than the springs. With a LB truck, you shouldn't have to worry about the rear of the pin box contacting the bed sides, but =do= check. 16" tires will get you =maybe= 0.5 to 0.75 inches of lift. Much beyond that and you can run into wheel well clearance issues. Assuming you have a stock truck (no lift), check to see if you have blocks in the suspension that can be removed to lower the truck. Some people would install the Correct Track alignment system, which gives a 2" lift to the FW, but I believe they are no longer being made, so may be hard to find. If you're still 2-3" nose high, and have a minimum of 6" of bed clearance, I'd say go camping. That little bit off level really won't hurt things, IMO. I towed close to 4" nose high on my old Komfort for 13 years and the fridge worked fine, wheel bearings showed no significant wear (front or rear) after 10 years and I had no odd tire wear on either axle. Remember, too, that your truck will squat some, so that will also reduce any nose-high issue. Lyle
laknox 02/05/20 08:36am Fifth-Wheels
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