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RE: Mattresses!

Is it a RV queen mattress? Some online mattress builders say they guarantee their product, money back if not satisfied. here's the catch. You need to donate the mattress and get a receipt and show it to them. Who accepts used mattresses? After researching a mattress for my trailer I went to a store locally that builds the mattresses, I tested what they had and they made what I wanted. So pleased. Yes it was 700 dollars however, some things I cannot go cheap on and sleep is one of them. With all the requirements you have, then to cut it up yourself? Sure, what the Rv builders put in trailers are for kids, not adults. Do a search, there are some good threads on this.
klutchdust 02/06/23 05:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

Here a squeaking noise I had in my class C at 17000 miles that made me crazy till I found it, where they cut the roof of the cab out, (the haft round) they riveted the medal to the wood (not good) the rivets came loose and the medal would rub on the wood going down the road. I pulled out the head liner and installed about 30 self-tapping lath screws #8 1/2" Problem solved 60,000 miles later still good. My 09 Cambria had the tv mounted in that area, I had that squeak. Actually two squeaks. They epoxied or glued metal brackets to the roof cutout area then fastened the nose cone to that. well over time they came loose. I used a very strong product that cured that, well then there was another one. They had speakers on both sides of the TV mounted in a wood frame. After a application of wood glue and a few extra screws the squeak was gone. That tapping sound you hear my dear? well the strap that you pull the awning down with would do that. Even as obvious as it was it stumped me for awhile. Best hint I learned was using towels in-between pots and pans etc. Once I had my new stereo system installed i hardly noticed any of those squeals.
klutchdust 01/30/23 01:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

Back to drivetrain squeaks. Our 86 GMC K20 has a little speed dependent squeak aft of the transfer case. 1 piece driveshaft. This is one that would stump most and I’m not totally sure what it is even. Not outer axle bearings, not brakes/drums and I pulled the driveshaft and both u joints feel perfect. And it only does it when the truck is in motion. In gear with rear wheels in the air, no squeak. Best I can figure is one of the u joint cups that I can’t pull without popping the u joint out is just beginning to dry out. Just enough to make noise but probably won’t be evident wear for quite a few more miles. "And it only does it when the truck is in motion.' hmm. that's a good one. First thought would be suspension related or something to do with the body and chassis flexing against each other. On the stands it's stationary. Body mount or rubber worn? I owned 2 K-5 one "85 and one "90 they were tight despite the use they got. Found out the 90 was on a chassis that was also used for utility trucks like catering trucks. Explains the frustration in getting chassis parts, one sharp eyed parts guy told me about it when I needed motor mounts. Off topic but .....
klutchdust 01/26/23 01:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

And a word of caution about serpentine belts and goop on them. Not like v belts. And of course the soap trick is opposite of belt dressing. Lube vs sticky. Never use belt dressing on a serpentine belt unless you absolutely have to get more belt grab and can’t replace the tensioner. I didn't word my post correctly. What I meant to say is use the soap trick to see if it changes the squeak, then you would know it's the belt. I personally have not used belt dressing on my vehicles
klutchdust 01/26/23 01:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

\My thought was if there was metal to metal contact it may have rusted and now preventing the squeak. When I did have an engine squeak and eventually realized it was the idler tensioning bearing. ( it grenaded the day before I was going to change it) It didn't change frequency regardless of what the engine RPM was. I was nursing it along with a few squirts of lube every few days until I could get to it. This was on my commuter vehicle. Some times A serpentine belt will do the same regardless of engine speed. Old school, rub a soap bar on it and then start it up is a good diagnosis. Of course now they have belt dressing. When I remove a belt that is still useful and replace it with a new one I store it in my vehicle just in case. I also did that with my Polaris Ranger which is belt driven.
klutchdust 01/26/23 09:24am Class C Motorhomes

you just bought a new TT and are planning on renting it out? a bad idea bumpy x3 don't fall for the idea that it can make money and is available to you whenever you need it. Maintenance on a TT is non stop. each trip I have notes in my book of items that need attention. Sometimes as simple as just tighten or adjust. Renters do not care regardless of what you have in writing. Maybe post a thread asking others.." ever rent out your trailer" that would be amusing. Personally, I would not loan or rent out my equipment even to people I know much less strangers.
klutchdust 01/23/23 10:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Bearings packed

At my job we had 10,000 sea going container chassis at our terminal. About half were grease packed. The wheels/hubs would get pulled, new brakes installed,( maybe a brake drum if it was cracked or scored) bearings washed in solvent and inspected ,bearings packed by this handy press mounted to the top of a grease barrel and the hub filled about half way. Maybe one bearing failure a year. Maybe one axle removed and sent to the machine shop to be repaired. Out of 5K units. You guys are overthinking this.
klutchdust 01/05/23 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bearings packed

Not in the NE, but the last time I did mine is when I was buying new tires. They did them for $30 each and it took them and extra 5-10 minutes per wheel. I watched them and they showed me how easy it is to do, but probably would have them do it again. Did they pull the hub, remove the bearings, clean and inspect for wear, install new wheel seals and pack the bearings and hubs in 10 minutes per wheel? Or did they remove the cap jam grease into the hub then reinstall cap. I guess that's repacking the hub.. Bearings chip and races chip. No amount of grease will help when the failure comes.Check those bearings folks.
klutchdust 01/03/23 02:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for owners manual- '97 Shasta 245

If you want to start out with the electrical panel take and post some photos of what is there and we can help with that. regarding rebuilding. when RV's are built they are pre cut wood panels that are stapled and glued together. My experience with multiple rv's is if it is not broken leave it alone.
klutchdust 12/28/22 02:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

before you purchase whatever unit you decide on, be sure and have it inspected by someone who has experience with RV'S. One of the most important inspections needs to be for water damage, especially around the front above cab area. Appliances and systems, air conditioner, heater need to be checked. How about the service/maintenance on the chassis. Money well spent before you purchase. There hasn't been one trip made where I haven't had something require attention. I keep a note pad and write down what to take care of before the next trip. Appliances are easy to replace and the builders use the same brands. I have used mobile mechanics when out and about and you can get a quicker response than a brick and mortar repair shop. If you get a Ford V-10 buy a few spare ignition coils and carry them with you. Best of luck in your adventure, see you in the Sierras!
klutchdust 12/19/22 09:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

When you say you want to go to the same places you went to in your car that raised my eyebrows a bit. My 30ft. had a fair overhang in the back and it dragged pretty easy going into certain roads and areas. If you have no experience driving a larger vehicle it can get interesting real quick. I have found no issues with parking, their limits are so one vehicle doesn't take two spots, like some do at truck stops which annoys the truckers. I suggest renting what size you are interested in and try it out for a weekend or so.
klutchdust 12/18/22 12:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Forest River Forester opinions

How has it been to get those Sprinter chassis drivetrains serviced? The Ford V-10 is fairly easy as any mechanic can help out, but on the road where would you take the Mercedes?
klutchdust 12/16/22 12:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

Old school u joint check that has served me well for many years. First find a nice level spot, block wheel so vehicle cannot move forward or backward, release parking brake and place in neutral. This releases any tension that may be on the driveshaft. Go underneath and try to lift, by hand, the drive shaft at the joint location. Does it click, move ? if not you are ok, if it does replace the joint.
klutchdust 12/02/22 01:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can toll booths read transponder w/C overhang?

In Ca. I have all my vehicles under the plate ID and transponders. Have not had an issue.
klutchdust 11/29/22 10:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

Another possibility is a warped brake rotor. A warped brake rotor will also give you a "pulsating" pedal when applying the brakes. "dragging" your brakes or riding your brakes going downhill is an easy way to do that.
klutchdust 11/27/22 12:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire age?

Get rid of those as soon as you can afford it. I never buy China made tires. I even had bad lucky with my last set of tires that were Michelins that had defective sidewalls that now gave me a bad taste in my mouth for Michelins that I always loved, no more. I will now go with Goodyear Defenders that I know several people had good luck with them. After the Pinto did people stop buying Fords? Michelin tires have given me good service and I trust their product. Yes, imports from China need to be avoided. Dealers/sellers install the cheapest to get their product out the door. I have used Carlisle on my trailers without any issues. Do you check air pressure each trip? Even if it was a week later? A tire looks ok, but is usually down some PSI. That puts strain on the others.
klutchdust 11/23/22 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: I need a toad.

If you're not going to use it as a daily driver and it's for one trip in the spring, I would just rent a car at your destination(s). X 2 If it was going to be used otherwise a Jeep is a fun vehicle as you can explore different areas.
klutchdust 11/23/22 10:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you name that sound (squeaking)?

On my Jk jeep and Class C that annoying squeak had many stumped. Look for something exhaust related. My shroud would squeak until it warmed up and expanded just a bit then it stopped. My Jeep it was a cross over brace holding the exhaust. Oh yeah, then my Duramax started and the exhaust flange bracket where the pipe connects to the exhaust manifold had a crack in it. A quick weld and no more squeak. When cold, get under your rig and try pushing your exhaust around, the shrouding, clamps and brackets. On my class C I drove with the doghouse off, yikes that was tough but I narrowed it down.
klutchdust 11/18/22 09:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

I made a tank wand that connects to the garden hose and insert it into the black tank when dumping at my home. A foamy mixture of dawn and some bleach does the trick. Meyer's hand soap and cleaners come in some nice fragrances and I spritz the bowl after a flush and I have eliminated all odors from the black tank. There was a video showing how a bag of ice had no effect scrubbing a tank as you drive. My method has been working fine and I quit buying those pods to drop in the bowl. Heater, I use a small electric one and turn on the furnace once I get up. I have found that as you warm up in bed, peel off some of your heavy clothing and keep it with you under the blankets. and when you get up in the morning you have something warm to put on . Wife made some warm bags using flaxseed from the feed store . Heat in micro for 3 minutes. Great for muscle aches and they stay warm for a nice amount of time.
klutchdust 11/18/22 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I charge the house battery with the engine alternator?

On my C, I installed two of these. Battery life greatly improved.
klutchdust 11/11/22 09:45am Class C Motorhomes
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