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RE: Android vs Apple

Thanks for the replies. They have given me food for thought and I appreciate both the pros and cons. As I said, we live in a fringe area so provider choice is limited. We have been with Verizon and its predecessors since the beginning. US Cellular also has a decent signal in our area but not so much so when we are traveling. At this time, it looks like I will stay with android. One of the convincing factors is you can get more phone for the money. And I like the option to add a memory card and switch out the battery if needed.
jrs1871 05/04/20 05:10pm Technology Corner
Android vs Apple

I know this is like asking which is better a Chevy or Ford. But my android phone is on its last legs. I have had android phones since the beginning and they have served me well. But my kids think I should change to an apple phone. I will admit I do like the facetime feature. But I don't think that by itself justifies switching. I don't stream movies. Photo capability is nice but I have been able to work with what I have. I live in a fringe area so strength of signal is important. So my question is, for those of you who have had both, what are pros and cons for switching from android to apple.
jrs1871 05/03/20 07:09am Technology Corner
RE: turn on camera for video conferencing

Well after a lot of trial and error, searching the user manual and the internet, I found out why I couldn't turn on the camera for video conferencing. My phone doesn't have that capability. Since it has been acting up quite a bit lately, I think it is time for replacement. I did get almost four years out of it so I guess it is time.
jrs1871 04/11/20 05:57am Technology Corner
turn on camera for video conferencing

Will the Covid shutdown, our doctor has gone to teleconferencing for checkup appointments. I have a Moto5g and have been unable to get the camera to function for a conference. I can see the doctor fine, but nothing comes through from my end. So I loaded Zoom to see if I could bet that video conferencing to work. It loaded fine but when I tried to set up a link with my daughter, who has Zoom, it would not complete the invite. Obviously I am doing something wrong, missing a step, or have something set wrong but I need to figure it out for a doctor conference next week.
jrs1871 04/10/20 07:17am Technology Corner
RE: Absolute positively the worst road ever

We try to avoid those roads like the plague and for the most part have been successful. I always preplan a route and if we run into detours or other unexpected situations, I check it will my phone ap and a paper map. The biggest problem with relying on the phone ap is there is no option to enter length and weight. Now all that being said, we have been on a couple of roads mentioned. We went down the Moki Dugway in a pickup. Yikes!!! Even tho there are multiple signs restricting RV's etc, I have heard of them taking that route. I guess they figure if uranium trucks could make the trip, they can also. The second road taken was US 64 east of Taos. But we had no choice. We were coming east from Durango on our way home from a trip. Unfortunately there were two large fires in the area. We made it over Wolf Creek Pass but the LaVeta pass was closed due to the fire. We were detoured (along with everyone else) south to Taos and then east through Angel Fire. Under normal traffic conditions, it wouldn't have been too awful. But with all of the rerouted traffic, it was a challenge. Thankfully we made it without incident.
jrs1871 01/24/20 06:32am Roads and Routes
RE: Thanksgiving, 1970 49 years ago....

I can relate to your situation there. Thanksgiving 1969, I was keeping my fingers crossed that hubby would soon be home. He was part of the 69th Brigade of the KS ARNG that was activated in 1968. Every other member of the Emporia unit that had been sent to Viet Nam was home but he was still there with the 82nd Airborne Combat Engineers. He missed Thanksgiving but he did make it home December 4th. Thank you for your service.
jrs1871 11/27/19 05:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wichita to Albuquerque suggestions

For those folks that live near and work at or sell to those plants, that is the smell of money. It is like living downwind of a feedlot. The good news is you do get used to the smell after a while. At least we did when we lived a couple of blocks from an IBP processing plant and I think most others did as well.
jrs1871 11/27/19 04:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Registering 1-ton Truck in KS

The statute that covers the recreational vehicle exemption is 8-143(5)(b)(1).
jrs1871 11/26/19 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Registering 1-ton Truck in KS

The problem is most motor vehicle clerks are not aware of a provision in the statute that exempts trucks that are used for pulling an RV from the higher commercial weights. A truck is supposed to be tagged for hte combination weight of the truck and what it is towing. It doesn't take a very large RV to get over the 16/20,000 pound commercial weight limit. So they will try to charge you the higher 16/20 fees which are payable in January each year. With the RV exemption, you pay standard vehicle tag fees in the month you renew your other vehicle tags. When we first got our 2010 diesel pickup, they charged us the higher commercial rate. When it came time to renew, I took a copy of the statute with me and the motor vehicle clerk still didn't believe me. Finally I said, renew as a non commercial vehicle and I will contest that it is the correct tagging if I am ever stopped. In the six years since, we have never been questioned. But to be on the safe side, I carry a copy of the statute with the exemption phrase highlighted in the packet with my registration and insurance info. So our tag says 24,000 but we are tagged at the non business rate. Hope this helps.
jrs1871 11/25/19 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Wichita to Albuquerque suggestions

For better roads and less truck traffic, we have taken US 50 to Dodge City, US 56 through Clayton and Springer to I25 then south to Albuquerque.
jrs1871 11/19/19 05:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Frameless windows question

We have them on our 213 Cedar Creek and have never had a window leak. Our unit has been in a few heavy rain storm with strong winds and nary a leak. I like the looks of them and they are easier to clean IMO.
jrs1871 10/28/19 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: RGV ten year trend

I get it that some people don't like Texas. But don't knock it for everyone else that does like the area. We all look for different things when we travel. It doesn't make it right or wrong, just different. I am glad that you found somewhere else that you would rather go. We didn't care for Florida or Arizona but I am definitely not going to knock the folks that do like those areas. Just find what makes you happy and let others do the same. Edited to remove members user name.
jrs1871 10/10/19 07:02am Snowbirds
RE: Do Flea Collars Really Repel Pests?

I don't know about flea collars repelling bugs, spiders, etc. But no pest strips work quite well. We keep them in our basement storage area all the time. You can get the Home Defense brand but we use a generic that works just as well. You just have to look for it in the animal meds/treatments section instead of the lawn and garden section. At least that is where we find it at our local farm store.
jrs1871 10/09/19 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Wally receiver with fixed dish?

I was actually thinking of getting the add on tuner to watch local channels in TX and just suspending the KS location for the winter. We did that with Direct for 16 years and then this year when we got back to KS they said we could no longer do that; we would have to pay for a separate account. Dish said we could do that when we signed up this spring. But that remains to be seen. For companies claiming they want your business, they make it danged difficult to work with. If all else fails, we can use Hulu in TX but It is nice to have a guide of upcoming programming available.
jrs1871 10/07/19 11:14am Technology Corner
Wally receiver with fixed dish?

After nearly thirty years with Direct TV, we switched to Dish this spring after getting jerked around royally by Direct. We have a Hopper receiver in the house and a Wally receiver with Playmaker antenna in the RV. We are getting ready to head to our house in Texas for the winter. I am thinking of taking the Wally receiver from the RV and connecting it to a roof mount dish antenna. Has anyone done this and how successful was it?
jrs1871 10/07/19 07:10am Technology Corner
RE: RGV ten year trend

Wow!!! I read some of these comments and don't know whether to respond but decided I would. Yes, occupancy in some of the parks took a hit starting about four years ago. That is also when the Canadian dollar took a huge hit in the exchange rate and even now that exchange rate is not great. Also our Canadian friends have to buy out of country medical insurance which can get prohibitively expensive as you get older or have health issues. True, the RGV doesn't have any professional football teams like CA, AZ or FL. But many retired folks are not into dropping $100+ for an afternoon at the stadium. The local colleges and the minor (instructional) league hockey and basketball teams do provide affordable experiences for the sports enthusiasts. The local golf courses may not be as immaculate as Palm Springs but they are also definitely more affordable. There is a plethora of activities available in most parks and through out the valley. While shuffleboard and pickle ball are quite popular, they are not the only activities available. And many of the parks, that I am familiar with, are adding activities at the request of the younger, more active retirees. The biggest problem is finding someone willing to head up an activity as not all parks have paid activity directors. Has the valley changed in the 16 years we have been coming down? You bet it has. One of the original attractions was affordability and it still is. But we also like the variety of attractions and activities within a relatively close distance. If the perception among some folks is that the RGV is Hicksville, USA, so be it. In the meantime those of us that choose to winter there will continue to enjoy all it has to offer.
jrs1871 09/19/19 06:00am Snowbirds
RE: Tires, again!

I second the Sailun S637T tire. We put them on our trailer in 2015 and have about 25,000 miles on them. They still look great. But we will replace them next year not because they are wearing out but they are aging out.
jrs1871 09/11/19 06:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Make moving the recliners easier

Our chairs are actually comfortable so we wanted to keep them. It was just turning them that was a PIA. The homemade glides took care of the moving part so all is good.
jrs1871 09/07/19 07:09am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Make moving the recliners easier

Our trailer is laid out so that we have to turn the recliners sideways each time we bring the slides in. They were not really hard to move but were cumbersome. I made a large circle (22")out of 3/4" plywood, put on four coats of urethane varnish and screwed it to the bottom of each chair. Just be sure the screw heads are recessed. These work like large furniture glides and make moving them much easier. Plus we don't have dents in the carpet from the recliner base.
jrs1871 09/03/19 07:09am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Slide floor mushing,,,

Sorry to hear of your problem. But Orvan Fry at Amish Family RV Repair is absolutely top notch. Not only will he fix your problem he will find and repair things you didn't even know were problems. We just got home from having him fix our CC. We knew the bedroom slide floor was bad. We kept caulking where we thought the water was intruding. It turns out that wasn't the source of our water intrusion at all. It was a design problem. Unbeknownst to us, the floor of the curbside slide was also de-laminating. This was also due to a design problem. He replaced the floors in both in one day along with other items he noted. His bill was quite reasonable(on a 2013 trailer) and he got the factory to participate in the repair because of the faulty design. We will be going back to him if we have any other problems crop up.
jrs1871 08/19/19 10:26am Fifth-Wheels
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