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RE: Directv or Dish?

Dish or direct will have virtually the same signal abilities. They use different satellites but no difference in signal quality. As of now direct is limited to big full dish antennas for HD the portables are standard def .. but that is supposed to change . Dish is very very friendly to rvers and can give you the locals ( ABC NBC CBS pbs ) where you are super easy via call, text or chat. If you have a prepay by month account ( outdoor ) you can do it in your account online with no customer service interaction. All that and the channels are the same .. with a big difference ... no Sunday Ticket and no HBO on Dish . If those are important, Direct is the only way to go for satellite. Dish has a flex plan that’s 40 bucks and you can add packs to keep cost low. I generally get locals via ota for free included in the dish guide. But if I’m somewhere it’s not possible I can add locals via satellite for 12 bucks / month. HBO can be had via steaming and as for that matter everything else ( except Sunday Ticket) and you can dump satellite if you are confident you can access fast unlimited internet everywhere. I have streaming options plus Dish tv ... streaming isn’t always available but that has a lot to do with where we travel and we have unlimited att and Verizon hotspots .
jorbill2or 12/06/19 05:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish or Directv for full timers?

jorbill2or 12/06/19 04:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Question for those towing an enclosed car hauler...

No , and yes ! I ordered it without thinking my “spry” self would have no problem, esp with the small car I was hauling. Wrong , I would never buy another without a escape door. Crawling out is a pita no matter how small the car rep after the retirement spread.
jorbill2or 11/14/19 11:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

Hdmi over coax and use your existing outside coax with a coax to the receiver module then hdmi to the tv .. there is a transmitter you connect to the hdmi out on the sat box then the coax to the outside. You’ll need a hdmi splitter if you want to watch the inside tv also 100 bucks up for the both the transmitter & receiver and another 30-50 for the hdmi splitter. The cheap way , and this is how I currently send my wally to the bedroom tv is with a component ( the yellow white red out ) to coax adapter commonly called a game adapter. It sends the signal std definition to the rear the on coax on Channel 3 or 4. Turn the tv on to Channel 3 and change Channel’s with the sat tuner. The picture isn’t high def but it’s passable. All in 12 bucks.
jorbill2or 11/06/19 02:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Netflix forces newer TVs

I believe It’s the hdmi port that it contains isn’t up to the proper codes.. ie it the older port allows the signal to be pirated. I have no idea what the current code is up to 3-4 ? but if the hdmi device doesn’t support the codec it won’t play the content. I think I saw somewhere where older hdmi devices would no longer support new content. The beauty ( for the content providers) of the hdmi input is they can block content on un authorized equipment or as they change codes the older connections can’t.
jorbill2or 10/29/19 12:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Wally receiver with fixed dish?

The Wally will work fine with the full dish. Just run a check switch ( actually when you plug it in it should do that on its own) it will recognize the dish. If you have a hard drive active and on it , it will add ( turn on ) the second tuner in the Wally. That will add the ability to record 2 programs at once that you don’t have currently with the portable playmaker ( or any portable ) You could also take the hopper .. but I assume your recording local Chanel’s back at home or someone is still at the house ?
jorbill2or 10/07/19 07:43am Technology Corner
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

Dish will provide you a hopper and a Joey for home for “free” for signing up for Dish service. You can buy the Wally or 211 receiver and the portable automatic dish from several online a retailers. You can turn the rv tuner on or off at will via app The provided tuners in the house need to be on since you don’t own them they would probably want them returned if not connected . You can change your service location at will , every day if you desire via text , app or phone call. Changing service locations will / May affect the home tuner ability to get locals but all other Chanel’s will work as normal ( record while your not there) can help you with the RV setup. And at least direct you to the home set up. I use a pathfinder2 and it works great with a large reflector ( less rain problems) but it’s large and hard to store. It’s not my primary dish that’s a roof mounted travler I have little experience with the other portables.
jorbill2or 09/29/19 07:10pm Technology Corner
RE: .Options for Highspeed Internet Anywhere (Data Intensive) In your situation I’d drop the money to join.Mobile internet
jorbill2or 09/29/19 10:39am Technology Corner
RE: full time 101 questions

Keep in mind those rates you quote are teaser rates based on having excellent credit 750fico plus and great income. The 20 year number is unwise as a rv will be underwater for almost the entire 20 years .. if it lasts that long and will be junk value at the end. Also 15- 20 year numbers aren’t available on older units .. like 7 or more years old and certainly not at the interest rates you are looking at I second the get some “real” rate quotes based on your credit situation and purchase choice. I think you’ll find a modular or home rate will be competitive
jorbill2or 09/27/19 11:03am Full-time RVing
RE: UDATE:Need help. Lost exhaust and air pressure regulation.

By some chance you don’t have roadside assistance do you ? They would tow you in “free” as part of your plan. I would also see if there is a mobile mechanic that the shop can recommend that will come to you to get you secured enough / jury rigged to drive to the shop. Short of that call a commercial tow to see what the charge would be to tow it the 12 miles , probably expensive ( hundreds ) but might be better than further damage. With no muffler and exhaust you must be Pretty darn noisy
jorbill2or 09/07/19 07:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish & Wally Receiver

My problems on my pathway2 have always been lack of enough power. Too long of a coax to the dish. cheap cable , bad connections etc. Also while I love the wally functionality ,the 211 I carry seems to almost always connect more easily. If I just cant get the dish to lock on I pull out the 211 and it almost always works. The ones with smaller dishes are I think at the limit anyway of being able to receive a useable signal and the Wally reputation for not providing enough power to the dish is earned in my mind.
jorbill2or 09/05/19 01:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Should I put my Mobley SIM in another hotspot when parked?

I put my Mobley in a Unite pro 781 over a year ago that I bought off amazon for about a hundred bucks. The Mobley died over a year ago and it’s in the bottom of a drawer. The unite pro or similar models are far superior to the little Mobley. I follow several wireless tech sites and know of no one who has been “ kicked off the plan” for not using the Mobley. As of now there is 0 danger of that. While it’s still working replace it with a better modem and keep it just in case, but chances are that won’t happen. I would think moving the sim back and forth would be a hassle and unneeded. Once you have the better modem with antenna connection if needed and many more WiFi devices that can be connected , and a built in battery to take with you wherever you won’t go back.
jorbill2or 08/31/19 04:38pm Technology Corner
RE: new satellite hook up?

how do I get this Wally to know my Dish account?and on this 2018 Bounder how do I turn on the satt.I cant find a switch to turn it on ? You call dish and add it to your account if you have one ..or set up a new account if you don’t . Do that after it’s Hooked up to the dome via the coax and you’ve set it up The dome doesn’t have a on off switch! It’s controlled and powered by the Wally tuner and the single coax that’s run to it . It’s programmed to power and aim the dome. The Wally doesn’t need a hopper ( or work with one) it’s a stand alone tuner. Forget “Hopper” it won’t work with your system. Hook it up and follow the instructions to activate on your tv screen, very simple. Plug in tv to Wally via hdmi or other method , plug coax from Wally to dish. Power the Wally , plug in and turn on .. follow instructions and answer questions on tv screen. If you don’t see anything on the tv you have the TV set up wrong to see the Wally . Call dish at the end when the screen tells you to , you’ll need the tuner model and card number they can help you fund it in the menu in the Wally if you can’t find it. If this doesn’t make sense , have someone hook it up for you.
jorbill2or 08/19/19 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: new satellite hook up?

What dish do you have on the coach .. let’s start there. What is it? No you don’t need a hopper , a low cost wally in most cases will work.
jorbill2or 08/16/19 02:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish & Wally Receiver

All of the “domes” strength numbers on the receiver will be always be less than 50 according to the tech I spoke with. The small reflector is the main reason. Also cable length not over 50’ total to the receiver is what’s recommended but I know there are those that get away with longer.
jorbill2or 08/01/19 07:56pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T/Direct TV is Now Losing Over 8500 Customers Per Day

Nobody is saying things won’t change. But the People screaming FIRE We have only MONTHS until satellite tv is gone and your GAS car is crushed are not living with reality. I drive a Volt .. so I’m up on electric. nice car but will all gas be gone in 5 years? You all need to put down the bong. BTW Whale oil didn’t disappear overnight either. It took Decades. Things move fast these days but the Govt can’t even fix the street in a timely manor. And you think entire industries and the general public can change that quick ? You better hope not or millions will be starving. Can you imagine the cost to change that quickly ! Trillions !
jorbill2or 07/27/19 03:31pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T/Direct TV is Now Losing Over 8500 Customers Per Day

timmac is losing 8,500,000 brain cells per day. Where the heck is the LIKE button when you need it! Awesome (and accurate) post. Thanks! Yea you would only hope... Did you see that Dish Network is spending 10 Billion on the New 5G Internet and not spending money on the old out dated satellite TV service anymore.. Even Dish Network sees the New future and dumping the past, but thanks for keep sending them money to build that 5G internet.. Streaming is the new better deal... 18 months... Do you ever read the entire article or just the sentence you agree with ? Dish is starting a cell service to compete with the new ( t mobile sprint ) and yes streaming is the future but satellite is not going away soon as much as you wish.
jorbill2or 07/26/19 10:38pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T/Direct TV is Now Losing Over 8500 Customers Per Day

2.3 million in the last year.. Also they are now going to offer streaming boxes and might dump the satellite dishes/equipment and forcing new customers to go streaming with AT&T. The cost to pay the installers and the satellite equipment is becoming to costly. Bye Bye Sat TV..... 18 Months and Counting... :B You Keep touting streaming Sir (or madam, one never knows what person or impersonator is behind the keyboard) We get it .. you love streaming! The streaming division, Direct Now is what's failing along with it's hard wired cable division .Direct tried to switch Sat customers to streaming and its failing after price increases and lousy interface. I will agree ATT is a joke at running its business. I get free HBO on direct Now (streaming) with my unlimited att cell service and it sucks .. depending on where i am. Most Rvers don't have great internet access Unless your in a mobile home park in a city.... permanently Dish is still doing ok and IF directv Sat does fail (not likely soon) Or att dumps the business , and the Billions in Satellites (right ?! ) They will Pick up the pieces. in a combined service. I have my Timer set and Direct and Dish both only have a few months left according to you. Hope your still around to revise your projections. Many I'm sure will remind you :)
jorbill2or 07/25/19 06:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Cell Booster Question

You have to remember that the outside and inside antennas set up a interference with each other. If the inside antenna was that powerful it would interfere with the outside reception. We have a Wilson with the candy bar inside antenna. We lay the phone / hotspots on or within a few inches and use Bluetooth for calls or WiFi for data to other data devices. The rv broadcast type larger antenna is measured in feet . .. the one I tried was like 3’ then useless. If you go with the larger home style room broadcasters I would think the “loop” with the outside antenna would be a major problem. The other thing .. many times if the outside signal is strong enough the booster actually degrades the reception , at least we found that to be true so we leave it off 90% of the time unless we actually need it. In short , no way you sitting at the outside table getting a boosted signal, it won’t work like that.
jorbill2or 07/22/19 05:06am Technology Corner
RE: DISH Network: Which Dish?

The dish pathway X2 used to be the only one who could receive the eastern satellites . this is no longer true as both king and the dish play maker have models that can do so , you just need to check as not all models can. I like the pathway X2 ( I have one , and a travler) because it’s larger reflector than any of the other dishes and has better reception in bad weather. It’s also it’s disadvantage and that it’s very large to store. I think if I were you and going with the traveler eventually I would choose a king model with a roof mount that the DISH can snap into and out of . That way you could roof mount it out of the way or take it off and deploy it elsewhere. The Wally receiver will receive all channels you are subscribed to in high definition from ANY portable or large travler etc Antenna. Add any mini usb hard drive ( laptop) and a 40$ one time account fee and you can record pause replay any program for no monthly add on fee. If using a travler or full array antenna you can watch and record two Chanel’s at the same time.
jorbill2or 07/11/19 09:25am Technology Corner
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