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RE: Tight turn across narrow culvert?

Back in.
joebedford 06/27/22 09:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Harbor Freight Predator 3500

Yes, mine is an APC 600VA that I bought less than a year ago. I read somewhere that the switching relay (between AC IN and battery backup) will only last about 10000 cycles. Switching every few seconds will run that out in a hurry. Most appliances will run on a generator but apparently not all UPSs. I suppose inverter generators might have cleaner power output. Are they all PSW or are the cheap ones MSW?
joebedford 06/23/22 11:29am Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight Predator 3500

I saw one comment about the quality of power out of the generator. I bought 12 years ago an open frame generator for stick house backup because my RV generator doesn't do 240V (water pump). I've never had a problem with any electronics because of power from this (cheap) generator until recently: my UPS doesn't like it. Everything else works fine but the UPS constantly switches from AC IN to battery backup every few seconds. It normally prioritizes AC IN but not from the generator. The solution is to switch the plugs around when on the generator to run the modem, routers and PC when the generator is on. PITA, but we don't have many power outages. So, if you have something really sensitive to power quality, some generators won't cut it. Yes, it's really REALLY noisy.
joebedford 06/23/22 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: E vs. D rated trailer tires

What size tire?ST235/85R16
joebedford 06/20/22 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: E vs. D rated trailer tires

My tires each have an LCC of 4400lbs. What's that in load range? H?
joebedford 06/20/22 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you unhook for the night?

I leave the truck hooked up at a Walmart. Slides out unless it's really cold or snowing - then they're in.
joebedford 06/20/22 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: My Microsoft Mail has suddenly been reformated

It's a LENOVO with Windows 10. I wanted to do a screenshot to post but couldn't figure it out. I need to post exactly what I see but I even copied the post to MS Word and copied it back to the post, but that didn't work. It seemed to attempt to correct the formatting. How would I do a screenshot?START shift S at the same time.
joebedford 06/13/22 04:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable air conditioner

I've been thinking about getting a portable to cool the garage in our toy hauler. The two ACs just can't cool the garage / office (when we're parked). None of the windows is double-hung style - they have a 8" crank open at the bottom. A windows shaker wouldn't work - no place to put it.
joebedford 06/13/22 04:22pm Tech Issues
roof repair?

I have a Voltage 3950 and I've noticed a soft spot on the rood. It's about even with the back end of the living room slide. There appears to be a 5" long slice in the rubber roof in the middle of the soft spot. I looked at it before and thought only the white part of the roof was cut but because of the soft sport and a 3" circle showing some water damage on the inside, I guess it's through to the wood. I must have hit a branch or more likely a branch fell on the rig. Anyway, I'm wondering if I need to cut the rubber roof to remove the soft plywood OR if it's OK to glue a 2'x2' 1/4" piece of plywood over the soft spot then seal it with white stuff. A 2' square should be enough to straddle two roof ribs. width=640
joebedford 06/13/22 04:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer Brakes

Just to throw a contrarian post into the mix, on my truck 2011 Chev, the pressure sensor on the master cylinder failed and the brake controller (factory) would not activate the trailer brakes in auto or manual. Brilliant design - I had to haul trailer to get repaired without any trailer brakes. SCARY. They had no reason to disable the manual control.
joebedford 05/29/22 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Water pump troubleshooting?

Oh my. I have twenty years RVing experience but how quickly one forgets after a couple of years off. The valve was set to WINTERIZE. The pump works fine. Many thanks Doug!
joebedford 05/26/22 10:12am Tech Issues
Water pump troubleshooting?

I'm slowly checking out components in my 5er that's been sitting idle for over two years. So far I've found a faulty propane regulator and faulty? water pump. When I was replacing the water softener in the house, I thought it would be a good idea to have an alternative source of water - we've used the RV for that purpose before. I half-filled the tanks and started the pump. It ran for a couple of seconds and when pressure built up it stopped as expected. When I opened the galley tap to clear the antifreeze from the pipes, a bit came out, then nothing. The pump is running, but nothing comes out. I'm going to see if it will suck from a bucket through the antifreeze. Assuming it DOESN'T take water from a bucket, is it worth trying to repair the pump or just replace it? Are there any other tests I could try? The pump is a Flojet 03526144 which is an exact replacement of the original pump I replaced in 2017. Maybe I should consider another type of pump if this kind is going to croak every 5 years. I want one with identical fittings because it's a total rats' nest in that compartment - changing fittings will not be easy. width=640
joebedford 05/26/22 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

There are no air cooled car or motorcycle engines anymore because they cannot get them to run hot enough for modern fuel injection pollution control systems.Uhhhh, Harley? Some are liquid cooled but most are not.
joebedford 05/10/22 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Slidouts

The Schwintek performance very much depends on quality of the installation. I'm sure some of the people building RVs have astigmatism - i.e. can't cut a straight line. Fortunately mine are relatively square. Biggest problem I had was with the early design (which I have). They don't have slots in the frame to remove the motors - you have to slide the frame out to get at the motors. I've had two motor problems - one actually failed and the other twisted in its mount because the set screw wasn't installed properly - ripped the wiring harness apart. Never had a mounting screw leak; never lubed the motor; and run my slides part way out all the time. No controller issues.
joebedford 05/10/22 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: WW toy hauler electrical

Are you sure they're both converters? Maybe one is a converter and the other is an inverter?
joebedford 04/30/22 02:04pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water dump inside help

macerator? You can run as much 3/4" output hose as you like as long as there isn't too much grade upwards.
joebedford 04/30/22 01:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Sailuns.

2600x6 + 3060 = 18800 Yes, I weighed it. BTW, I leave my TV tires at 80 because I only ever drive the truck (any distance) with the 5er hooked up. For the few km I put on without the 5er, it's not worth dropping the pressure. The 5er tires may have been over their capacity but they certainly weren't over their rating. Anyway, I got S637s which are G or H rated (don't remember)
joebedford 04/28/22 12:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Sailuns.

Not many can say this towing a 5er with 6k pin weight 1/2 of the trucks miles. But heck maybe I should run MAX of 80psi on all six tires????? I run 80 psi on my truck all the time but then I don't have a trailer with 6K pin weight (mine's only 3060)
joebedford 04/27/22 04:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Sailuns.

I have Sailun S637s. I run 110psi despite the fact that I have "only" 2600lbs on each of 6 tires. Your tires, your money but that's one HE!! of a rough ride! Center tire wear and less stopping ability. FWIW, the last set of tires wore out at the edge of the tread, not the middle. They were E rated tires inflated to 80psi
joebedford 04/27/22 04:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Sailuns.

I have Sailun S637s. I run 110psi despite the fact that I have "only" 2600lbs on each of 6 tires.
joebedford 04/26/22 08:53pm Fifth-Wheels
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