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Beech Lane/Anderson levelers

I was looking at these roll on levelers and wondering how well they worked. I have a 2002 Roadtrek class B. As I poked around the net I found 95% of postings were using them on trailers Do people use these on motorized RV? In keeping with DIY forum here is a video on how to make your own.
jjrbus 05/23/23 07:44am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generator dB rating

I find the dB ratings to be misleading, not useless. Some sounds within a rating can be more annoying. Then "quiet" generator is relative, A quiet Honda generator is quiet compared to an open frame construction generator. But hardly quiet.
jjrbus 05/15/23 04:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator box

This project has been so challenging that some days I think about trading my tools on market place for a set of golf clubs! One step forward and 2 back. I have been lackadaisical about it but now need to finish in 2 weeks for a trip.]
jjrbus 04/15/23 06:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Previous Owner Painted the Gelcoat - What to do?

I've been researching some of the marine paint removers that don't damage the gel coat but they all have caveats on what type of paint and I don't think the 89 year old couple who sold would know either... Although paint remover is my last resort I'm starting to think this is the only direction I can go. Highly doubt 15k to paint one side but it is 2023 lol I am in FL in the area where hurricanes hit. I took my Roadtrek for a full paint estimate, $12,000-$15,000. I went for a 2nd estimate $8,000. I went inland a bit away from the hurricane damaged areas and high rent districts and revived a quote of $3500! I upgraded from the cheap economy paint to a quality base coat, high solids clear coat for $700 so total of $4200. I did not expect the amount of work this shop is putting into my paint job! So yes $15k for a side might me a tad on the high side LOL I did read about a Corvette owner stripping his car with a razor blade and claimed it was not that hard. Corvettes are fiberglass so might want to check a corvette forum.
jjrbus 04/08/23 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Wheels!

I do not care for wheel covers. Loose lug nuts will show rust, wheel covers hide that! Hammered paint is a great choice for wheels and hides all the dings. Playing cards can be used to mask off wheel for painting, bit of tape on the valve stem. Does not have to be perfect, it is only a wheel and most people do not closely inspect your wheels!
jjrbus 04/07/23 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Previous Owner Painted the Gelcoat - What to do?

I tried to strip some paint last year, the new strippers (same old names) do not work. The methylene chloride from the good old days is no longer available to consumers and as near as I can tell only available to licensed people in large drums!
jjrbus 04/07/23 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Pnumatic car jacks for leveling?

Aside from turning the RV into a bouncy house, it seems like a complicated, expensive solution to some wood blocks or plastic stackers if you’re into spending money vs scrap lumber for leveling. My bus conversion had a 3 point air bag leveling system, worked exceedingly well. Been using boards for many years and a bit tired of it.
jjrbus 03/09/23 07:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Pnumatic car jacks for leveling?

From looking at the air bag type they look like they would be fairly bouncy. I dismissed the bellow type for the same reason. Until my neighbor bought one, they have a telescoping shaft inside which makes them much more stable than say an air spring, which they look like.
jjrbus 03/09/23 01:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Pnumatic car jacks for leveling?

Yes I have lots of hare brained ideas and quite proud of some of them! Has anyone tried the bellows type air jacks for leveling? I have a 02 Roadtrek class B and it seems like anyplace I park the front is too low. No suspension issues, just the nature of things. I always carry a compressor so air is not an issue.
jjrbus 03/09/23 06:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Residential Frig doors lock

On my residential fridge the hinges were reversible. for the non hinged side I cut a piece of metal and made an L bracket, used the hinge mounting holes in the body of the fridge to mount it and it protruded out from the door with a hole in it for a pin to hold the door shut. Piece of pie
jjrbus 03/09/23 05:21am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Maaco

Keep in mind Maaco is a franchise. I was surprised by the wildly varying quality of work from different Maacos. Some owners are out to make a quick buck, some want to be proud of every job that leaves their shop. I had an RV painted at Maaco over 20 years ago. But I did the prep work, I choose Maaco because the painter had over 30 years experience and was an artist with a spray gun. Doing a good job on a large vehicle is not a piece of cake!
jjrbus 02/25/23 06:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Can the grid keep up with EV use?

Whats the big fuss, just like when cell phones came out and the gov mandated that all land lines be replaced by a certain date. Oh wait, that didn't happen. The technology kept improving, the price came down and people transitioned on their own. I have not had a land line in over 20 years. Getting a bit tired of things being forced on me!
jjrbus 02/21/23 04:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

One place where I stayed far off the road where no tow truck would go I had to walk it out twice with 1/2 sheets of plywood. Best option was wait for dry weather. If you opt for gravel of some type use landscape fabric under it or will disappear in a few years.
jjrbus 02/20/23 04:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

Thanks for all the input always greatly appreciated. I charged the vehicle battery in my class A with a selector switch. My Toyota I installed a solenoid bypass switch. The A I had for 10 years with no issue and the Toyota for 7 years with no issue. I like the idea of the dual smart charger, if it fails is something else I will have to learn to troubleshoot. I do have a Progressive Dynamics smart charger so no ancient tech ruining batteries. I do not see a convenient place for a simple battery switch so will add a continuous duty solenoid and a switch by the driver.
jjrbus 02/17/23 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Generator box

Honda and a couple other Japan manufactures produce box's with out fans. I would like to see how their exhaust is set up as they do it in a couple inches and the best I can do is 8 inches.
jjrbus 02/15/23 08:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

The idea is to keep the battery charged when sitting next to the house. Traveling it has never been a problem.
jjrbus 02/15/23 08:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator box

The design change from engineering has taken up a lot of time. I am back on track now and at the point of installing the composit sound deadener. This is a slow process, the adhesives I am using have a 24 hour cure time. So set the anchors 10 minutes, wait 24 hours add the plywood to the box, wait 24 hours add the composit foam. Then move on to the next side.
jjrbus 02/15/23 11:42am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Can the grid keep up with EV use?

What are you guys talking about no new power plants? Lots of them being built or in the planning or permitting stage! Darn, I read that wrong that is in China who is also buying US coal by the boat load.
jjrbus 02/15/23 11:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

I have replaced the OE converter with a Progressive Dynamics 9245 so I have a modern charger. Been looking at Roadtrek and options. A simple battery switch would be my preferred route but I do not see a convenient place to mount the switch. I have a switch and some heavy wire so that would be the lest expensive route. I do like the KISS way of doing things. Keep it simple spiritually. A continuous duty solenoid with a switch routed near the driver will be a bit more costly and time consuming and is the preferred route at the moment. Still open to ideas and suggestions. Likely be a couple weeks before I get to this.
jjrbus 02/14/23 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

I checked and I do not have a Aux/combiner switch. Seems I have some choices add a solar charger, small 120 volt trickle charger, switch, solenoid. Is there a simple easy way to make this automatic??
jjrbus 02/14/23 06:58am Tech Issues
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