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RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

As people have said here, it’s a marketing more than an actual number, but that’s all we have.
jimh425 11/18/19 05:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

While I'm pondering that, why is it that no one is weighing in with an opinion on the Ford, GM, Ram issue. It might help if you say what engine you are talking about Diesel/Gasoline, new/used, and what trim levels are you interested in. I wouldn’t personally buy a new Ford due to the price unless I was set on the 7.3 gasoline, but I’d buy a used 6.7 diesel. I also wouldn’t buy a used RAM because the new ones are quite a bit nicer and are pretty heavily discounted new. For GM it’s a bit of a toss up, but I’d avoid them because I don’t feel their front ends are as strong although they probably ride better and last I heard, the beds are crowned and the tailgate area is narrow. YMMV.
jimh425 11/16/19 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

You seem to be agreeing with me. That section is not a good indicator of the kind of MPG you can expect for significant stretches almost anywhere in the country.
jimh425 11/16/19 01:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

Idaho Lolo Web Pass cam shows a 50 speed limit sign. So, we were both wrong, but both close. :D There are some higher speeds on highway 12 on the Montana side but not near the pass. Highway 12 is not the pass the entire length and not steep the entire length.
jimh425 11/16/19 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

jaycocreek, Lolo pass doesn’t even count as a pass except it gets snow with a max speed limit of 45. Nice try though. Fwiw, my drw gets great mpg through there as well, but dw hates that road. :D Anyway, I think the he’s in Canada is a red herring no matter how many times you repeat it. Sounds like you don’t like diesels, but the fact remains that they are extremely popular for a reason. And ... that reason isn’t because all of the owners have fivers. You might want to think abou this for a minute to see if you can come up with why. :D Back to the OP question though, DRW is preferred to give more flexibiliy with what OP carries.
jimh425 11/16/19 11:56am Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

jaycocreek, sorry your DRW is so weak. :D Any way, that’s why I said, OP would have to limit himself if he did a SRW. Fwiw, sticker payload of SRWs can be around 4400 lbs. Who knows how he optioned the TC.
jimh425 11/16/19 10:19am Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

TCjeff, you probably can get by with a gasoline SRW. The question is do you want to get by or have plenty of truck. I think get by means watch how much you are carrying including how much water you have and how full your holding tanks are, and watch how much other items you carry. You’ll definitely feel the Rockies and any steep mountains with the gasoline trucks. It’s hard to say how well the 7.3 will work since it isn’t released. However, it sounds like you aren’t going to pull anything and a gasoline truck might work fine. Diesels have a big advantage at elevation since they have a turbo. When carrying the TC, the biggest concern of gasoline is the lessor range. At the same time, gasoline is readily available at every service station. If you are looking new, I’d seriously consider a 4x4, CC, DRW in either Chevy, RAM, or Ford with the largest gasoline engine of each. 4x4 in case you need it, CC for the extra storage or people ability, and DRW to carry more weight. I don’t think the Ford 7.3 is out yet and I don’t know if the Chevy 6.7 is. I’d wait if you can to drive those before committing to a smaller engine if you go gasoline.
jimh425 11/16/19 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: Tire chains needed?

Search for this 295/70r18
jimh425 11/15/19 06:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Bringing extra fresh water.

What do you do with the extra water or is your freshwatr tank small? I’m lucky. My tank is 60 gallons.
jimh425 11/14/19 08:39am Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade truck suspension

For my next step, I am going to leave the front shock setting at 6 and I am going to increase the engagement on the rear overloads and try dialing back the rear Ranchos settings. The beauty of the Ranchos is they make it possible to try a lot of different shock rates. Since you have so many adjustments, why not try changing the fronts as well? I don’t know what tires you have, but you probably could also try different tire pressure. If you don’t want to go down, you could try going up in the front. I think you’d probably have some pressure to work with in the rear. Based on the weights you posted, you probably can drop the pressure on the rear tires. Fwiw, I use Energy Suspension Bump Stops on my current truck and did as well on my SRW, but I used them to engage the overloads when I had air in the airbags. I find airbag pressure makes the ride more plush generally. You camper is a lot lighter than mine, however.
jimh425 11/12/19 07:56am Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade truck suspension

If the shocks made no difference, it sounds more like death wobble not porposing. That would mean your suspension parts could be worn, out of alignment, or stabilizer worn out or all. You can read about death wobble on Ford trucks at the site. The bandaid is adding a double shock steering stabilizer in addition to your stock one. Porpoising is an out of balance issue. The front and rear are responding at dramatically different rates which cause the rocking. If you changed your shocks on the rear to 1 for example, you should see a different behavior. That being said, I ran 6 in front and 9 in back with my 9000s when I had a SRW, so those numbers are what I would expect. If shocks were going to help, you should have already seen the benefit.
jimh425 11/11/19 07:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade truck suspension

What are shocks set to loaded?
jimh425 11/11/19 04:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade truck suspension

Do you have a suggestion of what you think will work? I have questions, first. What mods do you have on now? What tire pressure are you running?
jimh425 11/11/19 11:13am Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1121 compatibility

There’s a big difference between taking short trips, and going whereever you want and carry whatever you want, too. I “could” carry my same camper on my stock SRW. I just had to limit what I carried and it wasn’t possible to tow much due to the tongue weight. Just having partially full black tank made a difference in handling. The same generic principles still applies. Decide how you will use a TC, decide which one you want, and then buy a truck that can haul it. Unless you really need a big truck and TC, you can probably have more comfort with some other type of RV for less.
jimh425 11/10/19 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade truck suspension

Seems like OP has left the building. I don’t believe porpoising is insurmountable unless you continue to use the same approaches that didn’t work. There just aren’t that many parts.
jimh425 11/10/19 08:34am Truck Campers
RE: How to destroy a truck camper in .5 seconds.

Can’t fix stupid?
jimh425 11/09/19 10:47pm Truck Campers
RE: A camper window with a view

That would be discrimination ...don't ask me to have lousy camping indoor. ... just stay with the topic which is “camper window with a view” not “campers in a view”. It’s not that hard.
jimh425 11/09/19 09:44pm Truck Campers
RE: loosing old members

Hadn't thought of that ... you make a good point. I always write up a lengthy description of the video that shows below the video. Seems like it would be not much work to copy/paste that description in your posts here.
jimh425 11/09/19 02:16pm Truck Campers
RE: loosing old members

Long ago I said "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures". But, if you don’t properly introduce the content with a signifcant summary, many won’t take time to follow your link.
jimh425 11/09/19 01:26pm Truck Campers
RE: A camper window with a view

Yes, it should be out the window of the TC. Some people ...
jimh425 11/09/19 01:16pm Truck Campers
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