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RE: Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas Alarms

This is what have..Top is smoke alsrm and the bottom is the Carbon monoxide detector.. height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 06/05/20 12:55pm Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

You might want to watch this if your interested, about a couple living full time in a popup truck camper..He talks about solar/battery banks etc later in the video..I watch alot of Down2Mob video's.He makes me laugh and has some good informative stuff for overlanding in a 4X4..Power stations/solar/portable solar etc as well as getting stuck alot..LOL Couple living fulltime in a popup TC.
jaycocreek 06/01/20 11:16am Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

What electric stuff do you run in your TC (for comparison's sake)? O2Cool fans/1-10"-12v and two small 5" battery operated. 12V TV DVD player off of inverter Engel 40qt Refer/Freezer Coffee is perked in a glass percolator or single drip Then a host of things like an Ice Maker etc when we run the generator to charge the batteries.. I have a one year old group 27 to run the TC and a 4 year old group 27 in a wheel well and a 4 year old group 24 in another wheel well with a new AGM 90AH in a smart battery box W-Volt meter for the Engel refrigerator/cell phones/tablets and temperamental stuff.. No solar whatsoever..It works for us and has for years..
jaycocreek 06/01/20 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

The secret to a swamp cooler is water temp..Put ice jugs in it and it cools fairly well..when we lived temporarily in Boise the place we had already had a swamp cooler and it didn't really do anything other that move warm air around..So on a 100 degree day I started putting frozen milk jugs full of water in it and it kept the house below 80..
jaycocreek 06/01/20 10:17am Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

My favorite quote reading about agm batteries and venting. It always amuses me to tell young whippersnappers how the VW Beetle had their battery inside the cabin, under the back seat. And these were the old style batteries, with caps you could unscrew to check/add water! height=440 width=640 Lol
jaycocreek 05/31/20 05:01pm Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

Battery Technology for Data Centers and Network Rooms: Ventilation of Lead-Acid Batteries Executive summary: Lead-acid batteries are the most widely used method of energy reserve. Ventilation systems must address health and safety as well as performance of the battery and other equipment in a room. Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries and modular battery cartridges (MBC) do not require special battery rooms and are suitable for use in an office environment. Air changes designed for human occupancy normally exceed the requirements for VRLA and MBC ventilation. Vented(flooded) batteries, which release hydrogen gas continuously, require a dedicated battery room with ventilation separate from the rest of the building. This paper summarizes some of the factors and U.S. codes to consider when selecting and sizing a ventilation system for a facility in which stationary batteries are installed.
jaycocreek 05/31/20 03:43pm Truck Campers
RE: How many amp-hours?

FLA and AGM batteries will vent and for safety reasons need to be outside, not inside. If you want batteries inside you need to use LifePo4 batteries. Is that will vent or can vent? I am no battery expert by far but I did read alot before I bought my VLRA AGM battery..They use VLRA batteries on Nuclear submarines/on wheel chairs and floor scrubber machines,all used and stored inside.. My understanding is,they can vent if misused?..That was more of a question than statement.. VRLA stands for “valve-regulated lead-acid.” It’s a general term for a lead-acid battery in which there is a safety valve to control the release of gas from the battery. Under normal circumstances, the valve is closed, which allows the hydrogen and oxygen produced during charging to recombine inside the battery, preventing loss of electrolyte. If the battery is overcharged or charged too fast, the valve can open to allow some gas to escape. And this.. VRLA batteries are used extensively in power wheelchairs, as the extremely low gas and acid output makes them much safer for indoor use. VRLA batteries are also used in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as a back up when the electrical power goes off. VRLA batteries are also the standard power source in sailplanes, due to their ability to withstand a variety of flight attitudes and a relatively large ambient temperature range with no adverse effects. However, charging regimes must be adapted with varying temperature. VRLA batteries are used in the US Nuclear Submarine fleet, due to their power density, elimination of gassing, reduced maintenance, and enhanced safety. It seems if a person used them inside the RV by a well ventilated area,they would work just fine under normal circumstances..I have seen many threads on using an AGM battery inside an RV,some right here on this forum..There are a ton pf people that do it and others say not to kinda like the Catalytic heater debate..
jaycocreek 05/31/20 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: I built shelves in a wardrobe for more storage.

We have two decent sized wardrobe closets in the truck camper. We use one for shirts, coats, hanging items. The other next to the stove has become a junk drawer where we just pile everything in it. Things would get forgotten in there. Out of sight, out of mind Ours also has two but the one next to the stove was already shelved which we use for canned food etc.. Nice job.
jaycocreek 05/30/20 02:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

On the case of newer phones having more bands to work with. One problem few seem to consider, while the newest phone may be able to access the newest bands which have the fewest users accessing them. They always seem to be in urban or congested areas, where you can get a signal with ANY phone. Very seldom will a provider place the newest technology out in remote areas where we have the most trouble getting signals and bandwidth. That is quite true..Where I live was one of the last spots Verizon put in a tower..A little town of 3K with one stop light, didn't appeal to them for the longest time..5g here,probably not in my lifetime.. I keep my old rooted Motorola Nexus 6 up to date with a Lineage OS just in case one of our newer phones see's the pavement or quits..I use it as a hotspot rather than my Verion Mifi..Just change sim cards and it's ready to go..For some reason I just can't get warm with the Mifi..But I keep it around just in case. Lot's of options for the op to live and work in an RV..Many folks do it with hotspots/Mifi's and there laptops/tablets...
jaycocreek 05/30/20 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

I have two of these Wilson boosters,coupled with a quality high gain antenna,I get coverage where most cannot without it..Even though they are outdated,they still work great on Verizon 4G..What I like abut them is,the ability to put the antenna(pictured on the right) right up against the back of the phone where the phone antenna is... height=440 width=440 Once 5g takes over,all of them will probably be obsolete..LOL
jaycocreek 05/30/20 11:40am Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

The issue is the updates are really buggy and they bail on updates really soon with Samsung devices supported longer.. Sorry Jim..Wrong.. Samsung has a concrete update timeline for its flagship devices. The phones receive two major updates, and an extra year of just security updates, making for three years of support in total. Google Pixel has longest support, 3 years for OS AND Security patch. Price is the culprit..Over $1000 for a Samsung or Iphone flagship and a brand new Pixel A series for $279(Pixel 3a) and the new Pixel 4a reported to be $349 to beat the Iphone SE's $399. Yes,both Samsung(S10e) and the Iphone(SE) were recently born to take on the Pixel phones A series popularity and price, which even hurt the Google flagship with the same basic camera quality..
jaycocreek 05/29/20 11:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

This will be my last post on signal strength..The Samsung S-10 plus has some signal issues that can only be fixed by a software update as reported by android police..Every phone can have that issue and they will fix it sooner or later with that update..This is why updates are so important on every phone.. Google(Android) gives there updates to Samsung/Verizon/LG etc then those companies go through the original update and modify it to there own specs..Sometimes it is good and other times like this post,it turns out bad for Samsung. The Galaxy S10+ may be one of the best phones you can buy right now, but based on recent reports and our own testing, there's at least one metric where it falls behind: signal strength. It turns out that a combination of your carrier, the frequency you're connected to, and even going caseless can have a huge impact on the quality of its cellular connection, resulting in measurably lower signal strength compared to other recent phones in our testing. The issue manifests simply: The reported signal strength on Samsung's Galaxy S10+ is reduced compared to other devices, with devices on some carriers such as Sprint being affected more than others. Even customers of AT&T and T-Mobile, however, are occasionally reporting reduced signal strength. Furthermore, in our own tests, merely holding the phone "wrong" while it isn't in a case can make a big dent in signal strength.
jaycocreek 05/29/20 10:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

I did mention coverage and why I have a Yagi antenna and two Wilson boosters..You seem to not know how an operating system can change reception also and why I chose to go with Google and get OS updates monthly which can help reception or make it worse.. As for the users who are having signal issues with their iPhone on iOS 12, PCMag’s testing shows that it’s all tied to the software. As you can see in the chart below, iPhone X units running iOS 12 seems to suffer from some sort of software-released issue when signal strength is weak. Google/Samsung/Motorola/LG They all have issues sometimes with there OS and updates..Some like Google send a fix immediately and others do not and you have to live with the thing until they fix it..Samsung has been some of the worst in updating there phones to the currant Android system which now is Android 10 with 11 coming out in July probably on the Pixel 4a.. If your running Android which Samsung uses,your at the mercy of Samsung for updates which could include radio adjustments..It could be a good one or a bad one..Your phone could be working perfectly now but download a new system update,and it could be terrible..Samsung has in the past not updated very quickly while Googe who is Android,does it every month for any issues reported..
jaycocreek 05/29/20 10:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

There's not much difference in the new phones and reception... You are wrong. Just go look at a real tech site instead of going on how things used to be. ;) From XDA developers,a real high tech cell phone place..They can jail break about every phone out there,and do..Sometimes for a bounty..They provide updated cameras/cell radios/operating systems etc..Some of the best minds out there.. Virtually the same.... Mobile customers planning to do a cell comparison of phone reception strength are pretty much wasting their time. The majority of cell phones today are so well designed and competitive that they virtually all deliver the same level of service. Users may notice a difference between carriers due to cell site positioning compared to their homes or offices. The closer the cell site is, the better your phone reception is going to be regardless of which cell phone you utilize. Doing a cell comparison phone reception strength of carriers can be a good idea...
jaycocreek 05/29/20 09:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

The LG V40 Has the Best Cellular Reception of Any Phone You need to go to XDA forums and check out what they have to say about reception..There are only two chips there using now in cell phones..Qualcom and Intel..Qualcom is by far the better chip IMHO.although some like Apple are making the Intel chip better than it has been.. Even at that,the pixel 2 and Note 9 still win out and are older phones. Our tests used a 20MHz channel of Band 4, which is used by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the major Canadian wireless carriers, and attenuated an LTE signal from a strong -85dBm until the modems showed no performance. The tests pitted the iPhone XS Max against last year’s iPhone X with an Intel modem, as well as the Qualcomm-powered Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2. In comparison to the iPhone X, the iPhone XS Max offers much faster performance thanks to its antennas, which now support 4×4 MIMO. In PCMag’s testing, the iPhone X averaged right around 200Mbps download speeds, while the iPhone XS Max averaged just under 400Mbps – both under good signal conditions. That’s a dramatic iPhone XS LTE performance bump compared to last year’s model. As signal conditions worsen, the iPhone XS Max is still able to hold its ground, though it is very, very slightly outdone by the Qualcomm-powered Pixel 2 and Note 9. This, PCMag explains, shows that the iPhone XS Max is very “well tuned” for low-signal situations.
jaycocreek 05/29/20 09:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

Use a signal applifier like a Wilson and make sure you have a very new cellphone with highly rated cell phone radios and can use it as a hotspot. Samsung Note 10s or S10s are some of the best. I’m sure the S20s and Note 20s will also be good. There's not much difference in the new phones and reception..Actually the LG-40 has one of the best radios around for reception..It used to be Motorola phones were far superior,Noticeably..Samsungs were terrible and Iphones not to bad.. I used to root cell phones and put an operating system of my choice on them including the radio..Now,with the new phones,there is no need to root anymore..I went with Google Pixel phones without all the pre-installed malware others like Samesung and Verizon phones come with you can't delete..Google made it where there is no bloatware with there phones...Stock Android..Period.. I used to be really into cell phones and reception being way back in these Idaho mountains..I have a Yagi directional cell antenna and a high db rooftop antenna..A good high db external antenna is very important for reception as is something like my 2 Wilson 45 DB amps that can be piggy backed to work together for a higher db.. Cell phone reception isn't determined by the bars on the top,some are very inaccurate..The real reception is in setting under about phone, where it list the correct reception in db.. The lower the number the better reception you are receiving.. -70 db is pretty good while -100 is getting pretty weak and anything past -110 to -120 or so, is no reception at all.. If I was wanting to work out of an RV and needed cell reception I would get: 1-A high gain external antenna 2-A booster like a Wilson booster/there cradle works okay but not near as well as there larger 45 DB types..A cradle is about 1/2 that. 3-A Yagi antenna or a directional high gain antenna for when your in place for a while is better than the smaller antennas.. 4-A MiFi so everyone can use there phones at the same time..I use my phone(plugged in as it drains the battery pretty quick on hotspot) as a Hotspot when I use my Ipad 5-And last but most important..A cell carrier that does not discriminate against hotspot usage..Verizon prepaid has no cap I am aware of for hotspot use and I have used alot..A Mifi has it's own data allowance but I prefer not to use my Mifi and just use the hotspot feature on my phone..
jaycocreek 05/29/20 08:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

Verizon most likely has the best coverage and they have Mifi's for internet only or you can use your phone as a hotspot for computers or whatever..Reasonable rates and there giving out double the data for a while...
jaycocreek 05/29/20 03:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

Here is a video of the Igen 2500 running a 15K RV AC.. Igen 2500 running 15K AC
jaycocreek 05/29/20 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

The Lance 851 doesn't have a place for a built in generator,does it? Therefor,you can choose any portable generator you want..If you have AC then the list shortens..Westinghouse and Onan both make a portable generator(2500) that will run an AC and are not that heavy..They come in at 48 pounds and in suitcase style..Both right at or under $600 with Onan being the more expensive but under $700..There both very quiet.. I bought a Camo 2250 Westinghouse to help my Honda 2K..It is every bit as quiet as the Honda to my ears and Camo is kool..LOL Solar is just not for every one.First..It is expensive and needs the sun to work right..Those of us that camp almost 100% of the time in a dense mountain forest, would find it useless for the price put out..A genset works whenever/wherever and anytime,but that is only my opinion not to set off a solar debate...
jaycocreek 05/29/20 08:59am Truck Campers
RE: 1997 Class C Winnebago, 47,000 miles too old to buy?

I bought a 1993 Jamboree Class C a few years ago with 51K on it..The engine had all new belts and hoses and drove excellently..It did need new front rotors but that was added to the price..The 460 ford drove nice and gave me over 10 mpg loaded up and traveling from Montana back to idaho...Never put a dime into it in over two years.. There's some nice older units out there if you look around...I sold it and bought a 1994 Ford F-350 DRW for a pickup camper to get where I couldn't with the Class C.. I also had an 1985 Beaver Class C and the only thing I had to do to that was replace the water pump in 8 years or so of owning it..The old 440 Dodge did well...We full time in this one..Three people and a black lab..Great layout,it was called the party edition with a couch and two chairs and the rear bath that was huge.. I would buy another older Class C in a heart beat if it met my criteria..
jaycocreek 05/28/20 09:52am Class C Motorhomes
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