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RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

Let me give you a picture of Houston. If you stand on a 6' step ladder and look east, you can see New Orleans. If you look West, you can see Phoenix. Basically, it is very, very flat. That being said, you can't find a 250/350 - 2500/3500 within 100 miles with 4X2. I am too old for boondocking and only tow a fifth wheel that we use in parks only. I would love to have a 4X2, but would have required either ordering from the factory or spreading out my search quite a bit. There may have been 4X2 in the area, but the ratio in Houston area was less than 10%. Seems strange for a region that has no hills to speak of and rarely has ice on the roads.
humblerb 04/27/20 07:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slider hitch - How to Question

Per B&W To slide hitch back 1. While the trailer is coupled, set the trailer brakes and/or chock the trailer wheels. 2. Pull the handle towards the rear of the truck to move it to the unlocked position. 3. Pull the truck forward slowly until the handle falls into the locked position. 4. Release the trailer brakes, un-chock the trailer and To return hitch to towing position 1. Once the trailer is satisfactorily positioned, set the trailer brakes and/or chock the trailer wheels. 2. Pull the handle towards the rear of the truck to move it to the unlocked position. 3. Move the truck slowly in reverse until the handle falls and is in the locked position. 4. Release the trailer brakes and/or un-chock the trailer. B&W clearly states "Note: No lubrication of the sliding mechanism is necessary." I might send them a note and update how to return to towing position. With the trailer unhitched, climb in the bed of your truck. Pull the handle towards the rear of the truck to move it to the unlocked position. Push the hitch toward the front of the truck with your hands until the handle falls and is in the locked position. LOL
humblerb 04/27/20 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slider hitch - How to Question

Thanks guys. Sounds like I am doing it right. Again, the noise is horrible. On the lighter side: Two weeks ago, pulled in to a park. Got out and released the handle. Got back in the truck and started moving forward while the trailer did not move. People in the next site about had a heart attack. When I got out to make sure the handle had clicked back in, they commented that they thought I was going to drop the trailer right there in the middle of the road.
humblerb 04/21/20 03:46pm Fifth-Wheels
Slider hitch - How to Question

After several years of bumper pull, we bought a fifth wheel about a year and a half ago. I have learned how to tow and back a 5th. I have a short bed truck and up until about 2 months ago, I had no problems. Then, returning from a trip and backing into my driveway, I turned too sharp and busted out the back window. Obviously, I was too dumb (or stubborn) to use the slider function that I had paid extra for. I now use the slider regardless whether it looks like I need it or not. My question is with regard to sliding the hitch toward the back before backing in to the camp site or driveway. I leave the trailer hooked and resting on the hitch. Release the lever, squeeze the trailer brakes and pull my truck forward. Everything I can find on-line basically shows that this is how to do this. Apparently BW customer service must be closed due to COVID-19, as I've called them several times and get a recording to try them later. Question: When I pull my truck forward to slide the hitch back, it really makes a horrible screeching noise. I have read that the rails should NOT be lubricated. The videos I have seen show doing it exactly as I have outlined. You are not supposed to drop the supports and take weight off the hitch before you slide it, are you? That seems like a good opportunity to possibly screw up the supports. Am I doing this correct?
humblerb 04/21/20 09:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking to make the plunge

I'll give you my experience and then move on. Our first ever trailer was a 7,000# dry that ended up about 8200# loaded. Towed it with a Titan, Armada and F150 Ecoboost. Traded it in after about 6-8 months (and took a financial bath on it) because I could never get comfortable towing it. Bought a new trailer that was 6,000# dry and ended up 7200# - 7300# loaded, depending on how much beer I put in it. World of difference. Went from white knuckle to comfortable with the drop in weight. if I had a half ton and was buying a bumper-pull, I would limit my search to trailers in the 6,000# dry weight maximum again.
humblerb 10/22/19 02:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heavier WD Bars Or Different Sway Control

When we had our TT, I added a second sway bar and it made a world of difference in windy conditions. Went from white knuckle in windy conditions to almost not knowing the wind was blowing. I had never heard of anyone adding a second one, but since then, I have run in to several people who have done that.
humblerb 10/22/19 02:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question for those pulling with an F150 Eco Boost

With the ecoboost, is there more maintenance for the twin turbo? I was surprised once sitting in a waiting area where a guy next to me was recommended a turbo maintenance at 30K miles (I think) and it was expensive. What experience to people have with the added maintenance on the ecoboost? I really wanted to like the F150 diesel, but the towing numbers and payload is dismal. I am looking to replace an explorer as a work vehicle and really like the flexibility with the F150. I have a small goose neck horse trailer that I would pull on occasion but want the added advantage of the gas mileage on the diesel... Just to mention, the weight of the horse trailer is only about 7K lbs with a fairly light tongue weight. Again, I had my 2012 until last year. Never heard of "turbo maintenance". There is nothing special that needs to be done specifically to the turbos. Maybe some of the routine maintenance schedules were different for the EB, but not specific to the turbos.
humblerb 10/22/19 02:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disinfecting water lines

I start with a regulator connected to the water supply. Then I install a splitter valve. On one side of the splitter, I install a water filter and white fresh water hose, which I then connect to the fressh water supply on the camper. The other side of the splitter, I connect a green water hose (no significance to green other than it is not white or blue drinking water hoses). Then put a spray nozzle on the green. Leave the green side of the splitter off until I need some water outside or until breaking camp.
humblerb 10/14/19 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Cover

Steve, that's why I told my Realestate agent NO HOA's. S Because HOAs are invariably run by busybodies and power trippers. I find it to be a ridiculous concept. Agree to let your neighbors tell you what to do? No thanks. Sorry to derail the thread (or continue the derailing), but HOAs are not run by busybodies and power trippers. They are run by residents who have a copy of the agreement that is supplied to and signed by every homeowner who lives in the neighborhood. HOAs are designed to keep neighborhoods from becoming eyesores and protect home values. We have next door neighbors who have complained that they moved to our neighborhood (and out of the city) so the could do whatever they want. Whatever they want includes parking half a dozen cars in their yard, having a dirt path beside their driveway to get in and out because they have 8-10 cars at their house often, storing their wine cooler on their front porch, mowing every 4-6 weeks, whether the yard needs it or not in Houston, etc. They signed an agreement to abide by the rules in the covenant when they purchased their house. Now they are upset because they didn't actually read them and aren't allowed to live like trash. You don't want to live by HOA rules? Just don't buy in a neighborhood that has one and sign the agreement, then complain about the rules you agreed to. And No, I am not on the HOA board nor do I have any intentions of joining. But I do intend to abide by the rules I agreed to when I bought my house and I expect my neighbors to do likewise.
humblerb 10/09/19 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roof caulking?

Regardless what you were told, that doesn't look right for 1.5 years. No way it should look like that after 18 months. Doesn't look like it was done properly or with the proper materials.
humblerb 10/03/19 12:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

Wish I had been able to find a 2WD when we bought our RAM 2500 last year. We don't do and won't do any boondocking, so I will have zero need for 4WD. In just over a year, I have never engaged the 4WD, even jsut to see what it is like. It just takes up Cargo Capacity, like the diesel engine does. And, I assume the ride when empty is better, as romore mentions. I did get the gas engine and have not had any issues with a 12k+ Fifth Wheel. Weather in Houston is not a problem, so 2WD works, if you are not getting off the main roads.
humblerb 10/01/19 02:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question for those pulling with an F150 Eco Boost

Did some checking with Jerry Reynolds "The Car Pro" prior to buying my 2012 F150 Ecoboost. One thing Jerry told me was the Ecoboost is not a new engine - it was just new in the F150 (back then). I towed 7200# with mine for 5 years (not a lot of towing miles) but traded in last year for a RAM 2500 and new Fifth Wheel. Can't speak from long time experience, but Jerry is a big fan of it for towing. And I never had any towing issues.
humblerb 10/01/19 02:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Screw pulled out of exterior fiberglass wall

I have used tooth picks cut to length and stuffed into the hole.. The screw will then tighten up against the toothpicks.. Just be careful to not add too many at first. This was my first thought, too. But, if it is only the fiberglass and nothing behind it. not sure of the toothpick will stay in place. The epoxy suggestions sound like they may work better.
humblerb 09/23/19 02:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bearings and bad decisions......

Replaced two axles on our old TT a couple of years ago. Started off inspecting/repacking them every year. A couple of years, we only traveled a couple thousand miles. The second year, I decided to go two years between inspection/repacking. Noticed a missing hub and jacked up the axle to "take a look". Wheel wobbled like loose lugs as soon as the weight of the trailer was taken off the axle. Strange for so few miles. But, I am a believer. We have a very good independent (not Trailer Sales Company) RV repair shop close by. I now take the 5th Wheel in every year. In the state of Texas, you now have to have a safety inspection in order to get registration renewed. I take it in to have it inspected and have them do a general look-around while it is there - including checking bearings and repacking. Good money spent on "Therapy".
humblerb 08/26/19 12:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Financing question

With cars or trailers, I let the dealer finance just to get out as quick as possible. It also makes them happy to know they got a kickback for setting up a loan. Then I call my insurance company and give them the details and let them refinance it. Could probably do the same with a Credit Union. I think I've been told that the period for refinance and the unit still be considered "New" is 12 months. I could be wrong on the time frame, but just do it as soon as you get a chance.
humblerb 08/22/19 03:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing speed

Our TT tires were rated at 65. I always tried to stay just below 65. The 5th Wheel tires now are rated to 75 or 80, somewhere like that. I really like the 65 pace, so I continue there with the FW. The post on braking has as much to do with it as the travel time does.
humblerb 08/15/19 10:15am Towing
RE: Towing speed

In the great lakes region many interstates are 70 (some even 75). I will range from 65-69 when in those areas. Interestingly, fuel mileage consistently works otherwise in my rig. I will do 10-15% better at 65mph than at 55mph. I'm not well-versed enough to know why, but I presume it must have something to do with the gearing on the transmission. You are now well-versed. It has to do with either higher RPMs in a lower gear or lugging (too low RPMs). Both will burn more gas than when you are at whatever speed is optimum for your rig.
humblerb 08/15/19 10:05am Towing
RE: Real towing advise please

fdwt994 is correct. It is nearly impossible to reach Tow Rating without exceeding Cargo Rating first. You concentrate on a trailer that allows you to stay within your Cargo rating and have 12%-15% tongue weight and you will most likely be well below your Tow rating. You don't want to exceed either and the Cargo rating is almost always met way before the Tow rating.
humblerb 08/15/19 09:46am Towing
RE: Another Newbie Question about Brands

We are one year in to our Grand Design and have only had one issue. A board went out on the propane part of the fridge. Contacted GD. They told my wife on the phone how to remove the old one (in about 2 minutes). Got the info needed on it and shipped us a replacement free. Wife installed the now one and works like a charm. My wife did a lot of research before we upgraded from our TT and read many, many similar stories. This and a Keystone Premier TT are our only experience. The TT was like 99.9% of the rest of them. It was a light weight home on wheels that would take a pounding driving on highways. Just the nature of campers.
humblerb 08/14/19 02:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel lifting bracket

i have my 6 year old granddaughter lift mine off. :D (Andersen Ultimate) I, too, have a 6 year old granddaughter. Never thought of that option. I love these message boards for great problem solving ideas.:D
humblerb 08/13/19 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
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