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RE: 1/2 ton towing

Most everything's been said, but I'll my .2 worth. Not to be blunt but it's reality check time. Bigger truck or a much smaller trailer. That TT will be north of 9600 lbs loaded up. @37' long there's no way that any 1/2 ton will be able to handle that TT unless conditions are perfect. I've towed 9500 lbs with a Ram 2500 and a 3500. Both CC LB. No way on earth would I ever think about towing my TT with a 1/2 ton. The 1st time a semi comes up beside you and takes 3-4 minutes to get by, you'll be pulling over at the next off ramp to change your underwear. Here's one on a lot in CA. 8598 lb UVW. Thats with no batteries or propane.
goducks10 11/24/20 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: 2012 F-150 tow rating

If you want to tow 11,500 then get a 3/4-1 ton truck.
goducks10 11/22/20 03:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Forest River Cardinal and Cedar Creek Question

No. The Creek has hung walls 16" OC. The Cardinal has traditional side walls.
goducks10 11/20/20 04:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

More bad news for LS.
goducks10 11/19/20 03:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: settle an arguement

BTDT and a 5er is IMO much easier to hitch and unhitch. It's also better at towing. My wife could've towed our last 5er easily. Not so with our current TT. It's just not as solid in some conditions as a 5th wheel is. Side winds, semis don't faze 5th wheels like they do TT's. Not so says the former owner of a Hensley Arrow TT hitch. Once hooked up it is solid going down the road. Blows the "fifth wheel is better towing" theory. Very true. The nice thing is with a 5er is that you don't have to spend north of $2500 to have exc towing. BTDT as well. I used an HA with a 1/2 ton and TT. It was every bit as good as my 5er. Most people won't buy a Hensley or PP so they'll never be in that group.
goducks10 11/13/20 04:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tranny overheated

Thats a lot of variance. So at 40* your trans temp is 120 and at 90* your trans temp is 170?
goducks10 11/13/20 10:16am Towing
RE: CDN Snowbirds getting their RV's across....

The USA has a far greater testing rate/numbers than European countries therefore the case count is much greater. Most people testing positive have mild or no symptoms and require no hospitalization at all. I am 75 with mild heart disease and overweight but not obese I think this covid disease has and is being blown all out of proportion IMHO for politics. Doctors who treat covid patients receive $2000.00 more per patient than flu patients. That is incentive for over counting and I have known a few unethical doctors at VA and in private practice past 50 years. Like others with common sense I always wear a mask when around other persons and practice good hygiene. "Blown out of proportion"? But you still wear a mask?
goducks10 11/13/20 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Straight-line weight distribution system

I had mine for 10 years. It is picky about adjusting the cam arm length such that the detent on the cam is centered over the lobe. I have the same truck/trailer combo scary at 55mph and comfortable at 75mph depending on that adjustment. Does it stay in adjustment?
goducks10 11/12/20 05:58pm Towing
RE: settle an arguement

BTDT and a 5er is IMO much easier to hitch and unhitch. It's also better at towing. My wife could've towed our last 5er easily. Not so with our current TT. It's just not as solid in some conditions as a 5th wheel is. Side winds, semis don't faze 5th wheels like they do TT's.
goducks10 11/12/20 03:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tranny overheated

You are correct in that your temps were rising but you didn't know it. Had you had the page with the engine, trans and oil temps and oil psi on, you should've been able to watch the temps rise. My trans temps run around 168-172 under all normal driving and towing conditions. Only when I get to a steeper grade and it's warm to hot out does the trans temp rise. If my trans temp hit 180+ and I was under normal conditions that would've been a sign that somethings not right. Anyway nice to see your dealer is getting it fixed.
goducks10 11/12/20 03:14pm Towing
RE: Tranny overheated

Well May I say it is time you dig into your owners manual, and understand the Information Center. I can see digital engine coolant, transmission fluid, and engine oil temperatures, along oil pressure is one screen below the digital speedometer. This menu is accessed simply by pressing the down arrow on the left spoke of the steering wheel. X2.
goducks10 11/12/20 09:46am Towing
RE: Building my own batterty cables

Those TEMco crimper make very nice crimps, but the cheap hammer/anvil crimp tools are not bad. x2.
goducks10 11/12/20 09:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: CDN Snowbirds getting their RV's across....

Traveling from CA to the US reminds me of the Geico commercial where some teenage kids are running for safety and one of them suggest hiding behind the chainsaws in the barn.
goducks10 11/12/20 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: GM 6.2L 420hp and 10-speed

Not sure if handling will be any better but you won't be at a loss for power. It does need 93 Octane for max power. Probably won't notice much between 87-93 IMO.
goducks10 11/12/20 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Tranny overheated

My only thought is... its good you have warranty!. So much for the ZF 8 spd and you have my sympathy… Really. It sounds very expensive, and hopefully only for FCA. Craig 2018 has the 68RFE
goducks10 11/08/20 11:13pm Towing
RE: I take back all the good stuff I've said about Les Schwabs!

Quit using LS years ago. Discount only now. Probably about 23 years or so. Discount is clear across town and LS is less than a mile down the road. I like being able to discuss what tires I want rather than being told what tires I should have. I do use LS for flat repair or tire rotation on new vehicles with OEM tires. I did need a tire replaced out on the road a couple years back. So LS does come in handy at times. :)
goducks10 11/07/20 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle Ratio, new truck

You couldn't pay me to tow 15,000 with a gasser. It would be nice if you did as it would help offset the terrible gas mpg's.
goducks10 11/06/20 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

BTDT. 06 Frontier towing a 4050 lb TT. Similar config (2wd) with 6500 tow rating. MPG's were abysmal to say the least. After a few months of towing I traded it in on a used 08 F150 5.4 3.73 gears. Mpg's went from the 8-9 range to a solid 10.5+. The F150 barely knew it was back there. Nicest thing was I jumped to a 26 (?) gal tank which bumped my towing range to 200 before looking for gas. I had a Scab and 6.5 bed which also made hauling camp gear nicer. By far the least cost effective measure is replacing the OEM tank. The upside to a larger truck is more room and the possibility of up-sizing the TT. I would look for a used 1/2 ton or even a GM midsize diesel.
goducks10 10/29/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another 6.6 gas question

I don't get the 10 speed OCD discussions. I drive a different truck every day at work, all 3 US flavors and probably almost every combination at one time or another. Unless your always in Flatlands running empty/not towing and going for squeezing every last drop for fuel mileage, all those extra gears are wasted fluff. In hill country loaded or towing you'll never be up in them much if at all and it does not matter what is in front of the tranny. More gears = more heat and more parts to wear. Mostly agree. Regardless of gears you still need the same HP/TQ to climb a mtn or cruise the interstate. However an 8sp or 10 speed will have better spacing between gears and allow the vehicle to maintain speeds easier without lugging or over revving.
goducks10 10/28/20 10:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Bag Problem

Is it possible that the original owner lowered the rear of the truck to tow a 5th wheel and used the bags to control the weight. I've read many times about guys complaining that the truck is too tall in the rear for thier 5er and are told to lower the rear suspension then install air bags to level it out once loaded. Agree need more info on truck.
goducks10 10/28/20 10:37am Tow Vehicles
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