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RE: Reconfiguring the console for ergnomic ease

Good job. My rear cam would be directed to the radio screen when backing/turning, and, like yours, was in the middle console and location and glare made it useless. I bought a 7" LCD monitor screen off eBay and ran the cam feed to it and mounted it left of the steering wheel at dash level. Now it is active all the time and easy to see. Much better.
garyemunson 12/10/19 04:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Goodbye DPF and soot?

I cannot see electric truck chassis not taking over from Diesel. The higher price of Diesel powertrains make them a ripe target for the currently more expensive electric motor/battery soulutions (which are still falling). It'll be a while before the cheaper gas rigs transition. Here in the Reno NV area, Tesla's electric semi is often seen on I-80 running back and forth between the battery plant here and vehicle factory in CA. The tech is certainly here.
garyemunson 12/04/19 06:37am Tow Vehicles
"Balancing" motorhome heating systems.

We have had our 2015 Winnebago 36Y since new. We do not shun cold weather camping in our "mobile motel room" and have always been irritated by the bedroom being hotter than the rest of the coach when we sleep at night. This year I decided to go to work to fix this imbalance. I have noticed over the years that on really cold nights when the furnace would run longer times to keep the coach warm that often I would hear the burner shut off while the fan would continue to run until the burner would light again. Comparing this action to the thermostat reading/setting it became obvious that the burner was shutting off due to the high temp limit rather than the thermostat being satisfied. Our Winne has (had) 2 2x12 floor vents, one on the side of the sink cabinet, and a 3" round in the bath cabinet. It became obvious to me that these 4 registers were insufficient venting for the furnace size causing the high limit to activate during long furnace runs. The next problem was the furnace is located in the rear of the coach and the first vent in line was in the bedroom and would provide the strongest flow of hot air. Next in line was the little round bath vent which seemed to provide the proper amount of heat to keep the bathroom comfortably warm. The front half was served by the kitchen cabinet vent and the floor vent that was located right behind the driver/passenger seats. This arrangement made the bedroom get too hot as the two front vents would take too long to warm the front and satisfy the thermostat located in the front of the coach. I began my quest to remedy the problem with the front floor vent. Looking down into it revealed it was time to vacuum the several years dirt out of it anyway. Removing the register, I found the first real design fail. As the duct progresses from rear to front, it shrinks in height. This is in accordance with proper design as they do this to try to balance air flow, the smaller duct at the end of the run produces back pressure to insure the air gets forced out of first few registers and not blow right by on it's way to the end register. At the front end of my coach, the duct is still about 14" wide but down to 2" in height. The first problem I discovered was with the front register itself. None of the registers have "shutters" to adjust air flow, no doubt to prevent people from closing too many and REALLY overheating the furnace due to reduced air flow. The register grate that Winnebago uses, however, still has the internal side plates that the shutter would have been attached to. They extend about 1 1/2" down. Once the register is installed, the combination of those side plates and the shallow, 2" duct means the airflow is further reduced by having to pass through that little 3/4" or so space between the duct bottom and the register side plates. To remedy this, I found the side plates are only attached to the floor plate with double sided tape so I was able to remove them. They really do not add any appreciable strength to the register plate as it is only spanning 2" anyway. Removing the side plates greatly increase air flow out of the front register. I still wanted to increase airflow to the front of the coach to insure the thermostat area would warm quicker and stop the bedroom from getting so hot. Luckily our 36Y has a "peninsula" cabinet in the kitchen area similar to many 5th wheels and that peninsula was over the area of the floor that the duct passed under. I was able to remove the cabinet floor to access the coach floor and then cut a hole through the floor to access the duct. Then I added two registers to the kick panel on each side of the cabinet base. I now have 3 registers on the kitchen cabinet facing forward, left, and right. Reinstalling the cabinet floor created a little plenum that delivered the hot air to my new registers. Now I have much improved airflow to the front half of the coach and am looking forward to heading out in a few days to a local campground to see how well this modification works. Had I not had the cabinet to put the additional registers in, I would have simply put one or two more into the floor like the front one. If you are not satisfied with the distribution of heat in your RV, I suggest you make a similar evaluation of how the manufacturer installed registers in your rig. You may be able to significantly improve the operation by fixing/adding registers like I did.
garyemunson 12/02/19 05:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: And the smokey glass stove cover is no more

Do not have a glass shop make a cover to save a few bucks. Those must be tempered glass for safety...shops cannot cut tempered.
garyemunson 12/02/19 04:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Dealing with pet passing while on the road

Thanks to those who cared enough to share their experiences with this difficult subject with us. Pets ARE family and it's always so hard to say goodbye. I've never had/thought about this situation before but being away from home would certainly make a tough situation even harder.
garyemunson 12/02/19 04:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

Once Tesla starts production of their electric semi it won't be long before we start seeing high end motorhomes with electric drive trains. Cost of hardware is getting close to parity with diesel powertrains. Price a 450HP Cummins and Allison tranny lately?
garyemunson 11/30/19 05:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Graceland RV Park & Campground

We had a good experience. Only downer was they were razing the "Heartbreak Hotel" that was right in front of the RV park when we were there. You could not ask for a better location to visit Graceland from.
garyemunson 11/29/19 05:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New tail lights

Our Winnebago came with Command Electronic lights and every few years I've had to replace the gaskets. I'll take your suggestion and use butyl tape next time. The Commands allow water inside the walls as soon as the gasket shrinks in past the taillight perimeter. Apparently nobody has come up with a good taillight design for RVs yet.
garyemunson 11/27/19 04:18am Truck Campers
RE: Non-renewable Lithium...Fact.

This entire thread should be deleted as it is based on the right wing talking point of "EVs bad!". The statement "can't be recycled" is totally false. Many companies have started successful recycling programs and here in Nevada where I live, lithium mining by evaporating salts is big business utilizing the old "poison waterholes" from old Western movies to get some use out of lifeless, desolate wasteland area. Myself, I have been driving electric over 7 years now, the last two getting fueled for free from our rooftop solar. The carbon industry is scared to death of electric vehicles wiping away their livelyhood and so are car dealers as, like I can assure you from my personal use, maintainance and repair of electric vehicles is a tiny fraction of that of petroleum cars. Most electric cars never get their brakes replaced unless parts rust off from age.
garyemunson 11/24/19 07:25am Tech Issues
RE: norcold ice maker

Is there an under sink filter? Has the cartridge gotten turned? Most filters shut off water unless filter is fully in.
garyemunson 11/24/19 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Side windows are fogged up

It is inside the double pane window. Fixing them is an easy but time consuming project. You have to remove the window so you can open the frame up to remove the glass assembly. I used a razor knife to cut the spacer out of the top and bottom of the glass and use a wire coathanger to pull a rag between the panes. I found Turtle Wax Chrome Polish (in the green container) works well to remove the deposit on the inside of the glass. Once clean, you use "Super Spacer" to replace the top and bottom piece you removed. This stuff comes in different widths. The link may not be the width you have to measure the distance between the two panes and order the correct spacer. You set the spacer in about 1/4" and fill the remaing gap with the proper sealant, also resealing along the 2 edges you did not remove. I did have one glass assembly come completely apart due to the spacer and sealer failing. Did make it easier to clean that one! While commercial companies tout "argon gas" filling, for an RV it's not going to make ANY difference. RVs are so poorly insulated the efficiency loss with normal air will not be measurable. Just do the repair on a dry day. The spacer itself has some desiccant in it to absorb any stray moisture you trap in the window assembly during repair. Usually the two sliding front windows are the worst as they get opened and closed the most causing the sealer to break loose and allow moist air into the glass assembly. More and more RVs with double pane glass are coming with single pane on the driver and passenger windows because of this. Resealing will cure the problem for another 8-10 years. Double pane are a "pain" but they are even more important in an RV than a house, especially if you camp in cold weather. In your house, you don't sleep as close to a window as you do in an RV and there is a HUGE difference in the cold air sliding off a double pane compared to single pane making the RV much more comfortable.
garyemunson 11/08/19 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help bad!!

Where was it? Some of us may have the same RV.
garyemunson 11/07/19 04:10am Tech Issues
RE: Onan generator

Not many shops will work for less than one hour so their labor rate plus about $100 in parts. But that does depend on how difficult it is to get at your particular generator. Maybe 2 hours for a tough one? All of us hate RV shop rates but remember they have to maintain a lot more real estate per repair job for our toys to take up room on.
garyemunson 11/07/19 04:08am Tech Issues
RE: Limit switch trips on Atwood furnace

Are you SURE the new blower motor is exactly the same (not a slower speed one)? A tip for working on your furnace..if the propane hose is long enough, get a trailer 4 pin plug/socket and use that for a quick disconnect for the electric (and add extra length to wiring). This let me set the furnace on a couple sawhorses just outside the RV, connect it and run it fully exposed. Easier to troubleshoot/work on it.
garyemunson 11/07/19 03:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing ac/heat pump

I'd replace it with the same thing. Heat pumps are getting to be the "thing". Makes cooler weather camping cheaper by saving on the propane. When slides were new, there wasn't much thought about future resale value, now, not having a slide seriously affects resale. As more people become aware of the advantage of heat pumps (and the salesmen are doing their best along those lines), resale of a unit w/o heat pumps will be harder.
garyemunson 11/07/19 03:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are RV shows worth it?

Be sure to carry your smart phone in case you see something you like. That way you can check prices on the spot with
garyemunson 11/07/19 03:48am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Fresh water tank under camper-Camping in colder weather.

The problem you will face is that you do not have an "all-season" camper. The water tank is just the tip of the iceberg. Campers made for cold weather camping have ALL plumbing up inside the "conditioned space". Just adding a heater to your tank ignores the fact that much of your water piping likely runs under the trailer hidden by whatever undercarriage covering you have. Either avoid camping in freezing weather or do like many who winterize the RV's plumbing and use the campground facilities.
garyemunson 11/05/19 05:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Electric side entry step problem

First things first. When doing ANYTHING on power steps, remove the power before you do anything. If you don't know which breaker/fuse, unhook ALL your batteries (chassis, too, many steps are powered by them) or cut the wires. Many a finger has been lost by a malfunctioning step. Once power is removed, there is a mechanical link that can be unbolted and the steps tied up. Steps going nuts are frequently the control module.
garyemunson 10/31/19 05:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dodge concept retro truck

The tilting hood on that concept negates the really cool hood function those trucks had. They would open like a normal hood, but, if you pushed harder once it hit the "stop", it would release and open further ending up at a 90 degree vertical position. You could pull an engine without removing the hood!
garyemunson 10/30/19 05:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I replace a DSI HWH with something (anything) else?

What is happening with your water heater? Can you hear the gas valve open when it is trying to heat? Can you hear a snapping noise from the spark ignition? The Dinosaur replacement boards seem to be a lot tougher than the OEM control boards. I've had to replace bad factory boards on a couple of our RVs over the years. Never had to go back and replace a dinosaur board.
garyemunson 10/29/19 04:46am General RVing Issues
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