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RE: Norcold Freezer/refrigerator

If it is in a slide, be sure the outside fan(s) works.
garyemunson 06/05/22 05:50pm Class C Motorhomes
Dometic thermostat replacement.

I don't want to have to re-invent the wheel so thought I'd ask here. Has ANYONE deleted the overly complex Dometic touch thermostat and just installed a simple home digital? On other RVs with non-Dometic ACs I've installed simple box store digitals but since Dometic uses the "control box" scheme to digitize the signal between the thermostat and AC, that's a non-starter. As I have yet to go rooftop and dig into the AC, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to the specifics of what that control box is doing other than making sure you go to Dometic anytime the thermostat fails. I've accepted the fact I'll need to somehow thread a standard thermostat control cable from the AC to the thermostat location but am curious if that control box has been totally integrated into the AC wiring or just an interface I can delete without much effort. Has anyone done this or am I the first?
garyemunson 03/06/22 03:59am Tech Issues
RE: Very Poor Results From Heng's Roof Coating

A 16 year old roof is done. The coating stuck to the surface it was applied to, the surface just pulled away from the substrate. Anything you put on it will do the same. Replace the roof membrane.
garyemunson 02/20/22 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Splendede washer lint filter cleanout

With a bunch of washer owners here, what is the consensus on Splendide washers? Are they well built and reliable? I just got a motorhome with washer prep and have realized there several to pick from (Splendide, Equator, LG). Anyone have comments on them? Thanks!
garyemunson 02/15/22 07:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What Chassis do I have

F-350 and F-53 are not the same.
garyemunson 02/15/22 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Walkie Talkies

These are much newer tech than the old Motorolas and far cheaper. Be advised you are supposed to apply for a license to use these or the Motorolas. The exam is quite simple and there is a free online "tutor" program where you just go through it and once you pass it's test, you will pass the real thing. These have the advantage of MANY channels including NOAA weather and can access the Ham radio repeaters to give you coverage almost anywhere. They serve as emergency communication from almost any location.
garyemunson 02/15/22 07:01am Technology Corner
RE: Rivian vs Tundra Tow Test

No one even mentioned that you can always make your own EV fuel with solar on the roof of your house. Pretty hard to drill an oil well and put up a refinery in your back yard.
garyemunson 02/07/22 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: atwood GHC6A-10E water heater

The Motoraid unit is Winnebago specific. You can source one from them. In my opinion, it's a worthwhile feature, providing you with a tank of hot water for free on arrival at your campsite. Why are you looking for a complete water heater?
garyemunson 02/03/22 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing carpet with laminate

Best to use vinyl planks, the SPC type (stone polymer composite). The WPC (wood polymer composite) is not temperature stable enough for RV use. Neither is laminate flooring. The extreme heat and cold temperature swings in a stored RV will cause the joints to come apart and your floor to buckle up.
garyemunson 01/30/22 08:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: replacing onan fuel pump
garyemunson 01/26/22 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: onan fuel pump

They are all made in China. Just buy the cheapest one you can find. If the OEMs were made any better they wouldn't be failing at the rate that they do. I've never had to go back and replace a cheapie. Cheap Fuel Pump Option
garyemunson 01/26/22 06:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking About a Class C

An overdrive is a VERY expensive upgrade for a 1990 RV. $3500 for the unit plus a lot of install labor plus driveshaft modification machine shop work.
garyemunson 01/22/22 08:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How do you cancel an ESP?

Be careful cancelling your GAP coverage. RVs depreciate so much that if it did get wrecked, you will likely find yourself FAR underwater without the GAP coverage. You could always walk away but you would ruin your credit for years in the process. The big hazard of buying an RV on credit. As for the service plans, 2M2 is probably right as you have been in it long enough what you get from the cancellation won't be a lot. Crunch the numbers and try to determine if it will be worthwhile to you. As miserable as those contracts are and are such a pain to collect on, you do have SOME protection from them. The pittance they will refund to you may not be worth it.
garyemunson 01/22/22 03:18am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Thinking About a Class C

The problem with the Ford 460 is that while it is a good, durable engine, it's just so old now that, while any parts are still available, you won't be picking them up off the shelf at some auto part store in Podunk, Nowhere. Since most of us get RVs to travel, that's where most of the failures (fuel and water pumps, starters, alternators etc.) are going to happen. As Pianotuna points out, the early V-10s had a serious spark plug issue that was resolved by about 2004. The nice thing about a V10 Class C is that while it has also been discontinued, it's still current enough (and shares many parts with the V8s and V6s) so that pretty much everything is a common stocked item at all the stores. I would have no problem getting a 460 truck as a daily driver at home but travelling with one of them would not be something I'd consider. You could end up having a trip really messed up waiting for something to be delivered. Don't know about you but here at home deliveries of all kinds have really gotten stretched out as of late. Gas mileage isn't that much different from the V10 which is slightly better. We burn so much gas in RVs what's a mile or two? From what I hear, the new Ford V8 does manage to crack the 10 MPG barrier for a lot of drivers. I'll probably be looking for something with one of them next time.
garyemunson 01/22/22 03:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 - 5 Star Tuning

5 Star and Banks made their reputation fixing the old V10s that were seriously under-tuned by Ford in the early 2000s. The V10 was capable and strong enough to generate a lot more power without compromising it's longevity and over the years Ford realized that and steadily increased the horsepower. Nowadays, "tuning" has nowhere near the results as before as the engines now come from the factory "hopped up". You will still see some benefit but nothing like the big increases the older motors experienced with the "tunes".
garyemunson 01/14/22 06:21am Tech Issues
RE: 20201 Class C on Ford E-450-Heavy Hood

I, too, have been looking for a strut kit made for the Ford E van hoods. Have yet to find any despite a lot of searching. Anyone? Seems like a simple thing for a company to make.
garyemunson 01/14/22 05:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

After the sh*t show of the Volt, ELR and Bolt, I'll never get a GM EV.
garyemunson 01/06/22 04:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul Remember what happened to tube-type TVs?
garyemunson 01/03/22 02:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertuck - Can we take another thread?

"I really don't understand why Washington today treats Tesla so poorly." Follow the money. The carbon industry and legacy auto contributes greatly to politician's war chests, Tesla does not. I am not an EV fan boy. But I do reaize EV's are coming and will revolutionize the auto world. All you need to do is drive a Tesla and you will understand. If you have not driven a Tesla you most likely do not get it. Driving a Tesla will have a game changing impact on how you view EV's Drive a Tesla and you will be enlightened to the future of EV vehicles. After the drive you will understand the "Not if but when" future of EV's. The EV revolution has started. Proven by the fact Ford and GM are all in starting 2035. Every major auto manufacture in the world is ramping up their EV research and development. Both GM and Ford have even started building their own battery plants. One thing to look forward to are solid state batteries. 3 minute full charges with 600+ mile range. Batteries for industry use are looking toward saline batteries. This is exciting. Coal will become a thing of the past. Petroleum may always be a part of our lives, but not in the forms we are use to. Doesn't prove anything. GM promised 20 new EV's in 2023. Wonder how that is going and when they will walk back that promise. But I forgot they are the EV leader according to the leader of the free world. Tesla is the only EV company in the US along with a bunch of Wanna bees so they can boost their stock prices. Talk is cheap. I really don't understand why Washington today treats Tesla so poorly.
garyemunson 12/12/21 02:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertuck - Can we take another thread?

Whether people like it or not, EVs are coming and ICE vehicles are going away.
garyemunson 12/11/21 06:45am Tow Vehicles
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