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RE: 50" - 55" TV... Uses 55 watts or less.

I guess a TV pulling 65 amps is beyond HD. Thanks for the correction.
garry1p 12/04/19 07:02pm Technology Corner
RE: 50" - 55" TV... Uses 55 watts or less.

I don't know the size of your battery bank but to operate the 65 watt TV above for 16 hours would require a 180 AH battery.
garry1p 12/01/19 06:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Rooftop AC Tripping Breaker... Sometimes

One thing to check before throwing in the towel and buying a new unit. Possible the run capacitor on the fan is bad letting the fan slow down just enough to allow the coils to run hotter than normal.
garry1p 08/20/19 06:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shore works ATS in and out on Gen power

I think you are saying the same thing no bonding at the distribution panel. Best answer to the question is dropping voltage from the generator. Could be a loose wire but my guess is slip rings need cleaning from setting up. Might try turning circuit breakers off at the generator and let it run for a while then flip breakers back on with no load.
garry1p 08/18/19 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cell Phone plan with truly unlimited data - no metering

wanderingaimlessly The Mobley was a dumb device and easy to rig up for full time internet. So far providing unlimited data with no slowdowns not sure how long that will last I go over every month 35/40 mgb with no slowsowns. Speed high 20's to 40 MPS. Spark is an intelligent device that knows when it is a vehicle and when the vehicle is running with timeout so it auto shuts down and can not be tricked into staying on.
garry1p 08/01/19 04:43pm Technology Corner
RE: LAN security

I'm not worried about someone hacking into my stuff it is where I do business that is the hackers target. Why spend time on me when you can obtain thousands of folks information with one hack! I do use passwords on everything and PC is connected through Ethernet not WIFI.
garry1p 06/02/19 11:16am Technology Corner
RE: Starlink Internet

I think it might be just a bit more complicated with fast moving satellites. Aligning your current antenna to connect to three geosynchronous satellites and be off less than 1/4 inch in azimuth or height and no usable signal. The antenna has to know "beforehand" exactly where the satellites are in space in relation to where you are on earth and start out by pointing it as close as possible in that direction. In the future, Musk says, users will connect to Starlink with terminals that cost about $200 and can steer an antenna beam without moving parts. "It basically looks like a sort of a small- to medium-size pizza,". Having tracked satellites in my past life working for NASA I'm sure it can be done. But, there will be obstacles to overcome like reflections from tall buildings, obstructions blocking your view as the satellite moves, propagation delay due to distance between current and the next satellite to pick up, transmission polarization the list goes on. I look forward to it becoming operational but I know lot of details will have to be worked out for reliable usage, Hey nothing money and time won't fix.
garry1p 06/01/19 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite 119 with DISH seems to cut in and out on motorhome

Had "complete loss" but locals and some other channels still working. This has happened several times recently seems like one satellite drops out for a few minutes I thought the high winds we were having might have moved the dish alignment just a tad. Now think it is not my problem so I will no longer try to fix it.
garry1p 05/30/19 07:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Starlink Internet

A Satellite 350 miles up is at best 15 minutes horizon to horizon so no way you can track and stream one satellite. I suspect you will have to lock onto minimum 3 satellites at all times and a lot of satellite hopping will be required to maintain a stable signal. Interesting how a stationary antenna will handle this since you will only maintain one satellite for few minutes at a time.
garry1p 05/30/19 06:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Very low cost backup-camera using WiFi cameras?

I have one like this only it came with extra wire for wired or wireless. With the extra wire you can have the camera and display quite a distance apart with the transmitters/receiver with in range. My set up $29 They have gone up now $32 /$40. Camera..19ft extra wire..transmitter receiver 19ft extra wire....display
garry1p 05/27/19 04:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Forget 5G

Lots of advantage with the increased bandwidth of 5G the major down side is the range. You can double the transmit power but gain very little signal distance there will need to be twice as many transmitting towers plus the phones will have to have better batteries due to transmitting power requirements. If you don't live in a subdivision you will probably need an outside antenna the good news the antenna will be small compared to today's antennas.
garry1p 04/24/19 11:43am Technology Corner
RE: AA battery life

I will no longer use Duracell’s I have had so many things ruined by leakage. I've talked to others with same problem. Used to be I would go out of my way to buy Duracell’s.AA's and AAA's now I buy Energizer Alkaline.
garry1p 04/23/19 06:55pm Technology Corner
RE: No Service Address Changes on DirecTV

Being able to switch service address is very convenient for those of us that may stay in one location for weeks or months at a time. Dish makes it very easy to just change your service address. However; if you pay close attention to your bill your local tax rate applies.
garry1p 03/30/19 10:20am Technology Corner
RE: Laptop dies when AC outlet is turned off.

I'll go out on a limb here. 1. You unplug when on the PC switches to battery. 2. You turn on the computer when not plugged in and it works on battery. 3. The power strip is turned off and PC shuts down instantly. Makes no sense but it could be the PC mother board that's where the logic is to determine the power source. Switching to another strip and ac outlet to test will tell you a lot. The strip or outlet could be putting out low voltage say 95V and that may be fooling the pc to shut off when is turned off.
garry1p 03/20/19 10:01am Technology Corner
RE: FTP server hidden in router?

I am not a network knowledgeable person but do get in trouble playing around with this stuff, Using a WII finder app that also showed security I did find that a second router (double nat) increased my security from 2 stars to 5 stars max is 5. Also port scanner found no open ports and I have a cameras/DVR system I access everyday. For some reason our cell phones only work on the primary router that I suspect is due to the double nat but that is not a problem.
garry1p 03/19/19 12:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

It is all so simple the antenna receives the signal and the receiver demodulates the signal into usable form. At the receiver, the signal from the antenna is amplified and downconverted to IF or directly to the original baseband signals. The amplified signal from the antenna is applied to mixers along with the carrier signal. Again, there is a 90° shift between the carrier signals applied to the mixers. The mixers produce the original baseband analog signals, which are then digitized in a pair of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and sent to the DSP circuitry where demodulation algorithms recover the original digital data. So now you understand the antennas job is to receive the signal am/fm/pm who cares the receiver does all the work.
garry1p 03/19/19 11:42am Technology Corner
RE: Has this happened to you?

I have not hard of this one lately. You stop for gas and spouse and kids go inside while dad pumps gas. Door on the RV is on the other side bad guy goes inside to find anything he can grab and run. Anytime everyone gets out of the RV the door should be locked. I think it was in SC when the guy pumping gas left the pump running while he ran around to get something and found a guy inside the guy said "Such a pretty RV I just had to look inside".
garry1p 03/16/19 05:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 14 inch vs 17 inch Laptop

I am a lot younger than you (80) and I find the 17in a lot heaver to lug around however, I prefer the 17in over my old 14in.
garry1p 03/15/19 07:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Disapointed with new Garmin

download Garmin Express update and download new map. Takes about 6GB depending on unit and 45 min depending on internet speed.
garry1p 03/07/19 05:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Kwikee series 32

I repaired mine without removing a heck of a lot easier if you can work on your back. I did drop the gear but thankfully I found it. Call around these people get smashed up steps and might have the parts. salvage parts
garry1p 02/26/19 04:26pm Class A Motorhomes
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