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RE: Stay off the ice! 3 Trucks and TT go through ice into lake.

Gotta wonder about what some people think when they drive onto a frozen lake too early in the season.... 3 trucks and TT go for a cold swim I see the ad already: Slightly used truck and camper for sale,well maintained :B Wanna play on ice get one of these
free radical 12/10/19 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: All battery/electric bus fleet

Indianapolis just did this, and when weather got cold, they failed. Good luck! Edit: I just checked, the article is till out there. Click here. Another... Good luck! Theres that Chinese quality again Buy Canadian next time
free radical 12/10/19 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stay off the ice! 3 Trucks and TT go through ice into lake.

You can't fix stupid. X2! Sure you can,asuming you dont go down w the truck LOL
free radical 12/10/19 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

I'm trying to figure out how lying Elon can drive an "illegal" vehicle on the public highways? I think the thing should be impounded next time this thing is found on a public highway. Can I add another negative this would have to be the most anti pedestrian vehicle I have ever seen. It is basically a wedge with very sharp edges what appears to be almost a blade in the front and very sharp edges round it would fail crash standards in Europe possibly the US and Australia Anti pedestrian Thats the idea Perfect for zombie apocalypse dont you think? :D Anyway would you care to stand on the highway and get hit by Ford Dodge or GMC at 60 mph to find out how pedestrian friendly those boxy trucks are? Im beting next sily coment will be that Cybetruck is too strong for the ocupants of it and they may get hurt as it has no crash zone to soften the blow. Well guess what They invented these things called Seat belts. Use them
free radical 12/09/19 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No more full size cars from GM

February 28 2020 GM will shut down the plant that produces the Impala, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT-6 and retool the plant to build electric pickups. Better build a Supercharger network first if they want to compete with Tesla. Stainless steel body wouldnt hurt either,Im tired of undercoating my old Silverado frame every year to keep rust at bay. After forty years driving Chevys my next truck will be Tesla Cybertruck most likely,their tech is years ahead of anyone.
free radical 12/08/19 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

Try this guy DYI Solar with Will Prowse channel on YT
free radical 12/06/19 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

The problem with your theory of buggy manufacturers and diesel trains is, electric cars have been around for over 100 years. There's been mass produced electric cars on and off for all those years. How come they still aren't the "go to" form of propulsion after 100 years of refinement? ---------------------------------- Good point! I wonder if Tesla fanboys also use Unix. The arguments are the same. Ad hominem fallacy and non sequitor. I dont remember seeing or being able to buy any good EV in the past, not until Tesla built it And everyone driving one will tell you theyll never go back to fosil fuels its just that much better and I have no doubt more EVs are coming For mass transport Electric is the best most eficient mover, thats why countries w no natural resources aka oil have been relying on for half a century now with great success Tokyo underground and subways
free radical 12/05/19 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

I think it's pretty obvious we're looking at what amounts to an El Camino or Ranchero, not a real pickup. Many people use their pickups as strictly grocery getters or transportation, not hauling anything much at all. I don’t see a “real pickup” as having anywhere near the facility as the cybertruck is projected to have with the exception of a “real pickup” being able to tow a fifth wheel or if you need a long box. But different people need pickups to do different things so there will be a market for the old stuff for a while yet. Fifth wheels are not near as common as they used to be with their biggest audience still being old boomers. That market will continually decline over the next ten years.Interesting that the RV market seems to be booming while you're asserting that it's doing the opposite. Unlikely that both can be happening. And you're merely reflecting wishful thinking I'm afraid. And a "real pickup" has a bed separate from the cab so it can flex and not damage the structural integrity of the vehicle. With no such flexibility, the Tesla truck would be susceptible to damage if loaded with an unequal heavy load. As I said, grocery getters and soccer moms won't be bothered with that issue. There actually are reasons behind some design parameters. Ever watch the movement between the bed and cab when there is a serious load in the truck bed? Just because you wish it so, doesn't make it so. My 08 Silverado doesnt flex at all with full load on, so that argument about necesary flex doesnt fly. Also Id think Tesla engineers who also design Space X rockets know enough on how to build Unibody Exoskeleton with that hard 30x SSteel to make it strong enough not to flex or damage under any load
free radical 12/04/19 09:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Let me try to explain to the fan bois why an old truck like I own puts out many, many times more torque that the Cyber junk. The truck I own puts out 650 ft/lbs at the crankshaft. That torque is fed to an Allison tranny with a 1st gear of 3.10 to 1 gear ratio. Now that 650 ft/lbs of torque that is feed into the tranny comes out as 2,015 ft/lbs of torque. But we are not done yet. Now fan bois, we need to feed that 2,015 ft/lbs of torque into the 3.75 rear end. So, 2,015 ft/lbs go into the rear end and the tires see slightly over 7,500 ft/lbs of torque. It has been reported that the Cyber junk will have 1,000 ft/lbs of torque. If true, my 12 YO truck will put out 7x's the amount of torque the Cyber junk will put out. Then you should have no problem proving your truck can beat Tesla easy Go prove it :P
free radical 12/01/19 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Some more food for thought The tug o war between Tesla and Ford 150 was not fair I admit. Not only Tesla weights more it also has way MORE power aka Torque. How much is unknown, however Ive seen EvWest vids with their race car BMW Which uses Tesla drivetrain and baterys and it puts 4000 lbs of torque to the wheels,yes 4 THOUSAND Id think Tesla truck has at least that maybe more,so even with bigest 4x4 and diesel Ford or anyone else has no chance to outpull Tesla Will see
free radical 11/29/19 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Looks like Tesla truck is becoming new status symbol Lol
free radical 11/27/19 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

$10,000 to go from rwd to awd. $70,000 for the 500 mile range(not towing) model. Someone needs to explain how they think the under 25 crowd is going to gobble these up. No one would bother to explain it to you. They just do with 250,000 pre-orders to-date. So you can't. Ok As Famous late great CEO of Chrysco used to say: If you can find better car,buy it" Dwell on that for a while :D
free radical 11/27/19 08:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Looks like a 70's/80's Sci-fi b-movie prop and about as useful too. If the ecoturkeys want to sell me on full electric, this isn't helping. For now, I'll still stick with the 3 R's. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Hmm Id think electric truck w stainless steel body would last much longer then your Ram w Cummins and be way cheaper to run too. Btw Hows them Tar sands polution up there lately? Ive heard cancers are quite comon in people livin downwind
free radical 11/27/19 08:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

I could design the exterior of a truck in about 5 minutes and have something look better Well why dont you? GM and Ford could use your help,call them up
free radical 11/25/19 08:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

They aren't orders, they are reservations. Some people are making up to 10 thinking they will be able to flip them. The Model S was a success in part because it is a stunning looking vehicle with classic proportions. The truck, not so much. Your denial of Tesla success is obvious not that I give a s*** Some old timers just cant comprehend progress and what youngsters dig. Big fail for legacy automakers The awesome specs for Tesla truck obviously helps Btw anyone thinking of FLIPin Tesla expecting to sell for more is nutz. It may work for houses or Exotic cars but not for Tesla. Reservations are same as Orders ffs you still have to PAY for them before taking posesion. And every car DEpreciates soon as you buy it,well Tesla not so much actualy,go look up second hand one in good condition.
free radical 11/25/19 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

What is a crossover pickup? A pickup with no pickup features? Back over 45-60 years ago Ford and Chevy sold quite a few cars with a pickup bed in place of the back seat and trunk area. And often the volume of the bed was larger than the same year pickup. Floor of bed closer to ground, so less lifting to load. Often better than a pickup for relocating your home. Before WWII the where some models called businessman's delivery coupe. A near pickup bed sized box would slide out of the trunk. For a while, among working people, if the people area was bigger than the cargo area, it ain't a truck. I had 2 El Caminos, both of them would haul....................a$$ I agree. I am just disappointed Elon touted this as a bad %$# truck to replace the F150/Ram. But offers nothing a truck buyer is looking for. At least the El Camino and Ranchero offered something the Pick-ups didn't or unique. GM had something similar to El Camino in that Aus Holden UTE while back which was very popular there, but their big ego or stupidity made them kill it
free radical 11/25/19 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Ive been very happy driving Chevys for over forty years now, But my next truck will be Tesla So many advantages it beats ice in every way That rust and dent resistant stainless steel body is worth it alone. Btw the reason for this wedge design is AERODYNAMICS aka less air resistance Youd never get 500 mile range with regular square looking ev pickup. Unconventional yes,so what main reason is it works. And Tesla Supercharger network makes it most practical ev out there. Over 200.000 orders now proves its a success. Id think In couple weeks it will be milion :D
free radical 11/25/19 08:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Tug of war competitions are about keeping traction. This is usually about tires used and driver skill rather than the rest of vehicle. Weight is also a critical component. The 4X2 Ford has little weight over the rear wheels. I am sure with the battery pack in the Tesla, it is weighted down significantly, which is likely why it sags so bad with 1000 pounds of ATV in the back. Sam your $100 deposit would do better in the stockmarket, than sitting at Tesla for the next 5 years. I don't think you can invest $100 in the stock market without being laugh at. Second, I'm already in Tesla stocks and made some good money off it and putting my money where my mouth (investment) is. Presumably, you are not good in math, 2019 to 2021 is not 5 years. Further, if I don't like it or grow to love it, I'll buy the Ford equivalent and I'll have an opportunity loss of 3 cents. Actually, I already like it's capabilities and specs. Waiting for Motor Trend to do an independent evaluation. LOL! The $100 was a joke. I was being facetious. Making the point your money will sit for a very long time. I am actually really good at math, you would presume wrong. Tesla hasn't hit a target date yet, so them saying 2021 I say it will much longer than that. Honestly I would be surprised if they make it that long. I think they have a much greater likelihood of being bought out. Being bought out HAHAHAHAHA Tesla stock is worth more then big 3 combined and going much higher in future.
free radical 11/22/19 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

It looks like a cross of the original Honda Ridgeline and DeLorean from the side but the front and rear have an unfinished look to me. I do not feel Tesla did market analysis of current truck owners' needs or wants in designing this vehicle. It will appeal to some people in the cross over crowd and definitely to the people that seek attention through their purchases. I believe a design like the Atlis or Rivian will appeal to a larger segment of current truck owners. If you are looking for more squared off look and utility, this one looks interesting: Fyi Atlis truck doe NOT exist,its a SCAM devised to rip off gulible investors.Lack of people in their pictures proves it, Bolinger cost 130Gs and has no charging network Neither does Rivian btw Tesla truck goes 500 miles on charge Does quarter mile in 10 seconds Has stainless steel body= no rust ever Even tho the box is only 6.5 feet long I think some kind of slide out drawer extension could be easily instaled making it bigger Look weird but its aerodynamicaly light years ahead of any other regular square front truck. Id take it even it wasnt electric,would probably get 50 mpg w that shape
free radical 11/22/19 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Charging electric car

With the continued proliferation of electric cars, I wonder if RV manufacturers are working toward a way my RV can charge a Tesla, or other electric vehicle, while plugged into shore power, or on the road while being towed...? Alternatively, can my current RV be modified to allow for this? I wonder if there's anything on the horizon, or that has been published that you lnow of, that speaks to this eventual advance? Interesting vid on Charging Tesla by towing
free radical 11/22/19 07:43pm Tech Issues
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