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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

25.000$ Tesla coming
free radical 09/24/20 08:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian 1/2 ton high temp, grade test. Good read/video

hook up my travel trailer, tow it from MI to FL and see who gets there first. Not permitted to set up charging stations ahead of time. I wouldn't be surprised to see the electric take a week to show up. You know someone once said Even if you win the rat race youre stil a rat :B IOW Some people like to take it easy when driving Also HOW much does FUEL cost ya as compare to using EV car or truck Btw Tesla SChargers are stil free Maybe you enjoy breathing exhaust fumes,have at it
free radical 09/22/20 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Overland Build Idea

Crazy thought...(not really clear where this should fit in in terms of forum). If you look at the custom overland rigs, usually built on something like an issuzu cab over truck...they start in the $250k range and easily move up into the $500k or higher range. What if you picked up a basic truck with no box or flatbed. Then picked up something like a 17ft travel trailer. Yank the axles off the trailer and mount it on the truck frame. Maybe install a 3 point support for the trailer to minimize twisting of the house box on rough roads. There would be some work involved but I wouldn't think it would be too extreme. Say $50k for the truck. $15k for the source trailer. $5k to weld up a 3 point support and another $5 for misc work to do the mounting (maybe fabricate a set of steps, integrate running lights, charging the house batteries, etc...). Now you would have a brand new overland rig for $75k. If you bought used, you could probably cut that in half. Comparing the livability of your average overland truck to a 17ft travel trailer, the travel trailer looks a lot more comfortable to live in. You could look for a 4x4 cab over truck but really most of the advantages lie in the high ground clearance. It's a pretty standard truck so no issues getting work done on it. Crazy or doable? Definitely doable,,with enough time and money lol Or you could build your own design to make it stronger better insulated longer lasting,heres an example For another interesting, maybe better TC construction look up Kimbo camper on YT
free radical 09/22/20 07:57pm Truck Campers
RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Had a read on the GM engine and it looks really interesting. One thing did give me a pause. The belt for the variable flow oil pump has to be changed every 150,000 miles. Changing it requires removing the transmission as well as the transfer case on 4WD's. Might be an issue for high mileage drivers. Thnx for posting that, no way in H Id ever consider buying such loony design.
free radical 09/19/20 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battle Born Lithium

In my research to learn more about Lithium batteries, and replacing the flooded 6V's in my rig, I just discovered Battle Born Lithium Batteries (Reno, NV) will soon be introducing a 250Ah battery, due sometime later Fall, or early Winter... no pricing yet... Will Prowse dyi solar chanel has great info
free radical 09/19/20 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

Running a wind turbine while towing will cost you more energy from your truck than it will produce. It will be at best the same as running a generator. Simple laws of physics. I guess OP has something like this in mind Not very practical to put on RV imo
free radical 09/18/20 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

First post here, so I apologize if this is the wrong area. I'm doing research and planning out a custom RV (cargo van/step van/box truck conversion...undecided), and looking to be as green and self sufficient as possible. Moving to a full time RV/Boondocking lifestyle. I've done a lot of research into solar, and believe I have a solid plan. From what I understand, it's always better to plan for more than what you think you'll use when it comes to power/water. So I wanted to look into supplementing a semi-standard "rooftop solar setup." Portable solar panels are an easy option, and a diesel generator is almost a must (from what I understand). I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with a portable wind turbine as a supplement to solar. I totally understand that, similar to solar, it's dependant on the available wind in the area. ... I also had a kinda crazy idea, that I wanted to share, and see if it's valid. Doing some research on turbines. Their running speed is generally between 12 and 30 mph, with a rated speed of 100 - 120 mpg (usually shutting off around 50 - 60 mpg). I wanted to see if you could add an inline speed reducer gearbox, between the blades of the turbine, and the generator itself. So that its running speed can be increased to between 50 - 70 mph. Thus enabling you to mount a horizontal shaft turbine through the roof, to generate power while driving at freeway speeds. There are quite a few horizontal shaft rotors that are fairly low profile, and be great for this kind of application. I'm just not certain it would work as I'm intending. (I understand a lot of concepts well, but don't have the practical knowledge. Some DIY House Repair as well as metal/wood fabrication experience.) Take a look at these vertical chargers Specs beat any horizontal windcharger of same size Instead of roof how about mounting it on a back bumper and make it expandable above roof when parked. Or on front bumper and it would catch plenty air when driving Features include: 2-5 m/s cut-in wind speed Up to 60 m/s max wind speed 50+ year lifespan 5-yr maintenance-free (optional) Soundless Operation No vibration Graceful rotation Primary function is to charge 12/24/48VDC battery banks which power DC loads including DC/AC inverters for 110/230VAC output.
free radical 09/18/20 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Food!

We are tired of everything! Fast Food is enemy number one. I have ate enough hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, steak, ham, and everything else. I want something different! If I had the energy I would open a restaurant and call it Something different. Anyone who ordered a burger, might be banned for life? Out here in the desert especially the options are even more limited Micky Ds and Cracker Barrel. I know the menue by heart! Don'' ask me though. Wife isn't into cooking, on the road this trip. I don't believe a steak wold whet my appetite after a week, right now. I want something different. What is it and where can I get some...within 50 miles??? Something diferent,ok unfortunately bit too far Something even more diferent LOL
free radical 09/17/20 08:53pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Food!

Wraps, all day long. Anything can be loaded into a tortilla. The more fresk vegetables, the better. Today's breakfast? Eggs, Italian sausage, red bell pepper, turkey slice, red onion, fresh tomato, fresh spinach, and Parmesan cheese....scrambled. Almost 10 minutes of prep and cook time. EVERYTHING was left over from previous meals. Learn to cook. It goes a long way. X 2 :B
free radical 09/17/20 08:01pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New iPad

Enjoy it while it last I had Ipad once and it slowed down like molases and no amount of UPdates would fix it,,planed OBSOLESENCE fool me once never again Have Samsung galaxy tablet now works perfect. My phone is BBerry bought new for 120$ few years back,does everything I need.
free radical 09/14/20 09:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Having left my home 3 times in 4 years due to fires. You’ll have to excuse me for not thinking any of the Gigafactories are “ecological paradise” until they’re off grid with zero emission power. I do believe forest fires start due to very dry winters,no snow or rain,but when you have idiot in chief who dont believe in science and global warming youre fkd.
free radical 09/14/20 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

Or the 18 year old sells the numbers & ID information to the deep web where people do pay for info and steal your identity.But in the end, who cares. That theft is not “identity stealing” it is just your credit card being compromised. Happens all the time and the credit card companies are getting pretty good at catching it. Of course we end up paying for what they miss via their fees to vendors, but it’s a small price to pay verses using cash and catching a Corona virus. :W They have the card and your home address information. They know what you drive, what type of RV you have, and know what you look like. They know your hair & eye color, possibly that of your spouse, and if you have children. By your ring they know if you are married. From the internet they can capture just about everywhere you've lived, your house value, along with the relatives in your home (and/or how many children you have). With that information, they can go to Facebook, know where you work (or where you have worked), if you have a degree or not, etc. They can pose as you, give fake names & registrations under your name, and in some cases even travel in different countries in your name. They attempt to get credit cards in your name, and most creditors start "locking stuff", pass fake checks in your name, etc. Insurance companies see the warnings on your credit. Trust me, there are very good reasons you'd rather people NOT know you or much about you. It's not just a credit card getting compromised. You can even get your bank account locked (of course until you go in and "prove yourself")... Locked over and over again. The worst part is they hang onto you... Then attempt as your spouse. One day your are "honest Dave" the next "suspicious ""Dave"" ". Anyway, yes, we have made it a policy NOT to "show" ID if we absolutely don't have to. I'm to the point where I won't show it even to check in or the card (especially if they want a copy). So it's great to hear most places simply just ask your name and check you in. :) Giving any more info and places you trade with, ID numbers etc is rough. Very scary indeed and quite posible for serious scammers to acomplish Thats why I have no FB :B Also never stay in CG, if I did Id pay cash or Debit Card
free radical 09/13/20 09:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Nikola and GM team up to make 900 HP Electric Supertruck.

NKLA is done,hate to brag but told you so :)
free radical 09/11/20 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading to a better phone

Fwiw I would never buy used phone unless you can replace the battery. Not sure if any like that exists nowadays Plenty of cheap new phones available
free radical 09/10/20 09:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Nikola and GM team up to make 900 HP Electric Supertruck.

The announcement was not marketing hype. The announcement was a business transaction (strategic partnership) announcing that one business was buying service/product from another. Investors see this as positive, and react with purchasing stock. Last week, GM and Honda announced they have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding following extensive preliminary discussions toward establishing a North American automotive alliance. Today, GM announced that the Ultium battery – the power source behind GM’s future EV portfolio - will feature an almost completely wireless battery management system, or wBMS. I think I see a GMC Hummer soon!And just a coincidence that the stock of both companies, Nikola especially, took a big jump? And a company that doesn't even have a real product? Nikola I mean. Not marketing hype, riiiiiiiight. Wink wink, nudge nudge. You know what they say Suckers born every minute, I feel sorry for all investing money in NKLA bc they will lose it all. Trevor Milton is a scammer extraordinare his vid of pretending to break ground on a factory in Az proves it as its still empty field now Btw he also sold milions of Nikola stocks bought a private jet and built biggest house on huge acreage. Why not invest that into EV factory!? GM will never make any fool cell trucks, its just isnt financialy feasible,profitable practical,they will just keep on postponing and make up all kinds of promises while pushing gasoline and diesels.
free radical 09/09/20 10:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nikola and GM team up to make 900 HP Electric Supertruck.

The great SCAM continues Watch YT video Tom Nash Nikola and General motors deal
free radical 09/08/20 07:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MH Manufacturer of Choice - Poll

I did a lot of research before buying my MH... I was curious, however, about what other people bought and why, and what their experience has been. I realize much of this is subjective, and that many have the "best" on the road... if you're happy, you're happy, and good on ya! What would you list as the top / best / favorite manufacturer, and please name the type of RV you have (i.e., MH, Towable, etc.)? Dont have any MH bc no one makes what I want ie 4x4 off road capable And four season comfy Something like this
free radical 09/04/20 09:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Lucid Air just took the crown for the fastest (pre) production luxury sedan in the world. They just ran a quarter mile beside a Tesla P100D and beat them. (The Tesla was not a plaid model from what I read). The lucid did it in 9.9 seconds and trapped at 144 mph. If the Lucid goes into production it will be the king. Lucid isn’t clear on pricing yet for this model but it’s expected to be around 140,000 to 180,000. Other models expected to start around 80,000 so competitive with some Tesla models. So roughly 30 percent more than Tesla for the fast one. But it also has an expected EPA range of 500 miles which is 100 miles more than the Tesla. No zero to sixty times mentioned but speculation that is under 2 seconds is already out there. Woohoo. Literally almost twice as fast as our model 3. Home charge rates at 19.2 KW which is what Tesla model S you to have with the dual charger option until 2017. I love that the competition is heating up. Now go get em Elon. Show us what the Plaid P100D can do. Link directly to the youtube video. On edit. Fixed the price estimates. Was working off the CAN exchange rate. Very nice, Now comes the hard part,, Build a factory and start production.
free radical 09/02/20 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Camper For Chevy Silverado 1500

the 2021 silverado 1500 has 2180 lb payload. northstar (thanks for the tip) makes an 8' floor that weighs 2,000 - 2100 lb range. however my research showed that new truck canpers cost more than i can afford. i also cannot afford a new truck to go from a 1550 payload to a 2180 payload. we had a pop up years ago. when i hit my 40's, my hands could not take the cold. columbus day weekend we were camping at hither hills, montauk ny. time to pack up a 30 mph wind, rain, boy did my hands hurt. that planted the thought that some day i should get a travel trailer or a truck camper. i am 66 now, kids gone the wife and i want to camp - travel again. there are 4 places near montauk were you can camp if you have an over night fishing permit, 4wd beach permit, and 4wd pickup with a truck camper, there is a 5th place that will allow trailers on the beach but not tents. So you see why i want a truck camper. plus with a truck camper one can tow a boat, a trailer, etc. i have seen camper caps but you cannot stand up, cannot hold much, small windows that will make them feel like a sweat box. Fwiw Ive seen camper caps made of fiberglass that are high enough to stand up in. Used mostly by contractors to carry tools and such. Not sure of the name tho Found it its called SPACE KAP
free radical 08/25/20 08:13pm Truck Campers
RE: gas millage

Until someone builds more aerodynamic streamlined coach the mpg will be kr*p. Pushing square box thru the air takes lots o energy Heres an idea Seems like way back then engineers and designers actualy cared about improving mpg and handling 57 Flxible Starliner
free radical 08/19/20 09:24pm Class A Motorhomes
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