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RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Two dimensions make it tough to really tell what is what. Some of them look fine, some look off a bit, one looks like the trailer is nose high. Just a matter of perspective.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 01:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's Opened?

Oops, another "Hide". List is getting long.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Laundromats are closed!!

Laudromats closed. Are laws against public nudity also suspended? Not that I know of. But bathing is not as necessary if you maintain social distance ??.Unless you're upwind, then eewww.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 01:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Here In Maine

Yep, off to the "Hide" file...again.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 01:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Disc Brakes

Pics??? What upgrade??? MORryde??? NOTHING better than Disk Brakes. Anyone saying Drums are just as good, well...... Your buddy did get scrued as he did not get the trade in value removed from his total cost so he could have saved Sales Tax on the trade amount. I had a friend sell me his 98 12V for what Dave Smith would have paid him on trade. I asked what about the sales tax he would have saved??? He said I would rather you have it! Good Friend!!!As I have stated before, unless you check with your state DMV, you don't know that you couldn't have applied the money you received to lower the sales tax. That is the way it works in Missouri which I didn't know for quite a few years. You have to fill out the forms as to how much you received when you sold it, and that applies to the price that was paid for the new unit. Sales tax is reduced accordingly.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 01:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Lou, why in the HE!! do you need air bags on a modern DRW RAM with such a light load? I am betting you are airing bags to put truck at unloaded ride height. Drop the air in your bags to 5psi and raise the ball to where the trailer sets level and carry on. Your truck is designed to set level when placing a load on it and allow the overloads to start working. This is NOT squat! My 11 DRW is riding level with 4,50# pin. NO air bags. couldn't prove it by that picture. You need to change the perspective, that looks like it's squatting a lot.
fj12ryder 04/05/20 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Used tow vehicles

The boss said I can have a new truck. I am one of the guys looking at a $78k truck. I want to trade my stock 2008 Chevy 2500 for for a 2020 Chevy 3500 DRW. My truck is 2WD so that may hurt me. But I have only 60K miles on it and have no rust. It looks like I may have to wait until they start building trucks again if I can't find what I want on the dealer lot. Why would ANYONE trade their vehicle in? They only offer 1/2 of what you can sell if for on the open market. They won't offer you $25k for that truck. Some of the things I consider when trading in a vehicle are sales tax. In Florida if you get $20k for your vehicle in a trade, the $20k reduces the cost of the new vehicle by $20k. So a $60k vehicle now cost $40K and you pay sales tax on the $40k not the original $60k. So at %7 sales tax my trade would save me $1,400 in sales tax. My $20k trade now is worth $21,400 to me. Sure I could sell my vehicle on my own and pay more sales tax, but then I won't have a vehicle and have to walk. Now I will be under pressure to purchase a new vehicle and will not be able to wait for the best prices. I want to be able to walk away from a deal and drive my old vehicle home.Dunno about Florida, but in Missouri if you sell your vehicle you can figure that amount the same as trade-in money and it will reduce your sales tax. If you sell your vehicle for more than what you would have gotten in trade-in, you get more off your sales tax bill. And since you didn't have a trade-in, you'll most likely pay less for the new vehicle. Win Win.
fj12ryder 04/04/20 07:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Good Deal on Tires = Time for New Tires

I've used Tires Plus in the past, and not very pleased with them. They did a good job of mounting and balancing the tires, but they charged extra for everything they did, or used. The actual price was considerably higher than their initial estimate. One of those deals where the price for 4 tires was $600 + mounting and balancing, and the total ended up north of $800 after all the added "extras". That was quite a few years ago, but just left a bad taste in my mouth.
fj12ryder 04/03/20 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: kinda light posting

Well, I've hit the "Hide" button on any thread pertaining to the virus, so that cuts down on any threads I see. Don't need the stress and nonsense.
fj12ryder 03/31/20 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rallys

It's going to sink in one of these days. What should sink in? That this is temporary or that this is the new normal? We will all laugh about the virus in two years. The survivor's will laugh, that is.Which will be the overwhelming number.
fj12ryder 03/31/20 12:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

well stated. by the way I went back through this thread and noticed that way2roll's entire input into it was the whining at me. :) bumpy If you don't get it, you don't get it. smh.Well, to be fair, he's right, you didn't contribute anything to the thread, just criticizing him.
fj12ryder 03/29/20 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

Smarten up. A Sure Power flasher cost me extra. Not only will it keep flashing into infinite resistance it will aurvive a dead short and even reversed polarity. There is no reason to screw around with resistors Plug and play except with newer nightmare H.A.L. controlled vehicles.As I stated earlier: "They have specific flashers or you can add in a resister, or they may come with resisters built-in." Guess I didn't spell it out clearly enough: Specific flashers that will work with LED's.
fj12ryder 03/27/20 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

The turn signals bulbs are usually the only problem since they flash really quickly with a normal flasher. They have specific flashers or you can add in a resister, or they may come with resisters built-in. Adding the resistor completely defeats the primary reason for switching to LED taillights, reduction in power.Hey, I didn't make up the laws of physics. That's just the way it works, really doesn't matter that you don't like it.
fj12ryder 03/27/20 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

The turn signals bulbs are usually the only problem since they flash really quickly with a normal flasher. They have specific flashers or you can add in a resister, or they may come with resisters built-in.
fj12ryder 03/27/20 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Rallys

"I don't know what to say or think about that!" That's funny, you wrote a very long ranting post about it, but you don't know what to say about that. I'd hate to see what you'd write if you had an opinion.
fj12ryder 03/26/20 09:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Been having trouble with cable and valve leaking. Took belly off once to deal with cable. Now valve leaking. Thinking if I have to take belly off again perhaps I should go electric. Are they trouble free?Consider a manual valve: you pull the handle, either a cable or a rod moves the valve, done. An electric valve: you push a button, the button closes a circuit which may go through a circuit breaker or fuse, the motor is supplied electricity which then moves a rod or cable which moves the valve, done. My thought usually is KISS. No way an electric valve is going to be more trouble free than a manual valve. Too many interconnecting parts add to the chances of a failure.
fj12ryder 03/25/20 02:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Just a thought: I do believe the bolt spacing is equal on those valves, so do you have space to rotate the valve 90°? Or secure the cable directly above the valve so the cable will have a straight pull.
fj12ryder 03/25/20 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bearings

"just my opinion most bearing problems are the installers fault." Truer words have never been spoken. Whether the installers are at the factory, or working in their back yard. Seems like a lot of times when people say they are having bearing problems, it's right after a trip to the shop. Most, not all, just most.
fj12ryder 03/24/20 03:24pm Tech Issues
RE: 4 digit pin nos and security

A 4-number PIN gives you 10,000 different combinations. Pretty unlikely to guess the correct combination in 10 tries.
fj12ryder 03/23/20 01:17pm Technology Corner
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

Ignore 90% of what you hear and you may actually be able to filter out a little truth.Which 90%? The parts you don't like? Where's truth for you?Hey man, you do what you feel you need to do. Just remember the media thrives on FUD. I'm done.
fj12ryder 03/22/20 03:28pm General RVing Issues
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