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RE: Winter Storage

Our rig is plugged in 24/7 365. Both chassis and house batterie switches on, main cutoff switch on to power the "converter" to charge the batteries. Inverter doesn't need to be on.
et2 11/13/19 06:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Home Storage

I live in Michigan and always blow out the lines and use antifreeze for RV's
et2 10/30/19 07:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Last Post, DW has died

Prayers for you. You said it well, and my wife and I were just talking about this. She's dealing with cancer. Nothing regretted. But ... Be strong. Most likely she would still want you to enjoy your life.
et2 10/26/19 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

I've been here for quite a while and haven't seen any hatred towards Tacoma. In fact, that model is rarely mentioned at all. I see a greater issue here on this forum that strikes accross the spectrum of many posters here (but certainly not ALL posters). What I see is more and more of is a kind of insecurty about the choices people have made. They seem to need reinforcement that "they" made the right choice. This (IMO) manifests itself in petty attacks against everything from what kind of camping one does to what kind of TV or even what kind of RV someone has. Nooooooo, Scott, say it aint so.... You don't mean like the KOA thread or the CA fruit inspector thread or the 3000 vs 20000W generator thread do you? Lol Now, seriously, your correct to a large degree. And all or most all of us do it to some extent....and that is using the internet as a resource to prevent from making the wrong choice, decision, move, etc. Handy? You fckin betcha! Saved me $75 and an extra trip to the parts store yesterday when I had to pull the intake manifold off the new/old hockey bag hauler to replace a sensor. I learnt inside of about 5 minutes that I could re-use the manifold gaskets despite the "official" directions and that there were actually 2 sensors under there (so I may as well get both, unless I like practice R&Ring intake manifolds. BUT, to your point, some folks can't decide what to have for dinner or what color socks to wear without quizzing the world for it's answer, advice or opinion. THEN, them same folks (and others too) get real "smart" because they read and learnt it on the internet, so now they're an exspurt on the subject because their newly found gadget, skill or proficiency didn't result in absolute disaster (thanks to the internet telling them how or how not to doo it first time around). NOW, them same folks (and others too) can gain the affirmation of the WORLD by being an exspurt on something that they no sooner learnt how to do than yesterday while reading the internet so they profess to know it all and shun any other views as being stupid or just plain wrong......... And this place is full of grumpy old men to boot who obviously know it all, cause all old men know it all ([email protected], makes me cant' wait to get old......not) that exxxxagerates this phenomenon. All the while the old folk calling the young folk snoflakes for having their iphones stuffed up their noses when really it's them that can't look past their own iphones to see themselves in the mirror! So that about sums up why Ram 1500s can't haul anything with a low payload..... ROFLMAO! You sound like that 16 year old, thats explaining to his friend how stupid his dad is , and realizes ten years later the old man wasn't as stupid as he thought he was. I got news for you Grit, if you are lucky you will be that old man some day :) Funny how that works out. He almost sounds like a "exspurt"
et2 10/24/19 05:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Well at least Michigans forests aren't burning to the ground due to total mismanagement. I wonder how that's hurts California economy overall. I guess they can't protect everything.
et2 10/22/19 08:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

We'll all be dead in 10 years ..... Right? And y'all worried about bugs.
et2 10/21/19 08:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

California has a lot to worry about. But it won't be a insect that devastates it's economy. Your correct on stating your rights that are protected as a citizen of this country. I wouldn't get so worked up over it ... you won.
et2 10/21/19 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

Please start a list of these campgrounds. We'd enjoy visiting them.
et2 10/15/19 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Curious

Never anything stolen from a campground in MI. But rest stops always seem to have a few strange people hanging around for one thing or another. Years back I had a couple guys creep up to our fiver and dually when we had it. The dog alerted me to them and I turned and looked. They were coming up from the side and slightly behind me while sitting in the drivers seat waiting for my wife to come back from the restroom. The dog barked at them and they turned around and walked away after I saw them. So now I always have an eyes looking everywhere. But we can use the on board bathroom now so no reason to leave the rig. Our storage yard has had RV's and Travel trailers broken into more than once. Had a fiver at the dealer and the lot got ransacked one night. Tried to get into ours but must have gotten scared off, just damaged the lock
et2 08/06/19 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nose Piece Waxing/Cleaning Bugs Off

The brush in the kit reaches the top without any problem. No ladders required Thanks but I'm not spending $239 for a wash brush and some wax Yeah I choked on it too. Took two years before I gave in. Wished I'd done it much sooner. It's not just -some -wax. I really needed to do a waterless wash. We had the paint protection put on our MH when we bought it. It was a joke. I applied this waterless wash n wax and the coach looks awesome. What took me 4 hours the old way takes less than 2 with this. Do some research on it and you'll hear what I'm telling you. The money I've spendt over a year or two the old way evens out or less with this system.
et2 08/03/19 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nose Piece Waxing/Cleaning Bugs Off

The brush in the kit reaches the top without any problem. No ladders required
et2 08/02/19 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rock Guard

After having experienced a 4x4 being thrown by the wheels on our last MH, I personally can tell you that the hanging guard does its job. If it wasn't there the 4x4 would have went through the radiator and out the back and into the toad. Instead it was forced out the side from under the rig without damaging anything. It bent the **** out of the flap. The flap was still there when we sold it. I have never had any rock damage on from the flap throwing up rocks on the last 4 toads we've owned. The flap on our last MH and this one were about 2" from the road when aired up. I will never remove ours.
et2 07/26/19 09:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood ratings

We owned a Fleetwood Expedition for 5 years. Never had a roof leak issue, nor ever heard of it. Th were the normal issues ( not a lot) the first year, but it was trouble free after that. Our next couch in my mind was going going to be a Allegro bus. So last year we started looking. We looked at 2 Tiffins and to say we were really disapointed in the fit and finish would be a understatement. There were paint issues, fit and finish and broken items we noticed. The door rail going up the stairs inside the coach came apart when I grabbed it to go up the stairs. Looked at Winnebago too and wasn't impressed. We ended up going into the coach we have now a Discovery LXE 44H - with a tag axle. It was a instant hit. And the fit and finish was perfect. It sits on the same frame as the American Coach line. Had a few problems that have been fixed over the year, nothing major. Saved a lot of money over the Tiffin. And no roof leaks. No regrets
et2 07/22/19 06:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Renting out your RV nightmares.

I find it hard to understand an insurance company will even cover you if your renting it out. Most insurance will drop you or your rates will go thru the roof. Why aren't you just charging the people who rented and broke your stuff instead of claiming on your insurance. Do you keep a substantial security deposit until you can get a look at any damage? Sounds like owning a RV isn't something that fits your lifestyle. Why not just sell it and forget about all the worries.
et2 07/20/19 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: thoughts on our 2019 Rubicon

So we own a 2017 Wrangler Rubicon Recon edition. Nope not getting 23mpg , more like 17 city 20 highway. Love the car. Well I took it in for an oil change a couple weeks ago to the dealer. They gave it back without putting oil back in it. So they had it for a bit while they put a new engine into it on their dime. Had a 2019 wrangler to drive for a week and half. Ride is comparable, but the new models tend to wander on the freeway. Mine stays where you put it as long and there's no wind blowing you around in comparison to the 2019. I attribute that to the new electric steering in the 2019 vs a hydraulic power steering. Mine is a tighter steering. The new transmission is a 9 speed vs 5 on mine. It seems to give a little smoother power range and peppier at the accereration from a dead stop. But not much. Always seems to have the right gear at the right time. This is were the gas savings is in my opinion. Also the start stop feature helps ... But I hate it! Yes you can turn it off , but everytime you start it. The engines are the same 3.6 Pentastar. The doors on the 2019 are aluminum. Glad I have steel doors. Just feel safer. The view out the rear window is better on the 2019 as they moved the wiper arm to the bottom of the window, freeing that motor from blocking the view at the top like on mine. Some like the new dash on the 2019. It was more ... Feminized ... if I'm allowed to say it than the older models. I really like the old dash better even with the small media screen. Optics, the new body style isn't working for me for some reason. I really like mine and even with the new engine installed after 35,000 miles I'll keep mine for as long as I can. The biggest thing I liked was the transmission on the 2019. But it wasn't enough to get me to move. OH ... And the Gladiator Rubicon I saw was $60,000. Crazy
et2 07/16/19 08:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery Maintenance

If it's a multi stage charger you should be alright. It'll go into float when the batteries are charged. Some new chargers like my MH will actually stop charging all together if needed and turn back on when charging is required. Google your model and see what it says. We've had Flow Rite battery watering system in our last MH and I installed it in this one too. Yes you fill the batteries by squeezing distilled water from a jug into them. Doesn't use hardly any water at all. Monthly is more than enough. Unless you cycle the batteries often by using the invertor. But do monitor each individual battery with a volt meter every month to make sure each battery is ok.
et2 07/10/19 07:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Angry wannabe RV police encounter

Sorry to hear. Some people are jerks. But your thread title is a bit misleading though.
et2 07/08/19 06:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

We have one in our motorhome. Really thought I would hate it, but the wife liked it. u shape. After using it, I really like it vs the table and chairs we had in all the past rigs. Really comfortable and I can get a really good view from any position. And there is added storage below, a benefit.
et2 07/04/19 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Our new 2019 Rubicon

We own a 2017 wrangler rubicon. Yes it has steel door vs aluminum. I've noticed on the new wranglers the aluminum doors reflect light and shows deformation in the door. Like it's wrinkled. Must be something with the aluminum stamp door. The older models don't show this. Maybe the rear door and hood are aluminum too? Not to mention the new wranglers have the engine start stop feature. I hate that. We have it on our Grand Cherokee.
et2 06/24/19 07:35pm Dinghy Towing
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

You mean like buying a new RV from a dealer and they treat you like a turd in the service dept after the purchase? Yup good customer service these days are a thing of the past. My wife and I discuss this quite a bit. I have a customer base which I need to be on point with jumping through hoops to be successful in my career. I slip up and it's lost business. I have had the same customers for decades. But I'm now a senior citizen, the upcoming young ones don't give a care.
et2 06/18/19 08:59pm General RVing Issues
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