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RE: S NJ - SW Fla

I've stayed at Lake City RV Resort before. The pull-thrus were a bit snug, but for just a night, it was fine. We actually spent close to a week there with friends and it was good.
ependydad 10/11/19 02:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

Have you given thought to a Class A gasser. You would all have more room. and you could tow your Honda. Might be cost effective. You're going to butt up against cargo carrying capacity with a lot of gas motorhomes once you factor in people and fulltiming weight. My 2012 has a 4K lb CCC. More than enough for me, it leaves me with 2k lbs left over. That's perfect for a family of 6. I looked at a handful of motorhomes and none were high enough for my family (we're over-packers). Maybe I made an incorrect assumption.
ependydad 10/11/19 02:18pm Towing
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

First, I love it. We are 4+ years into a 1 year trip. We took off in June of 2015 and thought we would wrap up in August of 2016. Turns out, we love life on the road and have found an amazing community to connect with. That said, check out Fulltime Families. Especially if you or the spouse are Facebook users (it tends to be highly Facebook centric). We connected with this group in September 2015 (3 months after we launched) and they have made a world of difference for us. Finding our "tribe" has been so wonderful for us. Just last week, we rallied with 50 families at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for almost a week. Great seeing old friends and making new ones. A 1-ton truck isn't as cramped as you might think. I know quite a few families of 6 who are doing it and they're all regular/often travelers. Trucks are bigger than cars and SUVs and afford more space. The chase vehicle isn't a bad idea. I don't like it for us, as I look forward to our togetherness time on move days. But we have friends who swear by driving a second vehicle. The 1-ton van is the right answer if you don't want to do a truck. Be careful which you pick as their tow ratings are all over the board. Add airbags to help the loaded ride. I have friends who were a family of 8+ dog who fulltimed for years. 2 girls graduated out of the house and one took the dog, so now they're a family of 6. They're just about to make the switch to a truck + fifth wheel after almost 4 years of fulltiming. And lastly, a lite trailer is fine. A regular travel trailer is fine. A fifth wheel is fine. Class A motorhomes can be fine. The biggest thing to watch is the cargo carrying capacity. I heard the owner of Fulltime Families say that FTF tend to run about 500 lbs. per person. So your family of 6 will easily be carrying 3,000 lbs of cargo. (Class C motorhomes are generally out unless it's a Super C- their cargo carrying capacity is so low, you run out with just putting people in.) Having buckled the frame on a rig while fulltiming and running overloaded, I don't exceed the trailer's GVWR any longer. Mind the cargo carrying capacity and I wouldn't consider it if it is less than 2,000 lbs. That family who are down to 6 that I mentioned finally weighed- found they were 2,400 lbs. overweight. I regularly talk to FTF members who have weighed and estimate a good 90% of us are running overweight. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about fulltiming as a family.
ependydad 10/10/19 11:06am Towing
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

Have you given thought to a Class A gasser. You would all have more room. and you could tow your Honda. Might be cost effective. You're going to butt up against cargo carrying capacity with a lot of gas motorhomes once you factor in people and fulltiming weight.
ependydad 10/10/19 10:57am Towing
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

So, not to be crude - but, without a separate bedroom will there be issues with having "mommy/daddy private time"? I have definitely wanted hard-doors between us and the kids in each rig we've had (even before we went fulltime).
ependydad 10/10/19 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Organized Obie Installs

I've used screws, screws with anchors, command strips, and sticky-backed velcro to hang a variety of things. Each situation seems to end up being a little different than the one before. The 2 tricks to screws: #1. Make sure the screw is shorter than your wall is thick! (And be careful if you're pre-drilling the hole.) #2. Make sure you hand tighten it to tight but not stripped.
ependydad 10/10/19 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Albuquerque Balloon Festival Questions

In case it helps anyone, here is a video showing the drive from I-25 North (we were coming from I-40) showing the drive to the Fiesta grounds (and specifically into the South RV Parking area to the Cemetery section).
ependydad 10/02/19 01:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: What Size RV is Right for Full-Timing

thanks for the answers folks. I guess the real issue i am gathering is the parking side not the driving side and how many places are really available for the larger campers vs the smaller campers. the floor plans and designs are definitely a matter of opinion so the real question is in the length of the camper and is there any real problems parking the longer rigs and and having availability at the campgrounds? thanks again I've been traveling extensively for over 7 years with a > 40' rig. I've never found a destination that I couldn't go to. I have always been able to find a RV park or campground that we can fit into.
ependydad 09/27/19 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: full time 101 questions

1, contact actual loan companies to make sure you can get the loan you're describing. 2, fifth wheels giving you taller ceilings and a more spacious feel. Also usually gives you more storage. My in-laws have a park model at a campground and love their "Florida Room" (i.e. hard screen porch). It doubles their living area. I disagree on the no slides. They give you so much more living area. I do agree on the I'd also second the recommendation to look at park models/mobile homes. They're usually bigger/taller than RVs and provide a bit more living area. And lastly, doubly/triply make sure you're allowed to live on your land in an RV. It's illegal in a surprising number of places; people do it, but it's not necessarily allowed. The worst part is that once someone complains and the zoning officer comes to visit, there is no appeal and no getting an exemption. You must move.
ependydad 09/27/19 10:32am Full-time RVing
RE: Happijak Bunk Mod - are 3 Bunks Possible?

First, if you use it for sleeping- make sure the loft either has 2 entry/exits or has an emergency exit. If it only has 1 exit, it has the potential for being a death trap in the event of an emergency. Too many manufacturers/designs ignore this. Second, have you considered turning the beds long ways on the bunk? It would give your 2 boys their own sleeping areas. You could then use the lower bench for the daughter and take out the other side for storage. We did that for my kids- they both have real twin mattress (read: actually comfortable). We built an end table for between the beds so that they have some shared table space and a drawer of their own up there. See this post/video: Toy Hauler to Kids' Room But, I'm sure you could also do what you want. I'd likely look at mounting something to the walls and/or the outsides of the HappiJack bed lift vs. mucking with the mechanism. But that's largely because I'm not mechanically inclined. :)
ependydad 09/27/19 10:05am Toy Haulers
RE: What Size RV is Right for Full-Timing

What size is the right size house? Or what car is best? These things are personal questions and no one can answer it for you. We have fulltimed for 4+ years, moving every 1-3 weeks (with an 8-night average) in > 40' rigs. First one was 42' and now we're in a 44' toy hauler.
ependydad 09/27/19 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Long distance tank disposal

blue tote what else is there unless you want to hire a truck each time for $100+ each time. Macerator pump should cover the distance easily. Otherwise, if I was pumping regularly- I'd look at alternatives to blue totes. Something with higher capacity like a sewer bladder or taking an IBC Tote and installing it onto a trailer.
ependydad 09/26/19 02:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Downsizing Complete

Think of it this way, when you die, the kids will get along just fine. They'll not have anything to fight over! Nor will they probably want it. I watched my dad go thru his Mom's stuff, my sister go through my Mom's stuff, and my father-in-law go thru his mom's stuff. A vast majority of it needed to be sold cheap/auctioned. A few mementos and family heirloom pieces were spared, but a vast majority was junked or sold for pennies.
ependydad 09/26/19 02:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Long distance tank disposal

The Flojet macerator pump shouldn't have a problem with 150', I've done it and pumped up into my sewer bladder in the truck bed. Friends have 100' of a smaller hose and I have 50' of a bigger hose but I use quick connects which decrease the inner diameter. With that distance, I'd make sure that I had shut-offs on both sides of my hose so that I could isolate it in the event of an "incident".
ependydad 09/25/19 02:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Albuquerque Balloon Festival Questions

Registration opens for the on-site RV parking a few days after the fiesta ends. So if you're looking at 2020, plan to register in early October of this year. In previous years, there was a very lax cancellation policy (i.e. 100% refund up until July). Personally, for the experience, it's the Fiesta RV Parking or bust. I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else. The spots there are either: - dry camping with no utilities (either across the road in the south lot or closer with a big price difference) - water + electric (either across the road in the south lot or in king's accommodations overlooking the fiesta field, but that's $$$$$) There are water fill and pump out service trucks that come around for a fee. I believe that there are a few water filling locations for getting free water if you can go fetch it. The quiet time (i.e. no generator) from 10pm to 5am. The spots are incredibly tight. You're nuts to butts with your neighbors. And you have to squeeze your tow vehicle/toad into your spot. If you extend into the road, they'll come talk to you. Portable generators have to be 2' off of the ground because the site is an old dump and the worry is methane may ignite. No campfires (including propane fire pits) allowed. We went in 2017 and are going again this year. We stay for the full 2 weeks (but we're fulltimers- I work during the day while my wife and kids go play). I do recommend staying for as long as you possible can. Tickets to the Fiesta grounds were they launch the balloons are cheapest from Costco. If you're able bodied, sign up to help volunteer to crew and launch balloons. OR, hang out in the RV park near the landing box to help catch them. It's an amazing experience. Here's an article I wrote: And here is my 300-photo album of photos from 2017:
ependydad 09/25/19 11:34am Roads and Routes
RE: Splendid Washer/Dryer

We use a little fabric softener and add two dryer balls after washing and also shake the clothes between wash dry. We use fabric softner and dryer balls but don't take clothes out between wash + dry. Load size is also important.
ependydad 09/25/19 11:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Hershey Park Suggestions

The Thousand Trails Hersey location is nice, but I don't know its actual distance to Hershey Park.
ependydad 09/23/19 04:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: skylight/sunroof. clear, cloud, or smoke.

We switched from a white skylight to a clear one in our bathroom. It let a lot of HEAT in with the sunlight.
ependydad 09/21/19 12:38am Travel Trailers
RE: States Visited Map Rules

.karate chop.
ependydad 09/19/19 02:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dometic heater

As mentioned, fan's set to low or high. This question is frequently asked and I have an article about it:
ependydad 09/19/19 01:44pm Beginning RVing
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