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RE: Jeep Death wobble

Historically death wobble on multiple brands has been lack of caster. Yes, tightening up clearances with new parts helps as does a steering damper (which just tries to control the wobble) but, in general, solid front axles require 5 to 7 degrees of caster. I have heard (or read) that if you toe it in a little that it takes out the death wobble. This is the first I have heard of camber. WW
dubdub07 08/26/19 10:06am Dinghy Towing
RE: Does Your State Require a SBS

And I drove my Wrangler ALL over ticket. Lots and lots of fenderless Jeeps there and no one was pulled over....j/s. WW and this proves what? lazy cops bumpy Probably not. I was being glib. I am sure if you look like you need to be pulled over the 50% fender rule is a darn handy way to look in your Jeep and see if you doing something you shouldn't be.... WW
dubdub07 08/11/19 11:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Does Your State Require a SBS

Why does this matter and who cares? Its just irresponsible to tow a vehicle without a supplemental braking system in place. Just do the right thing and you won't have to worry about it. I agree completely. I completely I have one and use it sometimes, sometimes I do not. Never seen a towed vehicle breakaway, never seen my brake buddy do much of anything, really. It tells me when it brakes and it is so seldom....and only for a second. I set it up more aggressively one time and it is annoying and I am sure tearing the **** out of my Jeep.... I just love this subject......and the comments. If you get pulled over I am pretty sure no one will check. Only time I believe it would be an issue is if you kill someone. Then maybe there will be litigation to see if not having one would have made a difference. I do not know why they call it common sense since we all have a different view. And so you all know....I always drive whatever is posted as the speed limit...yes, 75mph....and I drive some crazy steep mountain passes multiple times a flat. And I drove my Wrangler ALL over ticket. Lots and lots of fenderless Jeeps there and no one was pulled over....j/s. WW
dubdub07 08/11/19 12:59pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Jeep Trailhawk

We tow 3 Jeeps. A 2012 Wrangler, 2015 GC, and 2016 Trailhawk Cherokee. BY FAR, the nicest to tow is the Cherokee. Weight is great, tracks well behind the coach, and is super nice to have a mixture of a little Jeep for off-road or a grocery hauler to get supplies. Why on earth do you need a charge line? And why not the Blue Ox baseplate? It/they are hidden (2 pieces) and very good performance and super easy to install. WW
dubdub07 08/11/19 12:47pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Air Conditioner Performance

Howdy, Not sure if this helps, but we are in Colorado and have issues with the sun beating down at the high altitudes so we bought a roll of the thin insulation from Lowe's and cut it to the windshield and put it in for storage and camping. When we visit the southeast and the high heat/humidity, we still use it. It makes a HUGE difference. And we have three 15k A/C's.....and still use the shade. In the southeast, summer, almost 100 can hang meat in our coach. WW
dubdub07 08/11/19 10:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interesting article: Tesla Semi Electric Motorhome.

Lots of politicians have made millions with this global warming stuff and to me thats all it is. Is the earth changing? Sure it is and has since the beginning. Must have been camp fires cave men used during the ice ages that started it.:S This has been my argument. I believe that if you burn wood it still emits carbon. So, billions of campfires would do what to the atmosphere? About what China is doing to it today.... And running a genny to not run your own engine? Seems counter-intuitive. WW
dubdub07 08/07/19 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Miles per day.

We live in Colorado, so some of our drives are only a 200 miles. When we go to the southeast, we try and do 700 on one day and only 300 the next. I think that 300 miles in our DP is a super easy day.....700 is a long way....but nice to get a big chunk out of the way. In the west, you could drive 300 miles and not be anywhere....just depends where you are going and coming from... WW
dubdub07 08/05/19 08:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood ratings

We have a 2013 and it is certainly one of the best in the price range. The Tiffin Red would be the equivalent and is about the same if not a bit more chincy. The Winnie is nice but I am not sure if they have a comparable coach in the segment and you certainly will not find a Newmar in that range....I like the Phaeton and it is comparable. I am not sure I would buy a Fleetwood again.......I am not a huge fan of the support (or lack there of) that we got with out coach. The 2015 will have a nice 8.9L ISC and is a very nice coach for $139K.....and from what I see on the 15s and newer, Fleetwood Discovery is a very nice coach. You would be getting a lot for your money. WW
dubdub07 07/22/19 01:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dolly towing

I am no expert, but I believe you can NOT tow a Jeep with a transfer case with only the rear wheels on the ground because the transfer case/transmission is lubricated by a pump that is driven by the front driveshaft. So it will spin okay, but it will not lubricate unless the front driveshaft is spinning working the pump..... WW
dubdub07 07/18/19 10:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Length restricted rv parks

Like the Dirty Harry movies "a man just needs to know his limitations"! If you can't go where you want, there is likely somewhere nearby that you can. Generally this means a higher highly cost (and sometime much higher) but you will be able to find somewhere to park near where you want to visit. State and City parks will be the most challenging but we find to be some of the best in the Country. They put them there for a reason and that's usually the view or the location or both. We have been very happy with our 40 footer but it's all about the floor plan. There are 45 footers that have less living room than my 40 foot coach. Also, if you plan to have slides you may be quite surprised how much living room you have with the slides out in the 40 foot and still have some money left over to pay for those times you have to pay too much for a site. Well, he did drive a bus in the Gauntlet....although not as Dirty Harry....
dubdub07 07/09/19 12:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Length restricted rv parks

I cannot imagine owning an RV that might be too big for an RV park. I like em under 25 feet. Then they fit almost everywhere. And I cannot imagine anything less than 40'! WW
dubdub07 07/07/19 09:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should I tow my Grand Cherokee or get something lighter?

I have a GC, 2015, and I have towed it. It is heavier than yours I think. I think it tows great back there. Better than my Wrangler. My little Cherokee tows the best....great size and weight...but not that much better than the GC. I would keep the Grand. WW
dubdub07 07/02/19 10:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: Death Wobble lawsuit

Very interesting. It is certainly not a vibration. A vibration I can deal with, death wobble is just that, the Jeep will sway back and forth violently. Usually it goes away if you slow down...but if it has death wobble, there is something that needs to be changed or adjusted in the front end. The issue of death wobble is not really a single component. Steering dampener may start to wear our just as one tire is a little out of balance along with a touch of ball joint wear....and then the day one hits a pot hole just right and it will wobble....nature of a body on frame solid front axle vehicle. Death wobble is not anything new to the off road crowd. WW
dubdub07 06/16/19 09:06am Dinghy Towing
RE: What fuel do you run in your EcoBoost pickup? (not HO)

Regular. Higher octane fuel in the F150 is a complete waste of money, truck won't take advantage of the extra octane. I have a Taurus SHO with the 3.5 Ecoboost. I will run a tank of midgrade occasionally and I can tell a difference in power and MPGs....
dubdub07 05/18/19 10:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toad wobble

Our Jeep Wrangler started getting the "death wobble" late last year. The first time it happened was when the Jeep was being towed behind the motorhome, on the maiden voyage with the new-to-us Class A. Then it happened again when driving the Jeep shortly thereafter. Took it to the shop. All the front end parts are still within spec, but the steering was pretty neutral, which aggravates the condition. The fix was simple. Add more toe-in to the alignment. Now the Jeep drives and tows perfectly. The alignment shop said that's the preferred setup they do for any vehicle that's towed behind a motorhome. I've been going to them since the 80s, and always pleased with their work. This is some great information! I think I will have it done to my doesn't wobble, but I don't want it to start!
dubdub07 05/17/19 08:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

Scott, thank you for that contribution... It was a typo that had me hit the 4, and not the 5... I'd most probably be looking for a much newer model, since I'd be giving up my Edge for something else with a bit of comfort and features. Within this post, I've read that jeeps in general aren't as comfortable a ride, but your post seems to suggest a significant improvement in recent years. Remember that this would also be my only get around town vehicle, too... I've confirmed also that my owners manual states that I CAN flat-tow my Edge, and further instructs that I simply need to shift to Neutral, disconnect the Neg battery cable, and keep speed under 65. Oh, and to start the vehicle every 6 hours for 5 minutes... Roger that Obiwan, We have a '15 Jeep JKUR (four door version) and, we love it. Now, "ride" is subjective to every single humanoid on the planet. Some, will jump into a late model Jeep Wrangler, like say, oh, maybe a '17, '18 or '19 and think they ride like a tractor. While others, would jump into those same units and think, WOW, THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Much of it depends on where you come from, what you've been driving your whole life, what kind of cars/recreation/outlook and more you have on life. One thing is, it's still A JEEP!!! It's designed to be one of the best on the planet, ALL AROUND UTILITY VEHICLES, PERIOD!!! Does it ride as good as ANYTHING designed for comfort, as in ALL mid to full sized cars and trucks, nope, not at all. Will those units I mentioned ride better than say, an older Jeep Wrangler or, older 4WD Toyota Pickups (thar rode like a rock), yep, they sure do. The best thing to do here is, just cruise by your local Jeep dealer and take a used one out for a ride then, take a new one out for a ride on the same path. The used one will have mileage (obviously) and therefore, will be a bit more relaxed in suspension. The new one will be a bit tighter but, will also be more firm in corner handling and things like that. We know many, many people that have later model Jeep Wrangler 4-door models and if given the choice to buy again, even though ALL these folks we know are retired and there's only two of them, like us, they'd ALL BUY 4 DOOR UNITS AGAIN!! And, many of them go into some fairly tough off roading scenarios and as of yet, have not had any issues operating the 4 door units in the same trails and obstacles as the 2-door units ran in and over. Each has its benefits and pitfalls. Scott The JL with the 8 speed is a nice choice and a decent ride. My 2012 is modified and rides like a tank. It is not too bad, but my Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 ride so much better. I beat the **** out of my Wrangler and maintain it myself. So when something gets broke or out of whack I can fix it myself. If you do not have a little mechanic in you then I would not recommend taking your TOAD off road and bang it up without a little knowledge on the thing..... I love Jeeps. WW
dubdub07 04/22/19 04:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: What Should I Consider for a 4WD Tow Vehicle?

If you like the ride of your Edge, you won't like the CJ. If you are looking at Jeeps, find a Liberty 4x4. Any vehicle you consider, look at its owners manual and read to see if it is "recreational towable" I would stay away from the Liberty and get a Cherokee Trailhawk or a 2 door Wrangler. WW
dubdub07 04/22/19 04:16pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Engine Starting Battery

This is interesting, my engine batteries are two 12V sealed batteries.
dubdub07 04/22/19 03:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yes, another 'wandering' ... post...

A couple questions: what is the length of your motorhome and chassis and what are your tire pressures? 32', rear 85, front 90 I meant to ask the wheelbase on your unit, but I'm assuming it is the 208" wheelbase. Also, if you have the Goodyear GS670 tires, they are a harder compound than other tires and can ride a bit harsh. I would suggest dropping the front tire pressure to 85 lbs. Good Luck. Agreed, a 32' is likely to be well under the weight rating for standard RV tires and so the recommended pressure is probably more like 80-82. 90 in the front is going to ride like a brick and be a bit squirrelly. Of course you'd have to validate this by weighing your coach and adjusting accordingly. All that said, the F53 chassis is notorious for handling poorly and amplifying road imperfections. Some is just the nature of the beast. DP is a whole different ball game. Yes it is....I have no such issues with my 41' DP. High wind, quartering issues. Maybe it is just the nature of the beast with the F53 chassis. WW
dubdub07 04/22/19 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
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